The game "Monopoly" is 85 years old

Monopoly has been one of the most popular board games for over 80 years. During this time, the game has been published in many countries and has gained millions of fans. A large number of followers and imitators also emerged.

At one time, such board games as Manager, Cosmos, NEP were released in the USSR, but no such game could achieve the same popularity.

Monopoly is one of my first games that I still love. is true that you will like it too! And you will reveal the question: how to play Monopoly?

Purpose of the game

Each player, moving his piece, must acquire and develop land plots. Every house or business purchased brings a profit to the owner. Thus, the board game develops the qualities necessary for a successful business.

After all, the one who does not go bankrupt will win.


The cards are shuffled and laid face down on the corresponding areas of the playing field.

The entire game is run by the player chosen as the banker. His duties include payment and exchange of money, holding auctions, as well as collecting taxes and fines.

How to play Monopoly

The most famous board game in the world "Monopoly" celebrates its anniversary: ​​the old woman is already 85, and she still attracts young people and not only. What is the secret of her popularity, Ogonyok found out.

Perhaps, no other board game is associated with so many legends and anecdotes. "Monopoly" was published in 1935 and a year later found itself at the center of a scandal - it was banned in Nazi Germany. And here is another legend, already during the war years: a special version of the game was released for British prisoners of war, which was then transferred to the camps through the Red Cross. In this version, a mini-compass, a map was hidden, and the money was real, in a word, run - I don't want to.

The popularity of games is usually short-lived. However, the fame of "Monopoly" only grew over time: it is enough to remember that in the early 1970s, when Atlantic City gathered to rename the streets mentioned in "Monopoly", fans of the game ... defended the old names! But what is there: in the 1990s, "Monopoly" even came to American TV - in the form of a show of the same name.

Today the popularity of "Monopoly" is breaking records: it has already been played by about half a billion people around the world, and every few years national and world championships are held! For example, the winner of the last world championship, held in Macau in 2021, was a certain Nicolo Falcone from Italy, and the Russian Alexander Kovalev reached the semifinals.

Monopoly generally has a distinct Russian flavor: today there is Monopoly Nizhny Novgorod and even the Millionaire Neryungri created based on it, and the game itself enjoys a long and steady popularity with us.

What are the reasons for this love? Experts name several at once, well, for example, the ideal "mechanics".

“Monopoly is a great combination of luck and strategy,” explains Eugene Provenzo, professor at the University of Miami (studying game history) in an interview with CBS. element of craftsmanship. It's like poker.

But the point, of course, is not only in mechanics - in fact, the theme of the game itself does not lose its relevance: everyone secretly wants to be in the place of a business shark and successfully bankrupt competitors. The paradox is different: as the views on economics changed, the game itself changed.

Judge for yourself: the classic "Monopoly" was replaced in the 1970s by the game "Antimonopoly", where the monopolists were opposed by competing players. There was even a communist version of the game called "The Queue" - it was made in Poland in our time. Finally, there has recently appeared "Monopoly" for millennials: they no longer buy real estate, because hipsters cannot afford it, but they accumulate impressions. And finally, the scandalous novelty - "Miss Monopoly", in which women initially receive more money than men, for which the game has already been dubbed feminist. Isn't it a reflection of the spirit of the times?

- "Monopoly" has long become a cultural phenomenon associated with such concepts as entrepreneurship, competition, bankruptcy, - says Roman Abramov, Deputy Head of the Department of Analysis of Social Institutions, National Research University Higher School of Economics. - However, the paradox of this game is that that it has a prototype - the game "Landowners", invented at the beginning of the XX century. The Landowners' idea was to show the cons of monopoly. But it was “Monopoly” that “shot”, where chaotic, competitive, hard capitalism, strongly dependent on luck, is presented, that is, the same as it was in the United States in the 1920s. It means that something important in her was guessed absolutely exactly. It is the quintessence of capitalism in a popularized form.

Note: the popularity of "Monopoly" did not bypass the Soviet Union. In fact, back in the 1920s, we produced quasi-economic board games, they were devoted to the organization of the national economy, electrification.

There are many different terms in economic theory. However, the most capacious of them is the concept of monopoly. How correct the use of this term is and what its semantic meaning is in a particular case depends directly on the context. This is due to the different interpretation of this concept.

Term essence

The word "monopoly" in translation from Greek means "mono" - one and "polio" - I sell. This term means a situation on the market when only one company operates on it. At the same time, there is no competition at all or no one else produces similar goods or services.

The first monopolies in the history of mankind were created thanks to state sanctions. The government passed laws giving a privileged right to any firm to trade in this or that product. However, the term "monopoly" has many definitions. According to one of the versions, this is a certain state of the market, when the state or organization is given the exclusive right to conduct economic activities on it. At the same time, the monopolist, in the absence of competition, determines the cost of his goods himself or has a very significant effect on the pricing policy. This definition of the term is a qualitative characteristic of the market.

Main features of a monopoly

Experts identify the following situations, which indicate the existence of a single business firm:

  • the presence of one or a very large seller;
  • the presence of unrivaled products;
  • the existence of high threshold criteria for entry of new enterprises in a similar market segment.

There are other interpretations applied to the term "monopoly". For example, this concept can mean a separate company, which is characterized by the priority in the management of a certain market segment.

Interpretation options

The term "monopoly" is understood as:

  • the state of either the market or one of its segments, in which only one player is present;
  • the only company that produces and sells the goods created by it;
  • the market with the only leading enterprise present.

Description of the Monopoly Board Game Franchise

Let's create a game "Monopoly" in your city, and you can earn from 80,000 rubles selling board games!

We undertake the creation, printing and logistics, and you just have to accept orders.

Placing games at points of sale

What are points of sale for a game?

We have identified such companies for ourselves:

  • Time cafe
  • Quests in reality
  • Photo salons
  • Gift
  • Sales shops board games
  • Islands of accessories in the shopping center

How do you work with points of sale?

First, there is a search for such companies in the city, then those points are selected where the most pedestrian traffic is.

Secondly, there is a call to this company and an appointment. At the meeting there is a presentation of the game and the signing of an agreement for the implementation. As a rule, if we are just starting to work with this point, we give 3 games for implementation.

Thirdly, we enter them into a Google table, by which we can easily track when the games were sold, how many games were left at the outlet, and how much revenue from the sales of games was.

Regarding the point of profit from the sale of the game

Entrepreneurs have a lot of problems to solve in order to launch a potentially profitable startup. And the first task is to overcome the industry monopolist. Most new ideas are based on interpretations of an existing product or service, slightly improved or updated.

Google wasn't the first search engine, Nike wasn't the first sports shoe, Facebook wasn't the first social media company. Corporations like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp have launched their business models for free. They decided to first gain consumer confidence and monetize the business later. Risky, but it paid off for them.

Compete effectively

If you strategically look at industries that have grown rapidly or that have stalled, you can develop a strategy to intentionally disrupt them with a slightly innovative product or service. At the same time, innovation can only be marginally better than the current offer, but the main thing is to change the business model in order to compete effectively.

A recent example is the story of what the Chewy brand has done with the pet industry and in particular with PetSmart and Petco. The two long-standing firms are tied to their hundreds of retail stores and, by extension, to overheads. Chewy decided to go the other way, offering the same pet products online for less. It did so well that PetSmart acquired Chewy in 2021 for $ 3.3 billion. It was a kind of defensive tactic.

Defeat the Monopolist

It is necessary to find subtle points in the work of a large company, and there are plenty of them, you just have to start analyzing. Many monopolists inflate prices too much, while a small trader can always lower his own, just wanting to attract more customers.

Large companies are not mobile and flexible enough, they do not care about a single person. This can be a privilege too. It is more pleasant to buy bread made just for you, rather than by conveyor belt method.

strategies to conquer the industry

1. Find an industry that is about to give up. Some industries or services have become obsolete. For example, ordering a taxi by phone is no longer as relevant as an Internet service.

2. Decide on a conquest strategy. Entering an industry can take many forms, you need to determine which strategy to choose. The most obvious and well-used strategy is to disrupt the business model of competitors by introducing a cheaper version or a free premium model of a product or service. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Dropbox were initially free. You can also enter the market with a high market value of products.

3. Find the new value. Entering a business does not have to be associated with "stealing" other people's clients or poaching specialists. Ryanair is an excellent example of the aviation business in Europe. They began offering short, popular routes that no one else did at prices that rivaled trains and buses. They have created a whole new market for budget conscious travelers.

Therefore, an important step in disrupting traditional markets is finding new value that will attract new customers.

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