The Honey Business: How To Organize Retail


The production of packaged honey is an excellent direction for a beginner, despite a significant number of professional nuances. The business is highly profitable.

Before we start

It is important to decide on the format of the business. There are 2 options.

You can organize your own apiary. One person can serve up to 60 hives. To organize the production and sale of packaged honey, you can cooperate with other beekeepers. This is a more profitable and safe option in terms of financial risks. But its implementation requires experience in beekeeping and permanent residence in the countryside. In summer, there is a lot of work in the apiary, and during the winter it is necessary to keep an eye on the hives.

The second option is to buy raw materials from beekeepers. You can organize a filling shop. To do this, it is necessary to find among reliable suppliers of raw materials among beekeepers.

Having compared both options and choosing the most profitable or probable in terms of organization, you can start writing a business plan.

Main risks

The demand for honey depends on the season, but not critical. In autumn and winter, it increases markedly. In the summer - a little lower. In the summer months, honey is being pumped out actively, and the workshop will be busy. In winter, you will not be able to work at full capacity, but during this period there is a more active sale of products. This should be taken into account in order to provide a decent stock for the winter months and satisfy the needs of buyers.

The main risk of a small enterprise is associated with a lack of raw materials. In cold winters, bees can die; under unfavorable weather conditions in summer, they produce much less honey. The risk of interruptions in raw materials is quite high. The risk can be reduced only by expanding the range of suppliers and developing our own apiary.

If you are inexperienced in bee farming, you should not start with a large number of hives. The comprehension of the specialty of a beekeeper should be taken with the utmost seriousness. It is necessary to study the experience of the best farms, the subtleties of caring for each type of bee and the composition of their honey.


Honey retail is a promising business that can generate a stable income. Its beginning does not require large investments. Honey, as a commodity, is in great demand and can be stored for a long time. There is no big competition in this type of earnings yet. It all depends on the choice of strategy and place of trade.

Understand the specifics of the business

Honey can be bought at the market or supermarket. Many do not trust market traders. Often there are violated sanitary standards, there is no guarantee of the exact weight and quality of the product. There are other problems in supermarket chains. The buyer cannot receive complete information, ask questions of interest or try the products before purchasing.

This is important

By organizing your own department, you must eliminate all the inconveniences associated with buying honey in other places.

1. If you plan to sell honey yourself, you should know everything about it. When inviting a person for implementation, make sure that he is absolutely competent. Prepare the material that the prospective seller should be familiar with: types of honey, its beneficial properties, quality criteria and options for use.

2. Provide the buyer with the opportunity to buy related products from a specialized department. Sell ​​jars and barrels, spoons and ladles, literature and other beekeeping products (wax, pollen, royal jelly, propolis, etc.). Form gift sets.

3. Arrange tastings of your product and master classes on choosing honey. They must be carried out continuously. This way you can attract even more buyers. Having tried several varieties of honey, a person will definitely choose the one that he likes the most. The likelihood that he will buy it is very high.

4. Precise packaging is a guarantee of the success of any trade. Do not under any circumstances overweight your clients. Purchase an accurate scale and manually pre-pack your item. Do not try to mix any foreign products into the honey. Sooner or later, it will be revealed and your business will be ruined.

5. Attend specialized fairs and festivals. They are held regularly in major cities. The most famous is the honey fair in Kolomenskoye, and the capital festival "Gostiny Dvor". These events take place in August-September and late winter.

Where to start?

The main thing is to decide where you will get your honey. There are two fundamentally different options.

It is not easy now to establish a volumetric honey production. To organize a large apiary on the site, you need to consider many details. A novice beekeeper should not only have money to start a business, but also understand bees, understand the peculiarities of their life and biological rhythms. In addition, a businessman is obliged to understand how to breed bees and in what conditions they should be kept. Without this knowledge, the honey business is unlikely to be within the power of an entrepreneur.

Sales market and potential customers

To sell honey and quickly get rid of finished products, you need to understand how the sales market works and how it functions. Honey is a popular product in many industries, for example, in the food industry and cosmetology. Ordinary consumers also buy honey, so it can be sold in various volumes.


A good product is profitable when it is sold directly to the consumer. This is retail trade in the marketplace, at home, at work. This is how the peasants sell honey, as well as various “beekeeping amateurs” who have a small apiary. Honey is bought directly from beekeepers, because they are sure of the natural origin of the product. The beekeeper must have real knowledge of the honey business, understand the varieties and reasonably answer all questions from buyers. This is essential for the success of retail honey sales.

Customers appreciate being able to choose from several varieties. But a novice businessman needs to take care that he has a homogeneous variety that has the same color, consistency, smell. The price for such a variety should always be stable. If the product is of high quality, there will always be demand for it. Product packaging is also important. Small glass jars with beautiful labels that will catch the client's eye will do.

Remember the “rule of seven handshakes”. This is the rule of quickly spreading information with the help of colleagues, friends, acquaintances. If you follow this rule, your customer base will grow very quickly. A novice beekeeper will have regular customers.

If you don't have much time to sell honey, you can start selling it online. Social media is especially useful.

Reseller Sales

If a product is sold through a reseller, it is usually put up for sale along with other items in grocery and food stores, as well as pharmacies, points of sale of cosmetics. Often, large quantities of honey are sold on the agricultural market through an intermediary who sells different types of food products in their establishments. The advantage of selling honey through an intermediary is time saving. The disadvantage is the low price.

Wholesale of honey

Selling honey in bulk to large enterprises is the least profitable occupation. It will be difficult to cover the costs of preparing and maintaining an apiary if you initially focus on this type of sale. The price level will not allow the honey farm to exist for a long time. Therefore, retail trade should be the main goal of beekeepers.

It is better to sell the accumulated surplus wholesale. They will be willingly bought not only by companies selling honey, but also by confectionery factories, private entrepreneurs, food production, restaurant establishments.

IPK Prombiofit LLC Address: Moscow, st. Clara Zetkin, house 4 E-mail: info @ prombio. om Web: www. rombio. om

What business is one of the fastest growing today? Let's not torture you, but let's say right away - the production of honey. Why? Let's figure it out now.


First, there has always been, is and will be a good demand for honey. Not only is it tasty, but honey is also a natural, natural medicine that is very beneficial to health. And the further, the more people prefer to buy good and high-quality honey.

Secondly, you have free raw materials for the production of honey. Do you pay for the bees to fly through the surrounding fields collecting nectar?

Third, your workers are doing their duty for food. Literally. After all, you do not pay the bees a salary for collecting nectar, then "conjuring" in the hives, so that you then extract honey from them?

Fourthly, honey production is quite cost-effective. Manufacturers do not announce exact figures, but emphasize that, to put it mildly, they are not in poverty. And this is taking into account the rather high competition in the industry.

One Secret

The buyer has become spoiled, and new trading formats dictate their own terms. Therefore, it makes no sense to start honey production without a filling line. Even in the market, people want to buy honey pre-packaged in jars or containers. On the other hand, stores will not take honey at all without proper packaging.

IPK Prombiofit presents semi-automatic lines that are optimal for packing and packaging honey at small businesses. They are perfect for the average enterprise with a daily production of 100-1000 kilograms of honey. The semi-automatic line is more than enough here.

What can the line from "IPK Prombiofit"

The volume of the package may vary. But, as practice shows, honey is most in demand, packaged in 200-350 milliliters. In addition, honey in packages of 10-50 milliliters is gaining popularity.

  • Pollen - price 1.8 $ per 100g.
  • Royal jelly - price 1 $ for 300mg.
  • Propolis - the price is $ 1.5 for 10g.
  • Zabrus - price 10 $ for 500g.
  • Natural beeswax price - $ 10 per 1kg.
  • Bee venom - price from $ 15 per 1g (if bee venom has passed EXW control).
  • Bee podmore - price $ 10 per 100g.

All of these additional belt products are used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.

After reading this article, you will learn about the effective methods used in modern beekeeping. As well as a few useful tips that help ease the work of the beekeeper and increase profits.

Tips for starting a honey business

  • Equipping the hives with a net for cleaning debris saves the power of the swarm. Bees spend up to 20% of their energy on garbage collection. And the mesh bottom saves bees time and energy.
  • Electric heating at a specific time. All living things on the planet spend much more energy on maintaining body temperature than on physical activity. And the worker bee is no exception. Film electric heaters built into the hives will create comfortable conditions for bees during unfavorable weather. This significantly affects the strength of the swarm.
  • Destruction of brood larvae to save labor of worker bees. At a certain period, it is worth cutting off and passing the entire brood through the honey extractor so that the bees are not distracted during the production of honey.
  • Feeding with flower syrup in accordance with the flowers of the honey plant. It is recommended for bees to add infusion from flowers to the syrup, on which honey plants are now going. Bees are less likely to be distracted by other flowers, which happens very often and negatively affects both the quality and the amount of honey.
  • Use hives with upper entrances only. This technique does not affect the increase in the performance of the hive, but it helps to significantly reduce the number of operations for caring for it (for example: the bee dead will not block the entrances, there will be no problems with condensation, etc.). Thus, the productivity of the beekeeper is increased.
  • Use all frames the same size. Frames are the heart of every hive design. They shouldn't be a hassle. The same frames make it easier to maintain (especially large numbers) hives. The same frames are interchangeable and can be inserted into an infinite number of boxes during brood. It is worth foreseeing such an important nuance.
  • In order for the bees to survive in the winter, do not pump out honey for the winter. This method will not only significantly increase the survival rate of the swarm, but also save you from the hassle associated with careful care of the bees in the winter.

Mobile apiary in modern beekeeping

  • It is convenient and quick to transport hives to increase the overall honey collection rates.
  • Easily and quickly maintain a large number of enclosures.
  • Significant saving of space for hives.
  • Additional insulation is not required in winter.
  • Simple and convenient honeycomb inspection. It is enough just to push the desired frame. Thus, the inspection process does not disturb the neighboring bees, and the robot goes only with a specific family.
  • The process of preparation for movement and maintenance of belts can be carried out by one person without the use of a smoker and a mask.

Thanks to mobile pavilions with built-in hives, the income of the bee farm is significantly increased. But a significant additional benefit is the ability to implement a second business idea. In the world practice of beekeeping, honey is not the main benefit that bees bring. In many countries, honey is only 20% of business profits. The main profit comes from the provision of services for pollination of agricultural plants. Thanks to modern apiary technologies, farmers increase their yields through pollination services. So you can increase the yield:

  • sunflower twice;
  • coriander twice;
  • apple harvest three times;
  • cherries in 6-7 times.

The benefits for the customer are obvious. A self-propelled apiary makes it easy to implement a pollination business.

Honey families have more melliferous power

Honey families weighing 6-8 kg are being created. bees. In practice, there were gigantic families and 17kg each, but they showed themselves poorly as after 8 kg. each bee carries less nectar and it is no longer rational overkill. It should also be noted that honey families are used only in one season, and are subject to liquidation for the winter. There are several ways to create a giant family of honeymen:

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