Business idea: self-service car service

Opening a car service is a promising business. Types of car service with the calculation of profitability, a list of necessary equipment, the pros and cons of this type of business, as well as the prospects for your own service station.


About car services

According to Avtostat, in 2021 more than 42.8 million vehicles were registered in Russia. The number of car service points, according to the estimates of the same analytical agency, reaches only 76 thousand. Moreover, they are located unevenly.

While the Moscow region and the environs of St. Petersburg can boast a total of more than 16 thousand service stations, a number of regions have about 400 registered car services (for example, the Pskov and Novgorod regions).

With careful planning and a well-developed business plan, this niche can bring a high income to the owner.

There are four main types of car services on the market. More details about each of them.

  • Specialized or authorized services. The scope of their services includes the repair of cars of a certain manufacturer. For example, a Nissan Authorized Service Center will not service Hyundai vehicles. As a rule, they are bound by an agreement with an official dealer of the brand on the territory of Russia, and the employees undergo professional training. Similar services are opened by dealers or car manufacturers.
  • Network service stations. Several points in the city, region, country. Opening a network of auto repair enterprises requires tens of millions of rubles in investment, and for a newcomer in the field of maintenance, opening a network of auto services is not an easy task.
  • Opening a car service franchise. Using the Wilgud chain as an example, the initial investment will amount to about 5.5 million rubles, which includes rent, equipment, premises renovation, purchase of parts, and so on. The full payback period is 15 months. The average monthly turnover is 4 million rubles.
  • Private "garage" workshops. 1-2 employees work, as a rule, there is no good equipment, and the quality of the repair depends on the skills of specific people. The costs of opening such a workshop in your own garage are quite low - 30-50 thousand rubles. The profit in the first months is also small: 20-40 thousand. However, with proper management, it can in the future reach 100-150 thousand rubles, with the help of which you can expand the business. Payback - from 2 months to a year.
  • Single car service. The most common option. Due to a fairly large area (from 80m2) and high-quality equipment, it is possible to carry out repair work of a wide profile and simultaneously work with several machines.

The cost of equipping a car service in a rented building of 700 m2, advertising and purchase of consumables and payment of monthly costs for the first month - about 4 million rubles.

With an average profit of 4,000 per client and service of 16 people per day, the monthly turnover will be 1,920,000 rubles, which will allow the company to pay back in 1-3 years.

Despite the fact that the competition among Russian car services is very high, customer demand does not suffer from this. In every settlement of the Russian Federation there are several service station centers, even in cities and towns with a small population. Neither the crisis nor the general solvency of the population in the region can affect the relevance of the services of the auto repair shop, because the number of motorists is only growing and the consumer is always looking for a better service. For this reason, opening your own service station offers more options for business development in any season and in any economic situation in the country.

How to start a car service from scratch?

The purchase of the necessary equipment and the choice of location are, of course, one of the most important tasks before opening a car workshop, but far from being paramount. The future business owner will have to think over the phased development of his service even before the moment when he begins to perform specific improvement actions. This implies that it is necessary to designate not only the minimum list of everything necessary for customer service, but also to build a strategy to attract a constant and additional flow of new consumers. The list of what you need to open a car service from scratch includes:

  • Analyzing the target audience, drawing up a price list with a price category available for most average residents of a given region
  • Choosing a car service specialization, basic services that bring the greatest profit <
  • Registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC
  • Passing inspections of the sanitary and epidemiological station and fire safety
  • Registration with the tax office
  • Selecting premises, registering a lease or buying property
  • Seeking initial funding and additional funds to expand the business
  • Improvement of repair and client areas
  • Provision of utilities, timely waste disposal, etc.
  • Searching for qualified experienced craftsmen, on whom the success of the business (as well as administrative employees) will rely
  • Design and development of a single design recognizable by customers
  • Purchase of equipment and search for the most profitable offers
  • Search for trusted suppliers who can promptly deliver spare parts and provide a flexible system of discounts
  • Accounting
  • Advertising

Each of these items will inevitably entail money investments. With a competent analysis of all proposals, you can significantly save money, but the minimum capital required to open your own car service will be 1,000,000 - 1,500,000 rubles. This amount will be enough for a workshop with limited functionality without a long-term thoughtful campaign to attract new customers. Thinking about how much money is needed to open a car service that is well promoted and equipped to provide a wide range of services, depending on the region, it will take about 3,000,000 - 5,000,000 rubles.

Business Potential

Despite the fact that auto repair is considered a seasonal business, in reality this is not always the case. In spring and autumn, tire fitting and wheel balancing are especially in demand; repairs of any complexity are required year-round. With the arrival of heat, bodywork and tuning become more relevant, because paint defects and dents after an accident are not so noticeable when there is snow and slush outside. So, you can identify the statistics of the most demanded services for a specific period. Specializing in several types of services, you can guarantee a year-round flow of customers.

Months of "decline" are considered to be January and February, when the total paying capacity of the population falls due to the beginning of a new quarter and calendar year. At this point, after long holidays, expensive repair services are not as widely requested as in the regular mode. Due to the holidays, most citizens are paid in an unusual manner, and due to the conditions of the Russian climate, car owners postpone a visit to a car service closer to the warm season.

Depending on which workshop specialization has been chosen, you can plan further efficient expansion that brings great profit. In total, there are several different concepts according to which various car services offer their services:

  • Tire fitting
  • Repair work
  • Bodywork
  • Electrical repair
  • Diagnostics and maintenance
  • Tuning and art painting
  • Car wash

To open your car service from scratch, it is enough to choose only 1-3 positions from this list and subsequently, as the business develops, offer more possible jobs. When choosing only 1 direction, you should pay attention to the implementation of only repair work, i.e. this offer is always relevant at any time of the year and brings a sufficient amount of profit to pay back the investment and pay a decent salary to the employee and the business owner.

  • 1 Summary of the self-service car service business
  • 2 How to open a self-service car service?
  • 3 Self-service garage location.
  • 4 Recruitment.
  • 5 Equipment for self-service workshop
  • 6 Operating mode of a self-service workshop.
  • 7 Self-service price list.

Self-service car service business resume

Self-service car services in Russia have not yet gained great popularity, so the competition in this business is quite low. People who know how to show initiative and a desire to make money, with the right business structure, can quite successfully occupy this niche.

Self-service service is similar to self-service car washes, for some car owners caring for and repairing a car is not a heavy duty, but a favorite pastime. These drivers can become our clients if all conditions for comfortable work with their "swallow" are organized for them. And this is at least:

Customers of a self-service car repair shop save a decent amount, as they do not have to pay for the professional work of auto repair technicians. The main idea of ​​a self-service car service is to save money for the car enthusiast.

How to open a self-service car service?

To open a self-service car service, you must: Calculate the profitability of a car service.

The following OKVED are used to register a car service: - 33. 7 "Services for the repair and maintenance of other vehicles"; - 68. "Services for the lease (lease) of own or leased real estate"; - 77. 9 "Services for rent and leasing of other machinery, equipment and material resources not included in other groups."

The profitability of an enterprise depends on many conditions. First, you need to know how many cars will be serviced. How much are you willing to invest in start-up capital. It is not profitable to organize a car service as a business in one garage box. The number of vehicles serviced will not be large. In this case, you will have to spend the same amount on equipment, tools and maintenance of maintenance personnel as for the maintenance of two boxes.

You can consider starting a business in two or four boxes. Opening the service in two boxes will cost almost two times less than in four. Then, when a large number of customers appear, queues may appear. If you are sure that you can provide a sufficient flow of car owners, then four boxes is the most profitable option.

Self-service garage location

When organizing a self-service garage, it is important to take into account the influence of such an important factor as its location in the city. It is worth renting or buying a space, taking into account the possibility of further business expansion. It is considered disadvantageous to locate a self-service service near business centers and large retail outlets. In this territory, car owners prefer to hand over their cars for repair at regular car services and engage in their work during the day. The sleeping areas are the place for a self-service car service. The car owner can drive his car into the garage of such a service at any free time, calmly inspect it and make the necessary repairs. You can consider renting premises in an industrial zone, since the rental price here will be lower than in the city center or in a residential area.

Before starting a car service from scratch, let's mark the relevance

The transportation of people, goods, mobility and the ability to travel long distances in a relatively small amount of time are the main signs of the development and civilization of society.

Of all types of transport, the car is the most widespread and versatile. The number of cars on the roads is constantly growing, the role of vehicles in the economic system and in everyday life is increasing. Therefore, any business related to automobiles has high prospects and opportunities.

The most demanded direction in this area is the repair and maintenance of vehicles, due to the need.

The increasing number of women driving to a certain extent increases the demand for auto repair services and increases the profitability and employment of workshops.

What documents are needed to open a car service?

So, what does it take to open a car service? Documents. For official registration and launch of a car service, a license is required. To get it you will need:

  • application ;
  • list of services;
  • certificate and bank details;
  • lease agreement for a land plot under the workshop;
  • the charter of the enterprise;
  • certificates of the SES, fire supervision, from the State Tax Inspection about registration;
  • orders on the appointment of persons responsible for safety, for security point;
  • order on the appointment of a person responsible for repair and maintenance;
  • a copy of a document certifying professional suitability and training;
  • certificate of compliance with GOST standards (for individual entrepreneurs is optional, but evidence gives more weight in the eyes of clients).

A list of only the most necessary documents is provided, in each case it may be necessary to provide additional papers.

How can recycling waste car tires become a successful business? Read our business plan.

How to start opening a car service? Of course, with the choice of premises


Investments: from 850 thousand rubles

Payback: from 20 months

Self-service car service is a great investment idea. Obviously, the number of cars in both large and small cities is steadily growing, but not every motorist has a garage to repair and maintain his equipment. In addition, the purchase of such premises and equipment may not always be advisable, while an inexpensive rental of an equipped place for urgent work will be a completely profitable decision for the driver.

Business Concept

Each driver periodically repairs his car. And if rare problems of a new car are solved by means of a guarantee, then for used vehicles, breakdowns are quite common. Owners of used cars expect costs not only for the purchase of spare parts, but also for the services of a locksmith. At the same time, the services of a repairman, as a rule, are much more expensive than the parts being replaced.

Having experience and knowledge in the field of car repair, the driver is still forced to contact the service car repair shops, since he does not have the necessary equipment for self-repair. Techniques such as a lift or diagnostic devices are not available in every private garage. This problem is especially relevant for large cities. The number of potential clients is very large here.

The owner of a self-service car service will not have to hire staff, which will save him from labor costs, as well as from responsibility for poorly performed service.

Owners of expensive cars often turn to traditional auto repair shops, without bothering themselves with personal repair work. Therefore, it should be expected that the customers of this type of car service will be car owners with an average income and experience in working with vehicles. Accordingly, it is advisable to choose a residential sleeping area as the location of the future car service.

What is required for implementation?

To implement the plan for opening a self-service car service, first of all, it will be necessary to analyze the planned activities, identify possible competitors, their advantages and disadvantages. If this business idea is recognized as promising, it is necessary to take care of finding and renting suitable premises, purchasing high-quality equipment and launching advertising.

Step-by-step startup instructions

Main stages of business project implementation:

  • Business registration.
  • Search for a place and rent a room.
  • Selection, purchase and installation of equipment.
  • Hiring staff.
  • Advertising campaign.

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