Retro car business: the older the better

According to the latest data, there are 283 passenger cars for every thousand Russians. That is, almost every third resident of Russia now owns a car. It's time to make money on this.

We will not claim originality in the automotive business. After all, the first business with cars appeared on the day when the first car was sold, so we will consider some of the most common and well-known ideas of the auto business. Although, maybe for someone they will become a novelty.

Let's start with the most popular and common idea.

The niche for making money is vast. You can start by buying old cars, refurbishing and reselling them. Having earned the first capital, you can switch to new cars and start making money selling new cars. That is, for example, to become a car dealer or an official brand representative. Currently, new brands and models of cars are entering the market, mainly from China and Asia, which means that even in such a busy niche, you can find free space.

With multiple vehicles, you can start a car rental business. You can rent a car. For example, if you own a business class car, your services will need weddings, graduations and other events. The same idea will suit minivan owners.

Vehicle class is binding. If you have a fresh business class car at your disposal, then your earnings can start with the services of a business class driver. Many business people rarely drive around the city and for the sake of this they do not own a business car, however, sometimes they have to drive up somewhere in a beautiful expensive car. That is, they need a driver with a business class car.

Let him take a taxi, you tell me, and therefore ...

Everything is very simple here. We lease several inexpensive cars, connect to the Uber system or a similar system in your city. We start earning. See - How to start making money in a taxi on the Internet.

The Gazelle truck is truly a business vehicle. City cargo transportation, moving, delivery of building materials and much more cannot do without this machine. If you look at the various add-ons that can be installed on the Gazelle platform, then your new business can be transformed into a business on a tow truck, or by installing a crane "I load myself, I drive myself", you can expand the cargo transportation business, in addition there are drilling rigs, aerial platforms and other cargo special vehicles.

Yes, without owning a car, you can make money on cars - that is, a business by car with minimal investment. How? Now we will tell you everything.

In the modern world, people tend to hide from noise. Modern soundproofing materials help them with this. Bonding a car interior costs good money, and you can buy the materials themselves from manufacturers for several thousand rubles. The Internet will help you learn this simple-minded business; in it you will find many useful articles and videos.

If you have no desire to do noise insulation, you can do toning. Entry into this business costs practically nothing, good films for tinting cost no more than $ 50, however, the demand for such services is large and stable.

SMK Group of Companies will provide professional construction of an automobile plant on the territory of the Russian Federation. The company's specialists have extensive experience in this area and are ready to quickly solve problems of the highest level of complexity. We will provide complex capital or frame construction on a turnkey basis, starting from the preparation of design documentation and ending with the commissioning of the facility. Our company's portfolio includes the construction of a body shop for Nissan in St. Petersburg. The company's website contains a specialized calculator that will help you to calculate the approximate prices for our services.

Requirements for car factories

A competent approach to the design and subsequent construction of a car plant assumes the use of the entire regulatory and legislative framework of the Russian Federation in terms of requirements for objects of this type. When building specialized automotive factories, we take into account a wide range of requirements for them:

  • The internal layout and design of the building must provide optimal conditions for the operation of technological equipment and service personnel.
  • All buildings where production lines are located must have utility rooms and sanitary facilities for personnel.
  • The production area should allow easy expansion of production lines and modernization of equipment.
  • The surface of the walls and floor must be resistant to mechanical damage, industrial oils, solvents and other liquids.
  • The floor inside buildings must have high wear resistance and mechanical strength.
  • Placement of enterprises is carried out taking into account the availability of a sanitary zone between production facilities and residential buildings.

Varieties of buildings for car factories

Currently, we offer two options for the construction of automobile factories:

  • Capital construction. It involves the use of traditional technologies and building materials: bricks, cast concrete, blocks, etc. Capital types of structures are characterized by the longest service life and high initial costs.
  • Frame construction. It is a modern technology for the construction of buildings, where steel profiled sheets or sandwich panels are fixed on a metal frame. This type of structures is distinguished by a high speed of construction and an affordable price.

Before choosing a particular type of building, you should carefully study all the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Capital construction of a car plant

The traditional for Russia technology of capital construction of production facilities provides them with excellent performance characteristics and a long service life. Buildings of this type are suitable for accommodating production shops of any specialization: assembly, paint, stamping, warehouse, etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The main advantages of capital structures over other types of buildings are:

  • Long service life, which in some cases is more than 100 years.
  • Resistance to the influence of most chemicals, which allows this type of building to be used for paint shops and hot-dip galvanized areas.
  • High level of mechanical strength, which allows the installation of production equipment with a high level of vibration and large mass.
  • Full compliance with all fire safety requirements and standards and high resistance to open fire.
  • Resistance to negative environmental factors: mold and fungi, ultraviolet light, precipitation, temperature changes, insects.

Investments: from 2.7 million rubles

Payback: from 3 years

Having your own car is great, but not everyone can buy a car. Against the background of this situation, organizations began to appear that provide cars for rent for a certain period. Thanks to this service, a person can feel like a driver who does not depend on public transport. The car rental sphere is only gaining momentum, but there are already mastodons that offer business-class cars to a person. They all started with a small fleet of vehicles. According to their scheme, you can start with a couple of cars and build a great business that will bring in decent money.

Business Concept

Car rental is renting your own cars to people who need it. But not everything is so transparent at first glance. After all, the driver can get into an accident, bring the car to a breakdown or even steal it. Therefore, it is necessary to create for customers all conditions for using a car and to protect themselves as much as possible from emergency situations. The bottom line is that a business is built of several components:

  • buying cars;
  • questions about safety, ease of use of cars;
  • the task of attracting customers;
  • technical service of cars.

This kind of business is very common abroad, everything reaches us with a time delay. Therefore, you can look at the results of entrepreneurs in Europe, America, the Middle East.

Profitability in this business is high and there is potential for the company's growth. But now it is difficult to occupy the market of large cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg). You need to pay attention to the slightly small ones, it is there that the development of car rental gives the maximum result, and everyone will have time to take Moscow.

Customers are most often people over 21 years old, because entrusting a vehicle to a younger person is dangerous. The target audience is limited to 25 to 50 years old, a person at this age is already provided for, can afford to rent a car. Most of the clients are tourists who need a car to explore the city's attractions.

What is required for implementation?

To start, you need to have good strategic thinking, look ahead, make rough predictions. You cannot achieve results without knowledge of the automotive market. Therefore, you need to do a thorough analysis of the car when choosing, conduct a study of the client structure. Who will use the service? What price are people willing to pay? This is all the prelaunch stage.

Going deeper into the niche, the understanding comes that it is necessary to build partnerships with insurance companies, gas stations, organizations selling cars, and others. If there are partners among those, it will be much easier to build a business.

  • 1 How much money is needed to start a production of car mats
  • 2 How to start a production
  • 3 What equipment to choose for sewing
  • 4 How much you can earn
  • 5 Which OKVED to indicate during registration
  • 6 What documents are needed to open
  • 7 Which taxation system to choose for registering a business
  • 8 Technology for the production of car mats
  • 9 For a beginner in the production of car mats

It's no secret that the number of passenger cars is growing every year.

Accordingly, the demand for spare parts and accessories for light vehicles is increasing.

Organizing your own business aimed at making car mats is a promising idea for a small business with a small investment at the start.

An entrepreneur with a modest budget can implement a project for the production of textile car rugs.

Both ready-made versions and custom-made products can be produced.

The latter direction will allow you to get the maximum profit, since author's works are more expensive (from 1,500 rubles per set).

How much money is needed to start production of car mats

To launch the production of car mats, an investment of 350 thousand rubles will be required.

These funds are required to register an individual entrepreneur, purchase the first batch of consumables and sewing equipment.

How to start opening production

The passion for retro cars, which has swept over many countries of the world, is beginning to sink into Russia. Can you make money from the restoration and resale of classic cars? Models, facts, cases of entrepreneurs and specific amounts - let's figure it out together.

The retro car craze, which has long swept over countries on both sides of the Atlantic, is gradually starting to reach Russia. Moreover, if in the same States there are a large number of specialized ateliers and private amateurs specializing in the restoration and resale of old cars, then in the territory of the former Union such a business is still in its infancy.

The same can be said about the channels of sales of retro cars - until recently, rare copies mostly wandered from one private collection of connoisseurs to another, occasionally flashing on message boards like Auto. u. The first auction of retro cars appeared in our country just a year ago, in 2021, and demonstrated a considerable demand for classic vehicles of all stripes. Numerous lots were sold under the hammer - for example, the perfectly restored Horch 901, abandoned at one time by the Nazi troops during the retreat near Moscow, found a new owner for 15,000,000 rubles. Even the classic Vespa scooter - a kind of example of Italian style and the renaissance of post-war Europe - caused a serious stir.

Therefore, on this wave, it is quite reasonable to ask the question - is it possible to make money on the restoration and resale of old classic cars? Models, facts and specific amounts - let's figure it out together.

The essence of the business idea

Briefly about how the business of retro cars (or oldtimers, as they are also called) works can be seen on numerous entertainment shows on Discovery channels or the BBC. On camera, everything looks colorful and a little pretentious - enterprising authors buy a rare wreck in the garage from a gray-haired owner and, after numerous searches for spare parts in local dumps and torment in a custom studio, they roll out a masterpiece shining with scratched sides to the public, which is then sold under the hammer for a big sum.

What about Russian entrepreneurs? We managed to talk with several representatives of the auto business, each of whom shared their personal experience - from the resale of a VAZ 2103 "time capsule" with minimum mileage to the complex logistics of muscle cars from the Old and New Worlds.

What business is worth starting in a crisis?

Minimum investment. Fast payback. High demand. Does not require premises and staff. 2 days to launch. Choosing an openbusiness portal. u.

In today's review, we will slightly deviate from the usual format with financial indicators and cite as an example several cases of entrepreneurs who are already successfully working in this area. The fact is that the investment, and the effort made, and the final income can very much depend on many different factors - from the car model to the entrepreneur's experience.

Case:% margin under dust

“Everyone has different attitudes towards the Soviet car industry, but the demand for VAZ classics has been steadily growing lately,” says Alexander from Rostov. For several years in a row, he has been looking for well-preserved cars, and after some simple manipulations he sells them to connoisseurs.

“Unfortunately, there is no recipe for a 100% result - in particular, the condition of a specimen put up for sale is often difficult to assess from the photos from the ad (this is even if there are any). Just last week I had to travel 500 kilometers to the Voronezh region to inspect the classic Moskvich, which turned out to be not in the best condition - it had been in the garage for too long and its restoration would cost a lot. "

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