Production of paints

Products of the varnishes and paints industry are intended for processing various surfaces. It is represented by special solutions (suspensions), which are applied to the desired surface, after which a coating with specified quality characteristics is obtained. Such products belong to materials for construction, repair and decoration, they are divided into a large number of types: glue, putty, various paints, primers, enamels and other products.

Classification of products of the varnish and paint industry

Today, the most demanded are transparent varnishes. And also widely used multi-colored paints, which can be oil-based (contain drying oil) and water-dispersion basis. They also use enamels, materials for priming and putty.

Linseed oil is used as an auxiliary material (intermediate category) for faster drying of the treated surface. You also need resins and solvents.

Own business of creating products of varnishes and paints

Today, the activity of creating varnishes and paints can be profitable. But above all, you need a detailed business plan. The creation of varnishes and paints on a water-dispersion basis is considered the most popular.

They have been produced for over one century. They are most popular in Western countries, while in Russia paints and glue were of poor quality.

Water-based paints are more environmentally friendly, do not cause much harm to human health and are easy to use.

The building materials market has just begun to master such paints, then their creation in Russia can be a very profitable business for an entrepreneur.

What you need to create your own production of varnishes and paints

  • A production facility with an area of ​​at least twenty-five square meters, preferably one with heating, good lighting and running water.
  • The required raw materials are of good quality (various additives, pigments, thickeners). From the very beginning, you will have to spend at least two hundred and fifty thousand rubles on it.
  • Required hardware.
  • Technological lines for creating varnishes and paints.

And, of course, you need to conduct research in the field of marketing, take into account when the first income from this activity will be received, and also calculate the cost of production. You should also think about other expenses (rent for the premises for creating varnishes and paints, water and electricity bills, employee salaries, etc.).

Starting money is required in the amount of five hundred thousand rubles.

The production of varnishes and paints for industrial work is one of the most profitable types of business, which quickly pays off and brings in large profits. Paints and varnishes are widely used during construction and repair work, they are not expensive and available. In Russia, the output of this type of product is increasing, new enterprises are being built. However, domestic manufacturers have not yet succeeded in achieving high competition for paints and varnishes, so now new enterprises have a chance for successful business development.

The assortment of varnishes and paints on the Russian market is constantly updated with new names of goods, this has become especially noticeable over the past 6-7 years. The increase in production in Russia is not due to domestic production, but due to imports, which increased greatly during the economic downturn in our country. The share of foreign paints and varnishes accounted for 20%, now these indicators have decreased by almost 3%, since the production of this category of goods in our country is resumed.

Paint production in Russia

  • solvent-borne materials;
  • water-dispersion compositions;
  • drying oils; solvents;
  • oil paints.

Total products make up 2.5% of all produced in the industry related to chemistry and petrochemistry.

Experts engaged in the analysis of the domestic goods market say that there has been a recent decline in production. This is because enterprises are not working at full capacity, and can, if desired, increase the production of paints and varnishes. Only 10 factories in Russia manufacture products that occupy the majority of the market. But small industries also produce materials that are widely represented on the Russian market. Experts predict that by the end of this year there will be a significant increase in domestic production.

Groups of paints and varnishes

There are three groups of paints and varnishes, which can be divided into:

  • basic ;
  • intermediate ;
  • rest.

The first group includes:

  • varnish ;
  • paint ;
  • enamel;
  • primer ;
  • putty ...

Enamel can be in the form of a liquid or thick substance, like paint, it is applied in a dense layer. The primer provides high-quality adhesion, serves to strengthen the surface, can be transparent or opaque. And the last of this group is putty, most often it is in the form of a paste, it forms a smooth, leveling layer. In the future, other coatings are applied to it.

In order for all components in paints and varnishes to exist harmoniously, additional ingredients are used. The second group of paints and varnishes consists of intermediate materials, which include:

The once forgotten boring walls and ceilings, painted with ordinary paint, give way to modern wallpaper, stretch ceilings and plasterboard finishes. However, despite the current trend, the volume of produced water-based paint (which is often called water-based paint) continues to grow steadily. Moreover, such production is considered to be profitable and economically viable, since there is simply no tough competition in this segment of paints and varnishes.

We prepare documents, Water-based paints

It is issued for any type of paint and varnish products, and it can be obtained from an accredited certification body. Before starting production activities, a novice entrepreneur needs to study the regulatory documents regulating the quality of finished products, namely:

  • GOST 19214-80 Water-based paints for interior work. Specifications
  • GOST 20833-75 Water-based paints for outdoor use. Specifications

Do not forget about the official registration of the business, namely, the registration of a legal entity (or individual). To do this, you should decide on the most preferable option, focusing on the minimum tax deductions. For example, it can be an LLC (with a simplified form of taxation) or an individual entrepreneur.

Necessary equipment for the production of water-based paint, The technological line will consist of the following equipment:


If necessary, for convenience, this equipment can be equipped with a lift (hydraulic or pneumatic).

The automatic packaging line consists of the following key mechanisms:

Components of water-based paint

Acrylic is a polymer material that is found in many paints and varnishes. Given its popularity, today acrylic production business can be a good and quite profitable business.

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This material is in great demand nowadays, as it is widely used in the manufacture of paints and varnishes. In addition, acrylic is also used when working with furniture. This polymer has many positive qualities.

It can withstand harsh mechanical conditions, ultraviolet radiation, heat treatment and other tests. With a low specific gravity, acrylic has a very high strength.

How to start an acrylic business

Such production requires specially equipped premises. It is better to opt for a workshop in an industrial area, the size of which will be at least 50 square meters. In addition, you will have to hire experienced workers, whose work must be adequately paid. The technology for making acrylic countertops is quite complicated, so experienced and highly qualified craftsmen will be required.

The equipment itself is not cheap, but it usually does not stand idle. The workshop for the production of acrylic countertops will always find customers. Therefore, this type of business is very profitable and pays off quickly.

You can make money on acrylic by making varnishes and paints, which are very popular nowadays. In this case, acrylic can be mixed with alcohol or water. Depending on this, the price and scope of application of paints will differ.

The production of acrylic paints is not a complicated procedure. This requires simple equipment and special containers. Acrylics are selling well, so this is a great investment and a lucrative business. In addition to manufacturing and proper packaging, you need to take care of the correct storage of products. For acrylic paints, a mode of about 2º Celsius is provided.

This material is very convenient for making certain building materials and even furniture. For example, acrylic makes excellent countertops, which can then be used to make tables and a built-in kitchen. For businessmen who want to make a profitable investment, this type of entrepreneurial activity is worth considering. The thing is that with low investments, a good profit comes out.

Paints and varnishes (LKM) are composite compositions that are applied to surfaces to be finished in liquid or powder form in uniform thin layers and, after drying and hardening, form a film that has strong adhesion to the base. The formed film is called a paint and varnish coating, the property of which is to protect the surface from external influences (water, corrosion, temperatures, harmful substances), giving it a certain look, color and texture.

Paints and varnishes are widely demanded by various industries, including civil and industrial construction, food containers, furniture, shipbuilding, automotive and many others. Traditionally, the consumer prefers foreign-made paint and varnish materials, which in most cases is associated with insufficient saturation of the market with domestic products, and not with the low quality of the goods offered. Accordingly, an entrepreneur who is serious about choosing a technology and developing a marketing strategy has the opportunity to take a very advantageous position. However, for this to happen, we should talk about a large-scale enterprise capable of becoming on a par with the current leaders of the relevant field, such as Areal, Odilak. avod "," BEZ "(Bobrovsky experimental plant)," Paints of Belogorya "," Olymp "," Ogneprom "and others. If the size of the start-up capital is limited, one should focus on regional needs and carefully approach the search for sales markets.

Organizational matters

Since the maximum profit for the paint and varnish manufacturer is ensured by cooperation with representatives of government agencies, small, medium and large businesses, it is better to immediately choose LLC as a form of registration. Thus, the entrepreneur gets rid of the need to bear personal responsibility for the activities of the enterprise, reimbursing possible losses exclusively at the expense of the company. On the other hand, clients receive comfortable working conditions with VAT and other advantages of interacting with a legal entity.

For paperwork you will need:

  • draw up a relevant application to the tax office;
  • develop the company's charter;
  • make a seal;
  • conclude an agreement renting premises;
  • obtain permission from the fire inspection authorities;
  • obtain a certificate of conformity of products to state standards;
  • pay taxes;
  • compile a journal on-the-job instruction in accordance with the set of labor protection rules;
  • to prepare the authorized capital.

This process is quite time-consuming, since a manufacturer of paints and varnishes needs to fulfill a number of regulatory requirements.

One of the most important stages of business organization is the selection of a production facility. It must meet the following conditions:

  • area from 40 m2;
  • temperature 23 ° С and above;
  • availability of industrial exhaust ventilation;
  • availability of technical water supply;
  • availability of an automatic fire extinguishing system (carbon dioxide);

It is also necessary to obtain from the equipment manufacturer the requirements for its installation and operation.

Classification of paints and varnishes

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