20 business ideas how to make money on gifts

Rental business is a great destination for small businesses. Renting allows the consumer to save money, and rental services today are in the trend of the so-called "participation economy", which has replaced the ownership economy.

For large cities, the rental service has long been included in everyday life. They rent cars, offices, tools, clothes, etc. And all this finds its consumer. The high demand for this service is explained by the popularization of reasonable consumption and the desire of people to save money. The service becomes more active during crises. While times are tough for most industries, the rental business is boosted by growth.

The idea of ​​renting things out is usually implemented by start-up entrepreneurs who try to start with minimal costs and a simple work scheme. In fact, this field of activity can be called a partially passive type of income, since you still have to take care of the things that you offer for rent. The equipment needs repair, the clothes need to be dry-cleaned. But these are all small things. It can be considered that the rental business is one of the simplest in terms of organization and management.

Abroad, this type of service has long been in great demand. The market is developing along with the idea of ​​a shared economy - the so-called "participatory economy", when consumers prefer not to own, but to use things.

People are positive about this perspective. In Russia, the idea is actively gaining momentum, entrepreneurs are coming up with new rental services. According to a social survey, 45% of Russians are ready to borrow different things from other people.

To open a rental business, start-up capital is required - its volume depends on the cost of the things that you plan to rent. Amounts can vary from 10 thousand rubles to 3 million rubles and more. It all depends on the idea and your budget.

How to choose the right idea for home production

To do this, you need to answer a few questions:

What products do people actively rent?

What is the level of competition in the niche?

Gift business is a suitable option for creative entrepreneurs. With a creative approach, a competent business plan and a small start-up capital, you can quickly develop your business.

People in Russia like to give and receive gifts on various occasions. When we choose a gift, we try to please the person and surprise him. Therefore, the sphere of entertainment and trade in gift products is actively developing and annually opens new directions. Any creative is welcome - there is a consumer for every idea.

The gift business is considered seasonal, but this does not prevent it from making a profit all year round. After all, there are a lot of reasons for gifts: New Year, February 23, March 8, Valentine's Day, various professional holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc. Peak sales are from December to March. During this time, the profit of shops with gifts increases 3-5 times. Therefore, "seasonality" in this case is not a minus, but a special factor that should be taken into account when managing.

Obviously, it is better to start such a business a month or two before the start of high sales. Then you will have time to get used to the market, launch advertising and win your first customers. The second important point is to plan purchases of goods in advance, so that during the period of excitement it does not suddenly end.

To open a business on gifts, you need to come up with something original, then implement the idea in a high-quality manner and convey it to potential customers. The success of this will be based on three factors: idea, quality of products and services, advertising.

How much money is needed to open

Gift business presents a huge number of options. The project budget can be absolutely any. To implement many ideas, 20-30 thousand rubles are enough, but there are also larger-scale projects that require 400 thousand rubles or more. You can set up your own mini-production or organize work through mediation. Do online sales or open a retail outlet. Equip an office or work from home.

To calculate the amount of initial costs, you need to draw up a business plan or at least a financial calculation. Determine approximate cost items: business registration, tuition fees (if necessary), purchase of goods, purchase of consumables and tools, advertising costs.

Starting a business requires an idea, investment and implementation. Very often, problems arise already at the first stage. Finding a relevant and profitable idea, and then successfully implementing it, is not so easy. The sphere of entertainment, which can be attributed to the "gift" direction, is changing very dynamically, since people quickly show interest in new things and just as quickly lose it. Many things that were original a year ago are becoming commonplace. Therefore, the entrepreneur must constantly keep his finger on the pulse and respond flexibly to the demand of the audience. In this area, it is quite difficult to predict what will be in demand. Here are some ideas to help you choose a business.

Service for the selection and delivery of gifts

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