12 profitable fall business ideas (part 2)

Autumn business is a great idea for quick money. The scheme is simple: buy a seasonal product and sell it profitably. How to make money in the fall and what categories of goods should you pay attention to? We understand the article.

In this collection, we have already written what types of small business are profitable in the fall and gave 12 examples of autumn business, but now we will continue the topic. Autumn is a time of cold weather, bad weather, home comfort. Based on this, you can compile a list of profitable products that will be relevant in the season.

Smart Backpacks

In autumn, the demand for goods for schoolchildren increases. Everyone has known about the sale of office supplies, school uniforms and textbooks for a long time. But all kinds of school backpacks with GPS trackers, built-in LED screens and other things are a new product on the market. Such backpacks can be equipped with a camera, speaker, SOS button, and most importantly, they can display animation on the surface of the backpack.

The wholesale price of the simplest smart backpacks is about 3 thousand rubles. But you can sell them at twice the price. As for advanced backpacks with customizable animation, then the price here can already be tens of thousands of rubles. You can sell such backpacks using a landing page (one-page site). But if you focus only on online sales, you should invest in advertising.

Demi and winter outerwear

In the autumn-winter period, the sale of outerwear is very relevant. Autumn jackets and coats, fur coats, sheepskin coats, down jackets - this is an assortment that will allow you to make good money in the cold. The disadvantages of this idea are high competition and a high probability that the product will be largely repeated. How can you distinguish yourself? Choose a separate direction and offer a wide range: for example, sports outerwear, children's clothing or clothing from small manufacturers offering original models.

Fall Accessories

If we are talking about selling outerwear, how not to mention accessories? Hats, gloves, scarves, warm socks - there are many options. Such goods are usually sold on islands in the shopping center and are relevant in the autumn-winter period. The format is also convenient because it is easy to remake it for the season. It is enough to replace the assortment in the shop windows - and you are already selling not hats, but summer hats and sunglasses.

Heated Vests

Another technological wonder on our list. This product will be appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts, and there are a lot of them now. The heated vest has three temperature settings of 25, 35 and 45 degrees Celsius and heats up in a few seconds. The popularity of this product is growing rapidly. Google Trends predicts strong growth in search volume for this product. The cost of such a vest on Aliexpress varies from 600 to 1500 rubles, and in domestic stores the price tag ranges from 2021 to 5000 rubles.

Things with the prefix "thermo"

With the approach of cold weather, the demand for accessories and things that can keep warm rarely increases. People dress in thermal underwear, drink tea from thermoses, and carry hot food in thermal containers.

Autumn is the time to start your own business. Therefore, 10 lucrative fall ideas will come in handy: for any budget and with a detailed launch guide.

There are many myths about seasonal business, which is why many aspiring entrepreneurs abandon this venture. But in vain. To dispel myths and fears, let's first answer the most common questions.

Is the seasonal business profitable

Seasonal business has high returns on average. Firstly, during this period, such categories of goods and services are popular, for which a high margin of more than 100% can be set. Secondly, a seasonal business usually involves low costs for opening it, so it is quite possible to recoup the investment in the first season and start making a profit. Of course, success can be achieved with proper planning: you should choose the most suitable time for the start, optimize costs, and objectively assess the volume of sales.

What are the risks of seasonal business

The main risk of a seasonal business is its specifics. What is it:

a) retrain into a company with related activities. For example, the owner of a kiosk where cold drinks were sold in summer can replace the assortment with tea and coffee in the autumn-winter period. Additional hardware may be required for such changes. But these costs will more than pay off later.

b) analyze the work for the season, identify mistakes, draw up a plan for the upcoming season, taking into account all the mistakes made.

c) engage in business development: buy additional equipment, improve the business, search for suppliers and partners.

Who is the seasonal business for

The seasonal business attracts many aspiring and seasoned businessmen. It has both advantages and disadvantages, but investors are attracted by the opportunity to make money quickly with minimal investment. Business in the fall allows you to set a large margin on certain types of services that are associated with this time of year. For example, leaf harvesting in private houses is in demand. Some people do not want to put things in order at their site on their own; cleaning companies or a contact from the first ad on a social network come to their aid.

Specifics of doing business in the autumn

In order for the investment in the project to pay off, you need to choose the right moment to enter, focus on promising options, calculate costs and “warm up” the channels for attracting customers.

Seasonal business, in addition to high profitability, is characterized by high risks.

The first major drawback is the difficulty of forecasting demand for certain types of services. For example, selling coffee in a specialized vehicle can generate income by choosing a crowded place with no competition and encouraging customers to visit again. At the same time, if we are talking about a large city, then all the "tidbits" are likely to be occupied. In this case, the cost of purchasing a coffee car and consumables will hardly pay off.

The second important point is that any business requires basic knowledge and study of the mechanisms of customer demand formation.

The third aspect is that seasonal business is designed for a short period (maximum 6 months). In this regard, it is necessary to prepare in advance for the start of sales. The rest of the time you will have to look for another source of income.

In order to reduce the loss of profit in the period when seasonal services are no longer relevant, you can slightly change the vector of work and go to a close business direction. A simple example - a car with cold drinks in the summer can be converted to sell hot drinks in the fall.

After the end of the “hot” season, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of all the work done, identify shortcomings and adjust the strategy. If next year a businessman wants to return to business again, then he must agree in advance with suppliers, purchase equipment and do everything necessary to make the business start easily.

Autumn business will do:

  • for those who do not want to develop one direction all year round;
  • for businessmen who can adapt to changing conditions;
  • for students and people with intermittent employment at the main job.

Autumn is a great time to start your own business. After a long summer vacation, revival begins in all niches, and the demand for many types of services increases. You need to seize the moment and enter the business from the right side. Let's take a look at several promising areas that will help you make money and do not require a lot of experience or baggage of specific knowledge.

It is believed that starting a new business is best in the fall. And this is really so, because money at this time literally lies underfoot: if you wish, you can earn it on fallen leaves, mushrooms from the forest and even on puddles. In addition to harvesting and selling, seasonal business in the fall is associated with the onset of the new school year: aspiring businessmen can offer their services to parents of schoolchildren and students. This can be help with studies, providing accommodation as a hostel, or arranging regular taxi transfers to the place of study.

seasonal business ideas in Russia in autumn

Nature itself helps to organize some of the earning options in this top 10. And such a business does not require large investments.

Onsite car wash

The cost of the service can range from 500 to 1000 rubles

Not every driver has time to get to the car wash to get his iron horse in order. A good option is the services of a private exit car wash. Employees armed with rags, washcloths, buckets and detergent will arrive at the agreed time (within 24 hours a day, even at night) and wash the car from summer and autumn dirt. Depending on the complexity of the work and other working conditions, the cost of the service can be from 500 to 1 thousand rubles. For a month, the net profit may amount to 45-50 thousand rubles.

Autumn photo sessions

How can you miss this wonderful time when you can take beautiful photos for your collection

The bright colors of autumn before the onset of a gray winter is the time to arrange a family, children's or romantic photo session. There are a lot of people who want to take beautiful photos on the fine days of Indian summer, while professional photographers have a scheduled shooting time for a couple of months in advance.

A photographer can conduct photo sessions alone, or maybe with the involvement of a whole team of makeup artists, stylists and decorators. It will not be so difficult to find clients - it is enough to place an advertisement on creative photography on social networks (1 hour - 1.5–2 thousand rubles). In the fall, for example, photo projects with boys and girls in classic Soviet school uniforms may turn out to be very relevant. With shock work, the profit from such a business will amount to 35-40 thousand rubles per month.

Tutoring services

Parents are increasingly hiring tutors for their children

Student relocation

Investments from 2,000 rubles.

At the beginning of autumn, students begin to "migrate" from their homes to their educational institution. Naturally, they need to somehow transport their belongings to a rented apartment or hostel.

So why don't you do this? All you need is a roomy car. If you do not have it, you can rent it for a while. The main thing is to correctly calculate all costs so as not to go into the red.

If this kind of transportation is to your liking, then you can organize transportation of students on weekends or holidays. Many do not have time to buy a ticket in time, someone prefers to move in comfort.

A similar idea was realized by an American who gave a lift to students on his own, and then hired drivers and opened his own business, which is still successfully operating.

Where to look for clients?

The fastest and most proven method is leaflets right at the entrance to the dormitory or educational institution, and the students themselves will distribute them. Then it's a matter of time and word of mouth.

If you believe in yourself or you have several cars, you can expand your advertising to the Internet. Printing leaflets will cost about 2-3 thousand rubles.

How to set the price of transportation?

Here you need to build on three main criteria.

First, the price of gasoline per 100 km. Knowing the distance, you can easily calculate the cost of the trip. Do not forget to add 200-300 rubles to this figure for contingencies and depreciation.

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