Business ideas in the garage from scratch

Production in our own garage

Find out how to make rubber tiles, plastic windows, dishes, toys, and much, much more at home.

When a person has an irresistible desire to become independent, his fantasy begins to work actively. What could be better than working for yourself, because at home you can set your own daily routine, make management decisions and generally be the boss. The question immediately arises of where exactly to do business. It happens that there is simply nothing to rent a room, especially at first. But the solution often suggests itself: do the business with your own hands in your garage.

Everyone decides for himself what to do, based on inclinations, previously acquired skills, available equipment or other factors that determine the profile of the future enterprise. Perhaps someone is at a crossroads, and does not yet know what goods or services are in demand, and what to specialize in their business, but you can achieve a lot in your garage.

Suffice it to recall that it was in this magical place that the first personal computers were assembled, and Walt Disney filmed his cartoons.

However, there are many other ideas. You just need to choose the one that you like the most.

Best Garage Business Ideas

First, you need to decide what type of commercial product the garage business will specialize in. There are only two of them: goods and services. And if an entrepreneur decides to make money by serving clients who come to him, then there should be one approach, and when opening a production business, he should take care of completely different points. A business can be opened in any garage, but if it is difficult for visitors to get to it or if it is impossible to give a structure an aesthetic appearance, then it is best used for commercial production (for example, growing mushrooms, making frames or inexpensive plastic windows).

There is one more thing to consider when deciding what kind of business to do. To earn only a living, it is enough to find some simple business that does not require large investments. At the same time, over time, an entrepreneur can become convinced that his occupation is not just a part-time job, and that it provides much more income than any work as an employee. Then it makes sense to think about investments.

In any case, starting a garage business from scratch, you should consider any possible options for business plans, not rejecting those that seem fantastic at that moment. It is very difficult to predict in advance how successful it will be, although it is certainly necessary to strive to choose the most demanded direction.

When it comes to home business, the garage is a great place to start. In addition, I counted over 200 business ideas in the garage. In the article, we will talk about how to properly document how to open a business in a garage, what needs to be done for a successful start, and we will analyze more than 200 business ideas in a garage for both men and women, students, youth.

For convenience, I divided everything into subgroups and indicated the content for reference. Happy reading!

How to start a business in a garage

Without registration as an individual entrepreneur

There are no rules or restrictions. Do whatever you want with your business and garage.

But be careful: some ideas, despite their simplicity, require payment of taxes, and therefore registration of an individual entrepreneur. Any activity that involves the transfer of goods or services for money more than 1 time per year is called entrepreneurial activity.

  • Example: You are fixing bicycles in your garage in a small town. If everyone knows you, you do not need advertising, clients and profits are not permanent, you do not equip your garage for a professional entrepreneurial activity - you do not need to register.

With registration of individual entrepreneur

There are rules, and basically they are of the following nature:

1. You will need to reissue documents for the garage as a point for business. To do this, you will call the architect, take measurements and do what he says.

2. The garage must meet the requirements: be on a foundation, be properly documented, have an emergency exit, be surrounded by a high fence in a residential area, have a parking lot.

3. In the department of architecture in the city or district, you will be given an act, which will need to be registered with the fire protection, with utilities and in the electricity supply.

One of the most costly items that form the start-up capital when organizing a new business is the acquisition or lease of premises. However, costs can be significantly minimized by adapting an ordinary garage for a mini-workshop. Even rented, it will cost significantly less than other premises, not to mention your own. A private business in a garage, with minimal investment, is simple, and therefore it will pay off quickly enough and start making a profit.

Having made a decision to organize a business in a garage, it is worth assessing the condition of the premises, its location. It is good if he is in a guarded garage cooperative. In this case, you do not have to worry about unauthorized intrusion of random "guests". In addition, cooperatives provide water and electrical wiring to garages, there are garbage cans, the contents of which are regularly removed.

The purchase of equipment for the garage business is directly related to the internal dimensions: the larger the area of ​​the premises, the larger you can expand.

How to choose a business idea: advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

At first glance, it may seem that any type of small business, be it the production of metal structures in a garage or a car repair shop, does not require any special financial investments or special knowledge. In order not to pay for your arrogance, as a piece of advice for beginners, it should be noted that from scratch it is worth starting a business in which you more or less understand. It is possible to learn to handicraft from a textbook, but it will take more time to promote an unfamiliar business with less guarantees.

Garage business with minimal investment

Everyone must decide for himself what kind of business to open in the garage, at the initial stage, you can consider a dozen low-cost and well-paid ideas.

Auto repair shop

Among the ideas of their own business in the garage, opening a car workshop is the most popular. Small business is characterized by a narrow specialization:

  • car electrics ;
  • engine diagnostics and repair;
  • suspension repair;
  • bodywork;
  • on-board electronics maintenance, alarm installation.

Working for oneself, supporting a family in prosperity and freely unleashing creative potential is the ideal of self-realization that many strive for. But the lack of start-up capital, fear of competition and ignorance of the main modern business schemes at the root kill in 90% of business candidates the dream of their own production or a small home business in a garage in the service sector.

Is it worth starting a business in a garage - advantages and disadvantages

It is believed that the idea of ​​organizing a workshop or retail outlet in the garage arises only when there are no other opportunities for decent earnings, and there is no desire to work hard on black jobs for a penny.

They are looking for income in the garage only in desperate situations. But even if you have to look out for business opportunities in your home or garage, then take on this business so that in the future it develops into a full-scale entrepreneurial project, brings tangible profits and becomes a reliable support for you and your family.

To get things done, you need:

  • study the market you are planning to enter with your proposal;
  • learn how to organize business processes (planning, procurement, production, marketing and sales); <
  • master the science of developing business contacts, finding specialists;
  • spend 6 to 12 months of hard work on business development.

If you have the main source of income, and ideas for a garage business are needed only to generate additional small profits, then it will take much less investment, effort and time for such a small production to give first results.

We focus on the development of an enterprise as a full-fledged business, we give the opportunity to get acquainted with mini-versions of ideas for a small additional income.

The obvious advantage of using a garage for business is the low cost of the project. An entrepreneur does not need to rent or purchase expensive commercial or production areas, so a lot of monetary resources are freed up (the purchase of non-residential premises with an area of ​​40 m2 in an average Russian city will cost about 2 million rubles, monthly rent of such areas costs about 20 thousand rubles).

In addition, the advantage is that customers are undemanding to the exterior and interior of the garage. A workshop is a workshop, while an office and a sales area should be comfortable and visually attractive to visitors.

Accordingly, an entrepreneur who starts a small business in a garage does not need to additionally invest in expensive repairs and interior design. It is enough to create comfortable and safe conditions for production.

And the main advantage for starting your own business in the garage is that a long preparatory stage is not required. You can immediately start forming a business plan.

Today it is quite difficult to find a long-term and high-paying job with an opportunity for development. One in five faces a large number of problems related to employment or unfair employers. Therefore, people decide to engage in private entrepreneurship, build a personal small business, which is a suitable employment option.

When a person hears a mention of an emergency, the first thoughts are associated with any trade or market options. In this article, such thoughts and stereotypes will be dispelled.


How to get started in the garage?

Garage business is a real chance to start your own business, making a minimum investment to start.

Of course, in this article we will focus on men. It is for the male half that the garage is a private office, a space where ideas for creativity and self-realization are born.

A garage is the same office, a comfortable spacious room for any business, but the cost or rent of such a room is several times lower than an office, studio or room.

You will be surprised how many unusual business lines can be realized in the garage. It does not matter at all what square of the room and where it is located.

Important advice! Perhaps you are planning to start your own business alone. However, if you do not have too much capital, we recommend finding a partner. Involve friends, wife or family. In the examples below, you will understand how important they can play in your business from scratch.

You may remember that the legendary Steve Jobs began his career in an ordinary garage. Apple was built in a garage ...

What can prevent you from creating your own idea and bringing it to life?

To start activities you need:

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