Business in winter: how to make money selling seasonal winter goods and providing services


The long-awaited winter is just around the corner. Most businessmen begin to curtail their own entrepreneurial activities, since this time of the year is not for their business. However, in our time, there are a lot of business ideas for the winter, which, with a competent approach, are very profitable. Therefore, winter business is quite real. This article will look at several business ideas that, according to experts in this field, have very good prospects in the winter season. So let's get started.

Winter sledding business idea

Business at Vatrushki

Surely many of you don't even know what cheesecakes are? This type of toboggan is fun for children and adults and is designed to ride on ice slides. Here, first of all, I would like to note that such cheesecakes are quite an expensive pleasure, so not every parent can afford to buy such a sled for his child. But almost everyone can rent a sled. So why not make some money on this?

The essence of the attraction is that passengers sit on the cheesecakes and ride down the slide. The cost of a double sled for rent for half an hour will cost about 100 rubles, and single sleds - 50 rubles

Why are cheesecakes so popular? There are several answers to this question:

  • firstly, they glide perfectly, and you can ride these sleds even with a thin layer of snow;
  • secondly, the sledges have a large carrying capacity; <
  • they are unpretentious in operation and durable, made of high-tech materials;
  • cheesecakes are very compact, easily disassembled, and take up very little space during transportation.

The cost of such a sled is 5000 rubles on average. Such a business pays off in a few weekends. I would also like to note that you can make such a sled with your own hands from an ordinary car camera.

Snow Fortress

The most original idea of ​​winter recreation is to organize fun for children. For example, you can build a large fortress with snow towers or loopholes. Surely, not a single child will pass by such entertainment. Such a town in one winter vacation will be able to pay for itself, in addition to bring more benefits. And if you are still here funny clowns with your whole program, then there will be no end to the kids. Not far from the fortress, you can put up tents with various sweets, hot cakes and tea, as well as toys, in other words, everything that kids need after exercise.

Snow removal business

Winter is a wonderful time when weather conditions open up a huge number of opportunities to have a good rest. And for many entrepreneurs, the snow season is a time of active work aimed at making a profit. What can you do in winter if your goal is to make money? We will discuss the most popular and demanded business ideas.

Business in winter - ideas

Ideas for entrepreneurship in winter are based on climatic features - people associate winter with snow, frost, New Year's holidays and entertainment: you can ride down slides, ride a snowmobile, admire sculptures in the ice town, etc. ... For all types of business, you need to draw up documents for conducting activities - you can register as a legal entity (for example, LLC) or an individual entrepreneur (IE). To create a limited liability company, you need to take care of the package of constituent documents. Consider the most interesting options for generating income through a seasonal winter business.

Snow tubing

Many people are waiting for the air temperature outside the window to drop below zero and the long-awaited snow will fall so that they can go to the slides. Snow tubing is a peculiar and very fun sport, which is riding on an inflatable tube, which is placed in a protective case with a reinforced bottom. People say - a cheesecake or an inflatable sled. Today, such entertainment is very popular, as both adults and children love it. There are single or double snow tubing, they are often tied by ropes and rolled from the slides with a "train".

If you consider cheesecakes as a seasonal business in winter, then there are three options to consider:

  • Snow tubing sale. Finding a good supplier is important for the cheesecake trade. You will also need a room, and if you want to sell only snow tubing, then you should think about remote sales of goods, since at first it will be problematic to recoup the rent of the store and the costs of the seller. Remote trading is possible through an online store, message boards and groups on social networks. If you already have any business or plans to sell other sports equipment (besides cheesecakes), then the option of opening a retail outlet will be much more profitable and interesting, since people are used to choosing "with their eyes and hands." Of course, everyone wants to evaluate the size of the cheesecake and its quality in person, since there are a lot of Chinese fakes on the market today, because no one will be pleased to start going down the hill on a cheesecake, but come on a piece of rag. In order for your business to be successful, think over a strategy - decide on the question, why should consumers come to you? To attract people with the largest possible assortment, additional service, extended warranty on goods and good service. There is a great option with a proposal to apply an exclusive pattern on the cheesecakes at the request of the buyer (or your inflatable sled will glow in the dark). That is, it is important to make sure that people on the slides ask your customers where did they get such wonderful snow tubing?
  • Inflatable sled rent. By themselves, cheesecakes are not an expensive or scarce commodity, so most citizens who often like to ride down the hills buy their own inflatable sleds. If you know a place where people massively ride down the slides, but getting there is problematic, then it makes sense to open a cheesecake rental there, because not everyone owns a car, and arriving by bus with a bulky cheesecake is not an easy task, and even in a car a few snow tubing needed for a large group will not fit. Even if the group came to ride with one cheesecake, then as a result of a long wait, when friends climb the hill with inventory, they will want to rent another vehicle on the snow.
  • Organization of slides on cheesecakes. Downhill skiing is a rather traumatic sport, and due to its growing popularity and the fact that outdoor recreation provokes the use of alcoholic beverages, more and more people turn to doctors for help after an unsuccessful descent. Understanding this thing, many strive for civilized roller coaster riding. And this is exactly the niche where you can really make good money in a short winter period. How can entrepreneurs help ordinary vacationers? How to organize a civilized roller coaster ride? In fact, there are a lot of options:
    • Preparing the track - cleaning trees, leveling the track with an excavator, organizing dizzying and exciting, but safe slopes.
    • Creation and maintenance of snow cover - removing excess ice, updating and adding snow (in our unstable winters, artificial ones are also possible). Moreover, you should not immediately buy complex and expensive equipment; for the first time, equipment for a small business will do.
    • Funicular is a device for lifting cheesecakes uphill, and sometimes people on them. Since the saying “you like to ride, love to carry sledges” does not suit everyone.
    • Cheesecake rental shop - usually, inventory is rented by the hour or for the whole day on bail.
    • Organization of infrastructure - places of rest (for example, benches), cafe, toilet, medical aid, changing rooms, etc. If a cafe is too difficult for you, then at least you can install vending machines in which vacationers can buy hot tea, coffee and sweets. Undoubtedly, everyone understands that outdoor activities provoke appetite, so it is easy to get additional income by selling drinks and chocolates.

This option is a full-fledged business that will require a lot of effort and initial investment, but will subsequently bring substantial profits.

Ice Town

In frost and cold, people especially want a fabulous atmosphere and wonders that can be found by visiting the ice town, where there are usually well-known literary and cartoon characters, ice houses and slides, as well as many other fantasy and interesting elements ...

Most often, their main visitors are children accompanied by their parents. On holidays and weekends, the pastime of average families is aimed at entertaining their beloved children, therefore, as a rule, there are no problems with the audience. Consequently, the profit will be tempting. The creation of an ice town involves several stages:

Important: the ice town is a rather expensive business, but this business is relevant in winter like no other. Everyone dreams of getting into a fairy tale: both adults and children. Therefore, the income will not be long in coming.

Snowmobile Rental

Earnings in business and at work

Winter Business Ideas -

Winter will start very soon. And today many people are thinking about what kind of business to organize in the winter? And especially for such businessmen, we will present the top of the hottest ideas that can definitely bring a profit.

What business to start in winter

So, today we will talk about what business is best to organize in the winter. Indeed, during this period of the year, oddly enough, there is a lot of activities on which you can earn good money. Of course, summer is the most promising season in this regard, but believe me, winter is no worse. In order to figure out which business is worth opening, it is necessary to study the main characteristics of this season, which will allow us to correctly distribute our forces and capabilities.

The main features of winter

Of course, we will not talk about the natural characteristics of winter, but how they affect this or that winter type of business, let's try to figure it out:

Climate. At present, as everyone managed to notice, there are very sharp fluctuations in temperature during the cold season. Either warming or rains, which are replaced by harsh cold weather and heavy snowfall.

Society. It is during the winter that people least of all go on vacation, and therefore, they do not go anywhere and stay in their city. The longest New Year and Christmas holidays are in winter.

Psychology and physiology. As a rule, in the autumn-winter period, most people suffer from bad mood, loss of energy, low self-esteem. And all because there is not enough sunlight, not enough vitamins. And to everything else, the development of these ailments is facilitated by a temperature drop.

Here's what to do in winter

It follows from the above that the business you are about to start is seasonal and is considered a small business. We present to your attention options for business ideas with similar topics.

In winter, even adults begin to believe in miracles, and children even more begin to believe in magic. This is the time when everything seems possible. The time when you want to try a lot. The time when there is a serious desire to make more money. The advantage of a seasonal business is that it is less involved in the process. You need to give all of yourself to the business for a small period of time, get a good profit and go do other interesting things. Moreover, at the beginning of winter, active preparation for the New Year holidays begins, which allows you to open a business with small investments, which will quickly pay off and bring good revenue.

Sale of live Christmas trees

In the first half of winter, the most demanded goods will be those that are directly related to the celebration of the New Year. Christmas trees are one of these products.

In recent years, people have become accustomed to installing artificial trees. We see them in office buildings, shopping centers, corporate parties. But at home it is much more pleasant for us to look at a living Christmas tree, which, with its appearance and aroma, creates a magical atmosphere of the New Year.

It will take about 100,000 to organize a Christmas tree sale business, which will be returned to the entrepreneur in double the amount.

The first thing to do when starting a commercial activity is to draw up a business plan and register a business with the Federal Tax Service. Registration of an individual entrepreneur will cost 800 rubles.

Next, you need to choose a place for sale. Most often, all the choice stops at street sites near residential areas. The reason for this is simple - buyers are looking for Christmas trees closer to home. Renting a place will cost an entrepreneur 10,000. / P>

You also need to purchase equipment: a signboard, a fence, equipment for removing snow and fallen needles, a folding rule, a cable and a lamp for lighting, a fire extinguisher, twine / net, secateurs. All this will come out at 10-12 thousand

Christmas trees should be purchased from farms. To choose the right one, you can call several farmers and find out the terms of delivery. When purchasing a batch of trees, ask the suppliers for documents to ensure the quality of the goods and the legality of the business. It is not necessary to hire staff if you are confident in your abilities and are ready to work on your own.

Packaging for sweet and corporate gifts

Sweets and gifts are other delights of winter and New Year. Sweet gifts in December and New Year's holidays are in great demand. People buy gifts for their children, delight their loved ones and give them as a present, coming to visit someone. Therefore, the pouches and boxes with sweets are goods not only for children, but also for adults.

For packing, wrapping and selling sweet gifts, you will need about 150,000. The main amount will be spent on packaging materials (bags, ribbons, boxes) and “stuffing”. You can pack not only sweets, but also fruits, but in this case you need to be careful about the shelf life of products and prepare gifts immediately before sale.

Winter business ideas are mainly related to weather conditions, snow and ice. Enterprising citizens manage this season to earn money on snowdrifts, drifts on the roads, cold in apartments. And there are also New Year's holidays - a time of general fun, when you can get a good income from organizing leisure activities and selling gifts.

Choosing an idea for a winter business

The profitability of any business depends on the influx of customers, therefore the main thing when choosing a type of activity is to analyze the state of the market, consumer needs and competition. Profitable winter business ideas must meet the following criteria:

  • simplicity - the planned activity should be available for implementation even for a novice businessman;
  • benefit for the client - the idea should bring tangible benefits to consumers, the more services in winter will facilitate and will decorate people's lives, the more and more willingly they will agree to pay for them;
  • taking into account seasonal specifics - the whims of nature will help create a topical business in winter in a small town or a huge metropolis.

Winter is not only frost and snowstorms, but also everyone's favorite holidays: New Year and Christmas, Epiphany. The interests of people at this time are focused on finding entertainment, so in this area you should look for business ideas for quick earnings. In winter, the following activities are considered beneficial:

  • Rental of equipment for winter recreation. Snowboards, skis, sledges, snowmobiles, skates are in demand.
  • Organization of winter entertainment. It can be horseback riding, bathing, winter paintball, etc.
  • Earnings before the New Year. This niche of the winter business includes the sale of Christmas trees, garlands, toys, holding children's and corporate parties, renting fancy dress and so on.
  • Services for car enthusiasts. This can be extracting cars from the snow captivity, recharging batteries or selling anti-freeze on highways.
  • Growing in greenhouses and selling vegetables and herbs. In winter, prices for these products rise several times, which is a good motivation for entrepreneurs.

Having decided what to do in the winter, the entrepreneur must draw up a business plan. It will help to identify weaknesses and competently organize a profitable business.

In order to attract a sufficient number of customers, it is necessary to think over and competently organize the advertising of the provided service in advance. For example, it is not rational to place an announcement about the opening of an ice rink in a newspaper. To do this, it is better to use the Internet and open advertising in places where potentially interested young people can see it.

Overseas winter service markets can be a source of inspiration for an entrepreneur. There you can find many ideas that have not yet been implemented in Russia.

Winter business with minimal investment

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