What is profitable to produce? The most profitable production in Russia

Manufacturing can be safely attributed to the most difficult business option. After all, before you sell a batch of products, you need to release it. Much easier to engage in buying and selling, earning a percentage of the total cost.

Only statistics say that intermediary services will soon be reduced to a minimum. Therefore, the time has come to study the information about what is profitable for small businesses to produce in Russia in 2021.

How to find the right product niche?

What goods are popular, what is profitable to produce, how to determine the demand in the sales market? The answers to these questions can be found based on the results of opinion polls. Research carried out over the past decade has shown that Russians' monthly earnings on store purchases are spent as follows:

  • Food ;
  • Clothes ;
  • Children's goods;
  • Home renovation;
  • Home improvement;
  • Goods for transport;
  • Rest.

Based on the data presented, it becomes clear that in 2021 it is profitable in Russia to produce something from these categories of goods. Covering all areas at once is costly and too time-consuming. Therefore, we offer a list from which you can choose your niche.

Food Industry

To open your own business in this cell, you need to choose a direction. For example, a fast food chain. Or, procurement bases for organic products. The first is in demand due to the catastrophic lack of time for the employed part of the population. Second, it is gaining momentum at the expense of people who are careful about their health. But there is also a third: the production of alcoholic, low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. This industry also has a place to be, due to its profitability.

Or, in general, you can focus on baby food. Now this is a very relevant production in Russia for small businesses.

Pizzeria, Shawarma, Hot Dogs

There are still a lot of “vacancies” in this business, and a variety of fruitful activities. Moving in this direction, do not forget about the basic rules:

  • Fresh produce;
  • Cleanliness;
  • Nice staff and environment.

Analysis of the investment in the structure of the business plan

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Good afternoon. I read a lot of the forum, mostly old topics. Not so long ago, I came across the topic of how to make at least 50 thousand in retirement, and so many there advised to buy a CNC machine, a 3D printer and one of the options was a machine for the production of HB gloves, they even fixed the video how the machine knits and throws out finished products. And it seems like you are lying on the couch watching football and the machine there in the garage makes you money. And most importantly, it is not expensive, only 150-200 thousand. So let's look at this business in more detail. To begin with, let's start with the machine, it is really not expensive and works by itself, unfortunately one machine is very useless, it still needs an overlock, this is such garbage that sheathes the edge so that it does not bloom and sews an elastic band there. It is also not expensive, about 120 thousand rubles. Another PVC coating line costs 350 thousand, it is needed to make a PVC coating on the front side of the glove. A drying machine that will dry it all to a solid PVC state, and a packaging machine. And if knitting machines can work with minimal human participation, then at all other stages people are needed who will work with rivers. So the first myth that you can sit at home and watch TV and get paid will not work. The second point is if you have 1 knitting machine and the rest of the line, then the price tag will already be under a million and you will not be able to recoup such an enterprise. This means that for payback, we need to fully load production. To do this, we take the volume of the most productive element of the line, namely the PVC coating machine can process 800 pairs per hour. Under it, you need two overlocks that can sheathe 340-350 pairs per hour. And to produce that many gloves, you need 18 machines. If you count all the equipment, then somewhere in the 3. million rubles. This does not include delivery, setup, and so on. I would mortgage 4 million. As I think, it has already become clear that such a line will not enter the garage and a room of 120 square meters or more will be required, taking into account that in this area you will also need to place a warehouse of raw materials, which is large and a warehouse of finished products. So it is worth thinking about renting or building such a room. how many people will be required to work. At least 1 person must operate knitting machines, two on overlocks, another on PVC and a dryer, and one on a packer. Technically, if you have a large family, a wife, children, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother, then it is quite possible to master the production of your family. But there is still a question with office employees who will make transport documents and deal with sales. But for now, let's dwell on production that requires 5 people. How much will we earn? Approximately 6,300 pairs of gloves can be produced per day on 18 machines, the cost of one pair (by material) is in the region of 10-13 rubles. Let's count it as 11 rubles. The wholesale selling price is approximately 16 rubles, the approximate price of a daily turnover is 100,800 rubles, an average of 22 working days per month, which means a monthly turnover in the region of 2,217,000 rubles. Somewhere 693,000 rubles of dirty margin. With a simplified tax, we pay 7% of the turnover, which is about 156,000, you also need to pay for utilities, heating, rent, if any. Even if you pay 20 thousand per hired person per month, then 300 thousand per month will remain clean. about 2 million will be required to purchase raw materials for a month of work. In total, about 6 million initial investments, 2 million are constantly in circulation. And the payback is 1-1. of the year. A good option would be to build a small room of 250 meters on your site and calmly produce gloves for yourself. Especially relevant for the inhabitants of the province. Of course, you can start with more modest investments, but then there will be an incomplete load of lines, a drop in productivity and an increase in payback. I will also add a video from YouTube where the cost of 1 pair is being calculated.

Good afternoon, gentlemen. Tell me what can be produced in series from sheet (roll) metal? there are 4 60-ton presses, guillotine listogib, pipe bender, powder painting, plasma. in theory, I can produce anything from sheet metal, there is a problem with sales.

Himself from Samara. at the moment we are producing the sko-82 cover, if we climb, the market is full and decreases every year, and you won't live on small orders with a large lease, thanks in advance!

Hello, dear entrepreneurs, I have: 1. production site (two workshops of 700 sq. m.) 2. equipment for metal processing 3. tin on the shoulders, as well as straight arms 4. a strong desire to do business, so to speak, useful to society

What kind of steel structures do you think will be in demand? Does it make sense to change the field of activity? How to make the most of the production area (except for lease)?

Many similar topics, some already abandoned, so I decided to update. At the request of his brother who just started doing something like that. Exactly a year since he served in the ranks of the Russian army and decided to further master the profession.

He began to have a lot of questions, so they actually created this topic, we need help in some aspects of this direction.

There are many people on the forum who are directly involved or closely related to this, please share your experience and good advice.

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