Business on Instagram: 12 topical ideas for earning money in 2021

  • How to start a business on Instagram - in a step-by-step guide format.
  • Ways to promote your business: 7 methods.
  • 4 tips on how to maintain a business account.
  • 12 Instagram business ideas.

All tips and tricks are relevant in 2021.

How to start an Instagram business: a step-by-step guide

Let's go straight to the practical part of the article. Let's talk about how to start an Instagram business. To do this, consider 5 basic steps: from choosing a niche to analyzing target audience.

Choosing a niche

Before starting your own business on the Instagram social network, you need to choose a niche. The easiest way to choose a direction is to do something you like.

For example, if you like to organize holidays, you can safely open an event agency and start looking for clients through Instagram.

Important: Instagram is great for selling a variety of goods and services: for example, clothing, building materials, travel and beauty services.

If you have difficulty finding a niche, then towards the end of the article, we'll take a look at 12 Instagram business ideas.

Create an account

So, you have chosen the direction of your future activities. Now you need to register an account on the social network.

The most important step at the registration stage is choosing a nickname. It should be concise and straightforward. For example, you can use the name of your company or brand as a nickname.

Try to come up with a short and memorable nickname - this will make it easier for potential customers to find you in search. Read more about the nickname in our article "How to come up with a beautiful and original nickname on Instagram."

Instagram is a social network with 500 million daily visitors and high engagement. This is one of the best platforms for making money and starting a business with minimal investment: convenient, popular, with many useful business tools. Its users have a real chance to launch a profitable project with little or no investment. The main thing is to choose the right idea.

In today's article, you'll discover 10 topical ideas for doing business on Instagram.

  • Collecting and filtering the target audience
  • Masslooking, mass following, massliking
  • Deferred posting of photos, videos and stories
  • Mailing to Direct, autoresponder

TOP ideas for starting a business on Instagram

Let's move on to the list of really operating options for earning money.

Selling your experience

Ideal solution for anyone with unique knowledge and skills. Ideal for doing business on the Internet. Suitable for marketers, stylists, photographers, seamstresses and other creative people.

First, you need to create a personal blog on Instagram, gain more subscribers, and then offer subscribers an author's digital product. These can be courses, webinars, books. To choose a product, you can focus on the bestsellers in your niche on the Amazon website. Study the preferences and problems of your target audience, conduct a survey or a little research - this way you will find out what your followers really need.

Before launching sales, it is worth testing the course by selling a cut-down version at a minimal cost. Get customer feedback and draw conclusions.

Investments and returns directly depend on the format and content of the courses, the interest of the audience. The price of the course can be 2-10 thousand rubles. Selling your experience on the social network, you can get 30 thousand rubles or more per month.

Public Sponsored Posts

In this article I will tell you about a business on Instagram - a social network that is extremely popular in the world and has a multimillion audience, almost every representative of which regularly logs into an account, writes posts, posts photos, videos, stories , likes, subscribes, or finds followers.

And behind all this vigorous activity, there is not always a simple interest of an ordinary user, noting something that attracts his attention. Today, this mega-network is an almost unlimited source of income on the Internet, and the opportunities for earning money on Instagram are associated with different amounts: from small "bread and butter" to large ones.

An additional beauty of this is that you can make money on Instagram without investing literally from scratch. Don't believe me? And I will prove the opposite: I can easily tell you 13 business ideas on the popular social network, on the promotion of most of which you will not spend a dime.

Business on Instagram: ideas and reality

First of all, so that you understand how to make money on Instagram, and present the scale in which you can implement your business ideas, I will give a few numbers. I don’t know about you, but for me they are not just speaking, but screaming: they are so eloquent.

Within one month, 1 billion users visit this social network.

The number of men and women among users is approximately the same (in Russia it is, respectively, 43% and 52%).

71% of all audiences of the popular social network are young people under 24 years old. However, over the past year, the audience of users aged 25-35 has doubled, while the popularity indicator for an audience of 55+ has decreased by 1.4%.

More than 60% of users log into their account once a day.

Compared to 2021, the audience of the social network in Russia grew by 9.7%.

62% of netizens are interested in stories, with a third of the most popular stories created by companies for advertising purposes.

You can use Instagram as a platform to promote your project or build your business on it. The article will be useful to everyone who plans to open a commercial account on Instagram.

Instagram helps develop a business and provides it with a huge number of tools. Therefore, commerce has long settled in this social network. Do you need it too? If you are still in doubt, we have "15 reasons why a business needs Instagram." / P>

Thanks to this Internet platform, a business can solve all the main tasks: search for an audience, study its needs, advertise its products, publish engaging content, communicate with customers. The benefits for a commercial account are obvious. But for a social network to work for you, you need to set it up correctly.

This article contains all the necessary information that will help you open a commercial account on Instagram. We will cover the basics of using social networks for business: from setting up a profile to using analytics on Instagram.

Step Choosing a Niche

This stage is relevant if you plan to open a business on Instagram. If you already have your own business and just want to use social media as a marketing tool, you can skip this point.

So, let's consider the first situation: you want to make money on Instagram, but don't know where to go. You need to make an informed choice. What should I pay attention to?

1. focus on your interests. Analyze what you are good at, what activities you are interested in and what kind of experience you have. You need to choose a direction in which you feel confident and can show expertise. Choose a niche that is not too wide - otherwise, you may have problems with the definition of target audience and strategy. But also not too narrow, i.e. it frames both your content and sales.

At the moment, the most in-demand niches on Instagram are:

cosmetics (here is an article about the peculiarities of cosmetics trade on Instagram);

handicrafts (read the article on the handmade store on Instagram here);

photo content (as a service and as an information resource);

copywriting, smm-promotion, coaching.

Profitable niches on Instagram are changing along with global trends. In 2021, they are not at all the same as they were before, and if you want to create a successful business on this social network, you should definitely listen to the desires of the crowd. Naturally, not forgetting that you should choose a niche not only according to demand, but also according to your preferences, in order to easily achieve success in it.

What is a niche on Instagram

Instagram is a powerful platform not only for communication, but also for making money. The possibilities here are truly endless - you can post advertising posts, collaborate with brands, participate in affiliate programs, sell your products and much more. But everything always starts with choosing your niche.

An Instagram Niche is a specific category or topic in which you plan and publish your content.

Conventionally, a niche is your place. It determines what topic your content will be devoted to, what audience of users you can attract and how you can make money on it.

Each niche has its own narrowly targeted branches. For example, not just a pastry chef, but a pastry chef who creates extremely healthy desserts or cakes with cartoon characters. The narrower your niche, the easier it is to form a promotion strategy and the clearer the target audience of your account.

Of course, a niche does not oblige you to publish content strictly in a given topic, never deviating. But let's be objective: no one has the time and energy to cover all topics at once. Also, by trying to please everyone, you will not please anyone.

How to choose a profitable niche

Choosing the right niche is a decisive step towards success. Nobody can do everything equally well, so you shouldn't try to be a “jack of all trades”. This way you won't be able to succeed in any of the niches.

First of all, any beginner Instagrammer who is at the stage of choosing a niche should answer the following questions for himself:

  • What do you like to do?
  • What can you do well?
  • What can you give useful people?
  • What will people be willing to pay you for?

One of the main rules is to choose what you enjoy doing and what you are an expert at. Almost every existing niche can be monetized, but making a profit from an unloved business is much more difficult.

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