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There is no better advisor than a person who has achieved amazing results in his business. Fortunately, there is no need to pay for a personal consultation to learn the secret to success. You can just take a book and find answers to your questions, inspiration and strategies for development. The year 2021 pleased us with both new business books and the reprint of already sensational bestsellers. In this article, you will learn how to harness modern technologies, steer a company on the right track, develop and scale a business, decide on new achievements and achieve success. No magic, just books.

Rey Dalio Principles

"Principles are the deepest beliefs on which a person's behavior is based, allowing him to get what he wants out of life."

Ray Dalio is one of the most influential and wealthy people on the planet. At the age of 26, he founded the investment company Bridgewater Associates. A middle-class family and the first office in a room in a rented apartment. And 42 years later, he is among the 100 richest people in the world, according to Forbes. Ray Dalio himself does not consider himself special, it's all about his principles. In work and life. He outlined them in his book.

The book is suitable for financiers, business owners and people who want to change their mindset or just take a look at the worldview of the founder of the world's largest hedge fund.

  • Ray Dalio Biography
  • Life Principles
  • Principles of Work and Leadership. Fostering corporate culture

Without Maureen Schicke's labels

A book that reveals a woman's perspective on leadership and success.

Maureen Schicke is a woman who has come a long and extraordinary way from a literary critic to the head of the Chanel fashion house.

This book is designed to inspire a new generation of women to accomplishments, risks, successes - Maureen immerses in a non-standard, feminine approach to life. She challenges the logical, consistent masculine approach to career development. Teaches you to approach work not from a male point of view, but from a female point of view. Without losing femininity, be purposeful, leaving fragility, be strong. Combine the incongruous and live a full life, without conditions and rules. Climb to the top and remain yourself.

The book is suitable for all women and men interested in success stories.

We have compiled a list of some of the most widely read books in the business literature segment in English.

"Fifty Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy" Tim Harford

The business book "Fifty Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy" is recommended for modern innovation enthusiasts who want to learn the history of technological advances in our world. A book about the origin of things that have long become familiar to our life. Here, you will find the history of fifty important technologies that have had a huge impact on the modern economy. The chapters from the book first appeared in the podcast series.

Tim Harford was an economist before becoming a writer for the Financial Times and then a presenter on BBC radio. He has written a number of books on economics, and has now written Fifty Inventions That Shaped the Modern Economy - looking at a range of technologies from the past. Tim Harford didn't try to pick the most important items, instead a short list that includes: plow, barbed wire, robots, government, baby food, pills, video games, market research, air conditioning, department stores, shipping container, barcodes, open cryptography key, double entry bookkeeping and light bulb. Each chapter of the business book is interesting in itself and contains links to other sources. This is definitely one of the best books written by Tim Harford and is dedicated to anyone interested in technology or technological implications.

"Hit Makers" Derek Thompson

Nothing "just goes viral." If you think a popular movie, song, or app came out of nowhere? - you are wrong.

To become successful in today's media space, your true history of becoming is not enough for you. Every firm or organization has a secret - a secret story of success, power, influence that turns new products into trends. Even the brightest ideas fade into obscurity if they don't find consumer feedback.

In his groundbreaking research, Derek Thompson explores the hidden psychology of business trending. Opens up the economics of cultural markets that invisibly shape our lives. By shattering the trend myths that dominate pop culture and business, Thompson shows that quality content or success alone is not enough. Some of the most popular products in history are one huge flop. It may be a completely different product from anything in existence, but there are solid truths that audiences and consumers demand. Every businessman, every designer, everyone who wants to get ahead and promote their work wants to know what makes the work so successful while others disappear.

“If You’re in a Dogfight, Become a Cat” Leonard Sherman

“If You’re in a Dogfight, Become a Cat” is called one of the best publications of the past. The author of this work is a professor at Columbia University who argues that market confrontation is not inevitable. In fact, you don't have to throw millions into the oven to compete with the competition. Leonard Sherman explains how large corporations like Apple can compete against a large number of competitors in the marketplace. The author pays attention to competitive strategy and illustrates it well with modern examples, citing a large amount of scientific literature. Leonard Sherman neatly re-evaluates corporate realities that have not passed the test of time and brings up problematic points from his own research.

The result is a combination of management and business strategy books for executives. The author's ability to uncover new strategic concepts in the context of fifty years of business management science is a real gift. Leonard Sherman's research is based on his ten years of experience in managing companies, which has provided a much needed innovative experience and approach. The many real-life examples that Leonard Sherman offers should stimulate discussion about what constitutes an innovative enterprise. This business book gives every leader everything they need to know to run a business in today's fast-paced world. A rare executive book that combines the right elements of marketing strategy with business strategy to deliver quality business solutions.

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Read or work? Business books have both loyal fans and ardent opponents who believe that it is not worth wasting time reading, but you need to do real business. We are among the first, so we have made for you a selection of the most popular and useful books for businessmen.

Skills for Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

"Leaders are not born or made by anyone - they make themselves"

Stephen Covey offers a system of seven behaviors. The first three are aimed at gaining independence, these are:

  • proactivity ;
  • presentation of the ultimate goal in any endeavors;
  • correct prioritization.

Three more habits are related to relationships with others:

  • win-win thinking - all parties must benefit;
  • the desire to hear first and then be heard;
  • achieving mutually beneficial creative cooperation.

The best books on business are published here. This collection of the 10 best business books! For people who want to open their own successful business and grow as a person!

The life of P. Orfal is one of the most unusual and incredible success stories that has ever happened in the business world. He was a hyperactive, dyslexic child. He practically could neither write nor read, and he could not sit still in negotiations. All these problems could not stop him. Paul accepted his flaws as unique abilities. From a small copy shop, he has created a multibillion-dollar corporation with an annual turnover of over $ 1. billion. As a child, Paul was kicked out of second grade at school, and then fired from his job due to the fact that he could not fill out checks. This is the man who learned everything from life, took risks many times and relied on people. He learned to feel people and gave them more than they expected. In his book, he shares his philosophy and talks about the fact that any abnormal can achieve success in business)!

2) "Business at the Speed ​​of Thought" Bill Gates

In our time, to create your own successful business, it is not enough to have a smart head, intuition and luck. Modern business is a multi-level system, the main key of which is the use of modern information technologies. The philosophy of the creator of Microsoft B. Gates states that: “only in time the restructured company with the“ electronic nervous system ”created in it will allow it to confidently stand on its feet and wait for future market victories. The book is written for those who do not want to stop and want to keep pace with modern technology.

In his book, super businessman Donald Trump reveals illusions in the business world. According to Trump, not all people can become rich and successful. Success and wealth are the lot of the strong, and illusion and failure are the credo of losers.

Trump's motto is passion for business, healthy anger, a sober view of the world and creative solutions to any problems. Life is a tough battle, and if you want to be a winner in it, forget the word “no”, learn to work with your fist, kick back, never give up and calculate your steps.

Richard Branson talks about how his business was built, his failures and successes. Almost any business can be created using the set of rules from the book. Only a few make a breakthrough in business, the author of this book is one of them - read the chapter “Innovation” carefully, and you may find yourself in these units.

The book examines aspects of the success of each person individually. The recipes in this book will help you avoid an empty wallet and give you the basics of financial literacy. The purpose of the book is to invite those who are moving towards success to learn the secrets of money, accumulate capital, save it and make it work for you.

The pages of the book will send us to Ancient Babylon, where financial laws were born, which are still relevant in our time.

What do you think prevents people from living the way they want? Money, of course! Money is the main tool for a happy life.

If you want to achieve success in entrepreneurship, it is extremely important to constantly study the experience of other TOP businessmen. In the books presented, you will find not only success stories, but also very useful recommendations and life hacks. We would like to bring to your attention the best Business Books according to the edition of RusskiyPro. u.

# Think and Grow Rich

Posted by Napoleon Hill

Description: This book was written after 20 years of research on a large number of people who have achieved incredible success in life. After reading Hill's book, one of the great writers, as well as the creator of the “self-help” genre, you will find out what personal qualities you need to have and what your path should be, which will irrevocably lead to success.

Thus, this work takes the honorable 1st place in our rating of the best business books.

# Rich Dad Poor Dad

Posted by Robert Kiyosaki

Description: This book is an undeniable bestseller and should be on the shelf of everyone who wants to become a successful businessman. It tells the story of the success of Robert Kiyosaki himself. As a child, Robert was raised by two fathers, one of whom was poor and the other rich. He chose the path of a rich father, which led him to success and now Kiyosaki shares all the secrets.

# Steve Jobs

Posted by Walter Isaacson

Description: This book contains the biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Note that it was created with the participation of Jobs himself. In it, you will find about 40 interviews that Jobs gave to journalist Walter Isaacson, as well as more than a hundred interviews with relatives, friends, enemies, rivals and colleagues. The book of 41 chapters details the life and rise of Jobs from childhood to death.

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