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Yoga is a set of practices that are aimed at the physical and mental development of the human body and achieving balance of body and mind. Yoga is not a religion, but rather a philosophy of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise and concentration of attention allows you to keep your body in good shape and cope with stress, which is very important for residents of megacities, with their high rhythm of life.

Yoga classes have become a common thing for many, and training programs that help beginners figure out everything are constantly appearing and everyone has their clients. In this article, we will talk about how to open a yoga studio in your city. We will go through the main stages of launching this business and indicate the "pitfalls" that may await you along the way.

Preliminary preparation

Opening a yoga center without understanding this issue is not a big idea. It will be optimal if you yourself are fond of yoga, understand its history, take master classes and already have experience in conducting training lessons for beginners. By becoming a professional in this industry, you will be able to secure your business, and remove complete dependence on hired personnel, and instructors can easily leave and leave you in a situation where there are clients, and there is no one to conduct classes.

The service market is mainly represented by several formats of yoga schools.

1. Hatha yoga. This is the most popular yoga area in the world. Its main task is to help a person achieve balance between the energies of Yin and Yang, as well as to ensure good physical development of the body. The complex of this practice includes: relaxation practices, physical and breathing exercises and a system of proper nutrition.

2. Raji yoga. These are sessions to provide mind control. Includes a set of meditation sessions.

3. Prana yoga. The goal is to control the vital energy Chi. Breathing exercises are used.

4. Ashtanga yoga. A set of activities, which includes complexes of asanas (poses), breathing practices and exercises for concentration.

5. Iyengar yoga. The goal is to get the ideal physical shape for your body. The classes include a complex of asanas using supports.

These are the main areas of yoga schools that make sense to consider for doing business. All of them are tested in the market, but the demand for each of the directions will be different, so do research, evaluate the competition and decide in which direction of yoga you will develop.

Now let's get down to the first steps of starting a yoga studio business.


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Every year life becomes richer. If some 20 years ago there was enough time to make money, relax in front of the TV, and even do some Hobi, then today even someone who does not work anywhere does not have enough time. Why? The main reason is global computerization. At the computer, and even more so on the Internet, time passes unnoticed. So it turns out that the years pass, but there are no life impressions. At the same time, parents can tirelessly tell stories from their lives. This fact is the cause of many depressive states, and often suicides. There is only one way out. Try to keep up with everything, at the same time, do not drive yourself into the framework of a rigid internal routine. One way is to do yoga.

Today, yoga is still a hobby. Unlike gymnastics, fitness and other wellness sports disciplines, this ancient Indian philosophy has not yet become a mainstream industry. Yoga as a business idea, if properly implemented, can bring a good income. But. This medal has another side - lack of competition and low popularity can create difficulties with clients at the first stage after opening. Therefore, in this business, advertising comes out on top.

Attracting visitors

The main problem of most sections is that visitors, the main or only source of income, are in no hurry to visit a newly opened establishment, and for a novice entrepreneur, on the contrary, the first months require maximum investment. How to open a yoga studio and ensure a steady flow of visitors from the first days?

In principle, yoga is focused on gaining spiritual balance, but in advertising this is just not worth focusing on. Modern society is pretty pragmatic and won't pay for something ephemeral. But if you provide yoga as an opportunity to please the person of the opposite sex, to become flexible, to acquire a certain charisma, so that it would be easier to convince people, to do everything without putting a lot of effort into it, etc. And no grueling workouts! Everything is extremely simple and very easy!

You will say that this is not entirely true and that such advertising is misinformation of the population, but this is a business and you need to earn as much as possible in order to “close all holes” as soon as possible. And there are a lot of them after opening. In the first six months, you should not recruit fanatical instructors who will shrug and scold negligent students. On the contrary, you need to praise and smile more. And be critical only if the client wants it, because he pays? But what about those who really want to make a lot of effort to master the technique of hatha, raja or other yoga? The instructor should be able to identify talented and create a separate group of them.

And suddenly ... In a few months, even the most negligent's life will change. What does yoga have to do with it? A person subconsciously makes himself a psychological setting that after doing yoga in your center or studio, life will change for the better. They could have done it on their own, but they went to you, paying for the lessons! Further, like an avalanche, Delighted stories will attract 3-5 more people who will pay for classes. And on what basis to make claims against you, if people's life has improved!

There are the following ways to start a business

How is the center different from the studio? From a legal point of view, instructors are trained in the studio, and only classes are held in the center. In fact, the studio looks more prestigious than the center. In practice, some centers look much more fashionable than some studios. A striking example is the "beauty studio", which in fact provides the same services as a beauty salon, and sometimes a hairdresser. In order to decide what is better to open a center or studio, you need to ask your local municipal authorities. What if you train instructors and you have to pay a fine for not being registered as a LEU!

Requirements for the premises and design of the classroom

  • 1 Popular types of yoga
  • 2 How to start opening a yoga studio
  • 3 What equipment to choose for a yoga studio
  • 4 Service personnel is one of the most important tasks
  • 5 How much you can earn
  • 6 How much money is needed to start a business
  • 7 Which OKVED should be specified for opening a yoga studio
  • 8 What documents are needed to open a yoga studio
  • 9 Which taxation system to choose
  • 10 Do I need permission to open
  • 11 Yoga studio management technology
  • 12 For a newcomer in the business of starting a yoga studio

In recent years, yoga as a sport has become more and more popular, but such an exotic technique is perceived so far only in large cities.

It is there that there are excellent chances to embody the business idea of ​​opening a yoga studio and make it your own business.

As a rule, yoga studios open trainers who themselves practice this very technique.

It is possible that hired trainers also work in their staff who conduct lessons in other types of yoga.

This kind of cooperation will only benefit the studio, because it will be able to provide lessons of varying complexity and practice.

It will be more difficult for businessmen who have nothing to do with yoga to open a studio:

  • Firstly, the trainers will have to pay from the first day of opening, in contrast to the case when a businessman is a trainer himself;
  • Secondly, a businessman must understand what he needs to open a studio, how it should function and work;
  • Thirdly, an experienced coach who owns the studio probably knows how to attract people to his center, unlike a person who indirectly belongs to this field of activity.

Popular types of yoga

It is for such enterprising people that it is necessary to explain what yoga is and that it has a lot of directions, types and techniques.

Some of the most widely known techniques are:

  • Hatha yoga. This type of yoga is the most popular, as it is the basic foundation of all other techniques. It includes breathing exercises, exercise and meditation. All this allows clients to achieve harmony of soul and body. Together with this technique, a special diet is recommended, which will help to achieve balance;
  • Raja Yoga. This type of yoga is designed to meditate and gain control over your mind. This practice is very much in demand, especially in megacities, where life is hectic and it becomes difficult for business people to cope with the flow of thoughts, problems and their solutions;
  • Antigravity yoga. This type of yoga has appeared quite recently, but it already has many fans. The fact is that this implies the performance of physical exercises in weightlessness, as if floating in the air. To do this, use special hammocks that are attached to the ceiling.

After leaving X5 Retail Group, financier Elena Milinova decided to create her own business. Elena's husband, a qigong teacher, needed a place to teach followers how to gain health and longevity, so the entrepreneur decided to open a yoga studio and got her first business experience from her own mistakes. It turned out that not only amateurs can teach the system of Indian practices: instructors also want to get better. Less than a year later, the studio "DYSHI" managed to grow to a turnover of 1.5 million. Entrepreneurs told Inc. why teach potential competitors to make money and how to build a business in six months that does not need a manager.

Having worked for 10 years as a financial director - first at Kamaz, and then at X5 Retail Group, Elena Milinova decided to radically change her life and start her own business. “Any business should not have a goal to make money - I have already done that. I needed a place where I would like to grow old, ”she says. The idea to open a yoga studio was born thanks to Elena's husband: Vladimir Sidorov is a professional qigong teacher with 30 years of experience, a multiple champion of Russia and Europe in tuishou and taolu (Chinese wushu exercises - Inc.). Elena decided that her husband needed a place where he could teach people how to become healthy. At first, the businesswoman intended to focus only on teaching qigong. But Muscovites love Chinese gymnastics less than yoga: they look for it in Yandex ten times less often.

Elena's brother, Artem Khabeev, has taken on helping Elena start a business (before the studio opened, Artem made sportswear under the KAMAZ sport brand). In the spring of 2021, they began to look for premises and teachers for the studio. The founders decided that the hall must be in the center of Moscow. We proceeded from the fact that approximately 2% of the population are engaged in yoga, which means that in order for a business to live, at least 50 thousand people must live within a radius of two kilometers from the studio.

Elena immediately decided that it would not work to build a business on only one yoga style: it is difficult for clients to develop an interest in a particular style from scratch - simply because people are hard to perceive new things.

It's easier to lure into your teacher. “If someone thinks that he will promote his hobby and make a business on it, then he is mistaken, because, perhaps, they will go, but the conversion (in the purchase of a subscription - Inc.) is too small,” explains Milinova.

The entrepreneurs have found a suitable place in a residential complex between Mayakovskaya and Novoslobodskaya metro stations. Basement 350 sq. m was removed for 250 thousand rubles a month. At first, the creators of the studio thought that the premises were too large (they were looking for 250 sq. M.), But now they are going to expand it at the expense of neighboring areas.

Economics of the studio "DYSHI" start

thous. rubles - rent (per month).

RUB million out of RUB 15 million in start-up capital - just for repairs.

million rubles were postponed "for the first time."

Glass partitions, which they decided to use to divide the empty basement, were ordered for 500 thousand rubles. But the manufacturer pretty much ruined the nerves of the entrepreneurs: he broke the delivery time, disappeared, did not get in touch and showed up with an order when Artem and Elena began to prepare for the trial.

In the Success Stories section, we introduce you to the heroines who have achieved success in business. We will tell you how the girls came to open their own business and how they developed it.

Marital status: not married

Business: Yogaspace - yoga studio and eco-shop

- Turnover per month: 2,300,000 rubles

- Number of employees: 30 teachers,

6 administrators, 1 manager, 1 cleaning

Love for Yoga

Opening a yoga studio was rather a spontaneous, unweighted decision. I worked for a large financial company and spent a lot of time sitting at my desk. I faced a problem often faced by those who lead a sedentary office lifestyle - back pain and a generally low level of energy and vitality. It was necessary to introduce sports into my life, to strengthen my back muscles. Gyms have never attracted me, but yoga was interested, since it contains not only physics, but also the side of knowing oneself. So almost 15 years ago I got into a yoga studio.

In one of my first classes, we had a man in his 70s who was free to use his body. He absolutely did not look like a 70-year-old grandfather, one could say about him - a strong, healthy man. And the realization came to me that I knew nothing about myself as a body, as a certain instrument.

I can't say, as many people say, that it was love at first sight. No, I didn't have any epic impressions, my interest grew gradually with the development in practice. At first I went to classes once a week, then twice, then even more often. And the more I did, the more I wanted to. I was not too lazy to spend an hour on the way to the yoga studio and an hour late at night on the way home. The charge of energy and strength that I received fully paid off the time spent. And even if I hardly dragged myself to classes, then after that I always felt like a reborn person and thanked for the fact that I had the willpower and discipline to get there.

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