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I sell LLC with and without an account in 2021-2021Various IFTS and OKVEDFull set of documentsMoscow and regions, we send to regionsConnecting EDS, Kontur, SbisCompanies under VATWarranty for each company

Selling Korean cosmetics online store.

Has great potential for further promotion and sales increase. Sales were made through a work Instagram account (there was no retail outlet). The store has regular customers, a logo, a name, account navigation, reviews of real customers. Not many subscribers, but everyone is alive. Show in full. I will teach the procurement scheme from South Korea, all the main nuances. At the initial stage, I will help with maintaining an account, I can teach you how to maintain a commercial account on Instagram, promote publications, set up advertising. The minimum purchase amount for goods for sale is $ 200. An ideal variant of an additional source of income for a modern girl: investments are minimal, there are already live subscribers in the account, communication with the clientele has been established, delivery has been carried out. The remainder of the goods is included in the price. I'm giving birth due to lack of time, developing a new project. Write, call + 79293561300 Price 35 000 rubles.

Working Salt Room with a recognizable name! No permissions or licenses required! In work for 3 years! Constant flow of customers. Your site, the group is in contact. Show in full. First positions in search engines. Debugged work. Clean well-groomed premises with a luxurious renovation in the Soviet district with a large number of visitors of all ages. The salt room itself is 15 m2, which does not hinder visitors and makes it possible for children to play. Interesting design. Sun loungers, toys. 6 seats. There are 2 lounges (waiting rooms) where visitors can sit comfortably. There is a massage room with a masseur.

All furniture is included in the price. All Contacts, site, group will also be transferred. This is a separate room, where there will be no unwanted neighborhood with other tenants! Near the SCHOOL, 3 clinics, kindergartens, a private clinic FAMOUS IN THE CITY, located opposite the salt room! No additional investment is required. All the details on the phone. We do not answer SMS. URGENT SALE! RELATED TO MOVING.

Possible exchange for a car, 450,000 rubles tel 8-908-221-11-25 Ivanka

Video posts. business in advertising services with training: We sell business: broadcasting video advertising with sound on media structures to human height. Net profit 30-80 tons / month Attention . with the 1st design! Business is 4th year. Annual Growth x 2 times. Read more on the website ALFA11 dot ru - reviews and examples If the business does not pay off, we will return the money. Backed up by contract and agreement. Why do we sell? Show in full. We have been successfully producing this equipment for several years and have been working in the advertising business ourselves, we have a wealth of information and experience in this type of advertising throughout Russia and the CIS, practice shows that to load about 60% of advertisers, it takes 1.5 - 2 months of hard work, some a little more, active - a little less. This business has high prospects and can become your life's work, since developing you are able to grow into a whole advertising agency. But just like in any business, you need to work hard and go to your goals, just here you go with us, we form a whole market of internal advertising in our country. We support and train our new and existing clients.

What kind of business is it and how is it profitable:

1. install video equipment in public areas (shopping centers, office centers, municipal enterprises, train stations or airports) and

2. offer companies and individuals to place videos with sound on your equipment for a rental fee (we will show and teach how easy it is to make videos),

3. Up to 40 advertisers can be placed on the 1st display at the same time, and if each of them pays you 3000 rubles, then the revenue from this structure will be 120,000 rubles,

4. Do you want to earn more? - install 5 displays at once and your revenue, even for half of the loaded designs (let's say 20 advertisers on each) will be = 3000 rubles, multiply by 20 advertisers and multiply by 5 designs = 300,000 rubles, and if the load is full, then all 600 thousand. rubles - minus operating expenses and rent, you get a decent profit. Act as long as there are places in the city.

Secrets of Success from Leading Experts and Business Coaches

Secrets of Success from Leading Experts and Business Coaches

Forum is a gift from the Business Development Agency

Forum "Entrepreneur's Day: Breakthrough Tools" was a gift from the Business Development Agency for owners, managers and employees of companies. “We brought some top and interesting experts who could pass on their practical experience, share their best practices,” says Alexander Gramatunov, head of ARB. - This year A Agency celebrates its 10th anniversary. We have changed and grown a lot. We have developed an understanding of what we should do, how to help business. We know all the problems that entrepreneurs face and we try to find effective solutions every time. "

Sergey Vereshchagin, Prime Minister of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Government, attended the opening of the forum. He said that more than 110 thousand small and medium-sized entrepreneurs are registered in the Krasnoyarsk Territory: “This is a huge number of people, and, of course, the direct task of the authorities is to find tools and measures to support small and medium-sized businesses, to make the business community feel confident, remove administrative barriers, create an infrastructure that will allow development. The Entrepreneur's Day Forum is just one of those events that should take place so that business can gain knowledge and understanding of what needs to be done to develop business. "

Innovation and ambition

ARB organized presentations and business trainings from an expert in the field of Internet marketing Sergey Spivak (Moscow), an expert in the field of automation of management processes Mikhail Galeichenko (Moscow), an expert in the field of doing business with Asian countries Paul Kerol ( USA), the founder of the 300 Startups business accelerator Andrey Shevelev (Krasnoyarsk) and other speakers.

“I talked about how to create innovative products and build on this a big business that can potentially attract investments from venture capital funds,” comments Andrey Shevelev. - What I have shared is the result of my two years of work within the 300 Startups project and the result of all my 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, of which 10 years of technological entrepreneurship. Part of my talk was devoted to methodologies, which are, in fact, a framework and allow you to create and promote startups according to clear schemes - just take it and do it. I talked about specific actions on the example of my own project, which I launched specifically to try methodologies. "

“So far, there are not so many innovative and technological entrepreneurship in Krasnoyarsk, but it seems that our people have ambitions to do business, create companies and products that would be of great value not only on the scale of the city and the country. I want to expand horizons and show that success lies not in marketing, as is commonly believed, but in product management, in creating innovations that can change the world, "Shevelev added.

Practical advice and motivation

The forum program included seminars, master classes, trainings, networking. Anyone could take part, no matter what kind of entrepreneurial experience they had. Experienced businessmen and those who are just thinking about starting their own business listened to the speakers.

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I express my deep gratitude to business broker Viktor and the company as a whole! This is my first experience in buying a business. I didn't have a clear idea of ​​what kind of business I needed. Victor advised me in detail ... in various directions, telling me the pros and cons. Most importantly, I want to note that Victor accompanied me for a long time and after the transaction was completed, this helped me quickly learn all the nuances and continue to conduct business without error. Thank! "I express my deep gratitude"

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Julia for working with us on the selection of a private kindergarten, we started to select an object back in May and were able to find it in August. , Julia Thank you ... for your patience and professionalism, we wish you success and development in your work. "I would like to express my deep gratitude to Julia"

Show in full. Live "How to build a remote sales department in 2 weeks and get a company out of the crisis"

Only practical tools and expert cases.

The place where reality is created, as we will see it in a month or a year. The people who build the houses we live in, the shops we go to, everything that we see around us. People who create this city and the world around.

Each meeting new businesses are created, projects and alliances are born, coalitions are created. Whether you like it or not, the biggest and the most daring requires teamwork. render completely.

The largest concentration of competencies, connections, resources, ideas and opportunities in one room.

The Point of Growth Entrepreneurship Support Center provides free advice to individual entrepreneurs, legal entities and individuals.

We are waiting for you :) _____________________________________________________ Consultations are carried out within the framework of the implementation of the national project "Small and Medium Enterprises and Support for Individual Entrepreneurial Initiatives"

Strategic analysis and brainstorming of business growth points of each resident of the business club.

Entrepreneurs and business owners united in assault groups.

A short guide to registering LLC and IE

A short guide to registering LLC and individual entrepreneur

What happened?

Almost 35% of Russians would like to start their own business, these are the results of the VTsIOM poll. Among respondents under the age of 30, there are even more potential businessmen - 60%. More than 70% of those who are ready to start a business believe in the success of their venture. Examples of existing entrepreneurs play an important role in this.

Isn't it possible to start your own business without registering an LLC or individual entrepreneur?

It is possible, but it is illegal and punishable. For conducting business without registration, administrative and criminal liability is provided. Its type depends on the amount of damage that will be caused to the state. A fine from 500 to 2,000 rubles. provided to those who conduct their business without registering an individual entrepreneur or LLC.

If we are talking about a business for which a license is needed, the fines increase - from 2021 rubles. The worst-case scenario is criminal liability for illegal business. This can be a fine of up to 300 thousand rubles, compulsory work and even arrest.

Convinced How to choose - individual entrepreneur or LLC?

Understand the nuances of each of the forms and understand which one is more suitable in your case. So, for all obligations, including the possible collection of debts, an LLC is responsible within the limits of its authorized capital, and an individual entrepreneur, as an individual, is responsible with his property.

You can register an individual entrepreneur only at the place of your registration; any area of ​​the city is suitable for registering an LLC. An individual entrepreneur can apply the patent taxation system (payment of a simplified tax in advance), in the case of registration of an LLC, this is not possible. In addition, only an LLC can engage in some activities. This is, for example, the sale or production of alcohol.

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