Plastics Manufacturing: Analysis, Equipment, ROI

Investments: from 2,540,000 rubles

Payback: from 1 year 7 months

Nowadays, plastic products are in demand more than ever. And the popularity of this material is only growing. Why not start a custom-made plastic mold business, then?

Business Concept

Due to the large investment, a business idea may seem risky. However, this is a misconception, as high income is expected in the future.

Nowadays, plastic is often used in all branches of life. This is quite logical, because this material is quite light and durable and is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature. In addition, plastic is cheap, which has a positive impact on its popularity.

As a rule, most of the products are produced by the vacuum forming method. The production of plastic forms is almost completely automated. The whole process can be divided into 3 stages. At the first stage, a model of the future shape is created, according to which the product will be cast. It is called a matrix and is most often made from heat-resistant materials such as aluminum. At the 2nd stage, the plastic sheet is heated to the desired temperature, after which it is pulled onto the matrix. This part of the production is fully automated. Further, the final revision of the form takes place. All excess is removed, and holes are cut, if provided by the design. In some cases, the finished product requires reinforcement.

Anyone can be a client. However, as a rule, forms are ordered in bulk. It will be useful for a novice entrepreneur to study this market.

A wide variety of polymers can be used as materials. Naturally, the price of the material can vary greatly depending on the quality of the raw material.

It should be noted that the equipment can produce a huge range of plastic products of varying complexity. And all that is needed for this is the corresponding matrices.

It is important to remember that this production can be harmful to human health, which means that before starting the enterprise and recruiting personnel, you must obtain the appropriate permission.

For a successful business, as well as higher sales, an enterprise will not hurt to acquire its own logo and conduct an advertising campaign. There are a lot of suitable platforms for promoting services. In order to attract customers, you can either rent an advertising banner on the street, or place a post on sites of the relevant subject. It is advisable to find "your" target audience even before starting a business.


Setting up a business for the production of plastic windows will require significant investment. High-quality equipment and a well-thought-out development plan will accelerate the return on payback, ensure a stable flow of customers and increase profits.

Before we start

By studying demand and competition, you will be able to determine the volume of production and types of products. When drawing up a business plan, it is necessary to find out the cost of equipment, conclude preliminary contracts for the supply of raw materials and consumables.

Main risks

Despite the demand for PVC windows and other structures, competition in this business is high. The danger is represented by large companies that have the ability to fulfill large orders and offer tangible discounts. Your advantage is small production volumes and the ability to take an individual approach to meeting customer needs.

Windows installation tends to decline during cold periods. By switching to the installation of structures for which seasonality is not a hindrance, offering discounts, you can minimize losses.


The room must be looked for for the production part and for the implementation of window structures. The ability to combine in one building a production workshop, warehouse and sales area is available in units.

The sales and ordering office should be located in central areas or busy streets with high traffic of potential customers. The area should allow to arrange furniture, a seller's workplace, shelves with catalogs and samples in the sales area. Also, trade is facilitated by the availability of several copies of finished products.

General criteria when choosing premises for a workshop:

  • Ceiling height 3.5-4 m.
  • Possibility to organize a warehouse for storing finished products.
  • Good ventilation (the production process does not allow temperatures above 18 ° C).
  • Possibility to equip a stable power supply (frequency 50 Hz, voltage 380V).
  • Possibility to organize correct lighting of workplaces from a technological point of view.

Investments: from 4 million rubles

Payback: from 18 months

The domestic market for the production of plastic pipes has significantly expanded lately. This is due to the simple manufacturing technology and the increased demand for products. These pipes have a wide range of applications. They are used for heating, sewerage, gas supply, plastic floor technology and more. That is why the production of plastic pipes is a great business idea with great potential.

Business Concept

Since plastic pipes are a hot commodity used in many areas of repair and construction, customers can be both construction and repair companies and ordinary people who decide to make repairs at home or in the country. Therefore, it is possible to distribute products both wholesale and retail. You can also negotiate with hardware stores for implementation.

Directly for production you will need:

  • high and low pressure polymers;
  • polybutene;
  • polyvinyl chloride;
  • polypropylene.

The manufacturing process itself is environmentally friendly, based on extrusion (extrusion of plastic pipes using a machine). There are three types of production equipment:

  • augerless ;
  • auger ;
  • combined.

For the former, production is based on the work of a special disk. Usually used in the manufacture of pipes from mixed raw materials. Auger machines work on the principle of a meat grinder or juicer. The combined ones combine the functions of the first and the second. It is the screw machines that are most often used.

The production is simple:

  • Polymer granules are placed in a special container.
  • The resulting mass is squeezed out into the machine, at the same stage the shape of the pipe is determined.
  • After passing through the molding, the workpiece is extruded into a cooling container, in which, with the help of pressure, it finally takes the desired shape.
  • The last step is cutting the pipe to standard sizes.

Production of plastic products: characteristics of plastic + material classification + market analysis + opening instructions + room requirements + 3 types of raw materials + 10 suppliers + process features + equipment + product sales + start-up investments.

Experts consider the production of plastic products to be one of the priority business areas. It has enormous potential and prospects, since Russian enterprises do not fully provide the country with finished products.

Basically, plastic goods are bought from the Middle Kingdom or Europe. Based on this, the question arises: does it make sense to open an enterprise for the manufacture of items from this material or not? How much money do you need? What organizational issues will need to be addressed?

What do you need to know in order to manufacture plastic products?

First you need to understand what an entrepreneur will have to deal with if he decides to manufacture plastic products.

Before delving into technology, assortment, you should get acquainted with the subject of labor, i.e. with plastic mass.

Plastic (plastic) is a material that is created using natural or synthetic polymers. What is remarkable about plastic is that it can retain its predetermined dimensions and shape after cooling.

Fillers, pigments, inorganic fibers and other components can be added to the polymer for various purposes in the production of plastic materials. Therefore, plastic for the most part is a multicomponent mixture.

Such products are widely used in all areas.

Substances from plastics are not famous for their high density and strength. Heating, compression has a destructive effect on him. But the material also has many positive properties. For example, it has low thermal and electrical conductivity. Also, plastic products are not afraid of moisture.

The following properties of plastic are also distinguished:

  • light weight;
  • resistance to strong acids, corrosion;
  • malleability;
  • low cost ;
  • frost resistance;
  • shock resistant.

Plastic windows several decades ago were an indicator of a large wealth of people, since they were very expensive and not everyone could afford them. Nowadays, a building with simple wooden window frames is rather rare than modern PVC windows with high-quality double-glazed windows.

The niche of the insulating glass production and installation business is highly competitive, but this does not mean that there is no place for new brands. Further, in the material collected from the experts of this market, we will tell you how to organize the production of PVC windows, which will bring you good profit consistently.

Why is the window business relevant?

New windows are needed in both old and new buildings:

  • new houses and non-residential premises are being built - windows are needed there;
  • repairs are being carried out at enterprises, educational, commercial, residential premises - windows also need to be changed;
  • old PVC double-glazed windows, which were installed several decades ago, also need to be replaced, since then the quality was worse than now.

That is, your business has more than enough potential clients. Your task is to give them quality and price better than competitors.

Registration activities

In order to legally start working, you need to register as an entrepreneur, submit an application to USRIP indicating the OKVED codes and obtain permits, as well as quality certificates for your product.

  • 25. 3 - Manufacture of plastic products that are used in construction.
  • 45. 2 - Carpentry and joinery.
  • 51. 3. 4 - Wholesale trade in construction materials.
  • 45. 4. - Production of glass works.

The status of an entrepreneur can be an individual entrepreneur or an LLC. Choose the right one based on the scale of your production, the tax system used.

After all the cases in the Federal Tax Service are completed, you need:

  • Obtain a quality declaration for your products. Sample tests can be carried out both on the territory of the Russian Federation and in Germany.
  • Obtain permission to operate from the sanitary and epidemiological station.
  • Obtain permission from the fire department.
  • Obtain a license to operate in the Gosstroy.

Please note: until 2021, quality certificates were issued after tests were completed successfully. Now tests are carried out this way, but instead of a certificate, a declaration is issued.

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