5 cool business ideas in a resort town


Today there are business ideas that can be safely implemented in the resort town. Your task is only to choose the right direction and the one that suits you. Often, resort business ideas are associated with the opening of clothing stores or catering, the opening of hotels or hotels, the organization of amusement parks or any kind of health room. Let's take a look at a few business ideas for a resort town.

Minting of coins

What do you need to start a coin cut business? You will need to find a suitable crowded premises for your business, and then purchase the necessary equipment, a mini-press, which, on average, includes about 130 types of blanks of aluminum and copper coins. But this is not all that is needed to launch such a business. You will also need a stamped stamp, as well as, of course, the consumable itself. In total, it will take about 50,000 rubles to open a stamped business.

It will not be difficult for you to find a suitable place for business on the cuttings of coins, since the minted equipment is quite compact. If you want to have one hundred percent stable and good earnings, then you should simultaneously open several points that issue coins in different places of the resort town.

So, let's talk in more detail about the income, profitability and payback of this business, and for this, let's look at specific numbers.

  • Monthly rent of one square meter of land in a crowded place is about 4000 rubles.
  • The salary of the staff, or rather the operator, is on average 10,000 rubles and a certain percentage of its sales.
  • The cost of preparing one coin for partners is about 30 rubles.
  • One coin is produced on average in about 5 minutes.
  • The daily minimum attendance of tourists, that is, clients - an average of 15 people.
  • The service of making a coin for clients costs about 300 rubles.
  • Daily income can be about 4,000 rubles, monthly income - 120,000 rubles.
  • As you can see, all the costs of organizing this business will pay off in the first month of work.
  • The profitability of this business is on average 500%.

Resort photographer

Every person who is going to spend a vacation in a resort, for example, in the Crimea, nowadays has the opportunity to order the services of a photographer at the resort. By ordering such a photo session, he will be able to leave high-quality photographs of his vacation as a keepsake. Therefore, you have the opportunity to make good money on this. Business in photographs is very profitable and fast payback. For example, half an hour of photography costs about 9,000 rubles, an hour of photography - 12,500 rubles, 2 hours - 21,000 rubles. If you have at least 5 clients per day, then your daily income can average about 60,000 rubles. The main costs of opening this business are needed only for the purchase of a high-quality professional camera. Therefore, all costs will pay off already in the first month of work with regular customers.

Ice cream business

Business on the trade of the favorite delicacy of people, both adults and young, is considered a very profitable and quick-paying business. Now you can see for yourself.

An entrepreneur who decides to start an ice cream business always has a choice: to organize his own ice cream cafe or to trade ice cream on the street. However, I would like to note that here you should focus on the season. For example, selling ice cream on the street is best in the summer season, in the sultry unbearable heat. This will bring you incredible profits. You can trade ice cream in the summer in a stall, under an umbrella and using a scooter or bicycle, as they say, a mobile box. But the opening of an ice cream shop can bring profit in the winter season, since few people want to eat ice cream in the cold outside, but many will want to eat ice cream in a warm cafe in the winter.

In the summer, people are divided into two categories - vacationers and those who earn money from them. Especially the prospect of getting money is suitable for residents of resort towns. Every year millions of tourists come to them, who are ready to spend huge sums on marine entertainment. And this is not surprising, because they worked for this for a whole year, and now, having accumulated a certain capital, they can easily spend it. Business at sea is a tempting idea.

Features of entrepreneurship at sea

What kind of offshore business will bring them good income? Of course, you can buy mini-machines and develop your own business locally without traveling to other cities. Today offshore business ideas are presented in a wide range. It all depends on personal desire and the availability of initial capital. Business in the summer at sea can bring good results, but only with the right approach. A novice businessman should start preparing in advance so that with the opening of the season it will start.

If the offshore business takes an active turn, the money received will be enough until the next season. Many people openly declare that for 4 months of active work, they were able to get the amount that was enough for them for the whole next year, comfortable living.

So stop lying on the couch and dreaming about the first million, you need to quickly develop a strategy to get it. Everyone knows that a special psychological factor is triggered in a person on vacation - to indulge in pleasures. Therefore, even inflated prices are perceived as the norm, which means that business on the Black Sea is a serious reason to think.

Having made the exact decision to agree to such an adventure, it is worth finding out which business on the seashore is considered the most profitable. Apps for learning English via Android will help you get basic knowledge, it will help you communicate with foreigners.

Hotel construction

The most profitable and promising idea, of course, is the hotel business at sea. It is enough to build a small complex with cozy rooms. Provide him with the necessary furniture and organize entertainment, and there will be no end of customers. However, it should be understood that such a business at sea implies serious financial investments.

Building houses in ordinary regions requires large financial investments, but what about the local prices. Therefore, it is a profitable business.


Hello dear readers of dohodinet. u. The resort business is seasonal. You have to work only during the influx of tourists. Then the demand for services and goods drops sharply. The downside is significant, but not so important. During the season in Crimea or Sochi, you can earn for the whole year.

TOP business ideas for a resort town

There are many business ideas ideal for a resort town. They differ in the final profitability, the amount of initial investment, the degree of workload of the entrepreneur himself. You can make money in a resort town on:

  • Daily renting of housing.
  • Selling beach goods.
  • Sports.
  • Storing other things.
  • Selling food.
  • Equipment rental.
  • Organization of excursions and walks.
  • Photos.
  • Sale of souvenirs.
  • Beauty services.

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some types of business from the list can be engaged without registering an individual entrepreneur or LLC. They are suitable for the self-employed.

There are 3 advantages to using this tax regime:

  • The tax is either 4 or 6% (depending on who the service is provided to).
  • Easy to open.
  • Lack of paperwork (quarterly and annual reports).

However, you can work in this mode only independently. Hired employees will have to be abandoned.

Idea Daily Rentals

Hotels are overcrowded during the season. Tourists are looking for an alternative and find it from private traders. Some travelers themselves do not want to stay in hotels. You can organize a business for renting apartments and rooms in 2 directions:

  • own housing;
  • sublease.

Option 1. In the first case, you will either have to live in the same apartment with tenants (renting rooms), or acquire additional real estate.

The height of the summer season is just around the corner, and it is during this period that the residents of the coastal zone have a great opportunity to earn extra money and open a business at sea. Not everyone, of course, manages to become a millionaire in one season, but if you understand all the intricacies of doing business and correctly assess the demand, then the income can amount to several thousand dollars. And this is more than enough to not think about work and not deny yourself anything for the rest of the year.

The main options for earning money will be described here, both not requiring special education, and using your own skills and abilities. Some require good financial security and a certain period of preparation, but they will bring more profit. For others, you will need a minimum of costs, but this does not mean at all that it will only be enough for food. With the right organization, such a business may be enough for the development of the business in the next year.

So what do you need? For a start - the desire and willingness to try something new. There is no need to worry about the lack of customers, because the main difference between the sea coast is the availability of countless tourists with a wide variety of tastes and needs. Thanks to this, every entrepreneur will find his own niche.

Now we have to decide what to do for the next few months. Here are some business ideas for the summer:

  • build a new hotel with all conveniences;
  • convert housing into a guest house or rent out an apartment;
  • rent out equipment for recreation;
  • sell drinks and treats;
  • massage;
  • organize water activities and walks;
  • set up various attractions;
  • install rides and more.

Hotel business on the Black Sea

The hotel business on the Black Sea is one of the most promising areas. Building your own hotel will be both the most costly decision and one of the most profitable. Every traveler needs a roof over his head, and a well-chosen place with picturesque landscapes will help to win the hearts of guests and get regular customers.

Do not forget that modern tourists are very demanding, which means that you need to carefully consider the arrangement of rooms, provide an entertainment program and organize quality food.

The implementation of ambitious plans may take several years: time and money will be required to buy or lease a land plot, obtain a building permit, develop a project, construction work, obtain the necessary licenses (including for the sale and sale of alcohol if there is a bar), furniture and staff salaries.

On average, the construction of hotels costs 5-6 thousand dollars per square meter. With these costs, the start-up capital should be substantial.

In small resort towns it is not easy for residents to find work. Therefore, 5 ideas for business in a resort town with a detailed description of expenses and incomes will help you to create your own company to provide services to vacationers in a short time. With minimal investment and proper organization of work, an entrepreneur will be able to receive a good income in the summer season.

Tent with souvenirs

People who come to rest from different Russian regions are always eager to buy local souvenirs in memory of their summer vacation. A great idea that requires a small initial investment is selling souvenirs.

The benefits of such a business include:

  • quick return on investment;
  • simplicity and affordability;
  • lack of special documents.

To start such a business, you will need money for goods and rent. At least 50 thousand rubles will be spent on the purchase of souvenirs. Renting premises for the summer will cost about 150 thousand rubles.

If a novice entrepreneur has no money, he may try to negotiate with the manufacturers of souvenir products that he will take them for sale.

If you organize the work correctly, you can quickly recoup the costs and start making a profit.

At first, by the way, you can do without a stationary room, selling small souvenirs in the most crowded places, in which there are always a lot of vacationers.

Arranging rental of beach equipment

If there is a beach in a resort town, then renting equipment for comfortable relaxation under the sun can bring a good income.

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