Welding workshop as a business

Welding specialists who decide to create a business receive a decent income. Welding work by verbal agreement is not an option. The official welding business is safer. Sometimes, to open an LLC or individual entrepreneur, it is enough to find out how others make money on welding. Where did they start, what underwater reefs they had to overcome.

To keep the income constant, all types of welding of metals and synthetic materials are provided. LLCs uniting groups of specialists are successfully developing. Employees of large enterprises with permits for various types of welding are involved in the execution of orders. There are examples of successful individual entrepreneurs where only one person or two are registered.

How to start a welding business

Experience alone is not enough to organize an independent production. We need capital. At the federal level, grants are provided, quotas are allocated for convenient lending. In municipal organizations, at the regional level, structures have been created to help start-up entrepreneurs, consulting on economic and legal issues. Experts are constantly monitoring. They will help determine the direction of development of the welding business, so that it is needed on the territory and is competitive. It will be easier to draw up a business plan with such support. Where to start:

  • find like-minded people, at least one, but a small team is better;
  • take into account the estimated costs;
  • calculate the expected profit;
  • consider informing potential clients, possible communication channels: media (newspapers, radio, Internet), business cards, flyers with bearer discounts;
  • define the scope, clients include individuals, management organizations , construction firms, industrial and municipal enterprises.

The welding business must be officially registered prior to work. An individual entrepreneur is enough to work with individuals. Many people start with individual entrepreneurship, in which case taxation will be minimal. If enterprises appear among the clients, you need to register an LLC. A simplified taxation scheme is provided for them. According to OKVED (list of types of economic activity), up to 10 positions are selected, all directions are indicated in the application. The OKVED register is easy to find on the Internet, it is publicly available.

Welding equipment

When thinking through the welding business, it is important to consider all types of work:

  • welding, cutting metal pipes (assembly / disassembly);
  • assembly of propylene pipelines;
  • installation, replacement of the heating system;
  • welding of steel alloys, non-ferrous metals, polymers.

Equipment is selected according to the type of welding:

  • devices for 220 V of various modifications, simple, with a set of additional functions (transformer, inverter, manual devices and semiautomatic devices);
  • welding tongs or semiautomatic device for spot welding;
  • power cable in the required volume;
  • devices for gas welding, cutting (torches, cylinders, trolley for their transportation, gas supply hoses, devices, gas reducer); <
  • a set of soldering irons for welding polypropylene, linoleum;
  • work tables;
  • fasteners.

Equipment includes fire extinguishers. This is regulated by the Fire Safety Regulations in the Russian Federation (Federal Law No. 390 of April 25, 2021).

The services of a professional welder are consistently in demand both in large and small cities. Opening a welding shop equipped with professional equipment means providing yourself with a constant and fairly high income. Provided, of course, that qualified specialists are hired. A business plan for welding works with calculations will allow novice businessmen to adequately assess the opportunity to make money in their city by providing this type of service.

Investments in organizing this business cannot be called large - 300 thousand rubles will fully cover the initial costs of starting a business. Taking into account the peculiarities of the economic situation in our country, it is advisable for an entrepreneur to do without attracting borrowed funds and try to limit himself to his own savings.

Concept Brief

When organizing a private welding shop, an entrepreneur may be tempted to refuse to officially register his undertaking. However, registration of an individual entrepreneur will allow you to open new horizons for the development of your business, previously inaccessible. Moreover, the choice of the optimal taxation system will minimize the amount of tax contributions that must be paid to the state treasury. In this case, the simplified tax system is suitable with a tax rate of 6% of the amount of "dirty" income. No additional licenses or permits are required.

As for the selection of the required OKVED codes, everything is extremely simple here:

  • 25. “Processing of metals and coating of metals; mechanical processing of metals ";
  • 25. 2 "Mechanical processing of metal products".

An example of a list of services for a private welding workshop is presented below:

  • Welding of household and household items.
  • Automotive welding works.
  • Welding of pipes of various diameters.
  • Welding of gratings and metal fences.
  • Welding of decorative items.

If the business will function successfully and give a stable profit, then the list of services can subsequently be expanded or even opened new areas of work.

How much to invest in opening

As already noted, the starting costs for organizing a welding shop will result in 300 thousand rubles. Now let's decide where to spend this amount.

The table clearly shows that the equipment for the welding shop will "eat" exactly half of the initial capital. Its cost, of course, may be lower, but then the quality will also not be up to the mark. So it is highly discouraged to save on this expense item.

A welder is a specialist who belongs to the category of skilled workers, for whose professionalism rather high requirements are imposed. Despite the fact that training in the profession of "welder" in Russia is carried out by a fairly large number of educational institutions, there is a certain shortage of workers in the labor market who are able to perform the tasks of this position with high quality.

A high-quality welder receives a high salary, while working with tasks of any complexity and using different types of welding equipment.

If we talk about novice specialists, their income level at the initial stage may be low, but with gaining experience and skills, the situation can quickly change towards an increase in wages.

Average salary of a welder by regions of Russia

When analyzing the average salary of a welder, it must be remembered that, when posting vacancies, employers often indicate not the exact amount of the offered salary, but the salary range, or indicate the minimum value from which they will start when making an offer specific candidate.

The salary of a welder in Russia depends not only on the level of his qualifications and work experience, but also on the ability of employers to pay for his work.

In the regions, the welder's income may be lower than in Moscow, which is associated with the general situation on the labor market, the size of the business of the companies in which the candidates are employed.

Based on the analysis of data for six regions of the country, obtained from job search portals, it can be concluded that the most favorable situation, besides Moscow, has developed in the Ural Federal District, which may be due to the presence large manufacturing enterprises in the region.

Despite the overall ranking of Russian regions, within each regional labor market, the average income of welders varies depending on the situation in a particular city, the presence of large manufacturing companies in it that are able to offer competitive wages.

What determines the level of the welder's earnings

In addition to the general situation formed in a particular region, the welder's income depends on his level of competence and work experience.

The idea of ​​providing various welding services can be great for starting your own business. Good welders are always in demand, so your business will not lack orders.

Organizational issues

If you decide to start a welding business, do not think that it will be necessary to open a large company. You can work successfully with a team of several people, or even one.

The best option would be to organize a small company, whose specialists will be able to provide the entire range of welding services at once. In particular, the firm will be able to perform:

  • welding of pipes made of metal or polypropylene;
  • gas welding;
  • electric welding;
  • argon-arc welding;
  • air flame cutting of metal, etc.

The widest range of welding services will make your business the most attractive and profitable.

Welding equipment

  • transformer ;
  • inverter welding;
  • welding machine;
  • plasma cutting machine;
  • argon-arc welding unit;
  • several torches for welding semiautomatic devices;
  • special welding cable;
  • several gas cylinders;
  • blowtorch;
  • gas reducer;
  • acetylene welding generator;
  • special welding tables.

The idea of ​​organizing welding works is associated with a high risk of fire and even explosion. It is imperative to take care of the fire safety of your facility by purchasing a set of necessary tools and fire extinguishers. Fire safety rules for welding work are governed by the "Fire Regulations in the Russian Federation" dated April 25, 2021 No. 390. Before starting a welding business, we advise you to carefully read this document and strictly follow all the standards specified there.

Another mandatory expense item that your business will require at the initial stage will be the purchase of special welding suits, gloves, protective masks and goggles for employees. The cost of 1 set of overalls for a welder, depending on the quality and materials used in the manufacture, can vary from 1,000 to 6,500 rubles. The range of prices for protective masks is also great - from 300 to 3,000 rubles apiece. The cost of special glasses can range from 100 to 500 rubles. Taking into account the cost of gloves and other accessories, the outfit of one employee can cost you more than 10 thousand rubles.

In addition, for business, you will need to purchase or rent a rather large (from 100 m2) industrial premises, as well as conclude contracts for the supply of consumables (gas cylinders, electrodes, etc.) and maintenance of welding equipment ...

If you are interested in the idea of ​​making money on the provision of welding services, be prepared for the fact that the primary costs of organizing production will be from ten to one hundred thousand US dollars.

Hiring Employees

Is it possible to do business without interrupting your main job? Are there such options in real life, and not only in annoying commercials about virtual types of earnings? These questions are of interest to, probably, every employee in our country. We found one answer to these questions.

Today Reconomica spoke with a person who managed to combine two activities: working in a factory and owning a small business. Our interlocutor is not an entrepreneur, but works as a simple welder, but any businessman can envy the grip of this person. Read on and you will learn how you can organize a profitable business in the garage.

Low salaries force people to seek additional earnings

Hello. I will not name my name and place of residence. I don't want any of my colleagues or my employer to read this story and understand what I do. There is no crime in my occupation, but sometimes I have to take out something from work, for example, the material for my products.

The article is addressed to those who constantly whine that working at the enterprise, you can't do any work and you won't do a part-time job. All those who think that it is possible to work only for the owner and business cannot be combined with work, read.

I know how much my work costs and I consider such a salary a humiliation

I am an electric welder by profession, I work at a factory. They pay me a little - only 20,000 rubles as a salary, and about 5,000 rubles in bonuses. Maybe this salary will suit someone, but I do not have enough of it.

My low-paid job.


The owner of the plant makes millions and, all the same, constantly tries to cheat - to underdone something, to fine, with or without it. When the owner of the plant makes large purchases, for example, a new car for his daughter, the salaries of the workers begin to be delayed by two to three months. He considers his needs to be more important than ours. And people have loans in banks that will not wait.

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