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Today we will tell you in detail how to make money on YouTube with copyright videos. Below we provide a complete guide to creating and monetizing your channel and tips on how to make your content very popular.

From the article you will learn

We also give examples of successful video bloggers and approximate information about their income.

How to make your own YouTube channel for free

Creating a media channel on YouTube is a free procedure, both in Russia and in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. The only condition is that you must have a google account. If you don't have google mail, register here - accounts. oogle. om / SignUp.

Then you can register on YouTube and create a channel. You are automatically logged into Youtube. And when you try to upload any video, the service will offer you to create your own video portal. An alternative option is to use the youtube link. om / channel_switcher.

By default, an account is created under your name. To turn it into a resource for a specific brand with your own name, select "create channel" and enter the brand name. So you create a kind of account for your project, that is, the founder's contact information is not displayed anywhere without his consent.

If a whole team is working on the creation of an information product, YouTube allows you to grant administrator or manager rights to other people for the convenience of working on a video blog. Log in, go to the "Account settings" tab, then "Add or remove administrator" and "Access settings".

Here you should enter the e-mail of the future administrator and click "Invite". In this case, the administrator does not need to transfer the password from the account.

How to properly design a YouTube channel

A relatively young, but very interesting and promising type of business - the creation of videos. This area does not provide for serious financial investments, requiring only relevant knowledge and skills.

Videos: Business Basics

The video business is promising because of several important features:


The process of creating a video involves a certain sequence of operations.

The first stage is the preparation of technical specifications. To make this process as successful as possible, the target audience and the main idea of ​​the future product are preliminarily determined. Taking into account these data, a scenario is drawn up, as a rule, in several versions, based on the results of consideration of which the most suitable one is selected. Next comes the storyboard, or explication, which shows what the result should be in the end and makes it possible to change or fix something. After that, the estimate of the future project is calculated and the video is directly shot. The final stage of work on any video is its processing and editing, during which a finished product is created, which the client ordered.

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For many orders, all work can be carried out directly at the computer, based on the materials already provided, and for beginners this option will be the most preferable and profitable.

Depending on the trends in the market and the preferences of the entrepreneur himself, it is possible to determine the specifics of future activities of advertising videos, as well as presentation, corporate mini-films, educational films, video instructions and other types of video production. Traditionally, commercials are recognized as the most profitable and highly paid type of video material. But their creation requires not only the skills of shooting, editing and other technical processes, but also certain knowledge in the field of advertising business. If the founder of the company and employees of the company do not have the relevant experience, you can attend special courses that teach the basics of the advertising business and competently create an effective advertising product. For especially busy entrepreneurs, online courses are offered, which can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

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Videos: business plan, financial calculations

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Four in the morning. The roads are empty. not quite, of course, Moscow never sleeps, but still there are fewer cars at this time.

The man looked around the entrance to the subway, the terminal station on the line. Then he got behind the wheel of an Evo IX parked next to the entrance. I started the engine, warmed up, took out a stopwatch and pressed the button. He immediately threw the stopwatch onto the right seat and, with the same movement, put his hand on the gear lever. Sharply cut the first and drown. The car perceptibly sat down on its rear wheels and pulled away with a squeal.

Nice night, cool, engine lighter. And dry.

Up to 80 in second gear, up to 120 in third gear. Faster!

The car was rapidly flying towards the region along the highway. The rooms are smeared with mud, the cameras will not record. The outfit will arrive too late, if at all.

Faster! The wheels screech at the junction. The body drags to the left, rest against the support of the seat. 150. Little!

And where are you from, it's night. Where are you going? Fast tags, enough space. Even faster!

Turn! Fitted in, though I had to change the lane and hook a little to the side of the road. At the exit from the turn - gas!

Drive with a high beam some behu, vomiting in the left at 160. More gas!

180. 200. a little! 220! The road is straight, there is an opportunity.

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