We open a business for the production of wood concrete

Arbolit is also popularly called wood bricks. It is an inexpensive, and most importantly environmentally friendly material that is used in low-rise construction or as insulation for load-bearing walls. It contains wood chips or shavings, cement and water. And to organize the entire business in the production of wood concrete, you will need very little equipment that can be recouped within a year.

If we talk about the percentage of the composition of these blocks, then in most cases the chips are about 60% - 85%, and cement 15% - 40%, depending on the recipe.

Where to get raw materials?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions regarding this business idea. The main material from which these blocks are made is waste from wood production (sawdust, shavings). Often this raw material can be bought at a low price, or even taken out for free. Due to such savings, a low cost of the unit produced per unit is obtained, and the profitability is growing at the same time. The main thing is to sign an agreement with several woodworking enterprises in order to have a stable flow of the necessary raw materials for the business on arbolit.

Material benefits

In construction, wood concrete is positioned as a material for the construction of low-rise structures, with excellent technical indicators. In addition, its price tag is lower than, say, the same gas block, which also plays an important role for many customers. Here are the main pluses you need to know about arbolite.

1.) This material is environmentally friendly, which in turn attracts clients who care about the health of their families.

2.) Such blocks, with the correct manufacturing technology, are not exposed to the action of fungus and decay, and it is also convenient to perform any necessary operations with them - sawing, grinding.

3.) High sound and heat insulation characteristics.

4.) High fire resistance rates. Such material can be used to build objects that have an increased fire safety indicator.

5.) Due to its structure, which consists of pores, it provides air convection in the room, as well as a normal level of humidity.

6.) Arbolite is light enough, and buildings built with its use are durable enough.

7.) Good profitability, simple production process, and minimal cost.

Such a business as the production of wood concrete blocks can be organized on a small scale and generate a good income. Below we will tell you how to open a factory and equip it correctly.

Business Registration

For a small shop, it is enough to register an individual entrepreneur indicating the OKVED codes: 23. 9. - “Manufacture of other products from gypsum, concrete or cement” and 46. 3.. - "Wholesale trade in other building materials and products."

The quality of the finished product is regulated by GOST 19222-84 "Arbolit and products from it". You will also need to obtain a work permit from Rospozharnadzor.

Required space

A mini-plant will need an area of ​​100 square meters or more, divided into zones: a workshop (at least 70 square meters), warehouses, utility rooms and a bathroom.

Other requirements for the room

  • Ceiling height from three meters;
  • Wall insulation with foam or mineral wool. The minimum permissible temperature in the workshop is + 15-20 degrees, so that the finished blocks dry out quickly;
  • Grounded power grid 380 V;
  • At least two entrances to the workshop are required: for receiving raw materials and shipping products and for personnel;
  • It is mandatory to have fire safety equipment (sensors, fire extinguishers), an emergency exit, an evacuation plan. The manufacture of wood concrete carries a risk of fire (due to drying, the use of wood chips, etc.), so the room must comply with the fire safety requirements of category A or B.

It is worth looking for a suitable building on the outskirts of the city. The rent will cost about $ 900 a month, repairs and communications - $ 2,000.

Wood concrete block production technology

The manufacturing process consists of the following steps:

  • The wood is shredded with a wood chip. If you are purchasing ready-made chips, go directly to the second stage;
  • Drying in a drying chamber. It is necessary to remove sugar from wood chips;
  • Preparation of filler from cement, sawdust, water, adding chemical impurities to it, mixing in a mortar mixer. First, chips are poured into the mixer, then an aqueous solution and chemical additives, after 20-30 seconds - cement;
  • Filling steel molds with the resulting composition;
  • Shrinkage of the solution in blocks, for this need vibrating table;
  • Removing from the mold and final drying.

Arbolit (this building material is also called wood brick) is a building material that is environmentally friendly and inexpensive.

It is used for low-rise construction and can serve as insulation for load-bearing walls.

Arbolite is produced in the form of blocks with dimensions of 50x25x20 cm, which is made from a mixture:

  • saws ,
  • cement ,
  • water ,
  • calcium chloride (or aluminum sulfate).

The main attraction in the production of wood concrete is the free-of-charge of many components of its raw materials, such as:

  • sawdust ,
  • sand ,
  • water.

The advantages of a business for the production of this building material are that it does not require a lot of resources, large production areas and labor force to organize it.

Due to the low cost of production, additional profit is possible.

The benefits can be summarized as follows:

  • small start-up investments in business;
  • low cost of production;
  • environmental friendliness of wood concrete, which, in the context of modern trends in the fight for cleanliness of the environment will further increase the demand for it.

What is wood concrete?

Arbolit has a number of undoubted advantages. These include:

  • environmental friendliness ;
  • A 30-cm block has better sound and thermal insulation properties than a 75-cm wall, which is three bricks thick;
  • wood concrete block is easy to saw, grind, drill, etc.;
  • blocks do not rot or mold;
  • high fire resistance of the material;
  • lightness; <
  • as arbolite is large-pored, it provides the necessary level of humidity and improved air exchange in the room;
  • the highest durability.

What are wood concrete blocks?

Arbolite block (or "sawdust concrete", or wood bricks) is a monolith, outwardly somewhat reminiscent of an ordinary brick, only several times larger. The approximate size of such a block is 50x25x20 cm. / P>

Arbolite block is therefore also called wood bricks, which include wood materials in the form of sawdust, straw, shavings or chips. In addition to the wood component, cement, lime and building sand are used for the manufacture of sawdust concrete.

Depending on what brand (determined by density) is needed, sand and lime may not be included in the finished product. The amount of wood in the final product depends on how dense the wood concrete block is required, but in any case, the number of its parts in the block should not be less than 75% of the total volume of the entire composition. Approximately, one part of the cement in the composition of the wood concrete block accounts for six to fifteen parts of sawdust or chips. The lightest and less dense will be a grade 5 wood concrete block, and there is no sand in its composition. The most dense and heavy will be wood brick of grade 25 - there is no lime in the composition.

Properties and applications of wood bricks

Unlike bricks and reinforced concrete blocks, an arbolite block is lighter (due to wood parts), it is more elastic, stronger, does not rot and retains heat very well. But wood brick is unlikely to be suitable for the construction of high-rise buildings or large industrial buildings, but it will be an excellent material for small private houses - the house will turn out to be very warm and durable. Also, with the use of wood concrete blocks, you can assemble excellent winter greenhouses.

Wood concrete block manufacturing business

Due to the need for such a high quality building material, a timber brick business idea can be interesting from a profitability point of view. Looking again at the constituent components of the wood concrete block, one can understand that purchasing raw materials will not require large investments, which is important in any business.

First of all, in order to establish the production of wood concrete blocks, you need to do marketing research. When drawing up a business plan, first it is better to ask who you can sell the finished product to. It will be just great if there is a regular wholesale customer. In general, arbolite may be required:

  • small private construction companies,
  • hardware stores,
  • individuals who are building their own house or summer cottage.

Wood brick production site

Choosing a good location for business, you can save a lot on raw materials - after all, building sand, water and wood-shaving materials for wood concrete blocks can be free. It will work out ideally if the production facility is located near a sand pit by the lake, next to an operating sawmill. Moreover, in the suburban area - the population on the periphery is not so demanding on the level of wages, moreover, it itself will not be left without work.

In recent years, Russia has seen a construction boom in the suburban individual housing market. On this basis, there is an active development of various technologies for the production of building materials, in the production and sale of which you can make a successful business. Today we will consider a business plan for the production of wood concrete blocks, also called wood concrete.

Arbolit is a material for erecting walls of private residential buildings based on concrete and wood chips. The material is light and durable in terms of its characteristics, the technology of its production is no more complicated than the production of foam blocks, we need a concrete mixer and molds for blanks. Due to the presence of wood in the composition of the wood concrete block, the wall retains heat longer, and thanks to the concrete it has increased fire protection and sound insulation.

Types of wood concrete blocks

According to their characteristics, wood concrete blocks are divided into two main types:

  • heat-insulating block, used for wall insulation;
  • building-heat-insulating block, used for the construction of walls of individual residential buildings and households. buildings.

Wood concrete block production technology

T. ... there are two main components in the block - Portland cement and wood chips, then you need to know the ratio of materials, whether they comply with GOST, how to prepare ingredients, etc.

The ratio of wood chips to concrete in a standard wood concrete block is 85% chips, 15% cement

Chips for the production of wood concrete should be needle-shaped in shape, the size of the chips is prescribed in the corresponding GOST, and are:

  • 15-25 mm in length;
  • 2-3 mm in thickness;
  • 10-12 mm in width.
Chips are made from various types of wood, most often conifers: spruce, fir, pine. To protect chips from decay, they are treated with a special compound. For the production of wood chips, a specialized machine is used - an industrial wood chip cutter.

Blocks of various strengths from M5 to M35 are presented on the market today. this means, the higher the number, the stronger the product and the less chips it contains. Experienced builders recommend using blocks with a strength of at least M25 and M35 for the construction of load-bearing walls.

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