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On the eve of the hot months, both literally and figuratively, entrepreneurial people are interested in the so-called seasonal business. This is especially true for those who do not have a permanent job. “I have a typical story of a post-Soviet man,” says a certain Sergei Ivanovich Konevodov at the Business as Survival forum. - I was an adjuster of powerful presses at an engineering plant. The enterprise was closed. The workshops were destroyed. And a shopping center was built in their place. My profession is not in demand at all. Our town is not that degrading, but clearly not successful. Therefore, I use the summer to the maximum to make good money. At the same time, I don’t want to become a farm laborer. I am looking for a seasonal idea for a business with a minimum start, but with a guaranteed income. "

We asked our expert Igor Malyugin, an analyst of the startup community, to answer this question. “If we talk about the summer business with the least risks, then the best thing is to focus on construction and agricultural work,” Malyugin believes. “I would classify the Rabitz mesh as a universal product that can be started from a minimum start.” The expert substantiates his position with a number of positive factors, which we decided to talk about.

Universal fence material

Meanwhile, the production of this material is growing in the USA. Thus, the publication "Home Construction" states that the Rabitz mesh is still of interest to the consumer. “It has a great combination of price and functionality,” writes journalist Mike Hopps of Home Construction. - Protect the plantation from forest rodents and hares ... create an open-air warehouse ... start construction ... all this is accompanied by the construction of a mesh fence. Americans are too practical to spend money where savings can be made. ”

Indeed, a chain-link fence is three times cheaper than a corrugated board fence, five times less expensive from wooden boards, nine times less expensive than a metal picket fence, and so on. “If we add time to this argument, then there is no competition for the chain-link,” says an analyst at ORFEI. td Mark Katz. - As for the skepticism associated with its production, it just has a seasonal limitation. This is a business for those who want to make money in the summer.

The expert warns that the factor of competition must be taken into account. For example, for a territory where up to 10 thousand people with average incomes live, one entrepreneur is quite enough. On the other hand, market saturation can be judged by value. In particular, a ten-meter roll (height 1500 mm) with a cell of 50x50 mm, made of galvanized wire 1.8 mm, should not cost more than 1000-1200 rubles for retail sale. “A higher price may signal the absence of normal competition,” Malyugin said. - Since the cost of this product for Russian conditions is unlikely to exceed 500-600 rubles per specified roll.

Machines for the production of chain-link mesh

A responsible approach to the selection of a machine, including taking into account the opinion of those who have already worked on it, can prevent start errors. This is especially important when it comes to vending machines, as they are expensive for a seasonal business. For example, an automatic machine tool ASU-174M will cost an entrepreneur 230,000 rubles, you still have to spend money on the delivery of equipment depending on the region, plus 50-55 thousand rubles will be spent on the purchase of the first batch of wire (1.5 tons). At the same time, the cost of a roll, which includes the operator's salary and the rental of premises, will not exceed 500 rubles.

However, many entrepreneurs believe that they should start with a semi-automatic.

“Why grab a machine gun right away? - writes forum user am0n. - The investment is big, plus one more big minus: on the machine, of course, you can safely “smoke bamboo” and only remove the rolls on one condition: if you have good wire. Now the wire is made in such a way that from one coil you have to set up the machine 10 times, but the machine is not set up so quickly. To start production, and generally to probe the soil in this area, it seems to me better to take a semiautomatic device. He is less capricious about the quality of the wire, and everything is set up much faster: in a minute you are working again. Yes, there is a minus that you have to stand at the table yourself, bite off and, if necessary, bend the ends. "

Indeed, many machines for the production of Rabitz mesh are notable for their low cost and relatively reliable operation. Thus, the Chelyabinsk machine "Rabitsa-220" can be purchased for 45 thousand rubles, while it will be equipped with a braiding mechanism, a trigger pedal, a control unit connector, a wire unwinding device and replaceable pulleys and a screw sleeve with a knife. The manufacturer guarantees ease of training and maximum productivity within two weeks after starting work.

Confessions of an Entrepreneur

Today, chain-link mesh is widely used as a material for the manufacture of fences in construction, agriculture, industry and many other industries. This versatile and affordable material is becoming increasingly popular.

Indeed, unlike concrete, brick and wooden fences, this product has one remarkable quality - it transmits light well. And this is exactly what the gardeners and gardeners need. They are the main consumers of the netting. It is precisely this category of buyers that a novice manufacturer of this product needs to focus on.

Chain-link mesh production: drawing up a business plan

This is a very crucial stage. To establish the production of the chain-link mesh, it is necessary to solve a number of problems, and drawing up a business plan is far from the last in this list. A novice entrepreneur needs to approach this issue with all responsibility, having carefully studied the main aspects of this type of activity.

A business plan for the production of a chain-link mesh is necessary for the implementation of tasks for planning the commercial and production activities of the enterprise, coordinating the actions of employees. Also, this document is needed to assess the main indicators and various kinds of risks (which is very useful in negotiations with creditors and investors). The business plan for the production of chain-link mesh will allow to study the feasibility of opening a new production and the prospects for its further development. Let's dwell on its points in more detail.

The main aspects of the planned enterprise as reflected in the business plan

  • Economic efficiency of the enterprise.
  • Risks of the organization and the main ways by which it will be possible to minimize their negative consequences.
  • Financial indicators and their forecasts.
  • Implementation of the project for the production of chain-link mesh.
  • Internal environment in a manufacturing plant.
  • Labor, financial and material resources required for the implementation of the project.
  • The external environment at the manufacturing plant.

Main objectives of the business plan

Among the main tasks are the following:

Market research

Let's start with the simplest. First, you need to visit the nearest hardware stores and markets in order to determine the range of goods of interest to us, sold in your region. You can look through the information posted in local newspapers, which will also allow you to form a certain opinion about the true picture of what is happening.

The concept of seasonality is characteristic of this material, but it still brings the owners a high and stable income. An equally important plus is the following point: the start does not require a large amount of financial investment, the size of the production machines is quite compact, and the finished mesh can be easily rolled up, therefore, a huge production area is not needed. To open a mini-workshop, only 300 thousand rubles are required.

Project Summary

Despite the small size of capital investments, the need to develop a business plan and its own development strategy has not been canceled.

Without carrying out the following actions, it is impossible to achieve success in any kind of activity, including in the manufacture of a chain-link mesh:

  • Analysis of the possible level of competition in the existing market.
  • Calculation of the amount of capital investments.
  • Production order.
  • Conducting an effective advertising campaign.
  • Calculation of the return on investment.

Analysis of the existing market and potential competitors

Evaluation of consumption showed that almost all of the fabricated mesh (90%) is purchased in order to equip a fence or other fencing at a construction site, a backyard and a summer cottage, as well as for the manufacture of aviaries. The remaining 10% is needed to meet the remaining needs in construction, agriculture and mechanical engineering.

Before starting your own production, you should analyze the existing demand: the approximate sales volume, the in-demand assortment, the prices set at the wholesale construction base and in the retail store.

The main distribution channels are:

  • self-sales;
  • sales through a retail store;
  • sales through a wholesale base;
  • direct sales to within an industrial enterprise.

How to draw up a competent business plan for the production of cinder blocks, read here.

Financial Plan

The chain-link mesh was invented in Germany in the 17th century. As often happens, she learned her name on behalf of her creator. Then the weaving technology of a simple and reliable design was patented by the Americans. However, whoever was the progenitor of this invention, it still has not lost its relevance. Making a chain-link mesh today is quite possible as a business at home. The machines have improved since then, so the technology has become available to any craftsman who wants to make money.

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Structurally, the chain-link mesh is a series of springs fastened together. Each such spring is individually called a line. In longitudinal section, it has the shape of an oval. It is like an ordinary round spring, only compressed from two sides.

Wire is the material for the production. Its most commonly used diameter is from 1.6 to 2.2 mm. A babin of such material costs an average of $ 600, although you can always talk to the supplier. They can vary prices depending on the scope of delivery. Alternatively, you can consider making a colored chain-link mesh. This requires colored wire. The demand for it, however, is less than for the usual unpainted mesh. Such fences are most often made to order. Then you can choose the color at the request of the buyer.

What equipment to use to make a netting at home?

Now let's move on to what a machine for handicraft mesh netting is. As mentioned above, the point of its work is to form spirals. When feeding to the working element, the wire should not be twisted. For this, a tensioning mechanism is used. All stitches must be at the same tension. Otherwise, the canvas will be skewed. It is important to lubricate the machine regularly during operation. The machine oil will ensure that the wire and finished web move evenly.

The machine for the chain-link mesh can be made independently at home. No complicated details are needed for this. Here is a list of what you need:

1Part of a metal pipe. Metal plate. Metal pieces. Bearing cages. Rollers.

From tools you need a grinder, a welding machine, a file and sandpaper.

The machine has a handle that rotates. You need to arrange it so that the master is comfortable. The second hand is usually not idle either. It guides the woven stitch into the fabric.

The main part is the screw bushing. The dimensions of the cells of the future product will be equal to its diameter. This knot is called a winding block. Its components most often fail, so you need to take care of high-quality materials and workmanship. The auger is needed to set the distance when the wire is wound. It is made from steel pipe. You need to apply grooves to it. They will then fit the wire for the netting mesh. First, the pipe is marked with coiled rope and chalk. According to the resulting drawing, a recess is cut out with a grinder. It is carefully ground and polished. The end of the wire is attached to the steel plate. It connects to the handle.

The winding block is welded to two corners. Then the whole structure is installed on the base. To ensure uniform tension of the netting of the chain-link, the wire is passed through the rollers. They are secured with screws. The wire should not be tangled or twisted.

The production of a chain-link mesh is a seasonal business, which, with a competent organization of the work process, can bring significant income. You won't need a lot of money to start your own project. It is enough to purchase special equipment for packing the net. It will take a little more than 300,000 rubles. You should also provide for all stages of production and organizational issues.

Market Analysis

Most of the mesh-netting produced is used to create fences, fences, allowing to isolate construction sites, summer cottages, animal enclosures. About 10% of manufactured products are used for other purposes in the implementation of construction work, in agriculture, energy, and other industries. The mesh is used not only as reinforcing parts, but also for sifting rocks, building materials, and carrying out protective functions.

The cost of the finished product, the specifics of its use depend on the following parameters:

  • Dimensions of the cells.
  • The material from which the wire is made. You can use black or galvanized metal, stainless steel, polymers.
  • Wire diameter.
  • The length of the finished rolls.

Implementation details

Before starting your project for the production of a chain-link mesh, you need to find out how big the demand for products in a particular city is. Pay attention to the sales volumes, the range of competitors, the needs of potential buyers, check out the cost of products similar to yours at wholesale depots and in hardware stores.


Provides for the sale of mesh-netting directly to individuals (developers, owners of summer cottages).

Advantages of the method:

  • The ability to attract attention through advertising.
  • High prices for finished products.

  • A significant portion of the budget is spent on advertising.
  • The need to search, purchase or rent premises for organizing an exhibition hall, product demonstration.

Retail chains

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