Sunflower oil production as a business

Butter today is one of the most widespread and versatile food products that can often be seen in the refrigerator of our compatriots. Accordingly, it is safe to say that the demand for it is very high. In this regard, the production of butter can be a great business idea, even despite the rather high competitive activity. Indeed, a truly high-quality and tasty product at an affordable price will always find its consumer. How to organize such a business, we propose to talk further.

Registration of a legal entity

First of all, you should decide on the extent to which you will carry out the production of butter. So, you can organize a very small business, in which your family members are employed.

Accordingly, in this case it will be enough to register yourself as an individual entrepreneur with a simplified taxation system. If you have sufficient start-up capital or plan to use the investor's funds, then it makes sense to open an LLC.


Butter is included in the list of goods subject to mandatory certification. Therefore, it will not be possible to start production without such a document. In addition, since you plan to manufacture food products, you will need to bring the workshop and premises for storing raw materials and finished goods in accordance with certain requirements of the SES.

Butter production technology

This food product can be produced in two ways: by whipping cream and by converting heavy cream. We suggest you learn more about each option. But first, it should be noted that the first two stages - reception and separation of milk - are the same for both methods.

Then the cream is pasteurized with a fat content of 35 to 45%, during which extraneous microflora is destroyed and deodorization is carried out. The subsequent stages are already radically different depending on the production method.

Whipping cream method

Pasteurized cream is cooled and kept for some time at a temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius. This is necessary for the product to “mature”. Moreover, the lower the temperature, the faster this process takes place.

After that, the cream is placed in oil drums, which are rotating wooden barrels or metal cylinders. As a result of the impact of mechanical shocks, the nucleation of an oil grain occurs, which consists of crystallized particles of fat contained in milk. After that, the churning process is stopped.

Then the oil grain is washed once or twice. To increase the stability of the oil during storage, calcined salt is added to it. After that, the mass is passed through squeezing rollers, as a result of which a dense homogeneous layer is formed, which only remains to be packaged and packaged. It is worth noting that the technology for the production of sour butter is no different from the above stages, except that after pasteurization, it is necessary to ferment.

Minimalism, village life, good habits

Hello friends! Today, within the framework of the "My Business" project, I would like to introduce you to the wonderful Gerdo family, who are engaged in the production of raw-pressed oils. Sasha and Andrey moved from the city to a village in the Apsheron region and created the brand "Gerdo's Green Shop". The oils are very tasty and super fresh as they are pressed only after the order is received.

I am delighted to introduce you to this family. They are smart kind people with a healthy dose of self-irony. They really want to make this world a better place and they approach their business as responsibly as possible, with full dedication. I would like such projects to develop and flourish!

In the interview, the guys will share their experience of organizing their own business, share the difficulties and joys of working for themselves. I think that the interview will be interesting to everyone who is interested in a healthy lifestyle, moving to a village and developing a family business.

Product creation

How did the idea for the project come about? How did it all start? Five years ago, after reading a book, we decided to have a raw food marathon. Andrei already had a raw food diet, and my friend and I have long wanted to try it. The book we have read is about a healthy lifestyle. It describes in detail all the processes that take place in our body after eating a variety of foods. During the passage of the marathon, we faced the problem of providing ourselves and the participants of the marathon with food. We organized a joint purchase of healthy food products. At first, we received a percentage of the purchase, and later we created an online store that provided the residents of Nizhny Novgorod with grains for germination, cold-pressed oils, nuts, dried fruits and even fruits and vegetables. A little later, no longer on a raw food diet, we began to bake sourdough bread and sell whole grain flour. Best of all, we were able to sell butter (of course, because it is so alive and tasty!), So we decided to establish our own production. And now, very soon it will be exactly five years since we squeezed out the first drops of our own oil!

Have you had any experience of working for yourself before? no

Has your past work experience helped in a new business? no

How long did it take to learn how to make your product good enough to sell? How did you feel that now this is not a training model, but a thing worth selling? We are still learning and improving). We became proud of our oil from the first drop we received! Still, we get real juice from nuts and seeds!

Do you use what you create yourself?

We use our oils in food all the time, use it for cosmetic purposes for the face, hair, skin and massage. Even our cats and dogs eat our porridge butter!

How important is “serving right”? What is more in the product - its physical embodiment or the story that lies in it?

One of the profitable acquisitions for starting your own business is a mini-oil production plant, since the demand for products is constant. If we consider the variety of plant species, then the most demanded is sunflower oil. Therefore, it is important to consider the features of its production.

The essence of the production process

Thinking over all the details of the production cycle, it is necessary to decide what type of sunflower oil - unrefined, refined will be produced. They differ in the degree of purification.

The cycle for the production of refined oil is more labor-intensive, since it includes chemical-technological methods for purification, which allows you to remove unnecessary odors and foreign taste. If the goal is an unrefined species, then the process stops at the mechanical filtration phase, and the product retains the specific taste and rather expressive smell of natural vegetable oil.

A beginner businessman should take into account that despite the lower costs, the profit from the sale of unrefined oil decreases, since its cost is lower, and the demand is lower.

The technological chain for the production of vegetable oil is quite branched, on average it consists of the following steps:

If sunflower oil is produced from a line of unrefined varieties, then there will be no refining operation in the cycle. Sometimes the heat treatment step is eliminated to save on equipment purchase.

The completeness of subsequent pressing in presses depends on a number of indicators - viscosity, pressure, density. The next stage involves filtration (settling, centrifugation), the purpose of which is to remove mechanical impurities. After this operation, unrefined oil is obtained, which can be marketed.

Refining involves going through several stages:

The oil after these stages is called refined, not deodorized. Deodorization completely removes pigments, volatile compounds, giving the resulting deodorized refined oil a light straw color.

In this article we will tell you how to start the production of sunflower oil and what is needed for this. Let's describe the market specifics and business requirements. We will provide a list of the necessary documents, equipment, and talk about the cost of opening such an enterprise.

Market specifics and business prospects

According to Rosstat, from September 2021 to August 2021, the volume of sunflower oil production in Russia amounted to 10.4 million tons. 1.5 million tons were exported, which is 4.2% higher indicators 2021/17

The volume of consumption of vegetable oil in 2021 is 6.2 million tons, which is 9.7% more than in 2021. According to experts' forecasts, by 2025 the figures will increase to 7.8 million t.

These forecasts show that the business is promising. And it doesn't matter if it is planned to open an entire enterprise or a mini home workshop. After all, almost 50% of the Russian market receives vegetable oil from private producers. And the demand for such products is stable, regardless of the seasons and economic situations in the country.

Of course there are risks. For example, production is heavily dependent on sowing and harvesting. If they are delayed due to the weather, yields will decrease, and with it the volume of seed processing and oil production.

But in general, with a well-thought-out business plan and competent organization, you can create a business with a stable profit. We will tell you how to do this further.

Business requirements

To start the production of sunflower oil, you need to know the requirements for such activities. They can be conditionally divided into the following items.

To the manufacturer

Of course, you can start from scratch and without experience. But the risk of losing investments in this case is extremely high.

Sunflower oil production: documents for opening an IP + production technology + purchase of equipment + purchase of seeds + selection of premises for a workshop + search for employees + sales of goods on the market + pricing and profit calculation.

Sunflower oil is an essential product, so there will always be demand for this product. Oil is produced not only by large factories of the all-Russian scale, but also by individual entrepreneurs, farmers, etc.

If you are interested in the production of sunflower oil as a business, then we suggest considering our business plan with approximate calculations and payback periods of the enterprise.

Documentation for organizing a business

The first stage is the collection of documents for opening a legal production. For a small workshop, it will be enough to obtain a certificate of registration of the owner as an individual entrepreneur.

What package of documents is needed to obtain the legal form of an individual entrepreneur:

  • Copy of passport and TIN.
  • Application form No. Р21001.
  • Payment of state duty and provision of a receipt - 800 rubles.
  • Application for the transition to payment of taxes under the simplified system.

In 5 days, all documents will be ready, information about the new entrepreneurs from the Federal Tax Service will be transferred to the Pension Fund personally, without your participation. If necessary, you can open a bank account and order a seal. It will cost about 4,000 rubles more.

To open the production of sunflower oil, you also need to obtain permission from Rospotrebnadzor, Fire Inspection, SES.

What is taken into account when checking:

  • Room condition. The workshop should have ceilings from 2 meters high, a concrete floor, walls are painted or laid out with tiles.
  • Availability of ventilation, serviceable plumbing with high-quality water, new electrical wiring that will withstand voltage of 380 W, gas boiler installed according to the rules.
  • Proper treatment of equipment and premises with disinfectants.
  • Existence of an evacuation plan, person in charge of fire safety, fire alarm system, emergency exit.
  • Documents for the quality of raw materials.
  • Technical characteristics of equipment, contract for its supply and operation.
  • Agreement with the tenant.
  • The final product must comply with GOST R 52465-2021.

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