Business plan: Mini coffee shop

Coffee shops - small cafes where coffee is the main drink - are becoming more common in Russia. Such establishments attract visitors with delicious drinks and a pleasant atmosphere: from the very fact of being in a coffee shop, a person teaches aesthetic satisfaction.

In the context of the popularization of coffee in Russian society, opening a cafe is a promising idea. But opening even a small coffee shop from scratch is not easy if you do not know the specifics of doing business. The ready-made business plan below with calculations of the return on investment of the institution will help to understand the topic.

It will take a lot of capital to open a good coffee shop with a claim to success and long-term development. To create a creative atmosphere in the room, an interesting design should be made, and the coffee itself, in all the variety of its recipes, must be prepared using high-quality equipment - most Russians are experienced enough to distinguish a good drink from a bad one.

The project to open such a cafe is very promising - for example, in 2021, the attendance of coffee houses increased by 12%, and their number is growing every year. With all this, there is still a lot of work to do: the potential of the Russian market in this area is still practically not revealed.

In addition to money, implementing an idea will require knowledge in the art of making coffee, choosing the right varieties, equipment, working methods, etc. A beginner in this area will have to use the services of an expert who will help establish a business process.

Analyzing the market

For Russians, coffee is becoming an increasingly common drink, especially for students and employees of companies located near a particular coffee shop. This is especially true for million-plus cities. In 2021, the volume of the coffeehouse market in monetary terms exceeded 120 billion rubles. The indicators grow in direct proportion to the number of open establishments: in 2021 there were more than 3.5 thousand of them, but already in 2021 the indicator approached 4.5 thousand.

Moscow is the undisputed leader in terms of market volume, followed by St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. At the same time, there are many million-plus cities in Russia with a relatively small number of such establishments. That is, there is a large, not yet uncovered potential in this area.

The main competitors are all-Russian (Shokoladnitsa, Bodry Den, etc.) and international (Starbucks, Traveler’sCoffee, etc.) cafe chains.

Coffee shop format

At the very beginning, you need to choose the format of the institution. It depends on the capabilities of the entrepreneur, as well as the conditions in which the coffee shop will open.

But before describing the main formats and their features, let us clarify that you can open an institution also under a franchise.

Hello everyone, today I have prepared another business idea for you. Enjoy reading it. A lot of text, highlights are highlighted.

Starting capital –480 thousand ub. profit per month - 120 thousand rubles. payback rock - 4 months

Let's start with a place - the ideal place looks something like this: the city center, the first line of houses, the first floor with a separate entrance, display windows, parking spaces in front of the entrance and an area for summer tables.

Opening a coffee shop with seating at train stations is not worth it, takeaway coffee is another matter. Up to a thousand glasses of drink are sold per day in a busy place at the capital's train station.

The premises for the coffee shop should have its own "chip", which will favorably distinguish the institution from competitors. “A classic coffee house is not only an area where coffee is drunk,” says Irina Parkhomenko, owner of the Filizhanka coffee house. - This is a place for rest and communication, in connection with this feature, the interior and soul of the institution are very important. The atmosphere, the background music, the smell - all this creates a coziness and a unique atmosphere of the establishment. "

Taking these criteria into account, we can definitely say that it is necessary to open a coffee shop indoors. “Of course, mobile coffee shops have their advantages, coffee at such mobile points of sale costs 2-3 times cheaper. However, drinking coffee on the street during the cold season (the season of active sales of the drink) is uncomfortable, therefore the number of customers at mobile coffee houses is minimal in summer and winter, ”Parkhomenko recalls.

Yes, and trading exclusively for takeaway, without seats is also not worth it - many visitors to such establishments choose coffee houses for communication. Therefore, it is advisable to look for an area for a classic mini-coffee house and at the same time a store (depending on the location of the establishment, the sale of coffee-drink and ground coffee (or beans) is 60% to 40%) in the mall, in stores in the checkout area, or near smoking areas.

At the same time, the issue of security will be resolved: it is the responsibility of their security services to guard all objects inside the mall or office complex. The presence of running water and sewerage systems nearby is a desirable but optional option. Coffee machines can run on tap liquids, but in this case you will have to buy a water softener. Another thing is that the availability of running water will save money on water for household needs (hand washing and cleaning).

Purchase a coffee machine:

One of the most significant investments is a coffee machine. There are three classes of equipment: professional, semi-professional and domestic. The latter can in no way be used for commercial purposes - the possibilities for making drinks are too weak, and it will not stand the load.

The use of semi-professional equipment is justified only in establishments with a small load on equipment. Let's say if a coffee shop needs to organize a tasting of a drink. Therefore, you should choose a machine for a coffee shop from the category of professional machines.

Currently, the most popular drink in the world is coffee. Therefore, many seek to open a coffee shop. Coffee is in demand at any time of the day, and if you can get dessert and a pleasant atmosphere in addition to it, then the client is already yours. Based on this, we can conclude that a coffee shop is a very popular type of business.

Every year the consumption of coffee in our country is only increasing. More and more people prefer this invigorating drink. And there is every opportunity to have time to occupy your niche in the coffee business, gain experience and income.

  • 1 Market analysis
  • 2 Pros and cons of a coffee shop as a business
  • 3 Choosing a coffee shop format
  • 4 Choosing locations for a coffee shop
  • 5 Paperwork
    • 5. Choice of tax regime.
    • 5. Documents for opening
  • 6 Coffee house design and design
  • 7 Choosing equipment for a coffee house
    • 7. Coffee shop equipment
  • 8 Menu design
  • 9 Search for grain suppliers
    • 9. What should you focus on when choosing a supplier?
  • 10 Recruiting
  • 11 Advertising of a coffee shop
  • 12 How much does it cost to open a coffee shop <
  • 13 How much you can earn from your coffee shop
  • 14 Important business features and pitfalls
  • 15 Tips for newbies to start a coffee shop from scratch
  • Market Analysis

    If you have firmly decided that you want to open a coffee shop, you need to conduct a market analysis. To do this, you need to do an independent analysis of the niche in your city:

    Explore existing establishments with similar proposals. Their place, number, which makes it possible to understand where it is most profitable to place your coffee shop. In order to move on, you also need to define your client:

    ❗ The more information you can collect, the easier it will be to draw up a business plan. Market analysis allows you to understand all the pros and cons at the initial stage and help in solutions to minimize the influence of negative factors when opening your establishment.

    Pros and cons of a coffee shop as a business

    To open your coffee shop from scratch, you need management skills, communication skills, perseverance, ability to work with money and, of course, a commercial streak.

    ☕ Well, it's good to love and understand coffee, which will help in choosing a supplier and making a menu.

    Choosing the format of the coffee shop

    Interested in how to open a coffee shop? No wonder coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. This is why opening a coffee shop is a profitable business idea. And for a beginner, this is a great chance to gain experience in the restaurant business. From ancient times to this day, coffee houses have been a popular vacation spot, and an invigorating cup of coffee in the morning has become a tradition for many people around the world. That is why opening a coffee shop is a lucrative business.

    The opening of a coffee shop is rated as one of the most promising business ideas. Coffee consumption in Russia is increasing every year. It has tripled over the past fifteen years. But the coffee market has not yet fully formed, so there is still an opportunity to occupy a niche. In Russia, the culture of coffee consumption is actively developing. More and more people are choosing to drink coffee outside the home. Therefore, coffee shops will be in demand in any city. Since we have already discussed the topic of opening a small coffee shop in the format of a "coffee to go" point, as well as a mobile coffee shop, this article will focus on opening a larger stationary establishment.

    Coffee Market Analysis

    Before opening a coffee shop, work out a business idea and evaluate the coffee shop market where you plan to work. You don't have to spend a lot of money on marketing research. It is enough to conduct an independent analysis:

    • Examine the level of competition in your city. The services 2GIS, Yandex will help with this. arts, Google Maps. So you will find out the location of competitors, estimate their number and choose a suitable point for locating your coffee shop;
    • Define your target audience (age, occupation, interests) and find out where to look for your consumer;
    • Consider the proposals of competitors - this way you can take into account other people's experience;
    • Look at the trends of the segment in the foreign market. New ideas can be replicated and adapted to local conditions.

    What business is worth starting in a crisis?

    Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

    The more information you collect before opening a coffee shop, the easier it will be to draw up a coffee shop business plan and make decisions. Market analysis is the foundation from which you start your business. An entrepreneur definitely needs to study all the advantages and disadvantages of a business idea in order to assess the prospects in advance and understand what difficulties they will have to face when starting a business.

    Advantages and disadvantages of the coffee business

    popular catering format;

    full menu and assortment;

    the ability to easily manage product quality;

    Step-by-step instructions for opening a coffee shop

    Types of coffee houses

    Coffee and beverage establishments are divided into two areas:

    • "to go" coffee bar;
    • classic coffee shop with landing.
    "To go" coffee bars specialize in takeaway drinks. The main focus is on coffee, the choice of additional assortment is minimal. This is a format for dynamic guests who find it more convenient to have a quick drink at the counter or take it with them on the road. The area of ​​such cafes is small, 6-10 sq. ... Investments in the opening of 300-700 thousand rubles. This is the best option for starting your first business.

    Classic coffee houses usually have their own kitchen. Guests are offered an extensive menu of desserts, pastries, snacks. People come here to spend time in a cozy atmosphere. Opening such an establishment is objectively more difficult, especially for entrepreneurs without experience in catering. Opening costs from 1 million rubles and more. Accounting and tax accounting in large formats is also more difficult. In addition, more permits are required.

    Any format can be profitable. However, the work processes in them are built in different ways - from the choice of premises to attracting customers.

    Registration of a legal entity

    You can register a legal entity at the nearest branch of the IFTS or MFC. Online registration is also available (tax website www.alog.u).

    An individual entrepreneur is more suitable for coffee shops without a service hall due to simplified accounting and tax accounting. Here is a list of documents required for registration:

    • Application for registration of individual entrepreneur (form P21001);
    • Receipt of payment of duty;
    • A copy of all pages of the passport.
    Registration of an individual entrepreneur takes from 3 working days. After its successful completion, you will receive several documents in your hands:

    • OGRIP (Certificate of state registration of an individual entrepreneur);
    • EGRIP (Extract from the state register of an individual entrepreneur);
    • Notification of tax registration accounting;
    • Notification of registration in the pension fund;
    • Notification of the assignment of Rosstat codes.
    Often the IFTS works on the principle of "one window", and the entire package of documents can be obtained immediately.

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