Production of wet wipes

Manufacturing wet wipes on an industrial scale is a highly profitable business. When analyzing this business idea, you should pay attention to the production technology, collection of the necessary documents, equipment parameters and the search for sales channels. The answers to all these questions can be found in the prepared material.

Starting a Business

Like any other business, it is only necessary to start producing wet wipes after thorough market analysis. Primary market analysis includes:

Putting together a package of documents

First of all, you need to register an organization. If you are aiming at cooperation with large wholesale bases and federal networks, then the best form of ownership would be an LLC with a taxation system with VAT. The state duty for registration of an LLC is 4.00 rubles.

In order for your trademark to be recognizable and not forged by anyone, it must be registered. To do this, you need to send an application to Rospatent for registration of a trademark. This service will cost about 100.00 rubles.

When producing wet wipes, you must have permits from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, and for medical and baby wipes - certificates of conformity. The cost of processing these documents ranges from 50.00 to 120.00 rubles, depending on the range and terms.

Premises rental

For a small production line, a space of 100-120 square meters is sufficient. The warehouse of raw materials and finished products can be combined and a room with an area of ​​50-60 square meters can be allocated for them.

It is better to look for premises for production in the industrial part of the city, since the rental rate in these areas is lower.

  • availability of recycling water supply and sewerage;
  • ceiling height from 3 to 5 meters;
  • connected utilities, such as electricity, gas ;
  • convenient access roads.

On average, the rental rate for such a room ranges from 90 to 200 rubles per square meter. Therefore, the planned budget for renting premises is from 15.00 to 40.00 rubles per month.

Trade shelves are full of hygiene products, from sponges to antibacterial sprays. Among the wide assortment both for personal hygiene and household cleanliness, wet wipes are in the lead. After that, there are ordinary napkins, special for the face with functional impregnation, but children's wipes are considered the most popular.

Risky but promising

The production of napkins, in spite of their colossal selection, lures new businessmen with its availability in the purchase of equipment, profitability and the continuing demand in the market. This is still a promising business, but no less risky, so it is the hardened entrepreneurs who take up the business without fear, having many years of experience, acumen and cash reserves.

The risk is associated to a greater extent with the impressive competition, which is made by small and fairly large enterprises that have proven themselves in the world market.

Hygienic wet wipes are considered "favorites" for production, which is not surprising, since investments in equipment will not be gigantic, the cost of raw materials for manufacturing is modest, but a decent wrap can be made for each unit of goods. This makes it possible to recoup the investment within a year.

Place your bet

Given the fair competition, it is necessary to focus on a special line of production of wet wipes, the options of which are great: for face, hands, body, cars, household cleaning, children's hygiene, office furniture, and appliances.

It's better to start in this kind of business, of course, with baby wipes. It is considered a win-win option to produce wet wipes for children if environmentally friendly raw materials are used, which means: a high percentage of cotton content in each napkin, impregnation with a cream content, hypoallergenicity.

The demand for baby wipes is great. Having established himself as a decent manufacturer who does not skimp on materials and impregnations, takes care of the health of little shkodniks, you can safely count on the love of the target audience, in particular, these are already established parents.

Great option

Sooner or later, at least once in a lifetime, each person thinks about creating and developing their own business. We suggest you consider such an option as the production of napkins and toilet paper. They are present in every apartment and are consumed quickly enough, and therefore are sold in large quantities. The production and sale of napkins is one of the promising areas of business, this product can be sold to a huge number of companies and stores.

Stages of opening production

  • Drawing up a business plan. It is necessary to think over all the nuances and risks;
  • Analysis of competing firms. For a proper start, at the initial stage, you should do the same as large companies with high ratings;
  • Registration of documentation. If you do everything correctly, then you will not be afraid of unexpected checks from government agencies;
  • Premises rental. The best option is a non-residential building near the source of raw materials;
  • Purchase of machines and paper base for the manufacture of hygiene products;
  • Personnel search. Select people responsible with work experience.

Making paper napkins as a business

The optimal form of registration for this activity is a limited liability company, this will greatly facilitate your work moments and generate more trust among suppliers and consumers. During registration we select OKVED 17.2, which fully meets our requirements. The complete list can be viewed on the state website. Due to the fact that the main purpose of products is associated with cleanliness and hygiene, its production should be established in accordance with GOST.

Obtaining all permits and paperwork in the SES, Rospotrebnadzor and the fire safety service will take about 90 days and an investment of 100,000 rubles.

One of the good things about the napkin business is the lack of a license.

In addition to standard white napkins with one layer, today you can find a huge variety of paper products on the shelves, these are:

  • Multilayer dry wipes. In most cases, they are used for table setting during the holidays. Pictures and various ornaments are applied on them;
  • Handkerchiefs for personal hygiene;
  • With an antibacterial layer;
  • Napkins for intimate hygiene;
  • Products for baby care;
  • For dogs and cats;
  • For furniture;
  • Automotive;
  • Paper products for removing makeup ;
  • Dispensary napkins;
  • Wet napkins.

Today we can safely say that the selected products occupy 25% of the total market for paper products for hygiene.

Raw materials for napkins

The basis for the production is specialized paper of the required brand. It is obtained by thoroughly mixing wet raw materials until it looks like a mousse. A distinctive advantage of this consistency is its porosity, superfineness, high absorbency and softness.

There are several types of base for obtaining a product, each of which differs in color, density and its components. You can use colored paper or natural white. The cost of raw materials directly depends on its characteristic qualities and varies from 30 to 70 thousand rubles per thousand kilo.

It's hard to imagine life without disposable napkins. They perfectly absorb moisture, whether it be the effects of an overturned glass of water or sweat on the forehead from excitement. There are always napkins in any home and catering. It is a disposable item that is consumed in huge quantities every day. No wonder you are considering making paper napkins.


Before you start looking for premises and starting production, you need to register your business. The form of ownership can be chosen at your discretion: both LLC and individual entrepreneurs are suitable here, since a large number of people will not be involved in the production process. However, if you are planning to enter into contracts with large wholesale suppliers, it is better to register as a limited liability company.

For a full start of work, you must obtain permission from the fire inspection. Paper napkins are classified as sanitary and hygienic products, so you will need permission from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service. No mandatory certification and license required.


To understand what you are going to pay for, let's take a look at the entire production process. It includes four stages:

  • A roll of paper is located on the axis of the unwinding unit. The width depends on the size of the unfolded napkin.
  • Next, the tape drive unwinds the roll and longitudinally folds the paper tape on a small line segment in front of the volumetric embossing rollers, due to which a volumetric pattern appears.
  • The napkin is folded in the lateral direction during the passage of the 3D embossing rollers.
  • The process can be repeated if napkins have 3 or more layers.
  • At the end, the guillotine divides in half a layer of several dozen already folded napkins. Two self-propelled paper product streams are formed.

The production of napkins requires an automated production line and a packaging unit. The equipment is functional. The machines can be designed only for the production of napkins, and can have the option of applying a logo or drawing. Each such additional function increases the base unit cost by 20%.

The most affordable prices are presented by Chinese manufacturers, however, according to experts, their equipment is quite energy-intensive. The best quality is offered by Europe. But the price of mechanisms of European production will be several times higher. You can assemble a production line for about 350 thousand rubles. As a rule, up to 600 napkins can be made on such equipment in one minute. It is also necessary to securely pack the order. Good equipment is offered by Russian companies. Its price starts from 160 thousand rubles.

For the production of napkins, special raw materials are required. The material is made from a liquid mixture of cellulose and recycled waste paper, which is whipped in a mixer to a mousse state. This results in a loose, soft, porous, but at the same time strong paper, suitable for further processing. The quality of the raw materials for the manufacture of napkins depends on the ratio of cellulose and waste paper, so the cost of one kilogram varies from 28 to 56 rubles.

Thus, the purchase of equipment and raw materials will require about 590 thousand rubles.


When looking for a highly profitable business idea in a manufacturing niche, it is important to choose products that are in high demand among consumers - this way you can very quickly establish sales of all manufactured products. This type of product includes wet wipes. It is not difficult to launch your own workshop in this niche. Moreover, it is possible here both the production of custom-made wet wipes with a logo, and their mass production. Having developed a business plan and strictly following it, an entrepreneur will be able to quickly reach the break-even point, receiving consistently high income. Wet wipes are hygienic products made of non-woven material and a special impregnating compound.

Initial investments - from 2,000,000 rubles.

Market saturation is high.

Difficulty starting a business - 7/10.

So how to start your own wet wipes production from scratch, which will have high profitability rates?

Expanding the range of products

All wet wipes produced today can be divided into 2 large groups:

  • for household use (for glasses and mirrors, for leather, for office equipment);
  • for cosmetic purposes (cleansing, antibacterial, hygienic, children's).

And baby wipes, in terms of technology, are produced on the same equipment and by the same method as other types of products. And the difference between them lies only in the formulation of the moisturizing composition.

In order not to spend impressive funds on the development of special formulations, it will be enough for a novice entrepreneur at first to work only on 2-5 impregnating compositions. And in the future, as profits grow, you can think about further expanding the range.

What raw materials will you need to purchase for production?

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