Business ideas that are not in Russia

Do you want to start a business with low competition and a unique concept? We present to you the TOP business ideas that are not yet in Russia, and which are distinguished by their original idea and non-standard approach to doing business.

“Courage and risk are two different things. Risk means doing something like no one else has dared before you. " This expression perfectly conveys the essence of the whole business, in which one who loves to take risks becomes successful. However, almost every entrepreneur considers it right to follow the “knurled path”, since all the obstacles and preferences of potential customers have already been studied.

And it is the fear of not being accepted among the audience when you enter the market with a new and original idea that prevents businessmen from realizing interesting options. In the meantime, more and more unusual projects are being introduced in the USA, China and a number of other countries, which are becoming “favorites” among consumers. We present to your attention the TOP business ideas that are not yet in Russia, or that are just emerging in our country, which means they have a low level of competition.


Love for pets has been known since ancient times, when, for example, in Egypt, a cat was revered so that it was a sacred animal. Today, love for “our smaller brothers”, although not expressed with such honor, is no less strong, but not every person can afford exotic animals, and sometimes even a cat or dog.

Reasons for business demand:

  • One of the main reasons for not having pets is a possible allergic reaction. By renting an animal that they have long dreamed of having, there is an opportunity to conduct a kind of allergy test and find out if the pet is dangerous for family members
  • Many people cannot afford to even have aquarium fish due to their busy work schedule. constant traveling and business trips, which makes the issue of caring for and caring for animals an obstacle
  • The pet rental service will also help those families who are planning to have, for example, a thoroughbred animal in the near future, and will be able to understand how to take care of it, and make a conclusion about whether it will be possible to become its owner in the future
  • A good Russian tradition also helps to make this business in demand. Have you already guessed what it is about? That's right, about the housewarming. Happy owners of a newly purchased apartment can rent cats to be the first to cross the threshold of the "cozy nest"


Disposable cups, plates, spoons are no longer a surprise to anyone, besides, after use they become garbage that must be recycled. But what if you make the dishes the same delicacy as the treat that is in it? The parent of such an idea can be considered a waffle cup, in which ice cream is placed, which delivers no less gustatory pleasure than the sweetness itself. Thus, you can serve desserts, coffee, and even soups - it all depends on your imagination.

Reasons for business demand:

  • An original approach will immediately distinguish the institution among similar ones and encourage people to come back here again and again
  • For example, plastic dishes decompose for several years, which is harmful to nature, and edible dishes - environmentally friendly and does not represent a waste, as it is eaten right away
  • There is no need to wash the dishes, which saves time and effort of personnel in this process


Almost all business lines known to us are already taken. It is difficult for a beginner at first, since competitors are pressing from the sides, customers are already spoiled by offers on the market.

Why not look towards Western business? After all, there are ideas that we have not yet applied, but it is quite possible that they will be in demand. We have collected for you a TOP of 5 business areas, which you can apply with us right now.

Gift Aggregator Idea

The theme of gifts for many of us is more difficult than solving a mathematical problem - what to give, and whether you like it, and where to order, and why is it so expensive, and suddenly it is in vain to buy such a gift. The hero of the occasion himself, to the questions “but what can I give you that?”, Shyly answers: “Well, I don’t need anything, just come”, and thinks to himself, how would you guess that he wants exactly that little thing.

You can get rid of the torments of both the first and the others - create a gift aggregator. It works like this:

  • in the application, the potential recipient of the gift forms a list of what he would like to receive as a gift;
  • guests see this list and choose from it what they want to donate or in a material state;
  • the result is that the problems have been solved, and correctly on both sides.

Initially, such a service was conceived only for newlyweds, but it can be adapted for any celebration.

Food Constructor Idea

This idea is only suitable for those who already have a cafe or restaurant. But, if you are just going to open your own establishment, then the dish constructor can become a chip.

The essence is simple: the client can use the offered ingredients to make his own lunch: salad, pizza, sandwich, hamburger, some kind of dessert.

There is such a cafe in America, and according to the owner, it is the ability to collect a dish for yourself that adds popularity to his establishment. In Russia, it seems, there are no analogues, so you have every chance to be the first in this niche.

Idea of ​​Coffee in Edible Cups

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