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Do you want to start a new business and profit from the innovative upcoming trends? If so, here are 10 best small business ideas for years to come.

The Information Age

The information age is just beginning, and many firms are looking to use huge new databases to gather additional information about their customers, competitors, and even themselves. The challenge isn't just counting numbers; they make sense and provide useful information that can be translated into business advantage.

Marketing and market research are two growing areas where the use of data is exploding. With the right devices and know-how, you can position yourself in this promising business.

D-Print Shop

The main idea behind this business is making products on inexpensive printers. There was a lot of hype in this area in 2021, however, 3D printers are still extremely expensive. When do you need a new lens cap? Print it out! There is an idea behind this.

This is the path of the future. Instead of time-consuming manufacturing processes and procedures in a factory and sending the product to where it is needed, 3D printers are supposed to produce everything from models of your house to sinks and camera parts. In the near future, 3D printing will be one of the most demanded areas.

Computer Engineering

Most of the software development is done overseas these days, but the demand for high-level computer specialists who can link systems together is still high. For example, in finance and investment, high-speed computing is becoming an increasingly important competitive advantage. And most large companies will need faster, more transparent, and more secure networks.

Asteroid Mining

Right now, this idea is a bit outside of science fiction. The idea behind this future business is the use and exploration of space. As resources on Earth are depleted, the value of rare metals and minerals can reach enormous costs. Especially when you consider that deep water drilling requires billions of dollars of investment.

Degradable packaging

The trend of caring for the planet is good news. Stores are increasingly moving to craft packaging, advanced food delivery services are trying to collect containers for recycling, and coffee shops are promoting a policy of reusable cups by discounting the drink upon presentation.

In addition, enthusiasts are trying to create even more new solutions:

I was especially surprised by a startup from Britain called Oohowater. The company's slogan was: "Eat water, friends!" This interested consumers unfamiliar with the product. As it turns out, the company replaced the plastic bottles with algae balls that were filled with water. The balls are eaten and the customers quench their thirst. A wrapper of such an original capacity decomposes in an average of 5 weeks.

Cosmetics manufacturers have already taken note of the technology. Inside the ball, you can easily store another liquid, so the profit is predicted for a startup to be very large.

Algae Products

You can earn money on the vegetation of the seas and oceans. People have already come up with nori chips as well as seaweed salads. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Algae is a product that has a whole host of benefits: it is nutritious, healthy and versatile when creating new recipes.

It would seem, where to get so many algae? Create farms! This does not require much space, fertilizers are practically not required, and the product itself is unpretentious in maintenance. Algae improves the environment, which saves the business owner from a lot of problems. And plants don't need soil at all.

Fish Farms

It's no secret that the lion's share of the fish product on supermarket shelves is the result of the activities of numerous farms. The business trend is not new, but it is not outdated either. There are a lot of prospects.

Based on the data revealed by scientists, humanity is able to catch all the fish by 2048. What is not a reason to do business and save aquatic life? Fish farms are actively developed in most countries. Some are engaged in the development of special vertical installations, while others are engaged in entire biosystems in which even fruits and vegetables can be grown.

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We take 10% profit per month from the investment and consider:

The notional investment amounts were round, to make it easier to count.

This is completely passive without your participation 24/5, even when you sleep, eat, relax, you receive money.

1. The money is under my control, I do not transfer it to pools, foundations and someone else's uncle. 2. I can deposit and withdraw my money at any time, the term of receipt of money on the card is 1 minute. 3. You can take part of the money for purchases, pay for services, purchase advertising and spend it wherever you want at all, this is your business. 4. Once you set up this source of income and it brings you passive income. 5. I am not tied to a computer all movements and controls can be done from the phone.

What the author suggests is that you need to create several sources of income. For example: there is a garage, it can be rented out for 5000-10000 thousand rubles, there is a room, it can be rented out for 10000-15000 thousand rubles. and so on, I think the diagram is clear to you. You end up with several small streams of income that help you in life.

And one more point I was interested in what to do for those who did not have a garage and a room, for example. As an option, getting a second job is not the best option, but there is a place to be.

And in different periods of time this topic has always interested me. Now times have changed, the Internet has begun to develop rapidly, and new technologies, robotic systems, financial instruments have appeared that allow you to create multiple sources of income on the Internet.

And my friend Ilya showed me such a tool, I wanted the same one for myself and set it up for myself in 1 hour. Using these tools, anyone can create a passive source of income for themselves, which does not require special knowledge, technical skills and constant sitting at a computer.

And the more such tools you connect to yourself, the more confident you will feel in life.

And in 1 hour you will be able to launch your first passive source of income on the Internet, by the way, I forgot to say that in the course Ilya shows options on how to create several more types of income source on the Internet.

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Tips for owners of commercial real estate: how to fill vacant office space in times of crisis and business shutdown. 17 business ideas for creative and exhibition spaces.

The crisis in the commercial real estate market is more than one year old. After waves of layoffs, bankruptcies, business winding up, a huge amount of office space was left empty. The hopes that this crisis is about to end and that crowds of hungry tenants will soon reappear in the form of successful bankers, successful entrepreneurs and other businessmen eager to rent empty square meters at a high price have long vanished.

The owners of these areas are trying to return the former high demand in various ways: they make repairs and try to lease ready-made offices equipped with furniture and office equipment, offer rental vacations and, of course, lower rental rates. Someone is even willing to take on all marketing costs, including advertising costs for their tenants. There are proposals to conclude a lease agreement for several years with the provision of a subsequent right to purchase the premises at a preferential price, or even more intricate transactions for the purchase of an office with an obligation to sell to the same owner (a classic repo transaction) in two or three years.

What marketing moves can you popularize or take place with? One of the options is to convert the premises into a creative zone and use it for exhibition sites, museums, holding various presentations or any thematic events.

What is creative space

Popularization of creative urban spaces can be called the trends of modern society. The creative space combines the dynamics of the real estate business, the potential of creative activity and the tasks of social projects.

What is a creative space?

In its broadest sense, creative urban spaces are places for activities based on creativity, skill or talent.

Creative spaces have the following functions:

Improvement of urban areas;

Creating an innovative environment;

16 of the most promising professions of the future from 2021 to 2025. The most popular professions today and trends in the global labor market from 2021 to 2025. We present the TOP professions of the future with stable demand for 5 years ahead. You can master these professions today in order to be in demand as a professional for the next decade.

Every year new specializations appear in the world, which we could not even guess about before. The labor market in the digital age is rapidly transforming, and not physical, but mental labor is taking the first place.

In today's review, we will talk about the most promising professions of the future for the next five years, provide information on relatively new specializations that are already in demand today, and in the near future will become an integral part of human life.

Many analysts are trying to predict the demand for future professions. Some of these predictions now sound absurd. When the future finally arrives, it will become clear whether there will be vacancies in the job market for the position of "alternative fuel refueling", or at that stage of technology development, a simple robot will act as a "refueller".

  • Interesting topics - Overview of professions in Moscow 2021: the most in-demand and highly paid professions in the capital today are IT specialists, online sales managers and service technicians. Moscow is a city of opportunities

Global Labor Market Trends

The future is rapidly robotic, and therefore technologies will be introduced into all areas of human existence. This alignment suggests an increase in demand for technical sciences in the IT direction.

  • Interesting topics - Professions of the future, what awaits us in a few years? Talent is what will become the most demanded. Space guides and blockchain specialists, 3D printing designers, human designers and robot managers are just some of the professions of the near future.

Naturally, the times when doctors or teachers will be replaced by robots will not come very soon, therefore, when choosing a future profession, you need to pay attention to the human factor. Creative people will always be able to find a job in life, because a machine cannot replace a sharp mind.

What skills will be trending:

  • systemic way of thinking;
  • ecological orientation in understanding the world around;
  • programming and the ability to work with artificial intelligence at its various levels;
  • work process in conditions of uncertainty;
  • communication between related industries;
  • focus on communication with clients;
  • project management; <
  • multiculturalism.

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