What equipment for the production of t-shirts is required when starting a business

In order to open your own business, you need to have certain knowledge and skills in some area. The simplest idea for making good money is to start a picture printing business on T-shirts. About all the advantages and nuances of such an entrepreneurial activity further in the article.

T-shirt printing as a business

It is not difficult to organize a business of printing pictures on T-shirts in the modern world. This business can be classified as a profitable business. The younger generation always wants to stand out, dictate their own fashion and be different from everyone else. Therefore, giving them the opportunity to create unique clothes is to open up a wide field of opportunities for creativity and self-realization. Many people have a picture of the perfect outfit in their heads, and an entrepreneur in a T-shirt printing business can help make such a dream come true.

A similar business can also be cooperated with tourism. After all, many travelers do not mind leaving themselves a memory of a pleasant place in the form of a T-shirt with its image.

Types of T-shirt Printing

In order to start a profitable T-shirt business, you need to understand the possible types of printing on fabric.

There are two common ways to print a design on a T-shirt: hot-dip and sublimation.

Sublimation Printing

The advantage of this type of drawing on the fabric is their quality. These T-shirts are resistant to wear and tear.

To start a T-shirt business using sublimation printing, you need to purchase a special flatbed heat press. You also need to purchase an inkjet printer that will provide continuous ink supply. Alternatively, refillable universal cartridges are also available. I also need to buy ink and paper. But when the business starts to generate income, it’s better to switch to special thermal transfer paper for sublimation printing.


In order to apply a pattern to the fabric using thermal application, you must use a special film. It is cut using a plotter. All remnants of the film must be removed. From such pieces of film, a multi-colored image is glued together into one piece, like puzzles. When the picture is ready, it will be applied to the fabric with a special heat press under high pressure. Thus, the result is a finished T-shirt with the original picture. If you use this method of printing pictures on T-shirts, you can use materials in a wide variety of colors. This method is best used for simple pictures, since it is very laborious.

Selling essentials is a profitable and win-win business. The production of T-shirts is precisely in this area. Today the knitwear and clothing industry in Russia is mistakenly considered unprofitable and unpromising business.

The market is full of cheap products from Turkey and China. However, oversaturation in this area practically does not affect the demand of buyers. This is especially true of T-shirts, which have become an invariable attribute in almost every person's wardrobe.

Business Strategy

In order to create your own sewing workshop, you will need significant start-up capital. However, with the right approach, the invested amount will pay off in a year.

The entire T-shirt production chain should be in your hands. This will allow you not to depend on optional suppliers. It is also advisable to sell finished products in bulk through retail chains.

An important condition for a successful business is tracking all market trends and being sensitive to changes in demand. Typically, color preferences change every six months, while style and fashion trends change once a year. Based on this, it is necessary to adjust the process in such a way that there is a possibility of quick reprogramming or retrofitting of the equipment to configure it for the production of other products.

Market Analysis

The main competitors in the clothing industry are Chinese manufacturers. Therefore, it is important to understand the success of these products. First of all, this is the low price of knitted products. It is due to the cheapness of equipment and labor.

Of course, it is irrational to pay low wages to your staff, but its value is compensated by the absence of import customs duties. In addition, domestic enterprises may have various tax incentives.

Required equipment

Business of printing on T-shirts (T-shirts) What is the point?

An unusual gift is the culmination of any special occasion. Often we rack our brains trying to surprise a birthday person, newlyweds, heroes of the day or colleagues for a holiday. It's time to get rid of the usual and commonplace organizers and pens. I would like the gift to be not only memorable, but also useful. This option is unusual custom-made T-shirts with original inscriptions, pictures or symbols applied on them that have a special meaning for the recipient of the gift. Therefore, the business idea of ​​creating a print on T-shirts (T-shirts) and selling them is a profitable investment of financial resources and an opportunity for its development.

There is competition in the T-shirt printing business, but it is not so great that it could seriously harm a starting entrepreneur or prevent him from developing and moving forward in his activities, turning his own ideas into reality.

Analysts estimate the profitability of a custom printed T-shirt business at almost 100%. It does not require millions of investments and huge costs, and if an entrepreneur wants to engage in another type of activity, he can always return the costs incurred by selling equipment. A T-shirt with an original pattern or inscription is an unusual gift, so it is in demand at any time, regardless of the economic situation in the market, and the business of making it is a profitable idea.

Where to start?

Not a single type of entrepreneurial activity at the stage of conceiving an idea is complete without drawing up a business plan. It can be painted both independently and with the help of a competent specialist. All points of the plan must be strictly followed in order to avoid unexpected expenses and keep within the planned payback period of the project.

The main stages of a business plan for unusual printing on T-shirts are:

  • Passing formal registration procedures to legalize your own business before the state.
  • Selection of a suitable premises both for a store (if opening is planned) and for production needs.
  • Department of premises in accordance with production and administrative needs.
  • Recruitment. To start the activity, it will be enough to hire 2 specialists who will directly deal with printing on T-shirts and a technical employee. At an early stage, administrative work that combines the functions of an accountant, marketer, t-shirt sales manager and secretary can be done independently.
  • Purchase, installation and debugging of equipment, setting up good lighting, the Internet.
  • Purchase of necessary consumables.
  • Creating an online store for which the sale and advertising of T-shirts is the main task.

Calculations provided in the business plan in accordance with the price level for unusual T-shirts and T-shirts in the region, as well as the estimated amount of costs incurred, will help determine the approximate profitability and payback period of the project.

T-shirt ideas

This point in the business plan of a newly formed T-shirt business with a print or text assumes complete creative freedom. The T-shirt can be made according to the individual parameters of the customer, on it you can print well-known pictures, symbols, or come up with something new and not used before. Many entrepreneurs starting a business of making fancy T-shirts have grown to create their own branded apparel and open chain stores.

Now many young entrepreneurs are thinking about developing a business that does not require large investments. We'll look at a business idea that should take the time to research. Perhaps you will take note of it.

Market Analysis

As you know, there is currently no shortage on the clothing market. And imported products have filled almost the entire niche associated with the sale of a wide variety of T-shirts. But don't despair! You can create your own unique product.

First, you need to study the demand in the market and identify the positions that are most popular among buyers. To do this, you should visit several well-known clothing stores in your city to familiarize yourself with the range and pricing policy.


First, you need to calculate all the costs associated with business development. And this: the purchase of equipment, the purchase of T-shirts on which the drawing will be applied, the rent of the premises or the cost of writing a website for online sales, taxes, etc. After you calculate all the costs, it will be easier to understand whether you are ready to invest in the development of this business. Once the business plan is ready, you can proceed to the next stage.

There are no special conditions for registration of a business related to the production of T-shirts. It is enough to prepare a package of necessary documents and apply for registration of an individual entrepreneur. If you yourself do not want to do this, then there are many companies that will register your business for a certain amount.

Online Business

First you need to look for artists who can create a variety of illustrations for your T-shirts. This is a very important step as most entrepreneurs do not have the drawing experience they would need to design T-shirts. The products should look as attractive as possible.

After that, you must make your first batch and purchase a domain name to run your own website. Next, you may need a photographer and a model to capture great photos for your online store. In addition, it will be necessary to include in the business plan the costs of a programmer who will write the site, and in the future will provide you with professional support related to its maintenance.

Once you have completed all these steps, you can move on to advertising.

Why is the idea so attractive?

Most young people prefer hoodies and T-shirts with original lettering and stylish images. Thanks to this, there is a direct opportunity to noticeably stand out from the surrounding society and emphasize individuality. At home, high-quality drawing on fabric is impossible and many are looking for a special workshop to implement their own ideas. Tourists often use the service of design images on clothes, making a gift for themselves in memory of visiting the city. A T-shirt with an author's image is a good souvenir. Couples in love often order photos of each other on their clothes, and caring parents put their contacts on the clothes of young children in case they get lost.

Place to work

A full-fledged work will require a room - own or rented for a long time. The work space is at least 8 square meters. Renting a space in the city center will provide a sufficient number of clients. It is better to choose a place near a shopping center, near metro stations and places of transport interchanges. An ordinary advertising banner will help to attract customers. It is necessary to select in advance a possible client audience - if you wish to work with young people, it is better to locate the office next to educational institutions and student hostels. It is important to determine the future assortment of goods - direct profit depends on it. Custom-printed clothes or ready-made accessories with original drawings are in demand. Prefabricated samples are used as display advertisements for displaying samples.

T-shirt printing equipment

  • Inkjet printer for applying original images to fabric.
  • Multiple cartridges.
  • Plotter cutting material.
  • Heat press.
  • Ink.
  • Special graphics program.
  • A computer processing sensitive data.

Original images are transferred to T-shirts in two ways:

  • A specialized printer is used to transfer the pattern, which can easily apply the pattern to the fabric.
  • The fabric is placed on paper and a pattern is applied to the surface using a heat press. Due to the increased temperature, the graphics are completely copied onto the fabric.

By choosing the option of reproducing printing on fabric, you can purchase the necessary equipment for your business.

To choose the right equipment, you need to know the approximate monthly volume of work.

For example, with a small number of orders, a textile type of printer will work well. It has a slow print speed, but the images are very high quality.

Technology organization

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