Profitable business: jam production

All my friends know about what a passion I have for cooking. Once, difficult times came in our family - there was a sorely lack of money. At that moment, I decided to make money on my hobby: I cooked several jars of jam and sold it on the market. After earning a certain amount of money, I thought: why not do it in earnest? And you know, I was right, because today jam making is my business, which brings me a solid income.

Why this particular activity

At one point, I realized that everyone wants to eat and, preferably, as tasty as possible. Hence the bottom line: the food produced is a popular product that will be purchased not only in large, but also in small cities, and people with different levels of income.

Many people love jam, and more than one manufacturer supplies it to the market. Nevertheless, I realized that my product has a great advantage - it is created from natural and environmentally friendly ingredients.

At the very beginning of my activity, I realized that I had no problems with organizing the supply of raw materials. In addition, I realized that it is possible to start this type of activity with small volumes, and the production process pays off quite quickly and easily.

Main Attachments

If we evaluate the size of investments in general, we can say that on average, the production of 1,500 kg of jam requires about 1.5 million rubles. Now about the costs in more detail, since the specified amount is needed not only to buy fruits, berries and sugar, but also to cover other costs.

The bulk of expenses are:

  • purchase of raw materials;
  • purchase of consumables (dishes for cooking, jars, lids);
  • creation of labels and decorative materials; <
  • payment for electricity and water;
  • salaries of employees (at the first stages, this element of expenses may not be taken into account if you are engaged in the production of goods yourself).

Equipment you need to purchase for a successful start

Investments: from 950,000 rubles

Payback: from 12 months

Jam and jam are favorite foods for many people from childhood. Not everyone has the opportunity to cook them on their own, but everyone wants to enjoy delicious and natural products from time to time. These desserts are also used in cooking, as filling for baked goods. Therefore, an entrepreneur will always find consumers of products and make a profit. And how to implement a business idea, you will learn from the article.

Business Concept

The production of preserves and jams is gaining relevance due to the growing desire of consumers to eat organic and natural food. The main consumers are urban dwellers, the middle class. We will single out two of the methods of implementation: delivery to large retailers and sale of ecological products in specialized stores.

What is required for implementation?

Starting such a business requires a suitable premises in which order and cleanliness are maintained, working personnel with appropriate education and qualifications, and permission from certain authorities.


To produce quality products that can withstand competition, you need to purchase the following equipment:

  • cutting table;
  • container for finished products;
  • washing tub;
  • container sterilizer;
  • water sterilizer (ultraviolet);
  • production plant;
  • tare rinsing device;
  • scales;
  • installation for packaging and filling;
  • labeling installation;
  • sand sifter;
  • freezers and refrigerators for storing sugar, fruits and ready-made jams;
  • trays, containers, containers.

You can't do without transport. To send ready-made and packaged cans, buy a light-duty truck with an isothermal van.

Premises rental

Many jams contain natural salicylic acid, which is the main ingredient in anti-inflammatory or antipyretic drugs. In addition, they contain a lot of vitamins and other nutrients.

Canning of fruit and berry crops at home used to be quite common. Many women made jams, marmalades, jams, storing them for the winter, but over time this tradition gradually began to fade away.

And although canned products have not lost their popularity today, most people prefer to buy them in the store, without wasting their time and energy on labor-intensive production. That is why the production of jam and other types of natural canned preparations has become a very promising and profitable business today, the organization of which does not require a lot of funds.

Business plan

Berry processing, which consists in making jams from organic products without adding flavors, is in ever-growing demand. This is not surprising. Today's customer wants to buy only healthy and natural products. Therefore, the production and sale of jam from berries and fruits has become for some of the promising areas of business. Today you can build a profitable home business on this.

The market for canned food from environmentally friendly raw materials

Jam production belongs to the segment of production and sale of ecological products, which has great prospects in agriculture all over the world. However, on the Russian market, natural pure products have an insufficient share in the general market, and most of them are of imported origin. It is assumed that in the coming years the picture will change, and the share of products of Russian manufacturers will reach sixty percent.

Potential buyers are mainly urban population. At the same time, the main ways of selling jam are deliveries to grocery supermarkets, which, as a rule, are focused on the middle class.

Jam production technology

Jam is made from various berries, rose petals, melons, walnuts, etc., cooked in sugar syrup. You can use fresh fruits, and frozen or already processed.

Jam differs from other related canned blanks in consistency: berries and their parts in it preserve their integrity as much as possible. This is achieved through two, sometimes three brewing processes.

When there is a desire to sell a quality handmade product, various options are considered, even the most unexpected ones. In this article, we want to offer one of these products - homemade jam. You ask, is it possible to make money on it? The answer is yes, and it is confirmed by the success of many entrepreneurs in this niche, but there are a number of nuances that should be taken into account when planning and launching a jam business.

Even 20 years ago, many families, including city dwellers, prepared jam on their own, it was a strategic supply of sweets for tea for the winter period. But time is running out, and in a modern society with a frantic pace of life, due to lack of time, this tradition has gradually disappeared, and buying jam in stores or on the Internet has become a common process for many residents of large cities.

Types and classification of jam

In the classical sense, jam is a product made from whole or chopped fruits and berries with added sugar or sugar syrup. The finished product is welded and canned in jars. The long storage period of the jam is provided due to the presence of sugar in its composition (above 65%), which prevents the development of microorganisms that contribute to the spoilage of berries and fruits.

One of the variations of this product is jam, one of the main differences is that jam is cooked in one step, and at the end we get a jelly-like mass made from boiled fruits. The consistency of jam can be both thick gel-like and with pieces of fruit. Jams came to us from England. The base for jams is usually apples, currants, gooseberries or quince.

Jam is the third type of jam that is in demand in the market. The technology for making jam consists in boiling fruit puree with added sugar. For the preparation of jam and jams, cranberries, blueberries, blueberries, cloudberries, lingonberries, and strawberries are additionally used. The classic type of jam is apple jam.

There are two types of jam by the type of preparation: sterilized and unsterilized. Sterilized jam is hermetically packed in jars. The shelf life of such a product reaches 24 months. The non-sterilized product is simply closed with an ordinary screw cap or stored in a barrel, the shelf life of such a product is up to 12 months.

If you are a beginner entrepreneur, we recommend considering a business in the production of natural jam without the addition of chemical preservatives, dyes and flavor enhancers.

According to the quality grade, there are three types of classification: extra, premium and first grade.

What is the jam made of?

Sweet preparations from berries and fruits have always been popular among consumers. Fruit sweets have long been famous for the peculiarity that they are prepared with their own hands. However, in the age of high technology, you can buy a finished product. Depending on the quality, it will completely resemble home cooking. So making preserves and jams would serve as a great business idea.

Delicious business: benefits

Jam and jam production technology does not require special skills and includes the following steps:

  • Containers for future desserts are being sterilized;
  • The fruits are thoroughly washed, peeled and ground with sugar or boiled with sweet syrup;
  • Varky or the wiped product is placed in a cleaned vessel with subsequent filling and packaging.

Recipes for cooking boiled raw materials can be used both your own and ready-made. The main thing is that they meet the standards of Rospotrebnadzor.

A business idea for the production of jam and jam has a high probability of payback. This is evidenced by the following calculations:

  • Investments: 3.5 million rubles;
  • Profitability: 360 thousand rubles per month;
  • Payback calculation: 24 months;
  • Personnel: 8 - 10 people per shift.

Business Planning

In addition to the idea of ​​a home business with your own hands, you need to draw up a clear plan of action. It consists of the following stages:

  • Studying the economic situation in the market;
  • Calculating investments and payback period;
  • Developing competitive offers;
  • Creation of a logo and company name;
  • Registration of business activities.

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