Why is it profitable to open production in Russia today?

The most promising industries allow you to get good and stable profits. To establish an effective activity, any novice entrepreneur tries to find information about what type of product is in constant demand.

Below we will tell you about the TOP-10 most profitable industries that are worth implementing in Russia and the CIS countries.

Cheese production

The most profitable production in Russia is food. Due to the suspension of the supply of products from Europe, entrepreneurs can create a small business for the production of cheese. If you use high-quality equipment and a well-thought-out recipe, you can get delicious cheeses that are not inferior to European goods.

Where to start a mini cheese dairy and how much money do you need?

It is possible to start a highly profitable cheese production if you have about 2 million rubles. For this money, they rent a suitable room, purchase equipment for a mini-cheese dairy and buy the first batch of raw materials for making cheese.

The income that this line of business brings is 180-200 thousand rubles. The payback of the business is about a year.

Fuel briquettes

A promising direction of production is fuel briquettes. This is a great solution for small businesses because it is not difficult to work in this area.

What you need to start a business

We have learned to trade and provide services in Russia, now we need to learn to produce. Now it is more relevant than ever for small businesses. Up to 90% of "kids" today work in the field of trade and services, and I often hear from entrepreneurs the opinion that production is difficult. And some still believe in the myth from the 1990s that it is unprofitable to produce in Russia.

What's the paradox?

When six years ago I was looking for investors to open a business for the production of medical devices, many successful entrepreneurs looked at me in amazement: “Do you really want to open a production in Russia? Look, everyone is bringing masks and shoe covers from abroad, this is a profitable and reliable business model. In principle, it is impossible to produce in Russia, and it is even more impossible to produce high-quality products. Our country is simply not adapted for this, neither in terms of legislation, nor in terms of the business climate. "

Manufacturing in Russia is an ocean of opportunities! Why did everyone rush to trade in the 1990s and 2021s? Because the market was then relatively free, there was a minimum of competition, and a sea of ​​opportunities. So it is now in production: a huge number of free or uncompetitive niches. Go to a non-grocery store (sports or children's), go to the counter and see: where is this or that product produced? You will find many types of products that are not yet manufactured in Russia. And even those products that say “made in Russia” are often not entirely domestic. Ask where the manufacturer purchases the components for it, and you will see that most of them are made abroad. All this assortment is an opportunity to launch your successful small production.

Another common concern of novice manufacturers is the lack of a suitable, preferably engineering, education. “I have never produced anything, I have never worked in a production facility, and I can’t even hammer a nail at home. The plant is definitely not for me! " - this is how many think, including successful managers and entrepreneurs working in the field of trade or services. It seems to them that selling a finished product is much cheaper than producing it. About seven years ago, I myself was thinking in about the same vein. Then I was a manager in a large Russian dealer company, which introduced a wide range of products under its own brands to the country's market, placing orders strictly with enterprises in Egypt and Asia.

Now I understand that those who have trade experience behind them gain a competitive advantage over other entrepreneurs. You reason: "Selling is not a problem, the main thing is to produce." Producers answer: "To produce is not a problem, it is difficult to sell!" This is the paradox: people who know how to sell believe that production is not for them, and many talented engineers do not know how to trade.

I often communicate with many owners and directors of small factories established in the 1990s and 2021s. Most of them are people with technical education, talented engineers and managers, but for many, the sale of the created product has remained something unknown, a very difficult process to understand.

Production and sales

If you know how to sell, that's half the success of your production.

What does it mean to sell in production? First, to be able to understand what product, what quality and at what price will be in demand by this or that consumer. Secondly, to be able to build the entire sales chain, motivate and negotiate with every link in this chain. Thirdly, these are the acquired competencies: conducting successful negotiations, effective presentation of your own product, a rich argumentation base.

Many experts advise aspiring entrepreneurs to try their hand at trading or providing services. In a sense, this seems logical: opening a hot dog kiosk or shoe shop is much easier than starting a furniture shop. However, production activity also deserves attention - after all, it is not only a different level of complexity, but also a different level of income.

To create a profitable enterprise, you need to know what kind of production is currently in demand in Russia in small business. As a rule, this requires at least a little experience in this area. In addition, it should be understood that before reaching self-sufficiency and making a profit, you will have to work for several months or even years. Finally, the manufacture of some types of products requires licenses, certificates or permits.

But at the same time, beginners who are alarmed by such difficulties, it is worth noting: experienced entrepreneurs would hardly want to get involved in production if the result did not justify the effort. Why this business is considered profitable:

  • The organization of a small business is possible without significant capital investments, huge production areas and a staff of hundreds of workers;
  • Production of demanded products is relatively easy to expand by increasing the range or increasing capacity enterprises;
  • Specialization is unusual for business. With a decrease in demand, the entrepreneur will quickly reconfigure the machines for the production of more popular goods;
  • You can start making piece exclusive products. They are much more expensive than mass consumer goods;
  • The demanded industries are supported by the state. The entrepreneur is entitled to apply for a grant, subsidy or other assistance.

Cheese production

Studying what kind of production is in demand in Russia, it should be noted that among domestic buyers, classic hard cheeses are in greatest demand. Accordingly, it is better to start a business with the manufacture of just such varieties.

Creating a mini-farm is more profitable for farmers who breed cows. But even a simple entrepreneur will achieve success in this area if he negotiates with the villagers on the purchase of milk at a reasonable price in the amount of 800-1200 liters daily.

A small cheese dairy with a capacity of up to 100 kg of product per day can be placed in a room with an area of ​​35–40 m². Separately, it is necessary to equip the cheese ripening chamber in which the temperature will be maintained at 10–12 ° С. To equip the workshop you need:

  • Milk pasteurization tank;
  • Raw material quality analyzer;
  • Cheese-making bath;
  • Press for wringing and forming cheese;
  • Bath for salting;
  • Packing equipment.

To launch this demanded production on the market, you need to invest about 700 thousand rubles in the business. With an average cost of cheese 250-300 rubles / kg and a monthly production volume of 2200 kg, the net profit of an entrepreneur will be approximately 150 thousand rubles. Accordingly, business investment will pay off in six months.

Production of semi-finished products

What small production is in demand in this market segment? People most willingly buy meat products, including:

The share of small and medium-sized businesses in Russia is rapidly changing. Not so long ago, Vladimir Putin signed a bill that stipulates changes for members of certain organizations in the authorized capital of the company. And the authorized capital is far from the only criterion of who can be classified as small companies.

It is necessary to very carefully discuss the question of what awaits small business in 2021 in Russia?

What is worth knowing about?

You can find out if the already established companies are small businesses according to the established criteria. To do this, you need to know them. First of all, you should start with the main thing.

In accordance with the words of the President of the Russian Federation, those companies whose members are only organizations of people with disabilities can definitely be considered small.

In such LLCs for the reporting and previous year, the average number of citizens with disabilities in relation to other employees must be at least 50%.

Another important criterion is the fact that 25% of the wages fund should go to the share of the remuneration of the disabled. This change was introduced in 2021 and is worth keeping in mind.

Further, discussing what is happening with small business in Russia, we can say that special attention should be paid to the fact that today the term “sales proceeds” is not used. It has been replaced by the phrase “income criterion”. Accordingly, the innovation makes it possible to compare the limits of income of companies and individual entrepreneurs, which are reflected in the declarations of profit.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that small and medium-sized companies in Russia should take into account the share of foreign capital when forming.

There are restrictions according to which the share of the authorized capital from a foreigner should not exceed 49%, that is, less than half.

However, this criterion is not limited if companies with foreign founders are not offshore, that is, they pay taxes to the Russian budget.

Registration and reporting

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