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Business idea: Installation of infrared underfloor heating .#[email protected]_busy

Starting capital - 10 thousand rubles. profit per month - from 100 thousand rubles. render completely. The payback period is 1 installation.

The construction industry has always been relevant and the number of clients of a good company is only growing. Installation of underfloor heating is the most correct solution for starting a business in the construction industry. Many houses, especially large ones, have a cold floor and even carpet and laminate are not able to fix the problem, and linoleum is a cold material.

Therefore, if you decide to open your own business related to the installation of warm floors, then you have chosen one of the best directions in construction. Anyone in a hardware store can buy a warm floor, but a specialist will be required to install it professionally. The cost of installing a warm floor varies from 250 to 500 rubles per square meter and depends on the type of room and the complexity of the work being done.

In fact, to learn how to install a warm floor system in a room, you do not need to have any special skills, abilities or education in this area. All you need is diligence and desire to do your job with high quality.

What is needed to install an electric underfloor heating?

First, you need to perform a tie, in the event that you will mount a cable of constant resistance. If you are installing a tape warm floor with infrared heating, then a screed is not required for it. And the last option for underfloor heating is thermostats. This design includes a carbon fiber rod and a glass fiber mesh. Tiles can be mounted on such a floor.

Before installing underfloor heating, estimate the customer's budget and pay special attention to his requirements, as well as take into account the specifics of the room. For example, if the customer has low ceilings, then the screed should not be done, since the height of the room will be reduced by a few more centimeters. In this case, it is best to use a tape warm floor.

Starting a underfloor heating installation business.

To really start working and make money on the installation of underfloor heating, it is necessary to study in detail all types of underfloor heating so that you can later choose and recommend the best option to the customer. It is best to start your business with the installation of a warm floor, which has already been purchased by the customer.

Installation of the thermostat is paid separately. The initial investment in this business is minimal. You will need to have your own personal transport and the ability to properly install a floor heating system.

Financial model of car service

Brief Investment Memorandum

The proposed work considers a plan to create a parking garage with a car maintenance complex. During the operation of the car, serious problems often arise with the place of its stationary parking and storage. It is inappropriate to store the car in the open air due to reasons of corrosive wear of the body and deterioration of the technical condition of its units, which reduces the number of cargo transportation in winter.

Under these conditions, the most optimal solution to the problem is the construction of a specialized parking lot and garage.

The project involves renting and equipping a maintenance complex for a parking lot for 150 cars.

Description of business, product or service

The purpose of the company is to organize the production process of car maintenance, as fully functional as possible, combining the capabilities of a car service with the possibility of renting space for a car parking. The short-term goals of the company are to conquer a sufficient market segment and form a sustainable company image.

It will be quite difficult to implement the proposed mission of the enterprise, therefore, the strategic direction of its development is to focus on the development of the entire range of services, competent marketing policy, rapid formation of the company's image, that is, there will be a serious competition for the consumer.

The strategic analysis of this project shows that the company proposed for investment has development prospects when implementing the following development strategy:

  • the fastest possible entry into the market of services and its development,
  • the use of the possibility of applying prices for services lower than those of competitors,
  • the use of a competent marketing policy, constant monitoring of the market situation,
  • the use of high-tech equipment, the introduction of know-how,
  • the use of highly qualified workers, an effective personnel policy, the creation of employee interest in the success of the enterprise ,
  • "tuning" production to the interests of consumers, constant feedback,
  • flexibility of production, the ability to expand the range of services offered

Adhering to the developed strategy, the car service company will be able to achieve success, as well as create the preconditions for the development of production, create a sustainable company image and occupy a stable segment of the motor transport services market in the city.

Business for the production of kitchen cabinet furniture in a short cycle production format does not require expensive equipment and large areas. You can recoup your investment after 8 months of work.

Previously, kitchen sets were bought "for centuries." Today, according to experts, kitchens change every 3-5 years. Every time buyers try to replace furniture with more modern and functional ones. Increasingly, preference is given not to standard models assembled at the factory, but to built-in furniture made to order. Therefore, the furniture market is growing, and small-scale production of cabinet furniture is doing just fine. Small furniture workshops find their customers, despite the large offer of products on the market.

Furniture manufacturing is a pretty profitable business. Specializing in individual orders, you can make good money. The main thing is to properly organize the production process and take into account the nuances of the furniture business. How to find your niche in the market and not make mistakes at the start, read the article.

Market Watch

The dynamic development of housing construction and the number of purchase and sale transactions in the residential real estate market resulted in an increase in demand for furniture. The domestic furniture market was actively growing until the crisis year of 2021. One of the segments that has retained its volume during the crisis is kitchen furniture. Over the past 10 years, the profit in this segment has been increasing annually by 20%. Today the kitchen business covers a significant share of the furniture market - about 22%. Both large furniture factories and private furniture workshops are successfully operating in it. It is expected that in a few years the market share of private furniture workshops will increase to 75-80%. The key task of such manufacturers is to find their niche in the market.

Dry statistics indicate that kitchen production is in demand. What do consumers themselves say? The poll showed that about 80% of Russians consider the kitchen the main room in the house. Usually, out of three models of kitchen furniture offered to the consumer at affordable prices, the one that is cheaper is preferred, but the one that is visually more attractive. This means that consumers, if possible, do not save on kitchen furniture. More than 80% of all orders for built-in kitchen furniture are made by newcomers, and only 20% are those who purchase kitchen sets to replace the old one. This means that the demand for kitchen sets is still high. And people tend to buy furniture that suits their individual preferences.

This is why small production is thriving in a market where many large furniture factories operate. And this is despite the fact that ordering a kitchen from a master will cost more than buying a standard factory model. Competition in the furniture market is not carried out in pricing policy and not even in the quality of assembly, but in the provision of additional services: departure of the designer to measure the premises and consult the buyer, delivery, assembly, an individual project, granting a loan, etc.

Thus, recently the demand for the products of furniture workshops has been increasing - the exclusivity of the offer and the variability of production are important parameters when the consumer chooses furniture. This trend is supported not only by the taste preferences of consumers, but also by the development of the design services market, which almost doubled in 2021. With all the variety of choices presented on the furniture market, the consumer cannot always find suitable furniture that would correspond to the design project. The most rational way out of the situation is custom-made furniture made by small furniture workshops. This market segment is represented mainly in the middle and expensive segment, while the economy class is practically free.

The simplest option for organizing furniture production is to open a furniture shop. The main advantage of the furniture workshop: the organization does not require large costs, it allows you to save on equipment and place production facilities in a small space. Cost savings make the product cheaper. The disadvantages include the fact that the business requires innovation, unique proposals, as well as a lot of time - since manual work is slow.

This format fits into the image of a modern furniture manufacturer. Despite the obvious problems in the industry and fluctuations in demand for furniture products, the segment remains attractive for the entrepreneur. When planning to open your own furniture production, you should analyze the pros and cons of this project in order to correctly assess the risks and opportunities for business development.

Advantages and disadvantages of kitchen furniture production

From all of the above, we can conclude that custom-made kitchens are a suitable option for small businesses that can accommodate market demands and generate sufficient income.

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