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The business idea of ​​phytowalls is to green the walls of the indoor space. Show in full.

The implementation of this business will require a decent amount of money, which will quickly pay off.

To "launch" a commerce based on phytowalls, it is necessary to decide how the space will be decorated. The entrepreneur has two options for designs to choose from: a wall made from living indoor plants and from decorative ones. After that, it is important to find a bona fide supplier of phytowalls, purchase automatic irrigation systems, and hire labor.

The idea of ​​phytowalls will only bring profit if the quality aspect is fully respected.

INVESTMENTS: 200,000 - 300,000 rubles INCOME: 300,000 rubles per month

The business of selling air conditioners usually includes installing them. It is more profitable to open such a business in places with a hot climate, since the demand will be great. It is necessary to purchase special equipment, which will cost approximately 50,000 - 100,000 rubles. Hire staff, at first 3-4 people are enough. We need an office, which will cost about 30,000 - 40,000 rubles. In our world, nowhere without advertising and strategy.

One installation of an air conditioner will bring about 4,000 rubles on average. If you set 3 per day, this will amount to 12,000 per day, respectively 360,000 rubles per month. Do not forget that this is not pure profit, you need to pay rent for an office, give employees a salary, buy advertising.

Things to do in quarantine: tips for business and personal development

What should a business do during a forced vacation and how to keep the situation under control? What to do in quarantine so as not to waste time? You will learn about this in the article by copywriter-marketer @olga_copy. riter

Forced downtime in business provides a host of benefits that many of us don't think about when we lead our active lifestyle. A constantly busy person does not have enough time for this, or there is simply no need for it.

In the current situation, it is important to avoid stagnation of thoughts and actions, so as not to lose shape and easily enter after quarantine into a normal working atmosphere. As the monitoring of the market of marketing ideas and strategies shows, the question "what can you do in quarantine?" is easy to solve and can even bring many useful insights.

What to do in quarantine with benefit

In business, inspirational quotes are essential. The wisdom of outstanding people helps budding entrepreneurs to make the right choices and make a minimum of mistakes. Sayings about business give an idea of ​​how a business person should be and what it means to run a business.

In our community, you can find a huge number of motivational quotes from figures of different times. Subscribe, set yourself up for starting a business and pick up the perfect business idea for yourself.

Books about business that everyone should read # 2 My life, my achievements

One of the few books whose success was not dictated by promotions and purchased reviews. Deep and engaging, Henry Ford's book describes the life of one of the world's largest entrepreneurs. Does it make sense to say that even printed on sheets of paper, the incredible experience of the creator of a gigantic production, will be extremely useful to everyone, without exception?

If you want to pick up something really useful not only for your own entrepreneurial character, but for your whole life in general, read "My life, my achievements." There you can learn about Ford's views on life, his ideas that have found and have not been embodied. Management theory, Henry Ford's own principles, big business management are all here.

We must call, not wait for inspiration to start a business. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration rarely gives rise to action. (Frank Teebolt)

When you know what you want and you want it badly enough, you'll find a way to get it.

Business idea - Room for withdrawal Minimum investment - 25,000 rubles.

The organization of psychological relief rooms is not the most popular business in Russia. This has its own prospects, for example, in conditions of low competition, it will turn out to be earned faster, and the demand for rooms of rage can be artificially heated. render completely.

The project does not have a stable demand, but it is very attractive as an additional income. 25'000 rubles are enough to launch the project. With a stable demand, you can recoup your investment in the first month.

The Rage Room looks like a frivolous project only at first glance. Like any other business, it needs the right design. To register an individual entrepreneur, fill out an application in the established form and attach photocopies of all pages of the passport along with the original for verification. You can pay the state duty at any branch of Sberbank. No additional licenses or certificates are required.

Bits, 2 pieces - 5'000 rubles

Protection kit, 2 pieces - 6'000 rubles

The question in the title of this publication may cause some stupor to many readers. After all, the answer is obvious. A person needs a business in order to become financially independent. In case of a successful outcome of this event, of course. In fact, it is so. Most of all aspiring entrepreneurs and businessmen are aimed precisely at obtaining material independence. render completely. It is the desire to earn good money that makes them overcome the constantly arising obstacles on the way to the cherished goal.

There is certainly nothing wrong with material motivation. If money makes a person move forward, well, that's good. Whoever says anything about this.

Money is money, but this is far from the only reason that makes thousands of people abandon everything, risk all their acquired property and try themselves in a completely new business, which is their own business. There are other reasons that can motivate as much as money.

If you still think what is better for you - your own business or a stable job for your uncle or for the state, if you cannot make up your mind, if you still do not understand whether it is necessary you in general, this material will help to dot the "and". In addition to monetary gain, we will share a few good reasons that drive people to quit their jobs and go about their business.

Perhaps it is freedom that is the very reason for which a huge number of people quit their jobs. And even good salaries and quarterly bonuses are not a reason for them to stay in the workplace. Freedom is valued most of all in our time. Even more expensive than money. But no job will give you as much freedom as your own business will give you.


When you sit in the office and work for a salary from morning to evening 5-6 days a week, few people care about your ideas. You can generate bundles of good, even brilliant ideas, but no one will pay attention to them (unless, of course, your job is not to come up with ideas). But the worst thing is that you yourself will not have time to implement many good ideas. After all, you devote all your time to work. And you help someone else grow, develop and make money. It’s unpleasant to hear, but it’s true.


When you run your own business, you face many issues and challenges every day that require urgent resolution. Create a website, register an individual entrepreneur, write an advertising text, photograph a product, find a supplier, conduct successful negotiations with a client, buy or rent an office ... And so on and so forth.


Your business builds character, perhaps better than serving in the army or playing sports. Because the cost of mistakes is too high. Show the slack, and after a while you will be left with nothing. You can't relax here even for a minute. You need to constantly be aware of events, be able to make quick and correct decisions, and not be influenced by emotions. In general, you need to be strong, confident and purposeful. This is the only way to achieve heights in business.


Who knows what you can create, how you will please your customers, what novelty will you come up with?

8 ways to get started, even if you're very lazy Do not overload yourself with work and do not take too long breaks. It is in this rhythm that laziness will recede into the background. ... Catch inspiration! Your work should be a joy to you. A positive emotional impulse will give you new strength. If this is not the case, then we advise you to change the type of activity. Remember who you wanted to become as a child, and become him, finally. render completely.

3. Motivate yourself! The best motivator while working is a good salary. Think not about when the long-awaited Friday finally comes, but about how you will buy yourself a private jet for your next paycheck.

4. Plan your activities! Proper planning increases productivity tremendously. In this case, it is important to strictly follow your plan and not leave anything for later. This will help you develop discipline and commitment. A good plan will allow you to clearly see the tasks and goals set, to concentrate efforts in the necessary directions and not be scattered over trifles.

5. Worker's Oath! This is a great way to give yourself a magic pendel for people who work for themselves, that is, without a boss. It's just that when there is a chef, it is clear that they will not stroke the head for absenteeism and other shirking. And if no one controls you from above, then many find it difficult to give up the temptation to arrange an extra day off. Therefore, you can appoint your own boss yourself. Choose someone from your relatives or close friends and solemnly promise him to accomplish a feat of labor, clearly indicate the timing and amount of work (you don't have to sign with blood). And if you are a man of your word, the effect will not be long in coming.

6. Carrot and stick! A very old and surefire way to make anyone work. But here you have to educate yourself. Assign yourself some kind of reward that you will receive only if the job is successfully completed. For example, let's go to the bathhouse with friends. But only if we deliver the project by the end of the week, complete the plan in a month in full, finally make money on this notorious private jet, etc.

7. Socialist competition! Yes, it is enough to add a little excitement to the workflow, and it will speed up just a lot. Challenge a coworker who will make more money this month, who will lay the asphalt earlier, whose department will fill more orders, and you will have another powerful incentive to work better, faster and even stronger.

8. Innovation and work optimization! What? You say that you are an ordinary hard worker who may or may not dig. And other management stuff is none of your business. In fact, it is the ordinary workers that this applies in the first place. Therefore, we advise you not to stand aside, but to actively participate in this process. Who else if not us! Who else will suggest new concepts and technologies that will increase productivity and make our work easier. Therefore, if you have enough brains and you suddenly feel a surge of strength, then go to the end. Not everywhere are die-hard bosses who consider themselves smarter than the rest. Perhaps they will readily listen to you and it will be you who will become a pioneer in our bright working future.

16 simple rules for a quick breakthrough in life. add yourself!

1. Don't watch TV. Never.

Show in full. 2. There is such a thing as "Move on no matter what." Try it, it will help.

3. Have an idea? Write it down.

4. Are you running late? Find a way to warn about this.

5. Don't laugh at other people's dreams.

"I wouldn't say I got rich": how much does a developer earn in a fintech startup IN Rotterdam

The story of a former trader from Yekaterinburg, who decided to become a programmer at the age of 32. For several years he managed to work for a local IT company, move to Moscow and then to the Netherlands. Now he is engaged in a fintech startup in Rotterdam and is mentally preparing to get a job at Tesla or Google. render completely.

My education has absolutely nothing to do with programming. I graduated with a degree in finance and credit and studied stock exchange at a second-rate stock market institute in Yekaterinburg. Despite the fact that it was education for the sake of a crust, in my student years I really fell in love with trading. After graduation, he went to work by profession: in the mid-2021s, he got a job as an arbitrage trader in a local investment company. Traded in securities and other instruments.

Everyone who wants to be a trader believes that it is very easy to make money in this area, that this is just a Klondike. In fact, in order to really make money in trading, you need a lot of experience and a good understanding of the market. I know people who only after ten years of work begin to understand something in the profession and get decent money for it.

I had a piece-rate salary: the minimum salary was 10,000 rubles to meet the minimum wage, plus a percentage of the exchange earnings - as much as I earned, I got that much. Sometimes it was good interest, sometimes it was not at all. When I was lucky, I could earn 250,000 R per day. But then I could lose the same money in one moment. On average, there were 20-30 thousand over the salary. In total, about 40 thousand - the average income for that time.

In four years, I have grown from a simple "cannon fodder" to a branch manager. I was responsible for all business processes, carried out risk management for traders under my supervision, made sure that they did not lose a lot of money. But I was too arrogant a leader. I don’t want to take leadership positions anymore - this is not for me, I need something more creative.

I liked the work of a trader in general. But she is quite nervous: you never know how the month will end, whether you will receive your interest or not. You are thrown from one extreme to another.

When you earn something, you feel the buzz, when you lose, you feel anger and hit the keyboard with your fist. Seriously, the keyboard was a consumable there. All this stress can result in illness. Over the years as a trader, I developed gastritis, and I even ended up in the hospital.

So one day I decided to change my job to a more relaxed one and went to the treasury department of the bank. I loved this job, it is an experience that I do not regret in the least. Unlike trading, where I sat all the time alone in front of the monitor and traded, here I had to communicate with counterparties or clients who want to buy currency or bonds: you tell them the price, quote, so to speak, and conduct the transaction. I was constantly on the phone and honing my communication skills.

All this time I was dealing with other people's money and was not responsible for the actions of clients, I just fulfilled their orders. For example, once I needed to buy 2 million euros for one Ural sportswoman. Entering the market with such a volume is stressful: they will immediately see your application and start running from you. So I had to buy a little bit during the day, but I did it and it was nice.

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