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The thirst for profit does not leave enterprising people even in winter. Looking at the huge snowdrifts and warmly dressed people at the bus stops, they wonder how they can make money during the winter months. This topic is always actively discussed on business forums, and on the eve of the New Year holidays it becomes a hit. “I want money in the New Year,” some moan. “Earn money!” Others answer. And they earn. We will tell you how snow and frost can be forged into hard currency.

If you like to ride - let's ride!

Sledding has always been a favorite winter pastime. In ancient times, our ancestors made large sledges, dragged them up a hill higher and flew down with squeals and laughter. The adrenaline went off scale. There was only one problem, subtly noted by the proverb "You love to ride, love to carry sledges": it was to lift the sled up. Now this lesson can be entrusted to special machines, the so-called small ski tugs.

True, they are expensive, but snowmobiles "Buran" or "Taiga", which can be harnessed for lifting, are quite possible even for small businesses. The price of a used model in working order starts from 60 thousand rubles. The cost of one lift is determined by the length of the route. To organize such an attraction, you will need permission from the administration, it is not difficult to get it, but it will take two months for different pieces of paper.

Cheesecake rental

The foreign word “snow tubing” was changed by Russian fans of uncontrolled sledging to “cheesecake”. A review of business forums showed high interest in their rental. So sasha100s told interesting details about this business: “The topic is completely working. In my city of Vologda this winter, the idea was implemented by one entrepreneur.

There is a river in the center of the city with very steep banks. So there was organized a rental point for cheesecakes. The demand was enormous. The rental worked from 10 am to 9 pm. I drove there for a couple of days, and saw that not only mothers with children were skating, but also students. The rental cost 50 rubles for 30 minutes. there was no end of those willing. "

Snow fortress for children

It doesn't hurt to hire 2-3 clowns to keep those kids entertained. Yes, you have to put a cashier at the entrance to sell hourly tickets. And nearby I advise you to expand the trade in toys and drinks. As a result, you can fully raise your 2-3 pieces of greenery. The only thing is that it will only ride from December to February. But the permission will still have to be pushed through 2-3 months, so there will be something to do in the fall.

Snow removal Cheap

Winters can be snowy and sometimes very snowy. Overnight, a city or a cottage community becomes impassable. It is then that a business idea from the category of "making money by clearing snow" can come in handy.

It is enough to post such announcements, with the explanation “inexpensive”, and they will immediately start calling from various HOAs or country offices. In this regard, the experience of the forum member Bumblebee is interesting, who reported the following:

Winter cafe and ... toilet

The cold season is approaching. And winter is not only a time of a cold, but a time of active earnings. Indeed, during this period of the year, you can engage in various types of winter business, making a solid profit.

Hello! In this article, we will analyze a few business ideas for making money in the winter. They say she will be very cold, but this is not a reason to get upset or give up - we take a shovel and go to load our cache into the back of our pickup.

Working as Santa Claus

- trite, but profitable

This is the most common winter business idea. But it is also the most profitable. After all, it is with the help of reincarnation in this fabulous character that you can earn good money.

The cost of such a business is quite acceptable. To purchase the costumes of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden you will need to spend about 10-15 thousand rubles.

Calling such fairy-tale characters at home costs from 1000 rubles and more. And if you perform with congratulations at any corporate party, then you can earn from 5000 rubles or more.

In order to fulfill your "Dedomorozov" duties, you will need a Snow Maiden and an advertisement. It is best to take your loved one as a Snow Maiden. This will eliminate discord in your small business. But for advertising, you can use all available means: word of mouth, newspapers, posting ads, and so on.

In order not to wait for the first customers for a long time, you can conduct a promotional campaign, congratulating several families on the New Year absolutely free of charge. This will draw attention to you and set you apart from the crowd of competitors.

In addition to the congratulations themselves, you can also record video messages to children or send letters from Santa Claus.

Considering that the cost of one video appeal to a child is from 200 to 1500 rubles, this is also a good option for earning money. Moreover, video congratulations (as opposed to personal visits) are relevant throughout the winter.

At the same time, the cost of an appeal will directly depend on the quality and brilliance of the captured video. And, therefore, you will have to spend money on the implementation of this case. But such costs will surely pay off quickly.

As for the letters from the fairytale hero, it is difficult to earn a substantial amount here. But as an aid to your work as Santa Claus, this type of business is perfect.

Winter is on the doorstep. Holidays, vanity and new opportunities lie ahead.

The coming month, December, is one of the hottest for business. Make the most of your pre-New Year shopping time and offer your customers something new and different.

In this article I will tell you about the trending goods of the coming winter. Expand your assortment and increase sales!

Wireless Charging

A handy gadget is a great gift for the New Year. Google Trends Agree: Wireless Charging Is Best Selling In Winter. Moreover, this year it will be very popular.

Offer your customers different options: for home and car, compact and not so, with additional functions and simple. Then everyone will be able to find a device to their liking and financial capabilities.

Interior lights for cars

In winter, I really want light. Maybe that's why we are so attracted to garlands and fireworks.

Offer your customers to decorate the interior of the car with lights. Interior lighting for a car is inexpensive, but looks stylish and interesting.


The concept of the Instagram hit has firmly entered our life. Some products manage to capture the hearts and wallets of users of this social network in just a couple of months. One example is a dinosaur-shaped piggy bank. This hand-made toy was featured on the profiles of major bloggers, after which it became a real hit.

Autumn is the time to start your own business. Therefore, 13 lucrative fall ideas come in handy: for any budget and with a detailed launch guide.

Work does not have bad weather, which means that profitable activities can be carried out at any time of the year. It's time to think about which business is profitable to open in the fall. We have collected in this article 13 profitable ideas for small businesses that will help you make money in the fall.

There are many myths about seasonal business, which is why many aspiring entrepreneurs abandon this venture. But in vain. To dispel myths and fears, let's first answer the most common questions.

Is the seasonal business profitable

Seasonal business has high returns on average. Firstly, during this period, such categories of goods and services are popular, for which a high margin of more than 100% can be set. Secondly, a seasonal business usually involves low costs for opening it, so it is quite possible to recoup the investment in the first season and start making a profit. Of course, success can be achieved with proper planning: you should choose the most suitable time for the start, optimize costs, and objectively assess the volume of sales.

What are the risks of seasonal business

The main risk of a seasonal business is its specifics. What is it:

Demand is difficult to predict. There are some types of seasonal business that are very unpredictable due to the vagaries of nature. For example, in a rainy and cold summer, it will be unprofitable to sell kvass for bottling, and in a warm autumn without precipitation, rubber boots and umbrellas will not be in demand. Another caveat is that this risk is very difficult to manage. And here the advice comes in handy: before realizing the idea of ​​a seasonal business, evaluate the effect of the weather. And if it turns out that the demand for your product or service directly depends on weather conditions, check out the long-term forecast for the season. On the Internet, you can easily find the forecast of weather forecasters for the season. Of course, these data are very approximate, but together with the statistics of past years, they will allow you to somehow assess the conditions for your business.

May require knowledge. Seasonal types of business are divided into those that are based on the resale of a certain product, and those that require certain knowledge and skills in production. A trivial example, if in the first case you can start selling potatoes purchased from farmers at a minimal cost, then everything depends on your entrepreneurial abilities. But if you, suddenly, decide to pick mushrooms or open your own apiary, you cannot do without special knowledge and skills. Therefore, it is worth preparing for a seasonal business in advance: to acquire the required knowledge or find competent specialists.

Short project implementation time. The life cycle of a seasonal business is 3-5 months. Therefore, there is no time to "swing". You need to act promptly and always be ready to change your idea in accordance with market requirements.

Preparation required. The limited time for the implementation of such a business requires careful preparation from the entrepreneur before the season begins: the purchase of goods or equipment, the lease of premises, the search for a retail outlet - all this must be ready a few months before the start of the season. Starting a business at the rush is completely wrong.

Off-season recession. For a seasonal business, this risk is inevitable. Of course, super-successful projects at this time can count the profits and gain strength for the new season. However, everything works differently. A seasonal business, like any other, requires constant involvement - the workflow is not interrupted, it just changes.

Material on the topic: "Winter business ideas" with full explanation and justification.

Ideas for winter business - TOP-

Winter is not the time for colds, but for a decent income. Cold weather provides many opportunities for seasonal work, which are successfully used by enterprising business people. What to do in winter? We offer relevant business ideas in the winter. Most of them do not require investment, special skills and long training.

Idea Working as Santa Claus: standard, but profitable

New Year's holidays are a great period for making money. In just a couple of weeks, you can "hit a good jackpot." Working as Santa Claus is the most popular of the season, and at the same time the most profitable. Of course, not everyone can play a role: you need to have a certain charisma.

The suit will cost about 5,000 rubles, and in just one call to your home you can work out a fifth of its cost. Speaking at a corporate party costs at least 5000!

Advertising plays a key role in this idea of ​​a profitable winter business. It is important to use all available methods, such as:

  • announcements in the local newspaper, on the radio, on social networks, on city stands;
  • letters to mailboxes describing the services provided;
  • word of mouth.

You need to start advertising about a month before the New Year. Another winning move is to have some free shows. If an event takes place in the city during this period, then you can congratulate children and adults on the upcoming holidays. This is a great attention grabber.

Another idea for a winter business from scratch related to this topic is video congratulations. Their cost depends on the quality of the filmed video. The option is relevant throughout the winter, and not only for the New Year holidays.

Hand-made idea: exclusive and exquisite

Hand-made products are always in demand and bring good dividends. Of course, the greatest profit is obtained during the New Year and Christmas holidays. What can you do for sale?

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