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We are full of ideas, and very often they come to mind. You must clearly understand what you want in this life, then set a goal and confidently go towards it. At the same time, it is very important to do what you love. It is at such moments that ideas come suddenly. It has always been and will be so.

A business that has nothing but money is bad business.

“The owner of a car is happy twice - the moment he bought it and the moment he sold it!”

Automotive business from scratch

Jordan Belfort

Auto business is both an interesting and profitable activity, but one of the most difficult.

This area includes many niches, each of which is already tightly occupied by competitors, who, however, in times of crisis, either try to stay afloat or sell a ready-made business and a newcomer has the opportunity to acquire it relatively cheaply.

To start your transport business from scratch, you do not need to be a car owner or a car enthusiast - you just need to have deep knowledge in this area. Who owns the information - he owns the world, so you should be confident in your abilities at the start. Trade in information, your own skills and abilities - this also applies to the field of auto business.

There are a number of areas in the automotive business:

  • Provision of services. Car service sphere: rental, washing, sale of various additional gadgets and spare parts, transportation, tourist trips.
  • Trade in vehicles and accessories;
  • Creative ideas;
  • Places on wheels.

Experts note that this sphere of activity is one of the most stable today. Technological progress does not stand still. and new items in eco style, such as segways and unique bicycles, can find their customers even in Russia. Today, most car owners with an average level of income seek to save money on repair and maintenance of equipment.

What is auto business?

Unlike the auto business, the motorcycle market is currently on the rise, and therefore, if there is a desire to develop in this direction and financial opportunities, the sale of motorcycles will become an excellent niche for business.

The official statistics of new car sales in Russia for the past 2021, recently released by the Association of European Businesses (AEB), does not inspire optimism. The general trend for most manufacturers is a drop in demand and, as a result, a decrease in sales. On average, by the end of the year, the market sank by 2%, however, losses of a number of car brands are even higher. For example, sales of Honda fell by 64% compared to the eighteenth year, Ford, which left Russia, missed 43%, the majority of "Chinese" are doing badly ...

But in the motorcycle segment against this background, the situation is much more rosy. The results of the year will be known a little later, but the data of the Avtostat agency for the results of the three quarters of 2021 indicate that the motorcycle market is experiencing a real boom - plus 38.7 percent! The top ten motorcycle brands that sold well in Russia include relatively expensive BMWs and Chinese brands such as Racer, Motoland and Kayo.

In this regard, for entrepreneurs who have decided to open their own business selling equipment, the sale of motorcycles may be even more promising than the more common format of car dealerships. In today's article, we propose to consider in more detail the nuances of selling motorcycles.

Which business format to choose

First, you need to decide on the segment of motor vehicles in which you will work.

Official dealer. Some salons work as official dealers of well-known brands. Despite a number of certain advantages (exclusive rights in the region, personnel training, support with the supply of spare parts for service), this format also has a certain disadvantage - an impressive threshold for entering the business. Manufacturers, as a rule, strictly regulate the size and design of the premises for the motorcycle dealership, the availability of the necessary stocks of products in the warehouse and the standards of the sales and service departments.

Sale of used motor vehicles is another area of ​​the "two-wheeled" business that can be developed. The demand for used copies is comparable to the hype for new bikes, while requiring much less start-up costs. Many start out with a trivial outdoor area and a simple hangar, eventually developing into an impressive business with good sales volumes.

Custom atelier. Custom studios stand apart in the sale of motorcycles - these guys do not sell equipment in large quantities, but rather specialize in the implementation of exclusive projects. This business format is more close to tuning, although motorcycles are not always made for a specific client. In recent years, the development of custom sales has been driven by the growing interest of potential buyers in types of motorcycles such as cafe racers and scramblers. These are "iron horses", stylized as retro, which are made on the basis of popular classic models.

Today we will look at a business development model for the sale of motorcycles using the example of dealership of an inexpensive Chinese brand and the sale of used equipment.

Starting a Business

To open your own motorcycle salon, you must register an LLC with the following code according to the OKVED classifier:

45. 0. Trade in motorcycles, their parts, assemblies and accessories; maintenance and repair of motorcycles.

The current state of the car market in Russia inevitably tends to the common European indicators. Over the previous year, according to statistics, over 1.4 million passenger cars were sold in Russia. Among all European countries, Russia occupies the fifth position (among the first: Germany, Great Britain, France and Italy).

However, at the same time, the Russian car market is characterized by the following features: the indicator of the number of passenger cars per thousand people of the adult population is about 40% less than in Western Europe - this figure is 350 cars per 1000 people; the passenger car fleet is represented by vehicles with an average age of about 12 years - the age of domestic cars is on average 16 years, and foreign cars - less than 10 years; the main market segment is occupied by cars of domestic production and foreign models made in Russia.

The rise in prices for passenger cars over the previous 3 years was about 40%, respectively, there was a drop in sales. However, analysts predict that the market will recover in the near future due to the stabilization of the ruble exchange rate, changes in oil prices and effective government support measures. Based on these indicators, it follows that the automotive market in Russia is actively developing, and its development requires the creation of a developed network of services.

Sample car service business plan

It is almost impossible to create an absolutely correct version of a business plan for opening a car service and service station. The fact is that the cost of service varies in different regions of Russia. In some regions, residents have a high standard of living, which undoubtedly entails high costs for service personnel. Also, in different parts of the same territory, the rental price differs. Accordingly, the profitability from one object may be different.

An approximate average option for opening a car service will have the following requirements:

Territory and building for car service

The priority is a modular building. It is notable for its low cost and ease of construction. The complex is a combination of three modules: car wash, service station, administrative premises. The area is 250 sq. ... The approximate cost of construction will be about 5 thousand rubles per sq. ...

Car service equipment

For car washes: devices for cold and hot washing, cleaning systems, compressor, small utility equipment. The approximate cost is about 200 thousand rubles. It will vary from the quality and brand of the purchased equipment, production capacity and the breadth of service.

For service stations: oil change equipment (available on lease), diagnostic stand (180 thousand rubles), lift (400 thousand rubles), tire fitting equipment (120 thousand rubles) and much more, depending on car service specialization.

All indicated prices are approximate, since the equipment may cost a different amount depending on exchange rates, the breadth or narrowness of the specialization of the car service and a number of other parameters will have a huge impact. Also, do not forget about the costs of service personnel, utilities (electricity, sewerage, water supply), advertising and promotion, seasonality, etc.

Estimated profit

Despite the fact that this article of the "Director-info" magazine is more than 15 years old, the recommendations in general have not lost their relevance.

The approximate payback period for a solid official auto center for Moscow is about 3.5-4 years from the date of the start of operations - starting investments from $ 5 million.

The market of imported cars in Russia is still growing due to the “transplant” of motorists from the products of the Russian car industry or foreign second-hand to new cars from world manufacturers. As long as this trend continues, the competition will be won by the one who can organize uninterrupted supplies, provide the required assortment in the model range and avoid overstocking of warehouses with low-end packages.

The competition is especially strong at the turn of the model year, when each supplier strives to make their offer as attractive as possible for the buyer through discounts, gifts, etc. This is when the distributor needs a significant margin of safety.

The foreign car market is gradually acquiring all the features of its European counterparts. But even today an investor who decides to enter this business can count on a visible increase in his capital. This is confirmed by the close attention to the domestic market of almost all global manufacturers, and the constantly growing demand for foreign cars from consumers.

Currently, many automotive companies consider the Russian market a priority. Choosing a strategy for its conquest, some build assembly plants in Russia, others limit themselves only to establishing a sales and service network. But in any case, to bring products to consumers, they need official dealers. They are required every day more and more.

How to choose a brand for dealership

In principle, an investor can choose any brand. The main thing is to get the consent of the manufacturer himself. A novice dealer should take into account several nuances.

You can try to enter the business from a cheaper car segment, and then, after gaining some experience, go to a dealership of premium cars. Dealership of Russian brands is unlikely to bring significant income to the investor. Their cost is low, which means that the margin from their sale will be small. And the market opportunities for new dealers are much less.

The presence of an official importer in Russia will greatly facilitate the process of purchasing, delivering cars to the salon, and will also provide the dealer with more flexible financial terms of work.

The more diverse the model range, the wider the range of additional equipment, interior trim, etc., the manufacturer offers, the more difficult it is for a novice dealer to calculate the need for cars in advance, which means that there may be problems with implementation.

What difficulties an entrepreneur will face when deciding to open his own business for the sale of electric vehicles, and how they make money in Russia on electric trains right now - in our today's material.

Until recently, electric cars were perceived as an expensive fad, which will never become a full-fledged alternative to the usual cars with an internal combustion engine. However, the trend of recent years suggests that in the next decade we will see a big leap forward in this direction.

At the turn of the twenties, almost every automaker managed to stake out a place in the class of electric vehicles - used Japanese Nissan Leafs in good condition can be bought at the price of Solaris, the industry pioneers from Tesla surprise the public with exotic Cybertruck pickups and Semi tractors, and even inveterate conservatives from Jaguar Land Rover are actively promoting I-PACE crossovers on the Russian market.

It is already becoming obvious that an electric car salon can become a promising and quite cost-effective project. What difficulties an entrepreneur will face when he decides to open his own business in this direction, and how they make money in Russia on "trains" now - in our today's material.

Where is the best place to open an electric car salon

Potential customers from all over Russia are now showing interest in electric vehicles, but Moscow and St. Petersburg are in the greatest demand for obvious reasons. This is due not only to the higher paying capacity of motorists from these megacities, but also to the relatively well-developed infrastructure of electric filling stations.

Outside the two capitals, the situation with recharging cars on electric traction is still in its infancy - and therefore sales in the regions are counted in units.

You can read about the specifics of business development in the field of electric filling stations here. In short, taking into account the required volume of investments in the development of the infrastructure of gas stations without government assistance, it is extremely risky for entrepreneurs to open this business. Nevertheless, more and more electric vehicles are being bought in Sochi and other cities in southern Russia, where the climatic conditions make it possible to operate such equipment all year round, and there is at least the necessary minimum of stations for recharging.

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

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