Plastic recycling as a business; we earn on waste and protect nature

Want to start a profitable business in 2021? Then you should consider making PVC souvenirs. Relatively small start-up investments, the ability to trade on the Internet, as well as a large assortment of products significantly expand business prospects. Anyone can make money on the production and sale of souvenirs made of soft rubber or plastic, besides, this business brings good income. You can produce nameplates, silicone bracelets, labels, stickers and much more. It is important to position your business with wholesale, regular orders will give you constant profit.

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What and to whom you can sell - options

  • key rings with flashlight;
  • stripes on clothes;
  • fridge magnets;
  • labels, luggage tags;
  • a case for a USB flash drive and any other device;
  • figurines in the form of city attractions;
  • photo frames and much more.

Before starting a business, you need to conduct marketing research to determine the niche in which you will work. After that, decide on the equipment, it will depend on which technology for drawing the pattern to use.

It is better to occupy several niches at once, to offer the client a wide range of products. Agencies, companies, firms, among your clients there will be both wholesale buyers and private customers. The main thing is your advertisement. PVC products are in demand for promotions, in hotels, shopping, nightclubs.

Branded PVC mugs

Most people start their morning with a cup of hot tea or coffee, and this is quite applicable to the office. The client will be willing to pay double or even triple for the cup if you complete it with a suitable pattern. You can make a heat-resistant thermos shell for the cup; special rubber will not only reduce the cooling rate of the tea, but also serve as a good place for the company logo. Working with a company that manufactures ceramic products, you can significantly expand the range of your store.

Promo bracelets made of silicone and PVC

PVC bracelets are indispensable for holding promotions; they can also be used at corporate parties, courses, trainings, social projects, sports events and in the hotel business.

The countries of the European Union, unlike the Russian Federation, experience a shortage of raw materials in all positions and have many years of experience in its regeneration from waste.

Numerous environmental charters in the EU aim to reduce the number of landfills for waste storage, as they require large areas and expensive storage technology.

It turned out to be much more profitable to master the deep processing of waste and turn this process into a profitable business.

Recycling of industrial and household waste containing polymeric materials is a great business idea, but relatively new, so there is little competition in it.

The initial investment threshold for starting in this industry is low.

It increases depending on the depth of processing of the feedstock, but at the same time profitability grows.

Recycling of polymers with the right approach will be an excellent direction of financing, especially in times of crisis. This is due to the low cost of raw materials in relation to primary materials.

Setting up a polymer processing business

This greatly hinders the development of the entire industry.

Since unsorted household waste is a very dubious raw material for relatively simple and cheap processing facilities, there are not so many people who want to occupy a niche in its recycling.

The most correct at the first stage will be the accumulation and sorting of raw materials. This will help to learn how to navigate the brands of plastics, to create a raw material base for future production.

When starting the development of a business idea, it is worth thinking about goods without which a person cannot imagine his day, such as food or hygiene products. Toilet paper is also on the list of essential goods. That is why you should not ignore this version of the idea to create your own business and acquire potentially high profits. And how to start the production of toilet paper from scratch, we will tell in the article.


To start a toilet paper business on your own, you need to start with knowledge of technology. The process consists in recycling waste paper. The sanitary paper market is considered one of the fastest growing industries, and the dynamics of demand shows steady growth. If in past years consumers chose cheap toilet paper, now many opt for high-quality 2-3-ply paper from foreign manufacturers. In accordance with the selection criteria, it is worth opening your own small business and developing it in the direction of growing demand. Taking into account the high cost of foreign competitors, it is quite possible to take this place on the market.

Our short step-by-step guide, which takes into account all the pros and cons of the project, will help to plan how a business idea will turn into a means of earning.

Market Analysis

Many people are wondering where to start developing a business idea so that everything is competent and leads to the implementation of the plan. Of course, you should start with market and audience analysis. The priority is the analysis of competitors, since this area is profitable and you will have to work hard for a place in the market. Only with a well-developed business plan with a cost estimate and a well-developed marketing strategy can you get into this market and become a major manufacturer of toilet paper, gaining an excellent profitability of the project.

The target audience in this business is very wide. There is only one question: what categories and types of goods exist, what is the cost of raw materials and what the quality of the product will be - a lot depends on this. The price of the final product, of course, is formed on the basis of the pricing policy of the sales market as a whole, and only after that a competitive starting cost per unit of goods is set. Price analysis is as easy as shelling pears, namely, go through the main hardware stores and supermarket departments of the city, write out the prices and characteristics of the paper (dimensions, mileage, material, etc.).

After that, you should draw up a short SWOT analysis of competitors, where to focus on the positive and negative qualities of the goods, draw up an indicative analysis with the opportunities and threats to development, strengths and weaknesses that you can afford at the start.

The merits and demerits of a business idea can also be introduced into the market analysis. They exist in every business. Pros:

  • Goods of daily demand, there will always be a buyer.
  • High return on investment.
  • Broad target audience.
  • Minimum investment in the enterprise.

  • Specific item.
  • Large advertising campaign costs.

The production of corrugated board is a promising direction. The threshold for entering the business is relatively low, the technology does not differ in complexity, the profitability reaches 25-30%. The location of the plant away from competitors and an active marketing policy are important.

Before we start

Think in advance to whom and at what price you will sell the corrugated board. To do this, you need to study the demand in your region:

  • Climate features.
  • Volumes and prospects of private construction.
  • Plans for development by large companies.

Make verbal preliminary agreements with major wholesalers and building materials stores. The process of analyzing the consumer market will make it possible to find out what types of corrugated flooring should be made in the first place and on what principle to form prices. Also, you can put more realistic figures on the planned sales volumes in the business plan.

Find out where your nearest competitors are. If there is no large production within a radius of 200-300 km, and the corrugated board is delivered from afar, your enterprise has high chances to quickly conquer the local market and shorten the payback period.

The presence of metallurgical enterprises in the region from which you can purchase raw materials is also a very important point. Calculation of the cost of raw materials directly and their delivery to your enterprise has a serious impact on the cost of production.

Finding equipment should also start early. The capacity and cost of a production line is the most important factor in choosing a location and building a company team, planning initial costs and determining payback periods.

Main risks

Seasonality is an important factor for this destination. It is desirable to start production in February-March. This will allow you to start conquering the market at a time when corrugated board is in greatest demand. Seasonal discounts and cooperation with large wholesale buyers will help not to lose customers and minimize the risk of falling millet.

High competition also poses a certain danger. Look for undeveloped areas, away from existing factories. High quality, the use of new technologies and a competent pricing policy will help in the fight against competitors.


The building for the production of corrugated board can be searched for both in the city and beyond. The main criterion for choosing a location is the availability of convenient access roads for trucks. If the city has a railroad, look for buildings as close to it as possible. The likelihood of the supply of raw materials using rail transport is very high.

The wide variety of manufacturing enterprises operating in the industrial system today helps to conclude that one of the most profitable sectors of modern business can be considered the production and supply of equipment for enterprises. For a new firm to be truly profitable and competitive, many organizational issues need to be addressed.

Equipment for enterprises: assortment selection, details

A mini-plant for the production of equipment for industrial enterprises has several important advantages. These include the absence of the need to rent a large production area, which will significantly reduce start-up costs. In addition, a small enterprise makes it possible to start production immediately after equipping the workshop, which allows you to get profit as quickly as possible and recoup your investment. The staff of a mini-factory can also be limited and, depending on the specifics of the company, include only 2-3 people, this will also allow spending a minimum of funds, which is important for entrepreneurs who do not have significant start-up capital.

The supply of equipment for business is a matter that requires a serious approach. When purchasing goods abroad (in China or other manufacturing countries), it is mandatory to prepare:

  • Certificates of conformity.
  • SES conclusion.
  • Conclusion of the examination on labor protection issues.
  • Operation manuals.
  • System diagrams.
  • 2D drawings of industrial equipment.
  • Design materials.
  • Photos (optional).
  • Permits from Rostechnadzor.
  • Technical documentation of manufacturers, instructions.

It is necessary to conduct marketing research in order to determine the amount of demand in your region and to focus on the supply of a specific type of equipment.

So, your business may be related to the supply of equipment for:

  • Construction
  • Metal and woodworking
  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Metallurgy
  • Mining
  • Agricultural and agricultural works
  • Production of building materials
  • Production of tools
  • Printing equipment

Some types and types of industrial equipment:

  • hydraulics,
  • equipment for hydraulic power stations, hydraulic valves,
  • pneumatic systems,
  • equipment modules,
  • linear motion systems,
  • seals,
  • machine tools,
  • extruders,
  • compressors,
  • CNC.

Depending on the type of machines you are going to trade, you need to visit a number of instances.

What documents need to be prepared for the transportation of equipment from abroad

The set of documents directly depends on the type of machines and the purpose of their use.

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