Trailer production as a business: equipment, manufacturing technology, standards, nuances of business organization

Starting capital - from 450 thousand rubles.

This business project is not something new or unique. It is distinguished by very high rates of profitability and profitability. Nowadays, when almost everyone has their own car, such products are in great demand. How else you can make money on transport, read our article “How to make money on cars?”.

There has always been a high demand in the automotive industry, which generates high competition. This is due to the fact that in our country almost every resident has at least one vehicle (according to statistics, more than 1 car per person in Russia, and in some regions this figure is much higher). Most of them are passenger cars (according to the latest data, there are 288 passenger cars per thousand people in Russia).

It is also possible to expand the produced assortment with specialized trailers, for example, tank trailers, refrigerators, trailers in the form of trade stalls.


Space requirements

For the organization of production workshops, it is necessary to select the appropriate working space. The minimum area is 50 square meters. A spacious garage is also suitable for business, in which you can safely place all the necessary tools and installations. There should also be free space for workers to be able to maintain equipment and assemble finished products. Otherwise, you will need to rent the premises.

The working area must comply with all fire safety rules and regulations. Also, the appropriate communication systems must be installed without fail: gas and water supply, electricity. Speaking of wiring. The premises must be supplied with three-phase electricity (voltage - 380 volts). Also, good lighting in production halls will not be superfluous.

The rental price is influenced by factors such as location and size. So, for example, renting a premise that is located in a city will cost an order of magnitude more expensive than a similar premise, but located outside it. Of course, the second option is more affordable here. It is better to choose a room closer to the city limits - this way you can save on transportation services for both raw materials and finished products.

The approximate cost of a monthly rental of premises corresponding to the above characteristics is in the region of 7-9 thousand rubles per 1 square meter.

Manufacturing and selling cars is only part of the automotive business. Many thousands of enterprises engaged in the repair and manufacture of car accessories are formed around it. The production and repair of caravans is one of the most profitable and promising business ideas.

  • Opening costs: 500,000 rubles
  • Profitability: about 70,000 rubles / month
  • Payback: from 6 months
  • Staff: 1 - 4 people

Why buy a caravan?

Cars are purchased not only for travel, but also for cargo transportation. It is more profitable to transport furniture or large equipment yourself than to use the services of loaders. But not everyone has funds for large and roomy transport. That is why attention falls on a trailer for a passenger car - with its help even an old "classic" can be transformed into a mini-truck. They are used by people who are engaged in construction, summer residents and carriers. Therefore, the company engaged in the production of trailers for passenger cars is in demand.

Registration of a caravan manufacturing business

Sales and Promotion

High quality product is the best advertisement. But business does not live on one quality. For people to know about him, you need to tell them about it. Which strategy will be the best and most profitable? A strategy for combining the Internet and real sites.

First, the product must be visible. That is, it should stand on the window and look attractive to a potential buyer. An excellent and important addition to this will be an online store in order to choose the purchase "without leaving home."

Traditional advertising methods are also needed. Not everyone uses the Internet to buy. To make the company famous, you can use advertisements on the radio (almost every motorist listens to the radio) and road billboards. In second place are television and the press. In combination with the above-described Internet platform, the advertising costs will pay off soon and in full.


It is impossible to predict immediately whether a business will be profitable. The fact is that dozens of factors are involved, including the factor of luck. Still, luck plays a minimal role. The ingredients for success are as follows:

Semi-trailer manufacturing can be a profitable business. Competition in this area is below average, but the demand for original and customized trailers is quite high. For example, budget options for "mobile homes" and caravans have been in great demand recently. Popular vans for transporting pets, motor vehicles, boats and boats. The owners of expensive foreign cars are interested in buying a presentable trailer, not a standard box on 2 wheels.

Required investment in production costs

Organizing the production of caravans as a business will require a small space. If at the first stages you start producing piece goods, then in your private production you can really do with a garage box. If we consider a serial launch in small batches, then it is best to look for a warehouse, hangar or production facility of about 200 sq. m, well lit and heated. The cost of the monthly rental of such areas will cost 460-550 USD. ... in a large city.

The list of equipment for the production and sale of original trailers will include:

  • Professional welding machine (750-900 $).
  • A couple of drills - it can be of household class (total $ 800-900).
  • Grinding machine (from $ 150).
  • A set of quality tools ($ 800 - for three sets).

Such inventory will allow assembling up to 4 trailers per individual order per month.

Recruiting for the production of trailers in the garage

The number of personnel involved in the production of semi-trailers directly depends on the volume of production. At the first stages, 6-8 employees will be enough:

  • workers - directly assemblers (3 people);
  • purchasing manager;
  • sales manager.

Design and engineering services, accounting and marketing can be outsourced to specialized companies.

By the way, about advertising and promotion. You can also conduct an advertising campaign using the services of an advertising agency. But more often than not, it is very expensive. Many trailer manufacturers sell their products both retail through their own online store, social media and message boards, and wholesale through a dealer network. Distributors of original caravans can be companies representing similar goods of other brands or products for outdoor activities.

In trying to create their own startup, many come to a dead end at the initial stage - the search for interesting ideas. One of the attractive options is the production of trailers. This niche in the market has not yet been oversaturated and a novice entrepreneur will feel comfortable in it, provided that a number of rules are followed, which will be discussed below.

Where to start

Making trailers for cars is one of the cost-effective business options when done right. At the same time, earnings can be received not only from production, but also from further maintenance of trailers and semi-trailers. It will also provide tangible benefits even when the required materials are not available. Therefore, it is not necessary to start with production. The renovation will help to get start-up capital that can be invested in the development of production facilities. back to contents ↑

What you need first

If you go in order, then the first thing that will be needed when forming your own business, regardless of whether it will be repair or production, is the premises. After all, assembling a trailer at the customer's site is not at all an option. The presence of our own production area, where the production of semi-trailers, trailers or spare parts for them will take place is a definite plus. Here, technical and service maintenance of the units can be carried out.

If you don't have your own premises, you can rent it, i.e. buying real estate at the initial stage of a startup is not always profitable. The area of ​​the premises must be at least 50 square meters. Ideally, if it will be a large garage or hangar, where you can work simultaneously on 2 or 3 units of equipment. The room will also require additional space for tools and accessories. There is no point in starting a business without suitable premises. Assembling trailers is not a seasonal income, despite the frequency of demand.

The price of a property depends on many factors, in particular, the location and usable area, and other factors that often depend on the landlord. A premise in a city will naturally differ in price from that located on the outskirts or in the suburbs. If you wish, you can find a building of non-modern construction, for example, a warehouse from the times of the USSR, renovate it and save a lot of money. back to contents ↑

Without which it is impossible to start work

The next element of necessity is equipment for assembling trailers. It is impossible to start work without it, i.e. with bare hands it will be possible to collect only some parts. You can try to find the bulk of the tools from your own stocks. These can be:

  • screwdrivers ;
  • keys ;
  • hammers ;
  • drills.

If you try to buy everything at once, such little things add up to a round sum of up to $ 1000. But it's not just the little things that matter.

The number of vehicles is constantly growing and most of their owners buy trailers. They come in different types, shapes and designs, indoor and outdoor, even in the form of caravans (so-called trailers, or caravans, campers, caravans). In addition, in addition to automobiles, there are other options - for ATVs, mini-blocks and other equipment. This situation contributes to stable demand and makes trailer manufacturing a profitable and promising business.

Trailer types

Despite the variety of trailed vehicles, trailers for passenger cars are considered the most widespread and demanded, and, therefore, the most profitable in production. They are classified according to different parameters, but primarily according to the total weight of the loaded trailer.

Trailers are distinguished by this indicator:

  • light - up to 750 kg;
  • heavy - from 750 kg.

Light trailers do not need to be equipped with a braking system, and for heavy ones, its installation is mandatory.

The second classification of trailed devices is carried out according to their purpose, depending on which they are divided into 2 large groups:

  • Universal - conventional trailers of standard shape.
  • Special - equipped for specific purposes:
    • transportation of animals, taking into account their size and other characteristics;
    • transportation of liquids (tanks);
    • trade - car pavilions;
    • transportation of other vehicles and equipment;
    • travel and recreation - motorhomes (trailers).

According to the type of suspension, trailers are single-axle (with one pair of wheels) and two-axle (with four wheels on two axles).

Requirements for dimensions and equipment

Technical characteristics of trailers are regulated by industry and interstate standards (list below). In accordance with them, the following design requirements must be observed during design and production:

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