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The peculiarities of earning money on the beach include its seasonality and the dependence of income on the number of warm sunny days in summer. Even in these 3-4 months, you can make good money on additional services and the comfort of vacationers.

The first steps are to register as a private entrepreneur and choose the appropriate taxation system.

Depending on the amount of capital investment, the business on the beach is divided into two groups:

  • with minimal costs - this is the sale of food, drinks, souvenirs, the press, services in the field of beauty services;
  • with maximum costs is the rental of beach equipment , installation of lockers and vending machines, arrangement of attractions, opening of cafes and bars.

The following are the types of beach business for aspiring entrepreneurs, the initial investment and the expected profit.

Selling food and soft drinks

We earn money on beach lockers

Although the idea of ​​installing luggage storage on the beaches is not new, but in the case of Russia it is very relevant. Vacationers need to leave documents, money, things, telephones nearby, and there are very few such places. Market employment in this service sector is on average no more than 40%.

Project - lockers on the beach

It is necessary to install sections of storage rooms near the pebble beach area and water attractions. As for the lease of the installation site, different situations are possible here:

  • free rent - 30% of beaches;
  • minimum rent, in the amount of 5.1-15.3 thousand rubles per season - 40% of beaches; <
  • expensive option - 30%.

Summer is a wonderful time: there is practically no snow; clothes - minimum; desires and opportunities, on the contrary, the maximum. We are going to the forest, to the dacha, resort or just a local beach - to relax and spend warm days with pleasure. The shish kebab was undercooked because it was too lazy to wave; the kebab is burnt because you waved too often; the hookah is bitter - the coal is bad, and not because ... what!?; warm shawarma instead of cold ice cream; mosquitoes, honestly, the size of an elephant, and they still buzz; the first harvest of radishes from the garden, directly unwashed; and night air, stirring up desires and imaginations. And this is only for the first summer day. What to do in the rest? Relax, closer to the water! After all, the person himself, in truth, is 70% of the water, able to move.

Many plans are related to this time of year. Some areas of business, with a bright seasonal character, become more active in the summer. When, if not in summer, you can make money on everything that can be at least a bit associated with summer? Earnings everywhere! It is easily located on a meter of the coastal strip near a more or less good reservoir or river. But, for this, in order to avoid friction with local authorities, everything must be done according to the law - to rent this beach.

The laws of the Russian Federation guarantee the citizens of the country unhindered access to any natural flowing water body. The coastal strip, 20 meters wide, is also included in this access, with the exception of the coastal strip of canals, rivers and streams, the length of which from source to mouth is not more than ten kilometers. On this territory, no fences, fences, obstacles and paid access to the water are impossible - this is federal law!

Other legal activities, including paid services are allowed. It is worth knowing that all water resources have an owner. Most of the objects are in municipal or federal ownership. Ownership is regulated on the basis of Article 8 of the Water Code of the Russian Federation No. 74-FZ.

  • All water bodies are owned by the Russian Federation (federal property), with the exception of a number of cases.
  • A pond, a watered quarry located within the boundaries of a land plot owned by a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, a municipality, an individual, a legal entity, are respectively owned by a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, a municipal formation, an individual, a legal entity unless otherwise provided by federal laws.

That is, a beach near a pond or a quarry may belong to any owner - the owner of the land plot itself, where the reservoir is located. The rest of the beaches (sea, river, lake) are in federal ownership.

In the first case, you can buy or rent a plot with a pond and organize a full-fledged recreation area. This is where you can put up a fence, charge a fee for access to the water, and, in general, behave like a real owner. If there is no pond, you can create it on your own piece of land.

Russian land is rich in such water bodies, and most can be rented or bought. True, these are serious capital expenditures. And, for example, in the wilderness, where there is one person per square kilometer, such an acquisition is not advisable. But in the vicinity of cities, such a reservoir can become a source of good profit. And the profit will be made on the fishing enthusiasts. Of all capital investments: land lease, organization of access roads and construction of certain structures. More details can be found in the business idea: Rent a pond for paid fishing.

Ponds and flooded quarries with equipped beaches, located within the city limits, tell us that the business on them is successful, and this is the business of the owner of the land plot. Of course, he can lease the beach and rent, if, for example, he does not want to do it. But, the size of the lease will depend only on his wishes. And everything, again, according to the law.

In other cases, everyone does the following. If you want to take a section of the city beach, then you need to contact the executive committee of the area of ​​the city where the beach is located. If rent is possible, then local governments are obliged to arrange a tender and play out the right to rent between everyone. Officials in the tender documentation will set requirements and rules for the design of this beach. Bidders, in addition to the proposed price, must submit their own project of this beach, which meets the requirements of the municipal authorities.

The warm season comes, people pack their bags, buy vouchers, go to the sea to take a break from the bustle of the city, sunbathe, buy souvenirs, and collect warm memories. The beach business is profitable in the summer.

Ninety days of competent distribution of income and investments will provide a person for a whole year. On average, 2021 people visit the beach. If every tenth person is attracted by the idea of ​​a service, you can make good money. This opinion is followed by the inhabitants of the coastal zone.

What business to start, how to make money?

Beach earnings are divided into three categories:

• No attachments. Easy ways that anyone who wants to work on the beach can do.

• Average investment. It will take an investment of time.

• Large investments. Money is invested in earnings, in which case it is more likely that the costs will pay off 3-5 times.

Cost effective methods

1. Selling food to vacationers has been a popular method for the past 5 years. Favorite delicacies: hot corn, raspberries, blackberries, fish, soda, alcoholic drinks. They buy food, sell it for a small price. The amount sold pays for the expenses.

They take their own food - not many, but in the villages there is a vegetable garden where they grow corn; fish are caught, berries are harvested, sweets and snacks are prepared at home. In the second case, it is a waste of time.

The minus of earnings is the heaviness of the bags. Not everyone can walk on the beach under the scorching sun for more than 5 hours.

But the ability to sell using psychological techniques (in 2021 there are materials that describe sales techniques) will greatly help in this matter. At the same time, the method helps to go in for sports, get in shape, walking on the beach every day.

It is estimated that thirteen million people will go to the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory this year. The same amount of rest abroad. This means that one hundred million Russians will spend the summer at home. Good or bad is another question. The main thing is that they are all potential participants in a beach holiday on local rivers and lakes.

"If five or ten years ago, citizens did not pay attention to the discomfort on the beaches, they say, there would be a river, now people come in expensive cars and want a civilized rest in any provincial town," sums up Artur Kalashnikov , a beach vacation expert.

A beach with a good organization can become a popular place among citizens. “I remember Soviet times,” writes Maria Ivanovna Krivchenko. - It was in Grozny. What a beautiful beach on the pond in the Stalin district (now Zavodskoy) was. In summer, this pond was attended by townspeople from all over Grozny to have plenty of rest and swim. The beaches were equipped, with changing rooms, buffets, the shore was equipped with a comfortable wooden sidewalk, with wooden ladders descending into the water. People spent all day there. "

Of course, in order to attract people to the beach, you need to equip it with high quality. Of course, this will require significant funds, with no guarantees of return. However, as the experience of some businessmen shows, the risks are justified a hundredfold. Even free admission provides high indirect income. We will tell you how to extract it below.

First step

It is. In principle, the idea of ​​a beach business does not require particularly complex solutions for its implementation. Here is what a member of the forum Bugalter writes: “I am 20 years old, today we talked with a friend about what kind of business to do, because in three years we will graduate from the university, but what next? There is no particular desire to go to work for a “stranger's uncle”. I would like to have my own business by that time, and not depend on my parents. So, in the course of the conversation, one IDEA was born: there is a beach in the city, but no one has been going there for ten years, since it is neglected (dirty water in the lake, garbage in the sand). We thought it would be nice to bring sand there, clean the lake and trim the bottom, open a summer cafe, a barbecue, bring sun beds, hire lifeguards. Then periodically clean the lake, hang signs everywhere about the fine for garbage. Naturally, the entrance is paid. In the future, bring catamarans, jet skis. "

Admission is free, the rest is for money

When arranging the beach, you must be guided by the formula "admission is free, everything else is for money." Entrepreneur Vasily Karpov from the Tambov Region explained this approach to the high cost of preparing a recreation area for the swimming season. According to him, he paid three hundred thousand rubles for the rent of fifty acres of land allocated for the beach, at the rate of six thousand per hundred square meters. I delivered sand for the same amount. Diving work to clean the bottom cost another two hundred thousand rubles. “I got the income from subletting part of the beach,” he said, “the biggest income I got from parking cars. Three cafes, paid sun loungers under a canopy, water attractions, a shooting gallery, a small children's park - they brought me about two million rubles. And yet it didn’t do without indirect costs. The profitability was forty percent. True, the summer was hot. "

In addition to the standard rules for arranging beaches, original ideas can also be implemented. “At the cafe, we organized a luggage room: drawers with combination locks,” said Kristina Kagolnitskaya. "Theft immediately disappeared on the beach." Forum member BOEZ1991 reported about another original idea: “They had Wi-Fi at a cafe on the beach for a dollar per hour. There were no vacancies. " Cafes on the water are also quite popular: this is how the song “float restaurant” comes to mind.

Summer has not been canceled

Entrepreneurs who have already worked in this field advise to divide the beach area into three zones: children's, family, youth. The children's area must be fenced off and placed in the shade of trees, so that the smallest visitors do not have sun and heat strokes. For swimming, it is best to use collapsible pools with tap water heated in the sun.

“This is a paid area. An hour is one hundred rubles, - explains the forum member Gorny_orel. - Parents sit in the shade and watch the children splash. The sand is cleaner there, there are no cigarette butts and bottles. " The youth area houses beach soccer and volleyball courts. There are also barbecues. In the family area, it is a good idea to place small sheds with sun loungers for three to four people. Of course, paid.

The open waterfront business is seasonal and will only generate income during the summer period. For the rest of the year, entrepreneurs prepare so that they don't miss their own at the moment of the season. Preliminary preparation will help you better prepare and purchase the necessary equipment, if any. In this article, we will talk about the best business to open on the waterfront.

Where to start?

At the start of opening a beach business, you need to decide on the type of activity that you will carry out on the beach. You types of such a business boil down to two ramifications: a business that requires significant cash costs and a business without large cash investments.

In the first case, the money will be spent on the purchase of expensive equipment, attractions, furniture, etc. In general, if you plan to spend every holiday season on the beach, then over time all the costs that were required to start a business will be covered. Practice shows that some experienced entrepreneurs can get a profit that pays for all the money spent after the season is over.

The second case is characterized by freedom of action that does not require large investments. For almost any kind of activity, thousands of dollars will be enough for you. Any novice entrepreneur can find this amount. Moreover, such a business does not require mandatory registration. However, if you want to go through this procedure, then registration as an individual entrepreneur is enough for you.

TOP popular beach business ideas

The main areas of the beach business are reduced to five thematic areas. The benefits of these ideas are the ROI that can occur at the end of the first season.

Provision of services that increase the comfort of vacationers

It is no longer fashionable to just relax with a towel. And most of the beaches are packed with amenities. This idea implies the rental of various beach components. An entrepreneur can buy and rent:

  • Chaise longue ;
  • Umbrellas ;
  • Bio toilets;
  • Showers;
  • Dressing cabins.

People are willing to pay for comfort. Therefore, if you set reasonable prices, your daily revenue can be very good. And the money spent on the purchase of these goods can pay off already in the first season.

Creation of amusement zones

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