Business idea; Production of business boards for babies

The niche of children's products has always been, is and will be profitable. Today we will consider a business idea that involves the production and sale of business boards.

A business board (development board) is a board on which various elements such as locks, buttons, calculators and other things are placed, when using which, a child develops logical thinking and fine motor skills. The author of these products is considered the Italian teacher Maria Montessori. The main essence of this educational technique, due to the safe elements of the game, is to provide the child with the opportunity to independently study the principles of operation of these objects. In turn, the development of fine motor skills in a child determines the creation of neural connections in the brain, which accelerates the development of speech, memory and logic. Developing boards give the first impulses for the child to study independently and learn something new.

Considering all of the above, there is a demand for these products on the market, and many entrepreneurs decided to occupy this niche. The main advantage of the business board manufacturing business is a small start-up capital and the ability to work from home, minimizing monthly costs.

Target audience - children from 1 to 3 years old. It is at this age that the development board is most effective.

Document processing

If you have already made and sold several business boards and are thinking about retailing in your own online store, then you will need to complete the paperwork to work.

  • open IP.
  • specify OKVED. For Russia, this is OKVED 32. 0 - Production of games and toys. For Ukraine - 32. 0.
  • if you rent a room for a workshop and a shop, you will need to sign a lease agreement and obtain permission from the fire department.

To do everything right in legal terms, consult a lawyer, this will allow you to avoid penalties in the future.

Where to start production?

Business boards do not take up much space, 40 × 80 cm or 80 × 60 cm are considered standard sizes. Of course, they can be either more or less, everything will depend on your idea and the number of elements to be placed, but even so, you do not need to rent an entire warehouse to store finished products. We recommend starting to work from home, it can be an apartment or a private house, with a separate room for a workshop, or a personal garage. It will be more convenient to do carpentry in the garage, and the noise from the power tool will not disturb neighbors.

From communications you will need: electricity, ventilation and heating. By working from home, you will save a significant amount on rent every month, which will increase the rate of return on your business investment.

Hello dear readers of the mlnrub blog. u. Today we will make business board development boards! But not just make, but make for sale. "Developing business board" will become a very easy-to-implement hand-made business idea. Developing board = business board!

What is a developing business board ?!

An educational business board is a set of easy-to-solve children's puzzles, which is installed on one board and is designed to develop the child's mental activity. Business board development boards are both fun and useful.

This board may contain easy or difficult tasks for children. From a simple push of a button and plugging the plug into an outlet to building an electrical circuit in the correct sequence. These examples do not mean that all puzzles are related to electrical engineering, as there may be mechanical tasks such as opening a lock.

Another attractive feature of the business board is that this game is interesting not only for children, but also for their dads. No wonder they say that many men always remain children. Women buying such a game will be sure that their husbands will spend the whole evening playing with their children.

DIY development board

Some parents are looking on the Internet for information on how to make a development board with their own hands. It's very simple! You just need to take a sheet of chipboard or fiberboard and start screwing, gluing, nailing various developing elements to it, for example: a door lock, a socket and a plug, a latch, various buttons and switches, musical instruments, puzzles and much more.

Attention! When making a development board yourself, you need to make it as safe as possible for the child! Do not use high voltage electricity, glass, heating elements or sharp parts.

The ability to make your own business boards is not a disadvantage for your business, but rather a plus. Not many parents will find the strength to do such a thing on their own! Probably, only the most active, enthusiastic or poor parents will undertake their own production. Others will want to see the finished board live and choose the one that suits them.

As a result, we get a product that is very easy in manual production and has a low cost of materials. Imagine, make different versions of development boards and sell to happy parents.

How to sell a developing business board ?!

Young mothers who are on parental leave often ask themselves the question: "What kind of occupation can I find so that it does not take much time and brings at least a small income?" If you also want to earn some money, your baby has grown a little and no longer requires so much attention to itself as in the first months, then the story of Elizabeth, a young mother from Tver, will be interesting and useful to you.

Elizabeth told Reconomica magazine how she came up with the idea, sitting with a baby on maternity leave, to start making and selling educational boards for children (business boards). Read about how the idea was brought to life, about the problems and successes in this article.

How it all began

Hello, my name is Elizabeth, I am 29 years old and I live in Tver. Having gone on maternity leave and having gone through the most difficult first months of motherhood, I got more free time and began to spend it on social networks, communicating with my own kind and delving into all children's issues.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that moms like me make money on the Internet by doing something with their own hands. I also got fired up with this idea and began to select a suitable occupation.

And then I came across a page on Instagram, where they sold business boards (development boards) for kids. They looked unpresentable and tasteless, as if someone had brought everything unnecessary from the garage and simply stuck it on plywood. It was then that the thought flashed that I could make them bright, stylish and interesting.

The next day my husband and I went to a hardware store. Bought 2 sheets of plywood, a jigsaw, paint, packing material and a whole package of hardware: nuts, screws, door hooks and chains, switches, sockets, bells, etc. The total purchase receipt is 16,000 rubles. In the evening I drew sketches of the future toy, drew plywood, my husband sawed and sanded it. Painted and collected in the evenings when the child slept.

As a result, we got 9 bodyboards from one sheet of plywood, different in size, design and fullness. Having counted the cost of each (and it ranged from 1000 rubles to 1500), I added another 100% for the work. This was our market price from 2021 to 3000 rubles.

First sales

I took a lot of different photos and began to design a page on Instagram. Since there was no money for advertising, I went to the pages of moms, commented on their photos and put likes. This business requires persistence and patience, because the work is monotonous and long.

Every day, it is more and more difficult to find some kind of educational toys for a child. Basically, these are already well-known pyramids, magazines, etc.

Today I propose to consider one of the business ideas: Production of business boards for kids.

What is a business board? This is a smart board for the development of a child, which contains many different items for the development of matorics, intelligence.


Simple toys have long been of no interest to anyone, not to children and not to parents. And this business idea is good because children constantly want to do what their parents do.

  • Equipment. The technology for the production of business boards is very simple. Of the equipment, you only need a screwdriver, screws.
  • The choice of the room is not so important. Indeed, in order for you to implement this business idea, your apartment will be enough for a start.
  • Choosing a supplier will also not take much of your time. For business boards, in most cases, no specific materials are required.
  • Recruiting: For recruiting, of course, you will need a room in which the business boards will be assembled. Staff training will also not take much time, but first you still need to understand (how it works, try it yourself).
  • Advertising: Regarding advertising, I advise you to offer your products to children's stores, create an account on instagram. Generally based on the target audience (Parents who have children).


From the information received above, it is clear that this business idea is not so expensive at the very beginning, but let's still consider how much investment is required:

Equipment - 10'000 rubles.

The first batch of materials - 10'000 rubles.

Advertising costs - 5'000 rubles.

Unforeseen expenses - 3'000 rubles.

Monthly costs:

A business board is a board for children, on which special elements are attached. You can make this type of toy yourself. The child will play with her for a long time, as interesting details attract interest. Such a developing board for children develops intelligence, logical thinking and motor skills.

History and features of the game

Today, such techniques are popular and in demand. Therefore, it is beneficial to open the production of custom-made business boards for the development of a child. It is quite possible to open such a case even at home. The work will not take up a lot of free space. It is only important to have a specially equipped room where you can work. The starting capital for the implementation of the idea will be about $ 2,000. However, you should not be afraid, since the payback is less than six months.

Initial investment - 5,000 rubles.

Market saturation - medium.

Difficulty starting a business - 1/10.

Relevance and prospects of the idea

Opening an online shop for business boards today will not be difficult. This is a real and promising idea that can be profitable and enjoyable to work with.

Why is this business profitable:

  • Finding quality products on the market and in stores is very difficult. Mostly there are Chinese toys that provide little value for the development of the child. Almost all of them are made from low-quality and cheap plastic, which is not only not useful, but also harmful to the child's body. Really high-quality goods cost a lot of money, which not all families can afford;
  • Child development without harm to his health. This is the kind of toy that every mother is looking for. Learning the world, the baby will feel, try and gnaw on the details, so they should be as safe as possible. A business board for boys and a business board for girls is a versatile toy on which household items and toys are attached. With their help, the child develops logic and thinking, and also learns attention and concentration.

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