We open our own beer production: a business idea

Beer production is relevant, since people drink beer and will always drink it.

Its sales are several times higher than even the demand for popular vodka. And as for all other alcoholic drinks - beer is beyond competition.

The business of producing this excellent drink is positive in every way. Seasonality can be considered the only minor drawback.

But we can safely say that even in the event of a drop in sales in the winter, such a business option can pay off quite easily in just a few seasonal months.

According to various estimates, the profitability of a brewery is at least 40%.

Let's figure out what are the stages of creating a brewing business.

Bureaucratic procedures

It is important to note that beer must be licensed, so a visit to the tax office is a must.

After applying to the tax office, you need to obtain a license for the production of beer, which is issued in 2-3 months.

And finally, you should acquire a special hygienic certificate in epidemiological surveillance. To do this, you need to give your products for inspection (receiving about 2 months).

Three classes of breweries

Beer production is especially popular among Russian entrepreneurs. Such a business is in demand, also because of the great demand for finished products from compatriots. But the level of competition in it is quite high. In total, more than 10 large breweries have been opened in Russia, about 300 medium-scale production facilities, and the number of small factories is in the thousands.

Relevance of the idea

Beer is one of the favorite Russian drinks. It will always be popular, despite the rising prices for alcohol. There are other positive aspects that allow us to assert that beer production as a business is an interesting and relevant idea. The most significant ones are:

  • you can open your own production with a rather small start-up capital;
  • the ability to predict (allows an entrepreneur to develop his own business so that the manufactured products are in demand among buyers);
  • lack of seasonality (beer is as popular among citizens as kvass, but the latter has a pronounced seasonality, which cannot be said about beer).

All this gives the entrepreneur many prospects for development. An experienced businessman, who wants to invest free funds in a new business area, and a novice entrepreneur without experience can be interested in an idea.

Brewery varieties

A beer business should start with a selection of the scale of production. To a large extent, the volumes will be determined by the availability of a sufficient amount of investment. Large breweries are part of big business. They are opened by experienced and wealthy entrepreneurs. But small business is represented by two types of breweries:

  • Microbrewery. For a day of work, such a plant produces about 500 liters of finished products.
  • Mini-brewery. This is a larger-scale production. The daily volume of finished products can reach 15,000 liters.

There is a division of breweries according to whether they are engaged in direct retail sales or work exclusively with wholesale suppliers. The first type is characteristic of the subsidiary industries of restaurants, barbecue, and bars. More serious breweries, on the other hand, specialize exclusively in the production of beer.

There is also a distinction between breweries based on the technology used to produce beer. There are the following varieties:

  • Full cycle enterprises. It makes sense to choose this format for those entrepreneurs who cooperate with well-known and respectable restaurants, pubs and bars.
  • Fast cycle enterprises. This is a budget production format. It can significantly reduce the initial and subsequent costs. This is largely achieved due to a smaller area of ​​premises, reduced costs for equipment and various filters.

Making a decision to open a private business is a crucial step in the life of a novice entrepreneur. The choice of the type of activity plays a major role. The following points should be taken into account:

Important! A correctly chosen market niche will contribute to the growth of the business and its profitability.

Among the directions existing on the Russian market, it is economically expedient to stop at the opening of your own brewery. And although a large number of breweries are operating today, there is still room for a beginner. A private beer production business is a good undertaking that will not require large capital investments, will provide an opportunity for rapid growth, and will be quite profitable.

Organizational matters

Correctly made decisions regarding the strategy and tactics of the future business will be good dividends in its development. Therefore, at the start, questions are posed and resolved, including:

  • Selecting the type of enterprise.
  • Registration of regulatory documents.
  • Purchase the required equipment.
  • Organization of areas for future production.
  • Search for partners who will buy beer.
  • Hiring staff.
  • Advertising campaign.

The solution of the financial side of the issue will allow us to find out the amount of necessary costs for the development of a business project.

Marketing research will help to calculate the pros and cons of an undertaking. The compiled business plan will give an exact answer to the question of what is needed to open a mini-plant, and how soon the work will go to profit.

Marketing research of the sales market

Conducting marketing research at the initial stage of organizing a private business helps future entrepreneurs to make the right choice with the successful promotion of the future enterprise. This activity consists in drawing up a series of questions for prospective consumers. Based on the answers, a SWOT analysis can be drawn up, showing how profitable it is to create a small business in a given city. It will help to determine the percentage of potential buyers, and this will resolve the issue with the type of brewery and capacities. The following questions should be included in the questionnaire:

Investments: 3.655 million rubles

Profitability: 430 thousand per month

Payback calculation: 11-12 months

Staff: 6

Beer production in our country is not a common type of business, so a private brewery may be quite promising.

How to start a beer production business

The beginning is the choice of volumes and type of production. Based on volumes, this production is subdivided into:

- home breweries - 10-40 l / day;

- micro brewery - from 50 to 500 l / day, a room of 35-40 m 2 is required;

- mini brewery - from 500 to 15 thousand l / day, a separate building 100-300 m 2 is required;

- breweries at restaurants - from 100 to 3 thousand liters / day;

Before finally deciding on the opening of a beer business in Russia, it is necessary to calculate the estimated production volumes.

  • a small brewery with a capacity of 55-550 l / day;
  • a mini-brewery with a capacity of up to 15 thousand l / day.

Experts believe that it is most profitable to open an enterprise with a product capacity of up to 1,000 liters / day.

Setting up a mini-brewery

How do I open a mini-brewery? Before organizing your brewery, you will need to find a place to make a drink. It should be spacious, as an exception - home brewery, which does not provide for the production of large volumes of product.

Theoretically, this can be organized, but it turns out to be unprofitable in terms of monetary investments.

To form a full-scale beer business, you need to make about 100 liters of beer per day. Regarding the registration of the case, it is difficult to unequivocally determine the required set of documents, since beer production in some regions is subject to licensing, while in others it is not necessary. Therefore, before starting your own beer business, it is recommended to consult an experienced lawyer.

Business Registration


Home brew room

Raw materials

In this case, to launch own production, it will be necessary to invest about 2 million rubles, then the monthly profit will be about 200,000 rubles.

Manufacturing costs

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