What kind of business to open in agriculture? Business ideas for agriculture

One of the most common myths about business in small towns and villages, including villages, is the belief that it is possible to engage exclusively in agricultural activities there. In fact, these regions are very promising for small businesses due to cheap labor, small investments in premises and huge opportunities for the use of space.

What can be organized far from cities? Today we will talk about several directions for creating a manufacturing business in rural areas.

It should be noted that the main disadvantage of provincial regions is their remoteness from the main sales market, large cities, which automatically implies the need for vehicles. This is perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages of such entrepreneurship.

We organize a manufacturing business in rural areas

The first place is the production of bath brooms. Bath brooms are very popular throughout the country. The very process of opening such a business in rural areas is a simple process that only roughens organizational skills. What needs to be done is to organize a team of people to collect raw materials for brooms, a workshop for felting brooms and the sale itself.

Second place - basket weaving. Products from the vine are in constant demand and have not lost their relevance today. The main serious drawback of such a business has always been the enormous laboriousness of the process, the presence of the vine itself. The first and second problems in rural areas are solved quite simply, labor resources are relatively inexpensive, and I don’t want to take vines (at least in most regions of the country).

The benefits of basket weaving as a village business

The third place is the production of pallets. Most regions of the country have forest cover, which implies huge reserves of timber, including non-commercial timber. Today, such non-commercial timber is either simply thrown away or burned, although it is it that serves as the raw material for the production of wooden pallets. It should be noted that this business is aimed specifically at export; in Russia, wooden pallets are practically not used, both in the near abroad and in the EU.

The fourth place - the opening of a mini workshop for the production of cinder blocks or foam concrete. The technology of both the first and second directions is simple and minimal equipment requirements. At the exit of such a business in rural areas, we have a fairly high-quality and cheap building material. Practice shows that the transportation of cinder blocks and foam blocks over long distances is a very costly business, as a result, local production will have an advantage.

Fifth place - production of monuments. By and large, the idea has something in common with the fourth option for a village business, at the same time it has a number of significant differences in the way of promotion and purely moral aspects. Agree, not everyone wants to "pour" tombstones from concrete in their own yard. In general, the business is very profitable and has a profitability of over 100%

The technical revolution in the Western world has shown quite interesting trends, on the one hand, the technological sector is rapidly expanding, including the development of 3D printing. Such technologies are ready to replace the industry as such, not comforting forecasts for the extraction of minerals (too many substitutes). As a result, among the trends are the very high technologies and, if not strange, agriculture. So as not to print and not invent, but you always want to eat.

Similar trends await Russia in the future, as a result, if you are thinking about business, then take a closer look at the rural one. At least there is no substitute for traditional agriculture and most likely there will not be.

For the sake of fairness, I can say that I myself am now organizing such a business project in the countryside, I think in the near future I will describe the directions that I have mastered, do not forget to subscribe to the blog. I personally believe that this is the best way to create your own business with a future perspective.

Within the framework of this block, we will talk about the ideas of the agricultural business in processing, historically, so this sphere of business was practically absent in the country, in fact, like small farming. Although if we take Europe as an example, then about 50% of food products there are produced by small businesses.

What to recycle in rural business directions

The first place - no matter how strange it sounds, but among the best directions for organizing your own mini-workshop for processing agricultural products is the production of feed. Why is this rural business idea the best? It's simple, in today's realities it provides the maximum profit with minimum investment of labor, money and nerves (associated with organization and inspections). On the pages of the blog, a number of such ideas were sorted out, in particular, the production of food for cats and dogs, extruded and compound feed, and even food for pets.

Second place - packaging. I do not want to single out a separate idea of ​​rural business, this includes, as usual, packaging of buckwheat, barley, and so on with cleaning and drying. There will be enough cleaning equipment and a filling machine. So also more complex ones, such as a workshop for frying seeds. In such cases, it is additionally necessary to purchase the frying equipment itself.

The third place is the production of dried fruits. The main disadvantage of this idea in the countryside is the availability of a raw material base. Actually, depending on the region, it makes sense to be engaged in one or another product, where it is apples and pears, somewhere berries or mushrooms. In general, with relatively low expenses for the purchase of equipment, the main problem of a business is storage locations and the presence of a large amount of manual labor. Rural business solves the problem of location by the presence of vast territories, and labor is cheaper than in large metropolitan areas.

The fourth place is the processing of fruits and berries, we make preserves and jams. Despite the huge positive experience of Europe (one of the youngest millionaires in Great Britain is doing this), this type of village business has not become widespread in Russia. At the same time, the prospects for homemade pickles, jams and other "seaming" are huge. The main problem is finding clients, and here you need to pay attention to the Internet. Creation of your own (initially regional) store site will allow you to effectively sell products. Especially if there is an opportunity to "show" the place of business. Practice shows that every second client becomes a regular customer.

Fifth place - making sausages, smoking and salting bacon, meat. This idea for the village belongs to the category of traditional ones; it will take a small smokehouse and time to organize it. The profitability of such processing rarely falls below 100%. The main obstacle in organizing such a rural business will be high competition, the problem is being solved with no less high quality and original recipes.


Actually, both cultivation, breeding and processing of agricultural products is possible on the basis of private household plots (personal subsidiary plots), which implies the absence of taxation.

Since the beginning of the 2021s, a significant part of the products of local agriculture has disappeared from store shelves in Russia. They were replaced by imported vegetables, fruits and meat. Modern buyers genuinely wonder why it is easier to bring food products from abroad than to produce the same in their own country. Moreover, the environmental friendliness of imported products is often in doubt. In the last decade, agribusiness has begun to regain lost ground, but is not yet able to fully meet the needs of the population.


Agricultural business in the Russian Federation is on the rise. State authorities in every possible way encourage its development. Such a political decision is dictated exclusively by practical goals, i.e. most of the villages in the country are in decline.

Business development in the field of agriculture will bring additional revenues to the budget, as well as solve the problem of the desolation of villages.

Small businesses operating in agriculture receive government support, which is expressed in:

  • obtaining preferential loans for starting a business;
  • gratuitous allocation of vacant territories for breeding animals or growing plants;
  • ensuring favorable conditions for purchasing a planting material;
  • subsidizing the development of agricultural business.

Despite significant help for business from the government, new ideas in agriculture are difficult to implement. Moreover, for the most part, the difficulties are associated not with the presence of competitors in the industry, but with the actual implementation of the idea. To start receiving a stable income, you will have to spend a lot of time and physical strength.

According to statistics, the average payback of an agricultural business is six months for growing vegetables, fruits, berries or herbs, and 2-3 years for livestock. Determining exactly which is the most profitable business in agriculture is problematic. the falsity is due to the fact that two identical farms located in different regions of the country will be characterized by different profitability.

  • plant growing ;
  • growing flowers or mushrooms;
  • animal husbandry;
  • poultry farming;
  • beekeeping.

When deciding how to open a business in agriculture, experienced farmers recommend taking into account not only the proximity of the territorial location of the points of sale of products, but also the climatic conditions necessary for growing plants.

Beekeepers' products, especially honey, are supplied not only to the Russian market, but also exported to different countries.

Beeswax is becoming more and more popular now.

  • Firstly, it is environmentally friendly, so they began to make various packaging for goods from it (by the way, this is also a kind of business activity)
  • Secondly it has antiseptic properties, which is why it is added to various products such as: creams, ointments, shampoos, etc.
  • Thirdly, it is an antibacterial agent, if you chew beeswax like chewing gum, it will well remove bacteria in the oral cavity.

Decide for yourself whether it is profitable to do this business, because in my opinion the processing of beeswax and its use is really gaining momentum and will soon be in great demand all over the world. Wow, bees are especially interested, now you know how many options to do what you love (we did not even mention everything) and get a good income from this.

Vending business at the farmers market

Automata is not a bad business, but an especially good start for entrepreneurship. If you choose the right place with excellent traffic, install a sufficient number of machines at different points, you can make good money on this. It is important to be first and unique in your niche. It doesn't matter that there are already a lot of such machines, the main thing is that the products in them are not comparable with anyone else. Add your own flavor and everything will be great)

Snails are much easier to breed than birds and rabbits, they do not need as much space as for example for other animals, a small box or even an aquarium is enough. Their meat tastes like chicken, in European countries they are consumed almost every day for dinner. Clam meat is a delicacy and is also served in expensive restaurants.

  • Humus fertilizer for the land (in demand among summer residents and large farm estates)
  • Worm tea (increases the fertility of farm crops many times over)
  • And of course the worms themselves (fishermen always need them, and they spend a lot of time to get them)

If you become a good worm machine, of all kinds and types, then you will find clients, do not worry (even at first you can find yourself those who would be interested in your product). Nowadays, people sell anything, even air in China, so if you like this type of business, you can safely start developing it. The main thing is not to despair and everything will work out for you).

If you have knowledge in this business or desire to learn it, as well as the desire to help others, then this business is perfect for you. But for such work it is important to have the necessary premises, warehouses for storing these products. As well as a sanitary, environmental and fire safety certificate for starting work in this area.

In order not to burn out in this business, advice - start with the minimum rates. See if your product will go to people or not. If so, then you can confidently start investing more money: hire people, conclude an agreement with a transport company, have your own warehouses for storing goods, etc.

So lovers of plant growing and everything connected with it, consider this a demanded business. The best thing is to occupy niches in which they have not yet developed much and to be the first to do it.

Anyone can start a soy-based business, from the production of soy products to the cultivation of soybeans. It is sold for both humans and animals, so the range of choices is large. The main thing is not to rush and do not start with more. Do everything in order.

Many of those who live in a private house and run their own household think that the goods produced on the home plot can be used not only for personal needs, but also for sale. However, starting a farming-based business is not always easy. Quite often all undertakings stop while searching for an idea. To avoid this and not rack your brains over the search for an interesting idea, you can study the proposals that Internet resources give. So, this article briefly describes 5 business ideas that can be successfully implemented in agriculture.

Growing mushrooms

A mushroom farm can be a very profitable business even in very limited conditions, the reason for this is the speed of the harvest. Every 6 weeks, an entrepreneur can collect a new batch of mushrooms, which is not bad even if there is one mycelium. If an entrepreneur wants to work with the sale of mushrooms on an ongoing basis, then he needs to create several myceliums that will harvest every week.

About 20-25 kg of mushrooms grow on one square meter, while in a hall with an area of ​​200 sq. m. you can harvest 5 tons of mushrooms. Such a business requires entrepreneurial acumen and dedication. Even though mushrooms are unpretentious and very fertile, they require proper care. For example, the room must have a certain temperature and humidity. There should be no drafts in the hall, mushrooms should be protected from cold and wind.

To create a full-scale business that will allow growing about 10 tons of mushrooms, it is necessary to spend about 400,000 rubles for the construction of a well-equipped hall with an area of ​​400 sq. m. The set of equipment will include an air conditioner and a computer system. Of course, you can start a business with less. In the early stages, it is not necessary to create a huge plantation, it is enough to equip a small room.

Growing grapes

Vineyards in our country have existed for many years and not even for the first ten years. Grapes were used before and are still used to make wine, but at the same time they have always loved to just eat it.

The peculiarity of growing this product is that it grows grapes on sandy and rocky soils, which are unsuitable for most crops. Therefore, most of the vineyards in our country are developing in the Krasnodar Territory. Moreover, it is precisely those that are located on a small slope to the south and are protected from strong westerly winds by hills that thrive. But in order for a vineyard to bring a lot of crops, it is not enough to plant it in a suitable place. It is also necessary to fertilize the soil with manure and lime.

If you have little or no experience in growing grapes, then you should seek help from experts in the vineyard, which are oenologists. And it's best to do this before you start a business. The oenologist will explain all the pros and cons of creating vineyards, talk about more fertile varieties, tell you how and how best to fertilize the soil, which can affect the quality and volume of the crop. Without the help of a specialist, a novice entrepreneur with no experience is doomed to lose his investments and even go to losses.

Growing grapes does not differ in momentary profit. Often, in order for a good grape variety to begin to grow, it is necessary to spend several years, because it is necessary for the vine to adapt to the soil and gain the useful elements it needs. However, if you succeed, you will start running a profitable and promising business that offers many opportunities for expansion.

Growing strawberries

Strawberries are the favorite of millions. It is known all over the world and is considered one of the most delicious berries, which makes it possible for those who are thinking about their business to open a business in a very profitable direction. However, as with any business, you need to work very hard to be successful. Before starting cultivation, you should talk with those who have already been or are engaged in similar activities. It is also worth studying the information and drawing up a business plan, in it you need to describe all the prospects and risks, calculate the estimated costs and incomes.

Strawberries can be grown in a specially equipped greenhouse, you can also use the garage by equipping it with shelving. In summer, you can grow strawberries on the site. It is important to choose places without shade. Before planting, you need to weed the area and fertilize the soil. The soil is fertilized with manure. You should not plant strawberries, as they say, at random. It is better to plant it in orderly rows with a distance of 20-30 cm from each bush.

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