Production of cinder blocks

A large number of building materials for the construction of walls, partitions and cladding are presented on the market. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. But the most popular are those that, at a low price, are highly durable.

Cinder block just fits into this category. The production of this building stone is a very promising business idea. The article presents a detailed business plan for the production of cinder blocks. We describe the specifics of the case, specify the approximate time frame for reaching the break-even point.

What are cinder blocks: short description, composition

Cinder block is a building stone made of various materials by vibrocompression. In fact, he is an artificial stone. The production technology was developed back in the 19th century - then the filler was slag: the waste obtained from the combustion of coal. Hence the name of the building material.

Other materials are currently used as filler:

  • granite screenings;
  • broken brick, concrete, cement;
  • fine gravel, crushed stone, sand;
  • sawdust.

The composition affects the characteristics of the cinder block. Sawdust makes the material more environmentally friendly; sand and crushed stone - heavier, more monolithic. The effect of each filler can be studied separately. When choosing a cinder block in terms of composition, it is important to build on specific goals - decide whether you will use the blocks for the construction of residential or outbuildings.

The filler is mixed with water, bound with cement. After that, the mixture is sent for shaping and compaction into a vibrating machine.

Application and types of cinder blocks

Now this building material is often used in the construction of non-residential buildings: garages, sheds, swimming pools, outbuildings, fences. This is due to the peculiarities of the cinder block.

There are several types of material:

The production of cinder blocks is very profitable today. All buildings constructed from them have high sound and heat insulation. It is important that the production of cinder blocks and the use of equipment required for this do not require certification. The profitability of this production is 40-50%.

Main activity

The following components are used in the production of blocks: cement, filler, slag, sand and water. The mixture of these components goes through the process of mixing, molding and storage. The approximate weight of one cinder block is 20 kg. Their advantage is that their cost is low, which means that they will be more readily bought than brick or foam concrete.

Instructions on how to open and what you need

The production of cinder blocks as a business is very profitable because the entry threshold is much lower than in other production areas. A beginner entrepreneur must understand all the nuances of business development and its design.

Stage - execution and preparation of documents

In order to register a business, you need:

  • contact the registration department;
  • draw up constituent documents;
  • write an order to approve a specific person by the director;
  • register with the tax authorities, the Pension Fund and statistics authorities.

Stage - room search

Selection of premises is very important. It must be well heated and ventilated.

The cinder block workshop must be closed on all sides and with a roof. The floor is level so that the cinder blocks can be stored in rows. The area of ​​the leased building must be at least 110 sq. m. The best location would be the area near a cement plant or a sand pit.

Recently, more and more new materials and technologies for the construction of buildings have appeared on the construction market. And, it should be noted, the modern consumer basically makes a choice in favor of affordability and ease of installation. And block products just meet these requirements.

It turns out that the business of producing cinder block and foam block is very profitable, since there will always be demand for these products. Therefore, as part of this article, we decided to introduce you to this low-cost, but reliable and profitable source of income.

Pay attention! The fact that the building materials presented above do not need mandatory certification (just like the equipment for their manufacture) plays into the hands here.

Cinder block - production basics and cost calculation

While researching the construction market, you probably noticed that over the past 5 years, the cinder block has gained wildly popularity. Garages, summer cottages, workshops, estates, workshops, and large industrial and residential buildings are built from it. This is due to the positive properties of this material - an affordable price, an easy installation process due to the size and weight of the blocks, good heat and sound insulation, durability.

However, we will not describe in detail the advantages of the cinder block, but go directly to our main question: how to make cinder blocks with our own hands, and is it profitable?

What you need to make

Let's take a closer look at each point:

  • Vibrating machines for making cinder blocks with their own hands come in a variety of designs, but in small production, the most confidently proven itself is the small-sized, manual, electric apparatus M330. It is not for nothing that the people nicknamed him "the builder's dream."

Attention! The instruction for plasticizing additives (UPD) states that when they are added, ready-made cinder blocks can be stored after 6 hours.

It is recommended to stack cinder blocks in pyramidal stacks. It is better if each of these pyramids contains 100 pieces - it is easier to count.

The production of cinder blocks is rightfully considered profitable, since the demand for them is constantly growing. Many entrepreneurs are attracted by the fact that finished products are not subject to certification, which means that it will be easier to start your own business.

The construction segment is developing rapidly. New technologies are constantly appearing on this market, which make it possible to build high-quality houses at a relatively low price. This makes construction much easier.

Cinder blocks are just one of those building materials that are distinguished by high quality characteristics, ease of use and low cost. And the presence of sound-absorbing properties makes the product very popular on the market.

Reasons for the demand for cinder blocks

Nowadays many construction companies prefer to build low-rise economy class cottages. This industry has developed even during periods of serious crisis and economic stagnation. This trend made it possible to maintain the level of demand for cheap building materials at a high level. At the same time, cinder blocks are also distinguished by their high practicality.

Cinder blocks themselves are a special kind of building blocks. Concrete is used as a base. Its solution is sent to a special vibrating machine for the production of cinder blocks. Additionally, various additives are mixed into the solution. They can be:

  • sand ;
  • crushed stone ;
  • slag ;
  • sawdust ;
  • residues bricks;
  • other raw materials.

The production of cinder blocks as a business is becoming more and more relevant due to the constantly growing demand for finished products. Consumers appreciate not only the affordable cost of the product, but also its other useful properties. These include:

  • ease of installation;
  • high strength;
  • heat and sound insulation.

Moreover, cinder blocks are much more economical than bricks. One cinder block can replace up to 7 bricks in a masonry. This speeds up the process of building residential buildings. Moreover, the finished construction of cinder blocks is 1.5 times lighter than the same brickwork.

Despite the high demand for the material, experts in this industry recommend opening your own business in the production of cinder blocks only if the region has a sufficient raw material base at an affordable cost.

The business idea "Production of cinder blocks" is suitable for persons who have decided to create a company in the production of products. The way to make a profit does not require large areas or a large number of employees. Having hired 2 people to help, an entrepreneur will be able to receive finished products as early as 3 days after the creation of the company.

The business idea "Production of cinder blocks" is able to help start-up entrepreneurs start their own business in the production of products. Having created a company in the courtyard of a private house, the business owner can gradually expand it, turning it into a full-fledged enterprise. However, this will require some knowledge. Thus, it can be said that this is a great home production idea.

  • Investments: 300,000 rubles ..
  • Profitability: 50,000 rubles. per month.
  • Payback calculation: 6-12 months.
  • Personnel: From 2 people.

What is required to implement a business idea?

The production of cinder blocks is a business idea that does not take much time to implement. After 2-3 days, after the launch, the entrepreneur will be able to receive the first batch of finished products. However, you need to prepare for the start. To put the idea into practice, you will need:

  • equipment ;
  • hiring personnel;
  • cinder block production technology;
  • production area.

The main advantage of making a profit is that you can start making products yourself. The type of business is not picky about the premises. A small line for the production of cinder blocks can be organized in the courtyard of a private house or garage. However, there must be a source of water nearby. The absence of your own premises will lead to the emergence of a need for its acquisition. You can save on the first stages by renting a land plot.

Registration of cinder block production

If an entrepreneur plans to start selling products, he must go through the registration procedure without fail. The choice of organizational and legal form depends on the size of the business. If a person plans to independently make cinder blocks, experts advise registering as an individual entrepreneur. The organizational and legal form has the following advantages:

  • low cost of the registration procedure (800 rubles);
  • minimum package of documentation;
  • simplified reporting;
  • fast registration procedure;
  • no need for authorized capital.

However, it should be remembered that an individual entrepreneur is responsible for business matters with personal property. This rule does not apply to LLCs. Therefore, if a person wants to open a large company in which he will operate not one machine for the production of cinder blocks, but several dozen, it is better for him to create a limited liability company. In addition, this status increases the trust of partners. Large companies are more willing to cooperate with legal entities than with individual entrepreneurs.

Promotion of cinder block business

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