Pillow business

Human sleep is such a mysterious and unexplored phenomenon that for many scientists it becomes a matter of a lifetime, about which they write treatises, conduct long scientific disputes, and hold symposia. If you do not talk about some individual characteristics of the body, then any insignificant detail can disturb sleep, for example, an uncomfortable bed, a light that has remained on, lumps on a sheet or blanket, and also much more that can poison existence.

Choosing a way to solve the problem

If there are any serious sleep disturbances, then you should contact the professionals. And when the problem lies on the surface, you can try to solve it yourself. Many succeed in this. First you need to analyze in what state you go to bed every day.

Even if you are just a little nervous, you can become a hostage to your fears and worries, because of which your sleep will definitely be disturbed. A terrible headache awaits you in the morning, which can affect your appearance. On the part of relatives and colleagues, questions related to your circles under the eyes may appear.

Your bed plays an important role in good deep sleep. Everything should be such that you can feel yourself in your bedroom as a master, and not a slave, acting in favor of fashion trends. Everyone knows that there is nothing more pleasant and more comfortable than a feather bed and a blanket.

They are excellent at keeping you warm, which is good in winter when it's cold around and warm in bed. In addition, they are so comfortable and enjoyable that it would be simply a crime to part with them. The production of down pillows and blankets is still a fairly popular business today.

There are different types of blankets, you need to choose a specific one in order to start producing it. The main difference between these products is the filler, on which the convenience of use and the resulting heat depend. Each consumer chooses for himself the kind of blanket that suits him the most, and you, as a manufacturer, need to navigate the modern needs of customers in order to start making a product.


This type is the warmest and lightest, because down is a natural filler. The duvet has very good thermoregulation, so it is not hot under it in summer and warm in winter. Despite the fact that the fluff is treated with antiallergenic impregnations, people suffering from severe allergies should refrain from such an acquisition. Making down duvets is the most difficult process.

Wool blanket

If you choose the production of such products, then you should know that they are characterized by almost all the advantages of down, but they are heavier. However, this point depends on the preferences of the consumer. And the lanolin content in woolen blankets makes them healthy.

Cotton Blanket

Everyone knows about the benefits of products made from medicinal herbs. That is why the demand for herbal products is increasing every year.

Consumers are eager to buy herbal teas, medicinal ointments, etc.

Good money can be made from the practical application of knowledge in the field of herbal medicine.

It is not a bad business idea for a home business to make and sell herbal pillows.

These products can be of different sizes. The entrepreneur will be able to make large pillows that will be used for their main purpose (for healthy and sound sleep), as well as small products measuring 10x10 cm and 25x25 cm (aromatic sachets).

Such products, as a rule, perform the function of decorating a room. In addition, they are used for aromatherapy, as well as for various cosmetic procedures.

Herbal Pillow Business

To launch such a home business, you need a modest investment of 5-10 thousand rubles and prepare a business plan.

The entrepreneur will need to purchase consumables and fillers for future products (collection of medicinal herbs). It is advisable to use linen, cotton, silk and other natural fabrics for sewing pillows. The manufactured products must be environmentally friendly, so the use of artificial materials in such a business is unacceptable.

Some of the funds will need to be invested in the purchase of decorative items for decorating pillows (various applications, beads, etc.).

In addition, a businessman will need a modern sewing machine with an expanded set of functions. At the initial stage, you can purchase used equipment.

Starting capital - from 7 million rubles.

In recent years, the demand for pillows and blankets based on wool has been steadily declining. The classic natural filling of pillows, which has a lot of disadvantages, is in many ways inferior to modern, as well as inexpensive artificial filling, which has a number of advantages. As a result, as well as automation, the production process of pillows and blankets has been significantly simplified, which has significantly reduced the cost of starting this business.

The production of pillows and blankets in Russia is a profitable investment of financial resources. These products are always in demand among people. Pillows and blankets are periodically bought by all people, regardless of their financial condition. Such products, in contrast to other textile products, do not depend on the trends of fashion houses, which saves on hiring a design team. The main modifications most often concern the filler material, and this does not require transformation or reorganization of the technological process. According to last estimates, the textile industry produces about 35-45% of the total volume of products in this area.

Beginning entrepreneurs who want to start their own manufacturing enterprise for the production of bedding should be aware that such a business cannot be organized without large financial investments. The most common mistake of novice businessmen, which often leads to a complete fiasco, is the purchase of low-quality or untested raw materials.

Disinfection, rinsing, sorting, rinsing several times, drying - all of these steps must be carried out immediately before being sent to the conveyor. One missed stage, non-observance of sanitary norms and rules - and you will not get quality products. Any buyer can check the quality of the filler: you need to hit the product once. If a cloud of dust rises, then the filler has not been washed. This means that hardly anyone will buy the product.



The need to purchase equipment depends on the production capacity, territory and amount of investment. For example, for 40 thousand rubles you can buy a used apparatus for cleaning and manufacturing these products.

At these prices, you can purchase equipment from various Internet auctions, for example, Avito. The device removes dust and foreign interference, such as feathers, grains of sand, pebbles, needles and others. Be sure to get a large sewing machine to sew sheets and pillowcases. If you can find a point of sale for your first products, then you can start a small business even at home.

Large-scale production of down and feather pillows implies corresponding monetary costs. The purchase of the necessary units alone will take at least $ 100,000, which is equivalent to 6 million rubles. The list of mandatory ones includes: an ozone unit for disinfecting feather raw materials, a small laboratory workshop for evaluating the quality indicators of the starting material, a feather washing machine, a drying chamber, a cooler, sorting chambers, sewing machines, accumulators for stuffing pillows with filler, large scales , blowers, as well as other secondary installations and equipment.


To start the production process for the production of pillows and blankets, you must rent a room with an area of ​​at least 125-175 square meters. Remember that the bedding you produce is a large and at the same time very light product. Therefore, in addition to workshops, you need to additionally equip warehouse premises: separately for raw materials and separately for output products, as well as a laboratory complex for analysis, production workshops (washing and drying feathers), sewing workshops, rooms for workers, office rooms ...

Our planet accommodates approximately 7.7 billion people. And no matter how different they are, everyone is united by one thing - a dream. You will be surprised, but up to 10% of the total population do not use pillows and a soft feather bed. Most of the reason is in worldview and religious considerations. Based on this, at least 7 billion people are consumers of the pillow market. Moreover, the service life of the product is not so durable. As a rule - no more than 3 years. Thus, at least about 2 billion pillows are bought every year. The prospects are amazing. So why not join the structure of such a profitable business? Let's take a look at all the stones on the way to a goldmine in human needs.

How to start a business?

It's logical to start with a primary market analysis in your region. A working Internet will be enough. A simple query will instantly provide all the basic information about local manufacturers and company turnover. The analysis of the competitiveness of the product and the fullness of the segments is carried out in a similar way. The most important thing is to understand which product the consumer prefers, to analyze what is more comfortable for him to use.

The Russian market is specific. For example, bamboo pillows, which are incredibly popular in Asia, are practically not bought from us. Such a product seems uncomfortable and tough to the consumer. But holofiber, which gives the product the effect of a cloud, on the contrary, will appeal to our customer, besides, it is incredibly beneficial for the start. This material is inexpensive and popular.

Much, in principle, depends on the working capital. In the case of the same dimensional nets, if you are a beginner player, you should start from the standard 60x60 or 50x70. This will ensure the availability of the product to the general public. Otherwise, you run the risk of creating a product that is simply unnecessary for its target audience.

If we talk about finance, the analytics of this segment does not require much work, but it requires a lot of investment. Typically, starting a pillow business will require from 30.5 to 40 thousand dollars. The amount is not small. What will you spend that kind of money on? Here's a basic checklist:

Workshop space

The volume of a specific production is the moment on which the entire logic of the planning and leasing stages is based. About 30 square meters will be enough for a medium-sized business, taking into account the storage areas. The reason for such areas is the volume of goods, if you want its "splendor". Typically, the warehouse area is at least 60% of the warehouse size.

Another important feature when choosing a room is the fire hazard of both raw materials and the product itself. At least the simplest automatic fire alarm systems are required.

There are no other tricks on the part of the preference for territories. But strict control of humidity will not be superfluous, since fillers are prone to hygroscopicity (they perfectly absorb moisture).

Purchase of raw materials

Once our country occupied the leading positions in the world in terms of textile production. At the end of the last century, this industry declined sharply, and cheap Chinese textiles poured into the market, packed in the bags of "shuttle traders". Its quality still leaves much to be desired. Only the products of private workshops for the production of textile products can make healthy competition for Chinese pillows and blankets. How to open your own production of pillows and blankets - read below.

Where to start?

You always need to start from the beginning - a tautology, of course, but it perfectly reflects the essence of the first stages of a young business. During them, it is necessary to solve a number of important issues:

  • Legal issue. Get up early in the morning - take a passport and TIN - go to the FTS office - apply for registration of an individual entrepreneur - pay a state fee (800 rubles) - wait a few days - get a registration certificate (OGRN).
  • "Housing" question. Rent a room for a workshop with an area of ​​at least 150 square meters. Well heated. With toilet and shower. With a place fenced off for a warehouse.
  • Purchasing question. Purchase equipment for the workshop and raw materials for sewing products. The machines can be borrowed. If they are made in Russia, they will last a long time.
  • "Personal" question. Working on machines for the production of pillows and blankets does not require the highest qualifications and long training. Therefore, it is possible to hire several experienced craftsmen and give them trainees for training. Naturally, it will be possible to save a lot of money on the salaries of interns.
  • Promotional question. As a matter of fact, no special advertising is needed. The best option is to personally travel to retail outlets and offer your products for sale.

Do not forget to conduct a detailed briefing and appoint a responsible safety officer!

What to produce?

Initially, it is necessary to concentrate production capacity on a few basic types of pillows and blankets, rather than spraying them on a wide range. Thus, you will maintain a high level of quality and create your own "chip" - for example, some original blanket, which, except for your workshop, no one produces. An approximate list of manufactured products may look like this:

  • Duvets. Expensive and difficult to manufacture. Elite products.
  • Woolen blankets. Heavier than down, but easier to sew. Good for health, thanks to the lanolin (wool wax) content.
  • Quilts. Perfectly warm, cheap and extremely easy to manufacture. You can focus on their mass production.
  • Synthetic blankets. As a rule, they are filled with holofiber, very light, but not everyone likes synthetics, even cheap ones.
  • Pillows with different fillings. They are stuffed, mainly with fluff or holofiber. Medium and small sizes are in demand.

Although the quality is good, don't overcharge immediately. Let the people first "taste" your blankets and pillows, and then they themselves will not notice the increase in prices.

How much can you earn?

This business is not very expensive. The amount of initial investment will not be so big:

  • The minimum set of equipment for sewing pillows and blankets costs about 1 million rubles. This price is from a Russian manufacturer. Chinese machines will cost a little less, European ones - a little more.
  • Rent of premises for the workshop will cost about 40 thousand rubles per month.
  • "Kommunalka" - from 10 thousand monthly.
  • Staff salaries (average staff - 20 people) - from 250 thousand rubles per month.

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