We open our own production of interior doors

The production of interior doors is one of the most demanded ideas on the Russian construction market. People need them regardless of their financial situation or the state of the economy. The widespread use of interior doors is explained not only by the need for space zoning, but also by the desire to make your home even more aesthetic by installing spectacular structures. The appearance of the product will be one of the most important criteria when choosing.

Types of interior doors

A business in the production of interior doors should start with defining the range of future products. In this case, it is necessary to take into account not your own opinion, but the preferences of your potential customers. There are the following types of doors:

  • From an array. For their manufacture, wood slats are used, and not only soft, but also hard wood. The final cost of the finished product will depend on the production of interior doors from which solid wood will be established. To give an attractive appearance, the surface after processing is varnished or decorative finished. More expensive models are made using complex technologies of partial toning, inlay, mosaic joining.
  • Laminated. In this case, chipboard or MDF is used as the basis. And on top of them, films are made with a certain texture and a certain color. As a result, the manufacturer gets a design that is simulated for different materials. The disadvantage of such doors is their low wear resistance.
  • Wooden with veneer finish. These are relatively inexpensive models. The production of veneered interior doors requires the use of wooden boards that are connected to each other using a frame. The outer side of the product is covered with veneer. Additionally, the doors are filled with corrugated cardboard or other fillers.
  • Plastic and aluminum. Such doors are used for industrial purposes. They are not installed in living quarters.

Veneered solid wood doors are the most popular among ordinary citizens. The choice in favor of this variety is explained by the presence of many advantages. They are reliable, which allows them to withstand serious loads, are environmentally friendly, and are absolutely harmless. And the relatively low price becomes another argument in favor of buying such doors.

Business Registration

The format of your own business should be determined based on who will be the buyer. The following options are possible:

  • Large wholesales. Here the main clients will be large construction companies and government agencies. Most often, they choose suppliers through tenders, so they will have to register as an LLC.
  • Cooperation with large supermarkets and shops specializing in the sale of construction products.
  • Selling your own product through the retail network.
  • Opening a dealer network.

Most often, an entrepreneur focuses on several directions, so it would be more logical to open an LLC right away. If a businessman will be engaged exclusively in the production of products, then he needs to indicate as OKVED codes:

  • 20. 0. - "Manufacture of wooden building structures and joinery";
  • 51. 3. 4 - "Wholesale of other construction materials".

The production of interior doors as a business is not subject to licensing and certification. However, if the company installs finished products in parallel, then it will first need to obtain a special permit for the installation of door panels. Additional work in the form of expanding the openings will require a building license to be issued.

Investments: from 780,000 rubles

Payback: from 2 months

High-quality metal doors become reliable protection from unwanted guests, wind and extraneous noise. It is not surprising that such designs are in great demand. Buyers want to install not just metal doors, but modern design products. So you can organize a profitable business for the production of such designs, offering unique solutions to your customers. This will allow us to take a leading place in this area.

Business Concept

The business is related to the manufacture of metal doors. Potential clients are:

  • tenants of new buildings;
  • tenants of offices;
  • buyers of secondary housing.

It should be borne in mind that up to 80% of the product on the market is made up of budget options. The cost of one structure is about $ 150.

Expensive doors made on foreign production lines can cost several thousand dollars. Finding buyers for such a product can be quite difficult.

What is required for implementation?

Large financial investments are not required to launch the shop at the initial stage. In the future, it will be possible to install a semi-automatic or automatic line. The cost of purchasing equipment depends on the production capacity, the quality of the doors produced.

For manual production you will need:

Main points of the plan

So, when preparing a business plan, pay attention to the following important factors:

Preparation of documents - this is where the activity begins, continues and ends. Any step must be documented, so either study all the basic rules of the law yourself, and also try to learn the basics of drafting documents. Otherwise, seek the help of a lawyer, otherwise you simply cannot avoid fines and other problems;

Registration of a business of this kind should start with the choice of an organizational form. In other words, it will be "LLC", "CJSC", "PE" or another type. The most suitable option in this case would be individual entrepreneurship or the creation of a limited liability company. These two forms do not require a lot of documents for registration, as well as special costs. And tax law has many concessions for them.

A limited liability company is often chosen also because this form allows you to attract other participants, to combine their contributions for the purchase of materials and other necessary elements. This option makes the burden on business founders significantly less. It is also worth noting that in case of non-fulfillment of the terms of contracts to counterparties for any reason, the founders of the company are liable within the boundaries of their contributions, and their personal property remains protected from foreclosure;

Personnel - plays a big role in the implementation of your business. However, it is not worth hiring a large staff right away. It is enough to choose a couple of joiners - qualified and experienced specialists for the manufacture of doors. Track how the demand for your product grows and only then expand your staff.

The rest of the staff can be hired on a temporary basis. This category of employees should include an accountant and a lawyer who will help in resolving recurring issues.

Door production

Equipment is also important in the process of selling and manufacturing this kind of goods. However, in this matter, as in the situation with personnel, it is not worth rushing and purchasing large volumes. Many sites nowadays rent a wide variety of equipment on favorable terms. Just choose the minimum set of the most important tools and watch for the increase in orders.

If we are talking about the production of wooden interior doors, then the equipment set will include a sawmill, a drying chamber, a machine for cutting tenons, a press for splicing ends, a panel saw, a copying machine, grinding machines, a screwdriver , a plane, screwdrivers and other tools, depending on the complexity of the design.

The room for the manufacture of doors should be chosen in such a way that it corresponds in all respects to the specified goal. You can save money and rent a small warehouse or even a garage. Lighting, lack of moisture, mold, location away from residential buildings - these are the parameters;

Doors are a commodity that is usually in demand, especially in those periods when the real estate market is growing and people, doing renovations, want to install new and modern doors.

The choice of wooden interior and metal entrance doors on the market is distinguished by its variety. The consumer, according to his preferences, can choose the following types of interior doors:

  • Solid wood doors. Doors made of solid wood are created by splicing high quality wood bars. As a rule, the solid wood is sanded, calibrated and varnished.
  • Wooden with veneer finish. This type of doors is the most demanded, however, in this segment, one cannot fail to note a lot of competition.
  • Laminated. In this case, the frame is covered with a laminated plastic film.
  • Metal doors. They are also among the most demanded, the process of their production is automated.
  • Plastic. Typically purchased for balconies, offices and manufacturing plants.
  • Aluminum. Manufactured from aluminum profiles.
  • MDF doors. The cheapest types of doors, their material of manufacture - fiberboard.

To start manufacturing doors, you first need to buy a building license, its cost is about 55,000 rubles. In addition, the following documents will be required:

  • fire safety certificate;
  • installation licenses;
  • SRO certificate

To receive a complete package of documents, you will need to spend about 50,000 rubles.

Room selection

As for the production facility, its area should be at least 250-300 sq. ... As a premise, you can choose a workshop of a former factory or a hangar. The cost of renting such an area can be about 60,000 rubles.

The foundation should be made of concrete blocks or tape, it is desirable that the material of the partitions and walls is foam concrete, brick or expanded clay concrete, and the windows are made of metal-plastic, the floors are industrial concrete. The choice of a room made of such materials guarantees a comfortable working temperature both in the warm and cold seasons. In addition, the following communications must be provided in production:

  • power supply ;
  • gas supply ;
  • water supply ;
  • sewerage ;
  • heating ;
  • signaling;
  • telephone communication.

The room where the mini-production of doors is located must have the following departments:

Doors are a necessary interior detail in any house, apartment or office. This element of the interior will be in demand despite economic difficulties or a decrease in the average wage in the country. What is interesting about a business idea and how to open the production of doors from scratch, we will discuss with our readers.

First Steps

How to start organizing the production of doors? The business idea for the production of doors may differ depending on the type of products being manufactured. There are two main options for doors - interior and entrance, the production of which differs in the characteristics of the organization.

The first option in production is easier and more suitable for beginners. Interior doors can be manufactured using various technologies:

  • Solid wood doors. They are exclusive, from valuable varieties of wood, and economy class, from pine, spruce.
  • The canvas is made of MDF. Low in cost, but short-lived.
  • Veneer or laminate is used as raw material. Finished products belong to the middle class in terms of strength and aesthetic characteristics.
  • Framed products. The most economical and short-lived option.
  • Modern made of metal, glass and other materials. Used in high-tech design projects.

If you decide to start making designer doors from solid wood or glass, then you need to focus on quality and individuality. Production can produce only 10-15 works per month, but the price for them will start from 150 thousand rubles. This type of business is not suitable for small towns where the average wage barely reaches the minimum boundaries.

For the manufacture of interior doors, it is proposed to take one option as a basis: for example, a panel and try to focus on low cost.

It is more difficult to start an entrance door business. They are made from wood or metal. Metal doors require from the manufacturer knowledge and experience in working with metal, the availability of expensive equipment. The most expensive option is forged. They are made by real masters of their craft. Such doors can become a real work of art and cost from 350,000 rubles.

When you have decided on the type of doors that will be produced, you can start creating a business plan and paperwork. Our idea considers the business of manufacturing interior paneled doors with and without stained glass.

Starting a production has its pros and cons:

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