7 Facebook groups for creative entrepreneurs and bloggers

“You know, but I miss the corporate life and the team,” a friend told me here.

I don’t miss, although when I left the corporation, I was almost most afraid that I would relax and bend without communication. Communication and networking is more than enough for me now, just the format has changed a little.

One of the most effective ways to find a company is with interest groups on Facebook. Yes, you can hate Facebook for the amount of time it can gobble up, but you cannot underestimate its benefits in building a community and promoting it.

What you can use Facebook groups for

Where to look for free photos, which CRM to use, what to choose for registering a business as an individual entrepreneur or LLC? You can ask your friend's opinion about the new site, or you can get feedback from the Facebook community. However, it should be borne in mind that the opinions of community members may be contradictory and not everyone will be your ideal clients. If you need a deep opinion about your site, it is better to do an audit. But you can get a certain cut.

Ask for a recommended WordPress developer, accountant for accounting, or event space. This is how I met two owners of local cafes in Moscow, where I ran the Blog Branch.

It is forbidden to advertise yourself in groups, but you can answer the questions asked there and share links to expert blog posts, your products and services in the comments. First, such questions need to be "caught" in the group, but if you establish yourself as an expert, then when questions arise on your topic, conscientious group members will mark you in the comments and you will receive notifications directly.

Ideas for content can often be found in questions and discussions. Moreover, your detailed comment in the group can become the basis for a future post. For example, a post about promotion in Pintrest was born precisely due to the fact that one of the groups asked a question about how to use this platform. I answered, and then reworked the answer into a detailed post.

I know examples when people became business partners, initially meeting in a Facebook group. If you need an accountability buddy with whom you will set goals together, discuss them and report to each other, then why not find one in an interest group. Creating a coworking space or implementing tips from a business book is easier with like-minded people.

Establish yourself as an active member of the group, build contacts with the group owner and maybe be allowed to post a link to your free webinar, share the latest post if it fits the group's topic, or even talk about your event. The main thing is to read the rules of the group (usually in the right column in the "Description" section) and if you have any questions "is it possible?" it is better to check with the administrators (they can be found in the "Members" section under the "Administrators" tab).

Some groups have very strict face control, for example, only for those who participated in a paid course. I have a group for my clients, where I only let those with whom I worked.

But there are conditionally closed groups. To get there, you need to submit an application, but in principle, everyone is allowed. True, they can be kicked out if the group rules are violated (read them carefully!).

I have prepared a selection of Russian-language Facebook groups that I like the most and which will be useful for creative entrepreneurs promoting their project on the Internet.

Good day, readers! If you are looking to monetize your time on the Internet, you should look into making money on Facebook. For several years, it has been considered one of the most profitable, but not easy. However, after studying all the available ways to generate income, it will be possible to choose the best option, and then rejoice at the incoming amounts.

Earnings on Facebook, even in Russia, remain significant. For this reason, interest in this social network does not fade away. The only problem remains the difficult understanding of the correct fulfillment of all the requirements to create a profitable site. Although it is quite possible, if you spend some time and work hard. After that, a set of subscribers will no longer create any difficulty, becoming accessible and understandable for any person.

Method Direct cooperation with advertisers

If you are interested in making money on FB, you should immediately think about direct cooperation with advertisers. To do this, you don't even have to create your own group or business page, because many businessmen are happy to post personal publications even on private pages. This is a clear difference from the social networks we are used to, where everyone wants to get the maximum audience for a penny.

It is true that direct collaboration is complicated by private agreement, but everything comes with experience. This is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Moreover, this is where the cost of each post becomes large for Russian users. Moreover, if you want, you should spend a little time to create a separate thematic page, which gives the most interested audience, and with it the opportunity to raise prices.

Method "Bourgeois" affiliate programs

Earning through Facebook is associated with ample opportunities, in particular, this social network makes available foreign partner programs. Some users will say that there is no difference, but it is hidden in the available income. A quick comparison of the offered interest in rubles provides a guaranteed confirmation of this fact. Still, foreign companies are ready to pay colossal sums even for small advertising by our standards, which makes cooperation with them profitable.

"Bourgeois affiliate programs" rarely work on Russian-language sites. However, in this social network, additional pages and groups are freely created that can be targeted to a specific audience. Such a serious approach gives access to all possible options, subject to a rigid thematic link. In practice, this turns into working with a certain product that brings a stable income.

Method of Private Ads and Recommendations

Another common way to make money on Facebook is through advertisements and recommendations from other groups. Today this option is chosen by professionals in all social networks, and in this case we will not give it up either. In principle, a page with a couple of thousand subscribers is suitable for this, but real income will appear much later, because as the audience grows, the prices set also grow.

Ordering ads on another page or in a group is a common practice. It is best to actively develop your community so that potential customers are quickly interested in your proposals. It is not necessary to gain a whole bunch of subscribers, you just need to ensure stable views of each post. Constant activity (clicks, likes, etc.) will be an attractive moment for many potential advertisers.

To advertise a brand on Facebook, you must first create a business page. This is a mandatory step for paid social media promotion. It is through the advertising office that payment for services is made.

For what purpose the page will be used

First, decide which direction will be promoted. How to do it? Analyze the following points and think about an action strategy:

  • Announce your brand on a social media platform. This is what advanced companies do, what makes your company worse.
  • Facebook is an additional channel for notifying the target audience about important news, discounts, useful informational content, etc.
  • This is a great way to increase company awareness.
  • Advertising on Facebook is a chance to use a wide audience to increase sales, as well as get additional transitions to the site.
  • It is also a method of obtaining a fresh database of email addresses, which can then be used for commercial purposes.

Creating a Business Page on FB: Step-by-Step Guide


After we have decided on the goals of creation, we proceed directly to registration. To do this, go to the required section and select the type of business page.

Each type, except the last, has categories that add specificity. Choose the right one, here's an example:

The available functionality will depend on which category you designate. More details - here.

How to name a business page correctly

An important point, immediately choose the correct name, because then it is difficult to change it, and sometimes impossible. To rename, you will need to write to the FB administration, but there is no guarantee that this will be done. But the hassle will be added.

One more nuance. Please note that Facebook has a number of restrictions on titles.

What is prohibited:

Earnings on Facebook is a reality

Business ideas of making money on Facebook (Facebook) per year.

First of all, it is worthwhile to briefly dwell on what are the common features and main differences between these two most popular social networks.

Conclusion: both Vkontakte and Facebook are equally well suited for promoting small and medium-sized businesses, the strategy will depend only on the specifics of these social networks and the product you are going to advertise.

Disadvantages of Facebook for Business

Some interface restrictions

Facebook offers page templates, content designs, and more. To differentiate yourself from others, you can apply the Cover photo method. The account's news feed is one of the means of keeping in touch and will help you in your quest to make money. The user comes here once - during the subscription process, or does not go to it at all - in the feed he can see all the latest news that appear on the accounts of interest.

Inability to regulate the news feed

Facebook only selects information that it thinks might be interesting. The content you offer will compete with every page that a user has ever liked. You will have to work hard to prioritize your content and generate income.

Full user platform dependency

The processing and filtering process is constantly being improved, but the one who registered here cannot influence it - for example, the popularity of your profile may drop sharply due to the reason that the system decided that users like the statuses of their friends more. than your page. Keep track of these indicators and earnings will not be able to imperceptibly lose positions.

No archiving option

There are a lot of ways to promote on Facebook, and most importantly, many of them are completely free. So, not using them for business is just waste. Here are some of the main business uses of Facebook. Earlier, we talked about how to use Twitter for business. Facebook also offers such opportunities.

Forums and Communities

Customer Service

A wall is a great way to get feedback from existing or potential clients. For example, customers can ask questions and get answers to them, post reviews, etc. The main thing in this business is to remember that all users can see the wall. Therefore, it is necessary to work with it very carefully, carefully thinking over and checking what was written before publication. You shouldn't delete negative reviews. It is better to comment on them, trying to turn the situation in your favor.

Simplify Oral Marketing

Market Research

A great way to use Facebook for business is by organizing surveys. This allows customers to feel like a part of the company, and therefore to show a certain loyalty to it. If you are developing a new product or service, then surveys can help make the final product more in demand, as you will better know the needs of the consumer.


If your company is developing any new products, then Facebook can be used for their initial testing. Potential consumers will surely appreciate this kind of cooperation on your part. For example, you might send some test samples to some social media users and ask them to share their comments on your Facebook page. In this case, firstly, you will get free testers of your product, and secondly, before you start mass production of the product, you have already launched an excellent advertisement, i.e. interest customers in advance. And it's all completely free.

Public Relations and Directory

Facebook allows you to organize a page in such a way that it becomes an extension of your website or online store. That is, goods can not only be shown and told about them, but also sold. To do this, you can use various applications, for example: ShortStack. The widgets of this application allow you to display individual products and descriptions for them on the monitor, or show a portfolio if your profile is a service.

Meet the staff

Rewarding employees is an important function in the work of any manager. Moreover, the encouragement can be expressed not only in monetary terms. Believe me, often public recognition of someone's merits can be more important than bonuses. Facebook can serve as a similar "Board of Fame". Here you can talk about the best employees, congratulate them on the holidays, post photos, just make incentive notes. If this is not neglected, the productivity of staff members can increase significantly.

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