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About crowdsourcing

What is crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is a technology for finding solutions to multilevel tasks and problems within the framework of a company's activities, which involves attracting a large number of people to a virtual online platform for teamwork. The crowdsourcing process consists of submitting, discussing, evaluating and finalizing ideas, followed by a multi-stage selection of ideas by the community and experts. The process is based on the collective interaction of people.

Crowdsourcing appeared in Sberbank in 2021 and since then has established itself as an effective business technology and a tool for the development and assessment of employees. Sberbank's crowdsourcing community has participated in projects at the Exchange of Ideas, Sberbank 21 and a number of others, and now it is developing on the unified crowdsourcing platform Sberbank, Idea!

What is crowdsourcing for?

For the customer this is:

  • A way to effectively find solutions to problems and problems of business processes, as well as ways to improve business processes and innovations.
  • Tool for assessing and finding talented and active employees.

For employees, this is:

  • An opportunity for self-realization and development, a source of knowledge and best practices.
  • The ability to publicly voice and defend your ideas throughout the company, bypassing the hierarchy and regardless of your position and authority. Moreover, these ideas can be implemented, and the employee, thus, will be able to directly influence important processes within the company.
  • One of the possible factors of career advancement.

The Kaliningrad region is the region with the largest involvement of the population in small business. Every year the number of people who think about their own business is growing. However, there are many difficulties and nuances in this area, which are not always easy to deal with even after years of doing business.

Editorial office Kaliningrad. u is ashamed with Sberbank to launch a special project in which he will talk about how to open and effectively run a business, review services to optimize work, and most importantly, share the stories of entrepreneurs and learn their secrets of success.

In the first issue we tell you how to start your own business: evaluate a business idea for free and quickly, as well as register a business.

In 2021, the Kaliningrad region topped the rating of subjects in terms of population involvement in small business - 23.8% of residents are employed in this area. “The Kaliningrad region is the region with the largest number of small and medium-sized enterprises per capita. That is, we are the leader in Russia in terms of this indicator, ”noted Oleg Skvortsov, Deputy Director General of the Development Corporation. He explained this by the compactness of the region: it is easier to develop small enterprises here, rather than industrial giants.

According to Kaliningradstat, at the beginning of 2021, 32,835 individual entrepreneurs and 36,530 legal entities were registered in the region. At the same time, most of them operate in the sphere of wholesale and retail trade - 39.58% and 34.42%, respectively, the second place is occupied by construction (8.58% and 14.14%) and the third is the sphere of transportation and storage (8, 54%) for individual entrepreneurs and manufacturing (10.29%) for LLC.

With such indicators, it is not surprising that almost everyone in the region has a relative, friend or acquaintance who runs his own business. And this also encourages thinking about starting your own business. Especially often, such thoughts began to appear during the period of a pandemic and self-isolation: uncertainty with work, layoffs, salary cuts - all this logically led some Kaliningraders to the decision not to work "for their uncle" anymore.

The regional government supported this initiative. Everyone who applied to the regional employment center before August 1 was given the opportunity to receive a one-time financial assistance in the amount of 50 thousand rubles to organize their own business. And this measure of social support turned out to be popular - 519 local residents have already taken advantage of it.

According to experts, the number of new entrepreneurs in the region will increase. Moreover, now it can take only an hour or two from the idea of ​​creating your own business to opening it, and not months, and registration is free and fast. How is this possible? Easy!

How to evaluate a business idea?

It often happens that an interesting idea for your own business comes to mind, but it is not at all clear how relevant it is, how much it will require, and whether it is capable of "burning out" at all. In such cases, you can ask an experienced entrepreneur for advice, but his recommendation in any case will be based on personal experience.

But there is another option. “Assessment of a business idea” from Sberbank is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to get advice before starting a business. The online service is suitable not only for beginner entrepreneurs, but also for those who are thinking about a new direction in an existing business.

In order to solve a business problem, it is not always necessary to open an office and hire employees. In 2021, brainstorming sessions will be organized on online platforms. One of these is Sberbank's crowdsourcing platform.

What is crowdsourcing for?

Crowdsourcing platform "Sberbank, Idea!" was created in 2021. The first project is “Queues. et! ”, the principle of which is to reduce the time the client waits for the service. The company is famous for its participation in the sites of the Exchange of Ideas Sberbank, Professionals. y, Wikivote and Witology.

Crowdsourcing is the interaction of the collective mind of specialists and a business project. These platforms have already received informal names such as "wisdom of the crowd" and "web of complicity."

What will the project give to start-up owners:

  • reaching the solution of the problem;
  • improving existing business processes and innovations;
  • future colleagues and associates, an adequate assessment of their professionalism.

People who want to show their abilities, find inspiration, and gain experience can become project participants. There are no typical boss-subordinate positions on the site. Here everyone can offer and voice their idea in front of everyone. This is an opportunity to move up the career ladder, to think about creating your online business.

Account Settings

Before editing personal information, you must register your profile. On the Sberbank website, in the Small Business section, find the Crowdsourcing category, click the Invitation to Cooperation button and go to the login page (sberbankidea. U / users / sign_up). You can enter your account through social networks or fill out a standard registration form.

After creating a personal account, in the upper right corner, find the settings icon (in the form of a gear). On the page, you can change information about yourself in the following points:

  • full name;
  • position;
  • personnel number;
  • e-mail;
  • login, password;
  • notifications.

The notification block is designated as a bell. Works online. Also, all account events are sent to the mail. You can independently configure the mailing list in the "Settings and notifications" subsection.

It's impossible to open your own business without initial investment, the question is where to get the money to start. The Business Start loan for entrepreneurs from Sberbank will allow you to issue a loan to open a company from scratch. The main competitive advantage of the proposal is that it has no analogues, since banks are very reluctant to give loans to future businessmen. But the program has other features that you need to know about.

To whom the loan is available

A business from scratch with Sberbank is a loan for opening, which will give the borrower the necessary financial base to start. The main goal of the project was to reduce the likely risks associated with starting their own business for future entrepreneurs. Since loans are provided within the framework of franchising schemes, the borrower is invited to first get acquainted with the multimedia presentation of the project, and then apply.

Important. Business Start from Sberbank is a franchise. The risks within the framework of this cooperation scheme are minimal, but this does not mean that they do not exist.

To receive a loan, the borrower will need to meet a number of requirements:

  • Have at least 20% of the starting amount. The bank regards the availability of funds as proof of solvency.
  • Do not run your own business at the current time. Former entrepreneurs who officially closed 3 months ago or more can take part in the program.
  • Be at least 20 and not older than 60. Persons of other age categories are not credited.

You will also need to take a multimedia course on the basics of financial literacy right away. The materials are provided free of charge; based on the results of the training, the borrower will need to pass a test that will determine his financial literacy.

The surety can be used - this will increase the chances of approval of the application. It is allowed to attract the assets of the company purchased with credit funds as collateral.

Terms and conditions of registration

To obtain a loan from Sberbank to open a business, a future entrepreneur will need to fill out a questionnaire and collect a full set of documents. Servicemen are required to have a ticket, a certificate of registration. Also, the bank will be interested in the financial documentation of the future company - be ready to provide it.

Hired workers must issue 2-NDFL in the form for the last three months. If the borrower previously had the status of an individual entrepreneur, a tax return will be required from him.

Are you smart, energetic, young and full of ideas? Are you overwhelmed with the desire to work and earn money? Then you need to open your own business. And then a logical question arises: where to start?

First of all, ideas are needed, which will then be translated into a business plan. And, of course, you need to remember some subtleties:

  • if this is trade, then there will be very high competition. And you should have that zest, for which they will go to you;
  • if these are services, then first of all they should be of high quality and in demand;
  • if this is production, then they are needed large investments in equipment and areas.

But, suppose that all this is over, and the next question is financial. Where can I get them - these very funds? An offer from Sberbank will come to your aid.

Ideas for starting and developing a business from Sberbank

Sberbank is perhaps one of the most famous banks in our country. It is clear that lending to small businesses is quite risky.

But to maintain its image and comply with social policy, Sberbank has developed special offers and business ideas.

Loan for a beginner businessman - "Business Start"

Business-start credit provides a choice: to start a business under the brand of a franchisor company or according to one of the business plans developed by the bank's partners. What is the difference between a job offer for a franchise and a job with a partner's business plan?

When choosing a standard business plan, you have the freedom to choose the image and brand of the company. You independently form the assortment, organize and conduct business, implement advertising projects. When starting a project, you will be required to make a contribution equal to 6% of the value of all funds spent on starting your business.

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