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How to start a business from scratch. Premises for business

Business in residential premises: private house, apartment

Entrepreneurship for many newcomers is associated with an office in a non-residential building, a store, having a place in a shopping center, etc.

Why do people like to complicate things so much? Why are they trying to throw money into a trash can marked "Rent"? Isn't it easier to start working at home? After all, this will save money, which is usually so lacking.

I propose to discuss in detail the following issues:

  • When and who is allowed to do business in a residential building?
  • What criteria should a home business meet?
  • What types of business can you do in a private house or apartment?

I am sure that after reading this material, you will be able to see more interesting ways to implement your business ideas.

Is it possible to do business at home

Tell me where to look for an answer to the question: "Can I do business at home?" If I write “You can!” Here, will that be enough? Yes? And how will you argue the legality of your activities, say, in court? Do not even hope for the magical effect of the phrase: "Yuri Asher said you can!" Remember:

Courts, as well as various regulatory bodies, are guided in their activities only by current legislative acts.

This is where the second rule follows:

The answer to the question "Is it possible or not?" must be supported by a valid regulatory framework.

The article contains 10 of the most popular ideas for home mini-production, allowing you to get a fairly high profit. Not everyone can work with them, since some ideas require knowledge and specialized skills to implement. But large start-up capital is not required. So let's take a look at the most cost-effective mini home production ideas.

Making photobooks to order

Often people want to capture the most pleasant moments of their life in a photo - wedding, anniversary, birth of a child. But in the age of digital photography, few people print pictures, and even if they do, they then forget about them. But there is a way to highlight an important page in your life. It is enough to order an individual photobook from a specialist.

Business in the production of photo books does not require significant costs. It is not even necessary to print it yourself - it is enough to sign a contract with a printing house. But special skills and creative thinking are vital for working in this area.

A person who wants to start his own production of photo books must:

  • process photos in special editors (the most famous and demanded of them is Photoshop);
  • compose layouts of a future book (you cannot do without design skills and specialized programs) ;
  • to print photobooks or find a printing house for permanent work at wholesale prices.

You can attract customers through ads, but the most effective way is to promote on the Internet. Create your own website or group, provide it with real-life examples of books made, and run raffles of free products for subscribers.

Making designer covers for documents

Designer goods, including hand-made ones, are very popular today. People want to have things made only for them, which means, in a single copy or in limited quantities.

The prime cost of a passport cover is 50 rubles. If it was made by hand and has an interesting design solution, then it will not be difficult to sell the product for 500 - 1,500 rubles. Yes, and this niche will not require serious investments, but without creativity and numerous ideas it will not work to work in it.

The steps for creating document covers are as follows:

  • selection of suitable materials (depending on the concept, you can use natural or artificial leather, suede, vinyl or fabric);
  • purchase of the necessary equipment (you will need a sewing machine and other sewing accessories - threads, scissors);
  • cover making;
  • development of an individual design (the resulting cover can be decorated with Swarovski crystals, beads, stones, fabric, embroidery, you can also use the decoupage technique ).

It's better to work with a specific audience - business people, students, schoolchildren, young mothers. It is better to promote your own business on the Internet, offer your services to friends, then word of mouth will help attract customers.

Lack of finance is an iceberg that often sinks ambitious business ideas. This problem can be solved with the help of loans and debts, or it can be thanks to small business production at home. You, for sure, have enough money and knowledge to organize it correctly, because usually it requires little investment in materials and equipment, and you can learn using the Internet.

Ideas for small business at home can also be gleaned from the Internet, business magazines, or "borrowed" from friends. Below there will be several suggestions, ease of implementation and low costs for which will allow them to be adopted.

Small business manufacturing includes the creation of materials, cosmetics, clothing, and all sorts of cute little things.

Cosmetics production

In the cosmetics industry, handmade products are always highly valued. Such cosmetics are considered more useful because they use natural materials, essential oils, minerals, herbs, natural dyes.

For small businesses, cosmetics production is a gold mine. It does not need millions of investments, and half of the necessary materials can be bought at a regular pharmacy. In order to open a cosmetic company, buy essential oil, wax, herbal tinctures, olive oil, badger fat and other ingredients. You will also need enameled utensils, stirring paddles, jars for pouring finished products.

Products that often collect dust in a cupboard or refrigerator are materials that are very often used in manufacturing technology for small businesses. Coffee and salt can turn into scrub, tea, kefir, eggs - into shampoos, hair masks.

Soap making

Advertising will become an important item of your expenses, because in the small business the competition is very strong. Advertising will suit the most standard: on the Internet and on paper. For example, on brochures, business cards, specialized newspapers, message boards. Advertising on the Internet will not hurt either. Create your website where your products, price list, product photos will be presented. Also open your store's social media groups.

Making cakes at home

Many women know how and love to cook. Cooking is not easy cooking. This area has long turned into an art, without which no self-respecting holiday can do, so making cakes at home has become a very promising production for small businesses. A home bakery does not need a separate room. Special documents are also not needed, although the courses are not placed. Not for the sake of a certificate, but for yourself. To establish the production process, first of all, a normal oven is needed, but since every housewife has one, it is not necessary to include it in the business plan. If you did turn it on, get ready to spend at least $ 300. e. Despite the fact that a bakery is a relatively inexpensive production for a small business, you will have to buy a lot of things:

Cake Profits

It is better to buy all this in bulk, as wholesale implies good discounts. The cost of food for one simple cake will be from 700 rubles, therefore, daily 3500 rubles will be spent only on consumables (at the rate of 5 cakes per day). Approximately the same amount will be spent on the purchase of inexpensive forms and other equipment, and then the business will go like clockwork.

Mini-business at home: ideas, production at home

How to produce building and finishing materials at home

The release of building materials and structures is suitable for the conditions of a private house or garage. In this case, you can buy factory equipment or make it yourself. Most Cost-Effective Business Ideas:

  • Concrete fences. To attract the consumer, you need to create your own unique slab design. The list of equipment includes: molds for casting, vibrating table and vibrating sieve, concrete mixer. The area of ​​the main production area should be at least 50 square meters, plus several auxiliary ones for storing raw materials and finished products.
  • Bricks and cinder blocks. For production, vibrating machines are used, designed for a different number of blocks or presses for molding bricks. You can distinguish your products from competitors by developing your own especially strong recipe or adding an original dye to the material.
  • Blocks from aerated concrete and aerated concrete. In production, foam generators, mixers and special forms are used.
  • Decorative tiles, fillets and ceiling rosettes made of plaster. Requires creativity and the creation of original ornaments. The production is practically silent and employs 2 to 4 people. The main equipment is plastic molds and vibrating table.
  • Parquet, floor board and wooden skirting board. For work, you will need a circular saw to perform a longitudinal cut and a saw to perform a cross-cut, as well as a milling machine to form a plinth relief.
  • Bamboo products - beams, wallpaper, ceiling panels, fences, blinds. Suitable for southern regions where you can grow raw materials yourself.
  • Nails and screws. Cold heading machines are used at home, which reduces the noise level. The productivity is from 25 pieces per minute. The starting price of the equipment is $ 3,000.

Release of consumer goods

The most promising small business ideas are products that are in constant demand. To conquer the market in this area, you need to create your own recognizable style and purchase the necessary equipment. You can produce:

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How to start a home based business on packaging

Using mini machines for business at home, you can fill food products under your own brand. At the same time, packaging of the finished product or with preliminary processing is available to you. It could be:

    Dry tea and herbal teas for brewing. It is possible to pack raw materials by weight in plastic bags or cardboard boxes, as well as to produce disposable sachets. The list of required equipment includes a tea dispenser (designed for a different number of strands), an automatic filling and packaging machine (performs packaging in individual bags, film, foil bags with zip fasteners), conveyor transport systems, mixers (for making your own recipes, adding flavoring and flavoring components).

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    Innovative manufacturing at home

    If your business ideas are related to a new type of product or advanced technologies, you will have undeniable advantages in the market and will be able to quickly develop your enterprise to a high level. To find the information you need, you need to follow the news of science and technology and note for yourself the most popular trends. Developing areas include:

    Home production is one of the most versatile business endeavors. For a novice entrepreneur, this direction can be considered the most promising. There is an opportunity to start your own business at home and expand to the scale of a large company. How to turn your hobby into a promising business idea, you will learn in this material.

    We bring you cost-effective and low-cost business ideas for home production.

    Mixed feed production

    Today, agriculture is on the rise, so small-scale production of compound feed for chickens, rabbits or cattle will be a relevant undertaking.

    The advantage of a business idea is its relevance in the Russian market. Nowadays poultry farming is actively developing and the need for compound feed is growing. Your products are guaranteed to be sold.

    The disadvantage of the idea is the rather high cost of purchasing the necessary equipment. However, with investment opportunities, these costs will pay off quickly.

    • Crusher ;
    • Mixer ;
    • Crusher;
    • Conveyor ;
    • Granulator ...

    Please note that there are some regulations for shop-type premises in the small segment. For example, the ceiling must be at least 4 meters high and the air temperature must be at least + 5 ° C.

    Many consumers will pay attention to the security guarantees of the purchased product. After the production of the first batch of goods, it is necessary to certify it. Order special testing for compliance with Gost.

    Decide on the type of feed produced. They come in complete, concentrated and vitamin supplements. The greatest profit comes from the sale of complete feed, since it completely replaces the nutritious diet of the animal. By the type of finished product, it is also possible to produce goods in the form of briquettes, mash and granules. Granulated feed is considered to be the most profitable for sale. In addition, the demand for it is higher than others.

    Initial investments will amount to 1 million rubles, subject to lease of premises and purchase of a minimum of equipment. If it is supposed to equip a mini-workshop on its site, then the costs can be reduced to 600 thousand rubles.

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