Autumn business ideas

Autumn is the time to start your own business. Vgenia Yurkina, author of the openbusiness portal. u, has prepared 12 profitable fall ideas: for any budget and with a detailed launch guide. Of these, "DV" chose only three. Meet!

Idea: Sauna on wheels

Investments: from 600 thousand rubles.

A camper van converted to a simple dry or wet steam bath for several people may be in great demand in autumn. How it works: a van drives into the courtyard of the sleeping area for a week or two and, with the help of a megaphone and printed advertising, attracts residents to visit a mobile bath.

The temporary action factor and the convenience of visiting such an establishment near your home will spur the excitement. The rainier autumn and closer to winter, the more profitable such a business. However, in winter, the maintenance of a mobile bath becomes more complicated, therefore, during frosts, it is possible to turn a bath on wheels into a stationary point.

How to open your bathhouse on wheels

Design. This is the most important stage in the implementation of the idea. Usually a mobile steam room consists of two rooms - a steam room and a dressing room.

When creating a bath project, take into account: the weight of the structure, the load on the wheels and the centers of gravity, the required power of the boiler or furnace. The project can be ordered from professionals who will help you take into account all the nuances. If you don't want to waste time and effort developing a mobile bath from scratch, you can buy ready-made equipment. Its cost will be 300-600 thousand rubles. depending on the condition, size and other parameters.

Car selection. Experienced entrepreneurs for a bath on wheels advise using such cars as GAZ 66, GAZ 3308, ZIL 131. These cars are easiest to convert into a bath on wheels. Their capacity allows you to serve a group of 4-6 people at the same time. The mobile bath itself turns out to be relatively cheap and very comfortable.

But there are various options for the basis of a mobile bath: trailer, bus, platform frame on wheels. You can find many ideas for your project on the Internet.

Construction and equipment

The bath is being built in several stages:

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However, this is the inner kitchen of hobiz. u. Returning to the TOP business ideas for October published on hobiz. u in different years .. Here it is, right from under the paws of the raccoon!

As you can see from the list, the diversity of interests in the past has been amazing. From some high technologies - cryptocurrencies and YouTube - to ordinary ones - wood processing and turning works. That is, in essence, the presentation covers most of the interests of the adult population. And this is no longer a joke.

2021 will be remembered for a small but still upsurge in many areas of human life. Business began to breathe again, if not deeply, then at a constant frequency. New opportunities and factors have emerged, such as the self-employed, opening up new horizons for earning money and home business. And all this last year! What did October 2021 bring?

A typical 2021. Blighted by the coronavirus pandemic. This also affects the TOP 10 business ideas. Most of them, who may have noticed, relate to remote earnings, realized from home. What is there to do? These are the trends!

A seasonal business is great for selling certain items quickly. The scheme is as simple as possible (from the point of view of theory, in practice there are some nuances) you buy a product and sell it at a premium.

The only thing that is very important is the product itself. In the fall, there are categories and products that sell especially well. If anything, the article "12 profitable ideas for autumn business" was recently published.

Smart Backpacks

Autumn is a great time to implement various stationery, uniforms, textbooks and, of course, backpacks. But we live in the age of technology and ordinary backpacks are sold by everyone. But the technological ones, containing:

  • GPS trackers,
  • LED screens,
  • cameras,
  • speakers,
  • and other chips.

For simple "advanced" backpacks, the average wholesale price is 3,000 rubles, and you can sell them with a double mark-up. As for more complex models with animation and other things, these are purchased for several tens of thousands of rubles.

Naturally, to implement expensive backpacks, you will have to invest a little more in advertising and, possibly, in creating a landing page and landing page.


Naturally, we are talking about demi-season and winter clothes. Still, it's cold outside, and soon the temperature will drop even lower. Most popular product:

  • coat ,
  • fur coats ,
  • autumn jackets,
  • down jackets,
  • sheepskin coats.

It should be noted right away that the competition in this segment is huge. So if you have no idea how to excel, you won't earn much. Alternatively, you can concentrate in one category, for example, children's warm clothes and develop in this direction.


One of the most popular and working cases is small retail outlets in shopping centers. What accessories to sell in the fall?

Why is it bad - its greatest flowering will come only at the beginning of autumn - a very short-term period. The rest of the period is just a waste of time.

So, how do you make money in the fall?

Making money selling school supplies

This will significantly increase the level of sales, as pencils, notebooks, pens, eraser and proofreaders are always needed. Many begin to prepare in advance, so it is advisable to open a point in August. At the same time, parents and children will be sure that they will be able to purchase everything they need for the school not far from it.

Opening student laundries

The first thing you need to do is buy at least one washing machine and one ironing board. This is where advertising spreads quickly. It is enough to complete a couple of orders at an affordable price, and you will have regular customers not only for the autumn period of time, but also for the next year. True, this will not provide you with a high income, but it will be nice to supplement your main income.

We earn from harvesting

Autumn is harvest time. On this way of making money in the autumn period, you can advance well and expand your enterprise. Suppose you live outside the city and you have a large plot, or there are plots free from sowing on this plot.

What could be easier than planting empty squares, for example, with potatoes, harvesting in the fall, and then selling them in bulk to buyers in the city at a higher price than the initial investment. Over time, you will be able to buy more land and expand production, and therefore income.

Making money selling fireworks and firecrackers

This type of business is great for fall. After all, autumn is the time for holidays, weddings and anniversaries. And any holiday in our country is not complete without the use of fireworks. Your business can last until the New Year when the demand for firecrackers and fireworks grows. Consumers need to find out about your outlet, then you will make big profits during the December holidays.

We earn on berries, mushrooms

Many aspiring entrepreneurs believe that seasonal business is not good and should not be done, so they choose something more “stable” and “profitable”. In reality, seasonal business ideas can be very profitable.

For example, fireworks vendors only really work for a couple of months a year. In November-December, they are seriously preparing, and for the second half of December and the beginning of January they receive about 80-90% of the annual profit.

Why is seasonal business really profitable?

Firstly, at this time, certain products are simply very popular and in demand. Any promotional company will show exceptional efficiency.

Secondly, you can set the craziest markups on the product that other sellers will only dream of. Thanks to this, investments, with the right planning, preparation and organization, can be returned in the first season.

I won't be completely honest if I don't tell you about the downside of seasonal business. There are also certain dangers due to which you can lose everything.

Seasonal Business Risks

In general, there are 5 main "negative" points, namely:

Difficult to predict

There are several types of seasonal business and some of them depend on factors that we cannot control. For example, it will be very difficult to sell umbrellas and rubber boots in the fall if there is no heavy rain.

It is very difficult to sell a lot of kvass in a rainy and cold summer. But, today there are long-term weather forecasts, which, although far from 100% accuracy, will give a general idea of ​​the weather in the season.

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