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Set up your business as a limited liability company (LLC). In addition, you need an ISO9001 product quality certificate.

What kind of mattress are there?

Mattresses are:

  • spring-loaded :
    • dependent spring block (double-cone springs held together by a frame);
    • independent spring block (here each spring is inside a separate bag, because of which there is no squeak; this includes the production of orthopedic mattresses);
  • springless (differ in their filler).

Spring block production is an integral part of our mattress business plan. All spring blocks have varying degrees of rigidity.

Market Overview

Drawing up a business plan for the production of mattresses, we carry out marketing research. They show a constant growth of buyers in this area, especially in cities remote from Moscow.

Products belong directly to 2 price segments: middle and premium class. It is sold in large volumes every year. Experts note that the high demand for products is ensured by the popularization of a healthy lifestyle, including healthy sleep.

This is a rapidly developing business in Russia. The largest enterprises are located in the following areas:

Starting capital - from 1.7 million rubles.

Mattresses are divided into 2 types: with and without springs. The level of hardness can be easily adjusted depending on your preference. Recently, new varieties have appeared, which are designed for different human weights: for example, with a heavy load on such mattresses, they begin to push through, but not much. With a small load, they will retain their original softness.

The production of mattresses, in particular the orthopedic version, in our country is probably the fastest growing and most promising business decision in terms of investment. In terms of the number of annual sales, Russian production is rapidly approaching America and the countries of the European Union.


Orthopedic mattress market overview

The fastest growth in demand is observed for orthopedic products, including mattresses in the middle price category of high quality. Undoubtedly, import substitution is also present in this area, but at the time of 2021, the number of annual sales of domestically produced orthopedic mattresses is significantly higher compared to foreign ones, and is not going to decrease.

The growth of sales is primarily influenced by the quality of domestic products, which regularly improves due to the introduction of the latest technologies into the technological process. The average prices for orthopedic mattresses also significantly affect. The quality of products manufactured by domestic factories is not inferior to foreign counterparts, because the same materials and components and the same equipment are involved in the production process. The assembly process of orthopedic products is also not very different. In addition, reducing the cost of transporting such large-sized products to the points of sale and lower markups for orthopedic mattresses in comparison with foreign counterparts are the main guarantee of competitiveness with import substitution of these products.

But, despite all of the above, sales of orthopedic mattresses abroad in 2021 decreased significantly. According to the latest forecasts, the volume of manufactured orthopedic products in Russia in 2021 surpassed the production volumes in the pre-crisis time. It was calculated that relative to the 2021 figures, the annual sales of orthopedic products increased by 45%.

The main percentage of the production of orthopedic mattresses falls on the central part of Russia, in second place are the Volga regions.

Recently, the geographic area with the highest sales of orthopedic mattresses has been slowly drifting towards the periphery of the country. Prior to this, the largest sales were achieved in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities with a population of over one million. For 2021, annual sales in small towns and their agglomerations are gradually catching up with metropolitan figures. But, despite all this, this market is quite free and open for start-up entrepreneurs; there is a great potential for newly opened companies.

Annual sales are also influenced by the fact that most often people buy 2 mattresses: for themselves and for children. Also, many people buy orthopedic mattresses for their country houses. Some Russian manufacturers successfully play on this factor, as a result of which they develop unique models of orthopedic products specially designed for houses outside the city. Children's models are produced by almost all mattress companies as a separate variety.

In general, experts give very positive forecasts for the success of opening their own production of orthopedic mattresses and for the growth of the market in general. They say the market has fully recovered from the 2021-2021 crisis. Now the annual sales volumes are increasing every year due to the increased demand for these products.

The financial situation of middle-class people and the average cost per person are constantly increasing - which is why more and more often it is not a budget version of a folding sofa that is purchased, but a classic bed with an orthopedic mattress in addition.

The production of mattresses is one of the business ideas, the implementation of which, with proper marketing and selection of a demanded niche, can bring a good profit. Launching a production facility is a rather complicated process that includes several stages. How to register the production of mattresses and open a sales outlet for the sale of products - this will be discussed below.

Step Registration of a legal entity

Before preparing documents for registration of a legal entity, you should decide on the organizational and legal form. As a rule, for the production of orthopedic mattresses, either a limited liability company is opened or an individual entrepreneur is registered. The most common and convenient form for doing business is considered to be an LLC, because its founders are not personally liable for the debts of a legal entity.

To register an LLC, you should contact the IFTS authorities with the following documents:

  • The decision of the founders to create a company;
  • Charter;
  • Application for registration;
  • Copies of the director's passports, chief accountant;
  • Receipt of payment of the state fee.

Additionally, it will be necessary to select the main and additional codes of activity in accordance with OKVED. For the production of mattresses, code 36 can be used as the basic code. 5, which includes the production of mattress bases - the production of mattresses: - the production of spring mattresses or padded mattresses, as well as mattresses with an inner base made of auxiliary material - the production of non-padded mattresses made of porous rubber or foam. Other activities, including the production of bedspreads, pillows and other related products, retail sale of manufactured items should be selected as additional activities.

Step Obtaining Production Permit

It should be noted that the production of non-food products requires permission from the sanitary and epidemiological authorities. To obtain such a document, you must contact the territorial body of Rospotrebnadzor with the following documents:

  • Documents on the registration of a legal entity: TIN, extract from the USRIP or USRLE, a copy of the PSRN;
  • Documents confirming the right to use the production facilities: lease agreement or documents of right property;
  • Technological map of production, indicating a list of all available or planned to purchase equipment;
  • Legend of premises and BTI plan;
  • Contract for the removal of industrial waste.

Based on these documents, a conclusion will be issued on the availability of conditions at the enterprise that guarantee the sanitary safety of the goods produced for the environment and the health of consumers of mattresses.

Step Obtaining a certificate of conformity

It would seem that labor-intensive processes on expensive equipment will not be attractive for modern entrepreneurs. However, individual factors can also play a large role. The production of mattresses requires significant investments, has a low profitability, but still attracts many entrepreneurs.

Market conditions

No wonder the production of wadded mattresses has practically sunk into oblivion. Even in remote villages, they are slowly getting rid of. That is why there is still an opportunity in the country for small new companies to advance in a market packed with powerful corporations.

Sales in the provinces is a promising business. It is better for such companies to work not with large specialized stores, but with small organizations - schools, kindergartens, hospitals, nursing homes.

The organization of an online store with the acceptance of individual orders will be successful.

Equipment Needed

Depending on what kind of products the entrepreneur intends to manufacture, the equipment for the production of mattresses also differs. For modern orthopedics, imported equipment is needed, which can guarantee the high quality of the finished product. The only savings opportunity allowed here is the purchase of used equipment.

For the production of quality orthopedic mattresses you need:

  • Machine for the production of mattress springs.
  • A digital machine that will distribute and glue these springs; used will cost from 150,000 rubles.
  • A sewing machine with an overlock and a separate machine for sewing zippers into mattress edges; used will cost at least 200,000 rubles. For comparison: a machine for flashing lightning from Spain costs about 17 thousand euros, the same overlock manufacturer - 4 900 euros.
  • Automatic cutting and quilting machine for the production of covers.

  • Children's for low-income families. The products are hypoallergenic, for the first year of a baby's life there will be no problems with a spine. Due to the low weight, the mattress will not be able to squeeze very much, using this option is quite advisable.
  • Elderly people habitually use the old version and refuse to even try to sleep on orthopedic products.
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Content of the article:

First, decide which mattresses you will make. They can be spring-loaded, springless, orthopedic, with coconut flakes, felt and other fillers.

Materials for the production of spring and springless blocks

Products are usually divided into 2 types:

1. Spring (you may need special equipment for the production of mattresses)

In addition to several layers of fillers, there is a spring block inside. There are 2 types of spring blocks:

  • classical system or “bonellu” - all springs are interconnected, if you press one, the rest will bend as well; such a system is used in the production of cheaper models (120 springs per 1 sq. m will provide sufficient functionality);
  • a system of independent springs, when each of them is in a separate bag, and they are interconnected, but not depend on each other; thus, the spring block repeats the shape of the body (220 - 260 pcs. per 1 sq.).

2. Springless (you can save on mattress equipment)

This view consists of either one layer or several layers of different materials, but without a spring block. The quality directly depends on the filler material and the equipment itself.

Each type has both advantages and disadvantages.

Choose materials for inner layers with opposite properties. If you are not using springs, be sure to make a rigid base.

For production use:

These are the most popular fillers. Sometimes less popular or more advanced ones are used, for example, fillers that follow the shape of the body have already been created.

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