Business plan for the construction of a water park

Water parks are making a splash. Amusement park owners and entrepreneurs incorporate water parks into their businesses to increase profitability and customer satisfaction. Usually, the water park has various pools, extreme and lazy slides, watering pads, attractions for children. In warm regions, they are often placed outdoors, and indoor water parks are open all year round.

Water parks are built by companies that specialize in this industry. It is most profitable to order a project from a company that manufactures equipment, rather than purchasing from partners. The market leader with its own production of slides and complexes is vodagorki. u.

How to open a water park?

If you are interested in creating or expanding a water park, you will be interested in how to build a park, what is the profitability and the investment required. We've put together this guide to help you get started.

Turnover in the water park industry has increased significantly over the past five years, but what contributed to this significant growth?

Why are water parks becoming more profitable?

The water park's profitability has increased due to falling unemployment, rising incomes and improving the state of the economy.

People are traveling more and more, so the number of visitors is increasing. Many water parks are so popular that people go on a trip specifically to visit it.

How profitable are water parks?

Many water parks start small and grow larger. When a water park offers entertainment and services for all ages, it does well. It is very important that the attractions and pools are kept in excellent condition.

Water parks earn on admission tickets, by selling food and drinks, souvenirs and beachwear. Parks may also charge fees for the use of additional exclusive areas and services. Adding a theme park to a water park can greatly increase the profitability of both.

Before you start planning such an activity, you should take into account the wishes of potential visitors in order to be able to provide them with a comfortable, fun, varied, interesting and safe vacation.


Basically, a business plan is a detailed instruction to create an effective enterprise. In this case, it is an entertainment water complex capable of offering the visitor a wide range of high-quality services that fully ensure a comfortable stay for clients of any age.

  • analyze the existing market and potential competitors;
  • make financial calculations (amount of capital investments, profitability, payback period, etc.);
  • develop an effective marketing strategy and optimal staffing;
  • describe the main organizational aspects.

Market and Competition Analysis

The majority of businessmen and investors are trying to invest in the market of a small city, since land here is much cheaper than in a metropolis. Another plus is the fact that there is not much entertainment in a small town, so you don't have to worry about a constant stream of customers. The main thing is to demonstrate to visitors that this particular type of recreation is diverse and interesting.

There is a clear correlation between success and attendance. A stable flow of customers can only be ensured if the following main factors are observed:

Therefore, the water park should contain not only a wide variety of slides, but also additional attractions, recreation areas, cafes and bars.

It would be ideal if this water activity is represented by a complex facility that includes food courts, shops with sports equipment and extensive entertainment areas. It would be quite appropriate to introduce a swimming school for kids and their parents. In addition, the sauna, hot tub and massage services will not be overlooked.

Financial Plan

This amount includes:

  • land acquisition - 1-3 million;
  • construction, installation and finishing works - 15 million;
  • equipping with the necessary equipment - 10-12 million;
  • salary of employees, taxes - 10 thousand dollars;
  • advertising campaigns - 20 thousand;
  • developing your own style - 20 thousand dollars.

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If earlier the construction of water parks was a very costly undertaking, which only a businessman with large investments could master, today it is possible to build water parks at a lower cost.

Step-by-step plan for opening an inflatable water park

The cost of an inflatable water park made of polyvinyl chloride, consisting of 20 inflatable modules, is about 1.4 million rubles.

This construction measures 40 by 32 meters and weighs 1950 kilograms.

It is worth noting that to organize such a business it is necessary to draw up a lot of permits.

First of all, it is necessary to conclude a lease agreement with the administration of the area in which the reservoir is located.

The place where the entrepreneur plans to place the inflatable water park must meet certain requirements.

The selected area must have electricity (for connecting electric pumps). The place should not be too deep, as children will visit the water park.

The city beach is undoubtedly an ideal option for placing an inflatable water park.

If you are thinking about the idea of ​​how to open a water park in a small town, then know that such a business brings good income, however, and requires a huge investment. Water parks are popular with amateurs nowadays.

Water park audience

Before you start opening a water park as a business, you need to find out who will visit it. Couples with children prefer to go to such establishments. Although it should be borne in mind that these attractions can also be visited by the elderly and young people. When building a water park, don't discount them.

Business registration and business plan preparation

In addition to the mandatory registration, you will also have to obtain permits from the construction and fire inspections to operate the park. But you don't have to make a license, since it is not needed for this type of activity.

In accordance with Russian legislation, the water park is a public pool, so workers from the SES will check showers, filters and other premises. We also recommend to watch it

The profitability of the water park as a business depends on the attendance. So that the flow of people does not end, it is necessary to develop a business project for the water park. It should take into account the following factors:

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  • Affordable prices;
  • Safety;
  • Variety of attractions;
  • Convenience.

Moreover, the park needs to be equipped with various water activities, cafeterias and places for recreation. A huge number of customers will appreciate the presence of saunas and hot tubs.


You can search for employees on your own or through specialized agencies, especially when you need professionals such as a swimming instructor. You should also hire a manager, administrators, cleaning staff and a cloakroom attendant.

Experienced entrepreneurs with a steady income often think about expanding and mastering new directions. The construction of a water park is a project that is notable for its scale and complexity of implementation, but, most importantly, has a high profitability. Objects of such a plan began to appear in Russia in the 90s. At the moment, there are already more than 100 of them, and new ones are opened every year in different regions. Competition in this area remains rather low, and the demand for services among the population does not decrease. Today we will tell you about the specifics of a business - its start and development, we will give financial calculations and payback periods.

Features of the water park as a business

A water park is an entertainment complex created on the basis of a natural or artificial reservoir and offering visitors various types of entertainment services. We have already said that the construction of a water park requires serious financial investments, and therefore a detailed business plan for the water park is needed. First of all, you need to decide on the concept of the institution.

There are two main types of such establishments:

  • A stationary facility with swimming pools and all kinds of entertainment (slides, jumps, etc.), as well as additional services for visitors.
  • Mobile (mini) water park. To open such an object, less cash injections will be required. An additional advantage can be the ability to change the location. Usually, such entertainment complexes are installed in places of recreation for citizens in the summer, both on an open natural reservoir and within the city. In the second option, it is necessary to install appropriate equipment and fill the artificial pool bowl with water.

Both options have their own attractiveness both for the visitors of the establishment and for the entrepreneur himself. The organization of a mobile water park is justified in coastal regions where there are natural reservoirs. At the same time, it should be understood that an open water park is highly dependent on the weather and can only function in summer. But the opening of a stationary indoor water park is an opportunity to operate the facility all year round. Its launch requires much more time, effort and money.

Taking into account the low competition in this area and the demand for the service, we can confidently assume that the launch of the water park will be a completely solvable task, which will pay off in a relatively short time and start making a profit.

For your information: If we talk about the opening of a water park in a small village, then it is important that there is no competition here. In a small town, one water park may well satisfy consumer demand. In the case of opening a water park in a million-plus city (or a slightly smaller metropolis), two or more similar establishments are allowed. The main condition in this case is the distant location of similar objects.

It is also important that the climatic conditions of our country are more conducive to the creation of capital facilities. Mobile versions are relevant only in the southern regions, where the swimming season lasts 4 or more months.

Business Registration

Like any other business, opening a water park involves registering an organization by choosing the most appropriate form of legal entity (JSC, LLC) in each specific case. As an individual entrepreneur, it will be difficult to bear such significant costs on your own. Most likely, it will be necessary to attract additional investments to the project - these may be co-founders, shareholders, etc., for whom an attractive presentation of the water park business plan and its high profitability are important.

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