Business ideas for spring, summer, winter with minimal investment

Seasonal business is suitable for people who quickly navigate the market of offers, who are able to respond quickly to any situation and are ready to take risks. Their main goal is to obtain the maximum profit that compensates for the time period that is not profitable for a particular type of business. What types of activities are relevant only at certain times of the year, and what are the nuances in seasonal earnings?

Hot Weather Ideas

In the hot season, people's priority desires are cooling, relaxation and entertainment. Therefore, the seasonal business in the summer should be focused on these principles.

Sales of chilled products

During hot sultry weather, most citizens prefer to chill with ice cream or cold drinks.

Your summer business can be organized in terms of sales of chilled food. However, in order to start it, the entrepreneur will have to invest in the purchase or lease of refrigeration equipment, in the lease of a trading place, the parameters of which should allow electricity to be supplied to it, and in the purchase of a batch of products. During the summer period, there may be interruptions in the delivery of ice cream and drinks, therefore it is recommended to conclude a contractual relationship with the supplier of products, having previously discussed the volumes and delivery schedule with him.

It is possible to increase the profitability of a business by locating a sales outlet in a walk-through place and increasing their number. However, in such a situation, it is necessary to take into account the additional costs of remuneration of employees.

When planning to sell kvass on tap, one should take into account the interest of such a retail outlet by regulatory authorities that require compliance with legislative regulations, which is difficult to ensure when selling products on the street. For this reason, the sale of kvass can result in solid fines. However, the advantage of the kvass sales business is the demand for the product throughout the season, small investments and the ability to change the location of the point of sale. It is recommended to work only with trusted suppliers of products, who will supply them with quality and on time, which will exclude the possibility of downtime.

Pet Hotel

Summer is a holiday season. For pet owners, the time of rest with departure to the resort is always associated with the problem associated with the need to take pets with them on a trip, since friends and relatives often do not agree to look after them during the absence of their owners.

Seasonal earnings usually have one important distinctive feature - during the season, in 3-5 months, it allows you to earn a lot of money, but then the business is idle until next year. On the one hand, the earned at the peak may be enough for the whole year, so you can take a well-deserved vacation until the next season. If this option does not suit you, you can try to make the seasonal business year-round or, after one seasonal idea, implement another by launching a continuous cycle - business ideas in the spring will be replaced by summer business ideas. This approach has one indisputable plus - you can get a good income all year round with minimal investment.

Let's look at seasonal business ideas that do not require a lot of financial investment, but bring enough return.

Business ideas for spring

Such a business idea is suitable not only for those who have a personal plot. After all, you can grow cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers and hot peppers on windowsills. The costs are minimal - a package of seeds costs an average of 10 rubles, it is enough to sow a whole tray. For example, there can be 15-30 tomato seeds in one pack. A month and a half after germination (and some varieties even earlier), your seedlings can be sold at a price of 50 rubles. for a dozen roots. If we are talking about cucumbers, then this is even more profitable - one cucumber sapling with 5-7 true leaves is on the market at the height of the summer season up to 40 rubles.

Of course, you can't earn much by growing on the windowsill, the maximum is a couple of thousand rubles. Therefore, it is better to start a business related to seedlings, early greens, radishes under a film by those who have a piece of land. There you can already talk about an income of up to 50,000 rubles a month.

  • Spring Cleaning

In winter, when there is eternal rain or snow outside the window, everything is gray and gloomy, we hide in our apartments, laying around mountains of pillows, woolen socks, duvets. The floors are abundantly covered with carpets, the windows are curtained with blackout curtains. But with the appearance of the spring sun and the first greenery, I want to take everything away, open the windows…. And over the winter, so much dust has accumulated there that one cannot do without spring general cleaning. Those who do not have time for this or are simply too lazy to mess with buckets and rags will willingly pay a certain amount to make their apartment shine with cleanliness and smell of spring freshness. This is the idea of ​​a spring business. Investments are minimal - advertising their services, buying equipment, detergents. It is good if you have a powerful washing vacuum cleaner in your arsenal, but at first you can do without it. Well, and transport - without it, it would be unrealistic to carry everything you need for cleaning from one client to another.

Costs at the initial stage, provided that you have a car, can amount to only 10,000 rubles. The average cost of cleaning is 100 rubles. per sq. meter. Cleaning of carpets, upholstered furniture, window cleaning, etc. paid separately. In total, cleaning a single room can bring you from 3000 to 5000 rubles. And it is quite possible to do such cleaning in a day, even alone.

Summer Business: Quick Seasonal Earning Ideas

If we are talking about a business without investment, then it is worth focusing on production or the provision of some services. For example, renting out housing at a resort is a great way to make money, but it is only suitable for local residents. But the proximity of the sea and the large number of tourists can bring profit not only to the locals.

  • Business ideas for the summer with minimal investment at sea

Even if you do not live in the south by the sea, you can come here, say, in May, rent a still inexpensive housing by the end of September and do business.

  • Selling products from a tray

That only people do not invent in order to ensure a comfortable existence. Few people want to work their whole lives for the state or for a private entrepreneur, because they really want to be free, an independent person, independently managing their lives.

The surest and easiest way to get rich is to start a seasonal business. Many people immediately think of pasties with coffee in winter and ice cream with beer in summer. In fact, there are a lot of ideas, the easiest way is to earn extra money in the warm season, during this period, businessmen have endless opportunities. With the skillful organization of your activities, you can get thousands of dollars, and this with a meager start-up capital.

Cold Trading

For those who don't want to reinvent the wheel, trade in soft drinks and ice cream is ideal. There are no innovations, but this type of service is in demand and brings tangible profits. Start-up capital is needed, but small. At first, you can limit yourself to equipping a trading place with electricity, a chest freezer, and a shelter for equipment. You also need to find a supplier of goods and a seller if you do not want to stand behind the counter yourself.

Celebrity photo

Vacationers can take a photo against the background of some sights themselves, but skilled businessmen will help to reincarnate in James Bond, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie or Cindy Crawford. This is a rather costly business, requiring about 40,000 rubles in investments, because you need to buy a good computer, a photo printer, a digital camera, a set of clipart. But on the other hand, there is no end to those who want to be photographed in an embrace with George Clooney or try on the body of some model. You can earn up to 300,000 rubles per season.

Earnings on attractions

Summer is a carefree time of entertainment, while on vacation and the amusements of other people, skillful businessmen build a profitable and low-cost summer business. Ideas for quick seasonal earnings are very easy to follow if a novice businessman lives in a resort town. You can replenish your budget by renting jet skis, water slides and skis. The cost of equipment in high demand will pay off in a few weeks.

Arrangement of street catering

Depending on the size of the start-up capital, you can open an ordinary area under umbrellas, a cafe-veranda or a cafe-pavilion in a public place. The cheapest is the first option, the most expensive is the last. This seasonal business requires applying to the district administration in advance. It is allowed to sell soft drinks, beer, nuts, chips, ice cream in open areas. On the café-verandas, visitors can order coffee or tea with cakes, and sometimes something stronger.

There are high requirements for barbecue or cafe-pavilions, the owner will have to negotiate with public utilities, sanitary and epidemiological control, architects. The costs are significant, so such a business should be opened with long-term prospects. For a summer cafe, you need to purchase plastic furniture, a tent, a counter or bar counter, a pouring unit, a refrigerator. In order not to overpay extra money for equipment, you can negotiate with suppliers of beer or soft drinks.

Shooting range opening

In the Russian climate, most small and medium-sized businesses are acutely aware of such a factor as seasonality. The change from cold to warm time directly affects profitability: in the summer, people try to spend a minimum amount of time in the city, which means that the demand for goods and services is significantly reduced. But sometimes the "cons" can be turned into "pluses" and organize a business that will bring easy and quick earnings.

If in the summer people from cafes, restaurants and shopping centers move to the streets, then it's time to start a "street" business. And despite the fact that such a business has a short lifespan, summer business has great advantages and for many entrepreneurs will be a profitable undertaking.

However, you need to understand that no matter how tempting the idea may seem, starting a business requires careful preparation. And if you plan to start this summer, you need to hurry up - the "street" business, as a rule, remains profitable, and generally realizable, only until the end of September.

A popular product and brand awareness will help you catch summer luck by the "tail". If everyone can still find the first one, then in order to gain popularity even on the local market, it takes time and significant investments: it will not be easy to promote your own brand this year, it is wiser to count on the launch of a business next summer.

But this problem can be solved by buying a franchise of a well-known brand. There are a large number of franchise offers for street business on the market, and you can easily choose the segment that suits you best.

A ready-made business concept of one of the major players in the franchising market will allow you to jump on the steps of a departing train and launch a “street” project in a short time. In addition, all franchisors advise entrepreneurs throughout the entire process of work, from preparation to launching a business. This will help to avoid mistakes, and most importantly, from the moment of launching your company will be profitable.

If you have already thought about this idea, then you should take a closer look at franchises in the areas of catering, rental, entertainment services. Any idea that contributes to the relaxation of people can become the basis of a "street" business.

An overview of suitable franchises will help you choose the best format.

Street Food

Everyone loves to eat, and even more so in the fresh air, so selling "street" food under a franchise in warm weather is a 100% working option.

Business blog about the main thing

Summer is considered to be one of the most profitable seasons for running a small business, so many entrepreneurs put great prospects on business for the summer, test the waters in advance by developing a business plan for the summer. Active work throughout the season can bring a very large profit, quietly providing your livelihood throughout the year, of course, until the next summer season, where you will earn even more! In the article you will find answers to such questions as "what business to do in the summer?", "Which business is the most profitable in the summer?" “What business is profitable to do in the summer?”, “What business ideas exist for the summer with minimal investment?”; you will find a lot of answers to these questions.

Ice cream / cold drink trade

In this regard, if you are planning a large-scale business, then you cannot do without hired workers. The second important nuance is the choice of a reliable and official distributor for the supply of ice cream. Business revenue depends on the size of the business and the choice of the most successful retail outlet. From medium-sized businesses, you can receive daily net profit from the point of sale in the range of 1,500 rubles. If there is a possibility of access to the sea or a lake, then the reversal of such a business "near the water and under the sun" will be even more profitable.

Trade in draft kvass

Landscaping business

Sale of beach accessories and souvenirs

As for souvenirs, this is an integral part of the rest of every tourist, so it is important to stock up on magnets, figurines and other items that personify the attractions of the resort. Stocking up on such items in large quantities and at a wholesale price will not lead to a large cash investment, but such a business will pay off in full, due to the fact that their retail price can be doubled, or even tripled, while the demand will not change.

Business opening of attractions

Sports equipment rental

  • Table tennis, badminton;
  • Bicycles, scooters and roller skates;
  • Volleyball, basketball and soccer balls.

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