Using CNC machines for small businesses

Many craftsmen dream of their own business, but do not know where to start. If you know how to handle CNC machines, you can purchase a relatively inexpensive device and make objects that are guaranteed to be in demand on it. This article will look at an indicative business plan for starting a business with a CNC machine tool, the range of products that can be manufactured on such equipment, and the potential risks that an aspiring entrepreneur will face.

Business on a CNC machine

A healthy lifestyle and natural interiors are in fashion today. People are drawn to everything natural, not mass-produced. Therefore, the very concept of a small workshop, where a private entrepreneur works, appeals to many. But that's in theory.

In practice, it is advisable to study the tastes and needs of your target audience. For example, in the Wordstat service, you can see what search queries people from your region enter into search engines, what is their frequency and seasonality. Most likely, by the summer, interest in gardening tools, seedlings, and original items of summer cottage increases. In the Yandex. view ”, you can create polls for focus groups and directly ask potential consumers what products they need.

The price of the product will have to be “groped” in practice. First, try selling the product at the same price as your competitors (local or from a region with similar income levels), then raise your prices a little and see how the public reacts to it.

Think in advance what additional services you can offer your clients. The most obvious thing that comes to mind is free shipping. Another option is to offer free measurement services to customers who order furniture or interior elements from you.

From a legal point of view, it is most convenient to register a business on a CNC machine as an individual entrepreneur. It falls under the simplified tax regime.

Why can a CNC business be profitable?

CNC machines are extremely powerful. They are capable of processing a very wide range of materials: composite compounds, hard and non-ferrous metals, rubber, wood, natural and artificial leather, and so on. Thus, you can try yourself in different industries and finally find the product that will work best for you.

The second significant argument is that CNC machines provide extremely high machining accuracy. On them, you can create products according to complex author's sketches, perform objects in a single copy. This will guarantee the competitiveness of your company. Even if your neighbor buys the exact same machine, he is very unlikely to start producing exactly the same items as you.

Business plan for a CNC router

How to open your own business with a CNC machine and what income can you expect

A woodworking CNC machine business can generate a pretty decent income. Since most household items are made of plastic, from which people are tired of the order, many want to buy things made from natural materials, such as wood. If you correctly draw up a business plan for this type of commercial activity, then you can make good money on this. About all the nuances of business on a CNC milling machine further in the article.

Why can a CNC business be very profitable?

By purchasing such a machine, you can provide services not only for wood processing, but also for other materials. For example, on a CNC machine you can process leather, rubber, non-ferrous and hard metals, composite materials. In principle, such a machine is designed to work with almost any material except solid.

Income and Expenditure Plan

Income and expenses under normal budget

If an entrepreneur has sufficient funds to start a business on a CNC machine, he will have to cover the following costs:

  • computer: about 12 thousand rubles;
  • machine model 6090 (1 pc.): about 160 thousand rubles;
  • furniture for arrangement: about 20 thousand rubles;
  • storage facilities for materials: about 60 thousand rubles;
  • equipment for preparing materials: 5 thousand rubles.

In general, the initial investment will amount to about 260 thousand rubles.

Also, in terms of income and expenses, it is worth considering the monthly costs for:

  • advertising: about 40 thousand rubles;
  • rent of premises: about 20 thousand rubles;
  • electricity: about 6 thous. rubles;
  • purchase of consumables: about 15 thousand rubles.

As a result, the entrepreneur will need to count on monthly expenses in the amount of 81 thousand rubles.


The cost of a running meter will depend on the material being processed. It can range from 20 to 500 rubles. If we take the average cost of 60 rubles / m and a speed of 6 thousand mm / min, then in an hour you can cut about 360 meters, and in a whole day (8 working hours) - 2880 m. / P>

If you know how to handle CNC machines, you can start your own business for the production of furniture, toys, interior items and other products. This article will provide two options for a business plan for such a business, as well as ideas about the range

CNC woodworking machines are the best way to run a small business. Types of machines, description and features of use. Business ideas and organization.

Small business CNC machine - equipment used for personal economic purposes. For these purposes, a machine of any type is suitable. But the performance metric may differ. The choice of the unit should be made depending on the purpose for which it will be used.

Considering that the device will be used at home or for production with a small batch, you can make it yourself.

Selection Features

The choice of equipment is influenced by a number of factors. It depends on them how the equipment will correspond to the purposes for which it was acquired. The highest quality and most productive apparatus will not always be the most effective. In some cases, a mini machine will be more useful than a standard counterpart. Among the factors that determine the choice are:

  • the technologies used;
  • the area of ​​the room in which the device will be installed;
  • the number of people who service the equipment.

The cost of the unit can be more than ten thousand rubles. Consideration should be given to how much money is required for the required model, and how this will affect the initial capital.

If the amount of money is limited, you can try to make the device yourself.

In the production of modern mini machine tools with numerical control, it is taken into account that they can be used in small businesses. One of the most popular models is CNC-Magic. The model is represented by a milling and engraving device. It belongs to the list of the most affordable models, and can be used for universal purposes. With its help, processing is carried out:

  • wood ;
  • metal ;
  • glass.

The advantage is the ability to manufacture parts on a machine that have a complex shape. It will take a little time to compile the program. The most requested function of the device is engraving.

Types of CNC machines

If we compare employment for a specific employer with receiving wages, then there are many advantages to running your own business. At the same time, one's own business implies the presence of capital investments, as well as the risks of getting losses, up to the complete cessation of activities.

If, with a business idea, it is decided to engage in individual activities with the aim of developing to the scale of small production, then the first thing to start with is to analyze which equipment for the business is more suitable.

What to consider when choosing equipment for small businesses

Machine tools for small businesses are the best way to start production activities as additional income, with the subsequent transition to the main source of income.

Doing business is popular in the country, far beyond its borders, since equipment for home businesses is available, the presence of a minimum savings, on average from 5 to 25 thousand US dollars, will provide a choice of future activities.

Banks are ready to issue a loan for business and purchase of the necessary equipment from any country of origin, subject to the conditions set by the borrower.

The payback of a business ranges from six months to a year, depending on the planned scale and capacity, and most importantly, the possibility of selling the finished product. There are a lot of tanks for business, when choosing, consider a number of factors, including:

  • the possibilities of the available budget - the quality of the final product directly depends on the components used, assembly, installation with customization, and other nuances of production technology, which ultimately affects the cost of production;
  • dimensions of the selected devices for business, taking into account the size of the production area;
  • the efficiency of the production complex as a whole and in the context of each unit.

A problem arises as to which equipment for a small home business is better to buy and where to actually make it.

2 ways to solve the problem:

  • order Chinese equipment or Russian machines via the Internet;
  • personally visit the points of sale of specialized equipment.

If you decide to order mini-equipment for small businesses in the online store, you need to take into account that the final price will not always coincide with the declared one. Representatives of the manufacturer's company often do not include in the cost the amount of additional costs for delivery, installation and other related services.

In this article, we will conduct an overview of machine tools and production equipment from China, which can be used for business in the garage. Almost all machines are at an acceptable cost, which have good potential for business development in the Russian Federation.

Coffee Selfie Printer

Today, in any city there are many points where you can buy coffee. Coffee has become the most favorite drink! A 3D printer for printing selfies on coffee film will help you stand out from the competition. It allows you to print any images and designs on the coffee surface!

3D printing is completely safe and is performed using natural coffee extract. The client can take a selfie when ordering, and you will print his photo on coffee!

The cost of the equipment will cost you $ 650. In general, to open a coffee outlet requires investments in the region of 250 thousand rubles. (it is with good professional equipment). Payback 3-6 months. You can supplement the assortment of coffee with this idea and then you can definitely stand out from the competitors and increase the number of customers!

Printer for nail-art

This device allows you to create a beautiful original manicure in about half an hour. The printer interface is clear, convenient and does not need to be connected to a computer. The touch display allows you to quickly select designs. Nail art is completely safe and, by the way, will last about 3 weeks, like a regular manicure.

You can open such a salon at your home and advertise through social networks. Another option is to set up a 3D nail manicure point in a large shopping mall. The price of the printer is about $ 1200, the payback with a heavy load is up to six months.

Corn Tube Extruder

In Russia, this business is not yet massively developed, so take a closer look at this idea. These rolls are used to sell soft ice cream, but they can also be filled with delicious toppings, cream and other fillings. The production process is simple: you put the raw material into the extruder - corn and you're done!

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