Business plan for a children's development club

Where to start

Trading in children's clothes is a profitable business with a constant turnover. Children grow up quickly and need to replenish their wardrobe regularly. Most parents try to dress up their baby in new clothes, so it is extremely profitable to provide the buyer with this type of product. The main feature of the children's manufactured goods industry is the price level.

The correct choice of cost guideline allows you to gain a foothold in a certain niche in the market, have a constant stream of buyers and successfully fight competitors. So, the first thing to do when deciding to sell children's clothing is to determine what target audience you will provide with the product. There are 3 options:

  • Cheap clothes.
  • Clothing for the middle class.
  • Luxury goods.

Each of these categories has its own customers and can be profitable, since the incomes and interests of the population are different. Someone is trying to save money by choosing cheap clothes, others are financially secure and prefer to buy expensive things for the baby, not thinking that in six months or a year the child will grow out of them. Experts suggest that beginners take a closer look at the middle class. With this category of products there is least of all the risk of "burnout". People with an average income are quite stable in purchasing new good quality things for children at an average price. In addition, according to statistics, they make such purchases more often than others.

You should familiarize yourself with children's fashion, make a list of the most popular products, study the size table. In clothes, not only growth is important, but also fullness, since children are different. The store needs to provide variety not only in models, but also in sizes. This will allow you to have things for kids with different physical characteristics, that is, to reach a larger number of interested buyers. Information about current products can be found in magazines, on Internet sites, in outlets with similar products.

The assortment should be varied, including not only clothes, but also underwear.

Subsequently, you can add shoes, accessories, children's gadgets, toys. When parents come to the store for a dress or shirt for a child, looking at the rest of the goods, they will definitely remember about tights, panties or socks that should be bribed. Seasonality also needs to be taken into account and part of the proceeds should be left for the purchase of new consignments of goods, in accordance with seasonal demand.

Investment volume

Opening a large children's clothing store will require large costs, for example, based on an area of ​​40-50 sq. m will need 1.6-1.7 million rubles. Not everyone can afford such costs. It is quite logical, with a small initial capital and lack of experience in this area of ​​trade, to start by renting part of the premises in a large shopping center, then you can do without major repairs and communications. Security, heating and cleaning are usually included in the rental price.

The minimum investment amount will be:

  • Premises rental - 70,000 rubles.
  • Paperwork - 15,000 rubles.
  • Purchase of exhibition equipment for mannequins, hangers, etc.) - 200,000 rubles.
  • Advertising (signboard, shop windows, opening announcements, posters) - 70,000 rubles.
  • Cash register (by type of tax reporting) - 30,000 rubles.
  • Purchase of goods - 600,000 rubles.
  • Transportation costs - 15,000 rubles.
  • The salary of the staff at the preparatory stage is 40,000 rubles.
  • Reserve funds - 100,000 rubles.

It is better to plan the opening at the beginning of the season, then the delivered goods will be popular for the first 2 months. You always need to leave a certain amount in stock in case of unforeseen expenses, force majeure, or for a particularly profitable consignment of goods that may turn up on occasion. Regardless of the suppliers chosen, there may always be a chance to start a new, more profitable partnership.

How to open a children's clothing store


The goal of this project is to open a children's club for the implementation of a range of developmental services in the field of additional education for children in a city with a population of over 1 million people. The main source of income is paying for attending classes.

The growth in the birth rate, the popularization of preschool education, government support and the social significance of this area make it quite attractive for entrepreneurship. In addition, with a favorable implementation of the project, it is possible to achieve high profitability and return on investment.

The target audience of the children's development club are various groups of people who are focused on the creative and intellectual development of their children. The target audience is represented by parents of preschool children. The availability of programs for different ages and the average price segment allows you to cover a large audience.

The mission of the kids club is to help the child develop the necessary personal qualities, skills, talents that will make him a successful adult in the future.

For the implementation of the project, a premises with a total area of ​​150 sq. ., located in a residential area of ​​the city. The rent is 110,000 rubles / month.

The volume of initial investments in the opening of a children's development center - 740,000 rubles. Investment costs are aimed at the purchase of furniture and equipment, advertising the company and the formation of a working capital fund until the project reaches recoupment. The bulk of the investment required is for the equipment of the training space. Own funds will be used to implement the project.

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

Financial calculations take into account all income and expenses of the project, the planning horizon is 5 years. According to the calculations, the initial investment will pay off after 5 months of work. Achievement of the planned sales volume is planned at the end of the first year of operation. The return on sales in the first year of operation will be 36.6%. The monthly net profit upon reaching the planned sales is about 900 thousand rubles, and the annual net profit for the first year of operation is 6.7 million rubles. At the same time, sales have a pronounced seasonality: in the summer months there is a decrease in sales. The financial plan was drawn up according to an optimistic forecast, which can be realized due to the high workload of the children's club. The integral indicators of the project efficiency are presented in Table 1.

Table 1. Key project performance indicators taken into account in the children's club business plan

Discounted Payback Period (DPP), months

“Children are the flowers of life”, and the mission of adults is to give a happy and unforgettable childhood to every child through a variety of entertainment, developmental services, sports, etc. We present to you the TOP 10 business ideas related to children, the implementation of which will bring pleasure to both businessmen and children and their parents.


“Childhood is the best time in life. It must be used wisely. " By the way, the statement of the American actor - Robert Downey (Jr.), by the way, describes the parents' desire not only to entertain the child and give pleasant impressions, but also to fully develop him.

The areas of business in the children's field can be varied: for example, learning, playing, opening an institution designed to raise children while parents are at work, and so on. Each of them, indeed, has a perspective, since loving mothers and fathers dream of giving their child a truly happy and useful childhood and can save money on themselves, but never on their children. We present to you the TOP-10 business ideas related to children in various fields.

Idea: Football School

An excellent option for a business in which work is related to children is opening a football school, since football is the most popular sport not only in Russia, but throughout the world. Undoubtedly, the "king of sports" bypasses other games in terms of the number of fans and those who want to master the art of kicking the ball and scoring goals that will go down in history.

However, in order to become a real professional, it is necessary to develop the skills of a football player from childhood, attending regular training sessions. Therefore, parents, already at preschool age, try to decide on a section for their child, and most often the mothers and fathers of boys opt for a football school.

Things to consider when starting a business:

  • For the effective development of the curriculum and teaching methods, it is necessary to determine the target audience (preschoolers or schoolchildren and adolescents), since each group has age characteristics that must be taken into account when conducting classes.
  • The coach is the main link, without which classes are impossible, therefore, this specialist must have a pedagogical education, be physically developed and, ideally, be a former football player.
  • Pricing policy should be formed taking into account local peculiarities, since, for example, in large cities the income of parents is higher than in small ones, so the cost of a subscription may not be equally available to everyone.
  • Football is a seasonal sport, so it is best to schedule a schedule with this in mind and offer some additional services.
  • Working with children is the most thoroughly checked, so there should always be only high-quality equipment, and the headquarters should have a pediatrician who can provide assistance in case of injury in time.

One of the examples of a football school for children is Spartak Junior. This is a network of football schools for children, which was created by the network of "Junior" schools in cooperation with the football club "Spartak-Moscow". The school gives the children the opportunity to study at the Academy "Spartak" them. F. Erenkov, as well as any boy gets a chance to get into the famous FC! The uniqueness of the network of football schools allows expanding the geography of its presence, and today it has offices in 22 countries of the world.

Idea: Children's attractions

Opening a children's store is one of the most win-win businesses today. To open, you need to draw up a business plan, choose a suitable place for placement, think over what kind of product you will sell (so that it differs from the products of your closest competitors), purchase the necessary equipment.

Children's store from scratch: choosing a trade format

First of all, you need to decide on the format of the store you are opening. You can open a small department with children's products in one direction (for example, only with clothes for a newborn), or a mid-level store, where the assortment will be larger (you can sell food, toys and clothes). Another win-win option is a children's online store. A huge advantage of this format will be savings on retail space and employee salaries. Another option for opening a children's store is buying a franchise for an existing brand.

Where is the best place to open a children's store?

Half of your success will depend on where you open your store. As for its size - here you need to focus on the number of age groups that you plan to cover.

It is not recommended to represent several age groups at once in a small territory of the store. It is better to choose one, but at the same time provide the buyer with a wide range of children's products. In order to choose the ideal option for placing your store, you need to analyze the following:

1. Are there kindergartens, schools, sports clubs, art houses nearby, 2. whether there are similar competitors' stores in the selected area, 3. is there a suitable place for your future store on the selected territory?

For example, it makes no sense to open a children's store near entertainment complexes, because people going to such establishments with children are not at all in the mood for shopping.

If you plan to open your own business in a residential building, you can sell various goods, focusing on the wealth of families who live in the area.

For a small store, an area of ​​25 - 30 square meters will be enough. etrov.

However, the optimal size for a store is about 50 sq. meters (in such a room it is more convenient to place fitting rooms and goods in such a way that it is clearly visible to the buyer, it was convenient to reach it, there was enough space for several buyers).

Considering children's business ideas, then Opening a children's toys store is always a relevant and profitable business idea. The main thing is to do everything right and create a well thought out plan for your business in advance. This article will help you with this.

  • Investments: from 300 thousand rubles
  • Profitability: 100-150 thousand rubles per month
  • Payback calculation: 4
  • Staff: 5

Relevance of the toy business

A children's toy store is almost a win-win business idea, because there will always be children. And no matter how bad or unstable the economic situation is, parents will do everything possible to ensure that their child has new toys.

It turns out that it is always profitable to open a toy store, the main thing is to take into account all the important nuances before organizing such a business. With a competent approach to creating a future business, you will get a good store with a high profitability.

How to open a toy store?

Before starting a toy store, you need to develop a clear and thoughtful plan for your future business. Then you should prepare a base, that is, find reliable suppliers, and you can several at once, decide on the specifics of the product, find a suitable premises.

After the base is prepared, you can start to implement your ideas. The toy business, although profitable, is far from simple. This is due to the fact that your main consumer is underage children who are unable to make decisions about purchases on their own. It turns out that your products must meet the rather high requirements of parents and be attractive and interesting for children, otherwise the demand for your goods and services of the store will be extremely low, and, accordingly, the income from the business will be very small. It is important to understand that too expensive a product will also be reluctant to buy.

Promotion of a children's toy store

Like any other business, children's toys need active PR-actions, especially if the store opens from scratch. It is important to declare your business, to inform as many people as possible. Advertising should be aimed primarily at children or adults with children.

You can follow the standard scheme: arrange promotions with gifts and contests, distribute flyers, advertise on children's television and radio, and so on. It is important to understand that the more successful and broader your advertising program is, the more productive your store opening will be.

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